KSR iPhone App’s Thursday Notes

Kentucky Sports Radio is proud to offer you the first new piece of technology we have employed since our first launch in 2005.

What does it do? The initial release has 4 main functions.

  • Displays the website in an easy to read format.
  • Sorts the posts by author to avoid the agony of scrolling past another BTI post.
  • Provides a way to listen to the most recent radio shows and podcasts from your phone.
  • Frees Enes.
  • We hope to add comments and new features as we build upon our initial release. For now, click, buy, and enjoy. A purchase helps the good folks here at KSR and the new features will make the site MUCH easier to read on your mobile devices. Click the link before and give it a try…its only $1.99 and this site is at least worth that isnt it?


    With that said, here are some random quick-hitter notes on what was an otherwise normal day:

    — John Calipari gave the team the day off after the Blue-White game and he went to Kansas to visit Perry Ellis, the 2012 superstar that Larry Vaught covets. Ellis has become one of the three main targets for the UK class at this point and in order to steal him out of Kansas, Calipari is trying to outwork the two home state schools (he likes Kansas State as well) and get a shocking commitment. Calipari likes a challenge and taking a rare stud recruit from Kansas away from Kansas…well that would be impressive.

    — We are not going to dwell on the Josh Harrellson Twitter story because we are firmly on Team Jorts around here. I will say this however…while Jorts screwed up with the tweet, I wasnt a huge fan of Calipari’s response. One shouldnt call out their coach, but a statement that Jorts hasnt known a lot of successes in no way is a positive response. Calipari handled a lot of public backtalk from Cousins, Orton and even Wall last year. There was no reason to react like that to Harrellson.

    — Not enough credit was given to Deandre Liggins for his Defense on Tuesday night. In a Blue-White scrimmage, defense is usually the last thing people are concerned about, but Liggins stayed firmly in the grill of anyone that he was guarding and his pressure is part of the reason we saw less production from Stacey Poole early and Doron Lamb late. Liggins may be the lockdown defender on the team this season and his length will make it very hard for people to score on him.

    — We also learned that the team personality may come from Terrence Jones and Doron Lamb. While Jorts is hilarious, most of the rest of the guys are quiet and getting interesting reactions has been tough. But it is clear that Jones and Lamb like to laugh and they showed in the postgame that they could keep it interesting…even when Jerry Tipton is around.

    — Alan Cutler farts on press row…dont let him tell you any different.

    — I watched more NBA tonight than I have watched in a lifetime. Demarcus Cousins got off to a good start, scoring 14 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists in a 117-116 victory versus Minnesota. Both teams are going to struggle a bit this year, but Cousins got his career off to a solid start by doing what he does best…working around the rim and getting easy baskets. The Kings were much better with him in the game, but he had foul issues and thus was off the court too often. Still you can tell he is going to be great and I will be watching a lot of Kings games.

    — As for the Timberwolves, I wont be watching a lot of their games. The T-Wolves starting lineup is this: Luke Ridnour, Wayne Ellington, Mike Beasley, Kevin Love and Darko Milicic. That is a VERY bad group…and the bench only gets worse.

    — We need to get Tayshaun Prince out of Detroit. The reality is that he wasnt very good last year and he doesnt look completely in the flow this year. This is the last year of his contract and I hope he finds a new home.

    — Blake Griffin…Beast. Matt Pilgrim and Rashaad Carruth…not so much.

    — The Coaches All-SEC Preseason Team came out and once again, they showcased their inability to predict anything other than which one besides Calipari and Donovan will be the first to be fired. No Brandon Knight and no Kentucky player on the First Team. Absurd. Here is the list:

    First Team

    Dee Bost
    JaMychal Green
    Scotty Hopson
    Travis Leslie
    Chandler Parsons
    Marshawn Powell
    Jeffrey Taylor
    Trey Tompkins
    Chris Warren

    2nd team

    Kenny Boynton
    Rotnei Clarke
    John Jenkins
    Ravern Johnson
    Brandon Knight
    Darius Miller
    Alex Tyus
    Erving Walker

    There are some RIDICULOUS selections ahead of Brandon Knight on the list…but then again, they didnt pick John Wall last year either. So forget about them…remember this is a league that employed John Brady and Mark Gottfried…intelligence is optional.

    — I havent heard of many people making the trip to Starkville. Is anyone going? I know it is the worst place on Earth, but this is a big game with a victory putting a good bowl in play…hope we have a presence.

    Joker’s decision to punish Matt Roark further is a good one but should have been done from the outset. When you give a small penalty, get criticism and then add more later, you look like someone who cant make up his mind and bends to public pressure. One game was silly from the outset, and hopefully dealing with the breaking news world of the internet media will lead the staff to make decisions fully before simply putting news out there quickly.

    Rodney Hood picked Mississippi State for his PG skills instead of Louisville. Cards keep getting it done.

    — I hear there is a World Series going on, but I wouldnt know….and in the same vein, is “The Office” still on television because what I see masquerading as that show on Thursday nights sure doesnt look like it.

    — Finally, a shout out to longtime KSR fan Hunter York, who won $25,000 tonight on Wheel of Fortune. I admit that I didnt know anyone under the age of 70 watched or participated in Wheel of Fortune, but I am glad that a KSR fan could go take some of their money. Drinks (and vowels) are on you at the 5th Anniversary party in November.

    We will have more all day as the site has basically been deserted, with BTI, Beisner and Chris all on vacation. Drew Franklin, Will and I will try to hold down the fort. And as you wait, notice that the Free Enes movement even went to Oklahoma City for the Thunder’s opening game. Kudos to whoever sported the shirts on the front row. More later (and listen to the radio show if you havent)…


    Article written by Matt Jones

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    1. Kige's Girlfriend

      Free Enes! First!

    2. DaviessCounty CatFan

      Nice UofL burn. That program is sinking fast.

    3. mocha

      That iPhone app is going to bring in boo-koo cash, wait and see.

    4. cgivens21

      Free Jorts!

      In other news, I go to school with Hunter. Great guy, and very, very intelligent. Glad to see a fellow Murray State Racer representing on the national stage.

      Oh, and Free Enes.

    5. Enes #1

      What is the blonde doing to the person wearing the Free Enes shirt ??

    6. j

      Android??? In the works??

    7. KYLightning

      Love the iPhone app!! Very cool.

    8. maosnthompson

      Just downloaded the app. Great things will come from this.

    9. EH

      This app is LONG overdue, I will gladly shell out the 1.99. Awesome guys!!

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      Nice app! Free Enes!

    11. cousinsmanbeast

      Please make an Android app!!

    12. haters love uk

      Droid please

    13. HeadOfTheGame

      Great app! The only thing that needs to be fixed is that you cannot look at or make comments. It would also be nice if you could make it where when you turn your phone on it’s side..the screen rotates… Just my two cents but overall nice app

    14. FreeEnes... And my brotha Mookie

      Is it available for iPad?

    15. afidler

      $2 for the app and you STILL want to include ads? If you’re going to charge for something that is otherwise free, do NOT include ads. Lose them.

    16. Wishing I Didn't switch to VZ

      Please make an android version, would gladly pay the $2!!!

    17. 4-8-15-16-23-42

      so it is only available for the iphone4 apparantly? wtf? I can’t download it.

    18. UKpharmer2

      #5 LOL. Hilarious. She is Freeing Enes. I know the guy on the right in UK shirt. He is my old roommate. They have pictures on the floor after the game. You may see them later

    19. tony_00_delk

      bledsoe looks miserable on the clipper bench

    20. iPhone user

      I bought the app! It is awesome and easy to use. Free Enes!!

    21. JBR

      Guess you have to be a 5 star before you can mouth at Cal…

    22. Upper Section Student

      I’m fine with the mobile version on my iPhone. I get no problems from it.

    23. tdogg4033011

      I know Kanter cant be voted in the pre-season but it will shape up like this

      Knight 1st team
      Kanter 1st team

      Jones 2nd team
      Miller 2nd team

    24. Dave

      Nice App…707 Free Enes

    25. Massiello

      5) She thought the shirt read: “Free Penes”

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      Matt don’t forget ANDROID

    27. Mack

      UK – Uconn game on easp classic now

    28. PortlandCat

      Is the $1.99 app going to give me anything that I can’t get for free on the website?

    29. Joe

      28. Just buy the app. It’s $1.99. This is the best site ever and I just spent the last 4 hours on the app listening to the last two days radio show. FREE ENES! I’m out.

    30. wes

      Look Josh hasnt seen success before thats true, he only started playing basketball at around 15. I dont exactly remember public backlash at the coach from Cousins, Wall or Bledsoe, they were never quoted directly going against what the coach said. If Harrellson contributes this year he will get his due from coach and people criticizing Cal know this

    31. uk class of 2013.

      Chuck Hayes with 16 points 8 rebounds and 6 assists tonight!

    32. thom

      I just hope Kanters eligible so the only whining we will here from Josh is about the splinters in his behind

    33. Le bowling alley

      29. Pardon me. I’m on Food Stamps, $1.99 on an app is something I don’t want to just throw around.

    34. tdogg4033011

      will someone buy me an iphone so I can get the app ???

    35. Test

      33. You’re on food stamps but you had to get an iPhone right?

    36. Red

      I normally would never pay more than a buck for a app but seeing as I visit your site 1000 times a day and hate doing so on safari im all over this. Now if only Rivals and Scout would do the same.

    37. AppyCat

      Will I still be able to see pictures of the UK fans/hotties of the day and the awesome photoshops with the iphone app?

    38. SexnNursinHomes

      37- yep, you can pop a brittany griner sized boner in the mall, right as KSR posts some KSR UK hotties of the day.

      Matt said “fart”. hahahaha nasty b-tard.

      I hope Cal recruits TJ Maxx and Ross F. Less a bit harder. Would be a good class to go with Perry Ellis and Ed Hardy

    39. Goldust

      Bunch of freaking AV nerds on here. Let’s talk about what is important. Who wants to put clothespins on my nipples?

    40. CP Elite

      And JOnes still sweares up and down he is doing this site for free for the fans.

      You know most site’s apps are free. CNet, IGN, Google, etc.

      He wont quit this site in 1 year like he has said all along ether. Too much $$$ involved. Don’t let MJ pull the wool over your eyes.

    41. butlerdelt

      I’ve ripped Matt in the past but #40, you’re an idiot in this case. First of all, Matt said a few months ago when he got the radio gig that he was no longer planning on quitting the blog and giving the reigns to the Beez. Second, who cares if there is too much money involved? Someone found a way to make money doing what they love? Oh my, the tragedy of such a thing! Finally, while I won’t be downloading the app (primarily because I have an Android-based device), did anyone stop to think that perhaps the app developer would like to be paid for his/her services and the money made from selling the app would be used to do so? Of couse Google’s apps are free–they’re a multi-billion dollar company.

    42. Go Big Blue!

      I love the IPhone. $2 well spent.

    43. AppyCat

      Thanks Sexn, if it’s good enough for you then I’ll take that as the equivalent of a Ron Jeremy Seal of Approval.

    44. Jezz

    45. SexnNursinHomes

      43- haha!- good one

    46. AppyCat

      I feel dirty paying for something I’ve always gotten free…I never thought I would stoop to this level. The app looks great on the iphone. As requested earlier, if you can add the feature of being able to read and submit comments it would definitely be a good addition. As we all know, the comments can be just as entertaining as the content. Free Enes!

    47. Uk All Day

      Can’t wait to get this app for free through cydia on my jailbroke iPhone…

    48. droid

      Is this app on droid?

    49. Aqua Buddha

      Why the surprise over Cal’s reaction? He flat out said at the end of last year he wasn’t going to put up with some stuff he tolerated during the season. Said it on video on his website. Message sent.

    50. Lugoquartet

      droid doesn’t.

    51. My Droid wants a KSR app

      40 – You are an idiot and those comparisons of KSR to Google, CNet etc are beyond ridiculous.

    52. CousinsManBeast

      #40 = Maggard!!

    53. DuckFriedBillyClyde

      If you’re missing out on this year’s World Series, well, then, all I can say is you must be a Braves fan, and hence, not understand anything about baseball. Last night’s game was awesome with both Cliff Lee and Tim Lincecom struggling early and the Giants doing what nobody thought they could do. Had this been Phillies/Yanks, I wouldn’t be watching, but Giants/Rangers is a great series. If you think early-season NBA is more interesting than playoff/World Series baseball, brother, you are lost.

    54. Youpeoplearegoofy

      It’s only for the IPhone because….wait for it……IT’S AN IPHONE APP!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Ads on the website are different entirely from the IPHONE APP!!! Stop bitching!

      No it won’t have anything different except that it is customized for the IPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      WTF is wrong with you people!

    55. PSueGOUK

      Great app and long overdue. This will catch on quickly and allow those of us that cannot get the radio show to listen to the podcast from our phone. Well done, gentlemen, this is awesome!

    56. Youpeoplearegoofy

      btw – Congrats Jones! I been waiting for an Iphone app.

    57. sir francis bacon

      where has chris johns been? he hits a different demografic im missing his “good guy” flavor around here

    58. Bigbluecatfan

      The SEC coaches don’t have a clue when it comes to basketball and talent, maybe that’s whey they are in the SEC. Same mistake as last year, maybe they are trying to get revenge on Kentucky, who knows.

    59. Frederick T. Pickens

      Laodu needs to free enes on his iphone so we can get a red pushpin in China.

    60. sir francis bacon

      and i always keep ksr’s link saved on my I’s homepag….how is this better?

    61. bigpapijugg

      53- Or we might know a lot about it but find it as interesting as a boyscout sponsored soap box derby. The World Series right now is like if Colorado played Hawaii in a NCAA title game. No one would care except the fans of those teams. Baseball has not been the “Great American Past Time” for a long time. Baseball is more like fool’s gold.

    62. Champ

      Are people really complaining about $2 ?????

    63. Steve

      I can find it in the APP store. What is it listed under.

    64. abcd

      any news on the free app anytime soon?

    65. SexnNursinHomes

      62- yep- people will complain about everything.
      Had a bum get mad two days ago because I only had a quarter to give him.

    66. AppyCat

      63 – KySportsApp

    67. Champ

      Any chance WKJK will be on I<3Radio or any of the other radio apps anytime soon? I know you guys dont really have power over that but just wondering.

    68. RickRobey

      This is what I was hawking about KSR needed, great!

      Need to work on Blackberry version (yes they have an app store) to hit all the other lawyers and exec’s out there. LOL

      Not to forget Android version

      Question, what about my suggestion for iHeart radio app for your show? At least get one for the station (as 100.5 GenX Radio example)

    69. bigcat76

      Matt – Don’t forget the Droid users. We like KSR too.

    70. jehamm0

      Matt, Joker only stated that there was more punishment for Roark. He never stated that he added it on once it became public. This punishment was in place from the beginning.

    71. RickRobey

      Duke Law School wants a Blackberry version 😉

    72. Youpeoplearegoofy

      And as far as the food stamps and getting an IPhone comment. Don’t throw stones. You don’t know what anyone is going through outside of your own immediate friends and family. Maybe he had the IPhone before he lost his job? Maybe? Try using some discretion before you make yourself look like an ass.

    73. Champ

      72…OR, its $2 DOLLARS!!!

    74. shendo


      it’s $2.00. check under the couch cushions. probably needs cleaned out anyway.

    75. shendo

      not a bad deal unless your gramma dropped acid, freaked out and kidnapped a school bus full of penquins

    76. KYStout

      I’d pay for it even if it was tree fiddy.

    77. KYStout

      We gonna get some news on Kanter today or tomorrow?

    78. Chief McHeath

      Good try, but I’ll just keep using Safari until you make it free.

    79. MattO

      Blanket statement: Any app that costs money SHOULD NOT HAVE ADDS IN IT. There should be two versions: A Free version that has adds and a pay version that has zero adds. Even people arguing different (“But it’s only $2!”) should realize this. It’s a standard that has existed in the Apple Store since its inception.

      [I have not downloaded the app and cannot confirm if it has adds or not. I have seen it mentioned once in the comments. Can I get another confirmation from someone who has bought it? This is just a blanket rule that the entire internet should agree on.]

      Second Blanket Rule: If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. (I will be subscribing to this if it ever releases on Android with adds).

      That being said, please don’t forget us lowly Android users. I realize we aren’t cool enough to own iPhones (READ: fall for Apple marketing), but we’re fun people! Honest!

    80. duhville cat

      76) (from south park) ….. It was about that time that I noticed that little girl scout was a 60 foot tall creature from the palioithic era… and he wanted tree fiddy.

    81. Irwin R. Fletcher

      Droid users… get on the internet, go to http://www.kentuckysportsradio.com, bookmark it. There’s your “app” complete w/ pictures, comments – everything.

    82. Charley

      Any smart phone can run a free RSS reader (like Google Reader) and it will pretty much give you the same look and content as this iPhone app. I’ve been reading KSR on my iPhone for more than a year.

      That being said, congrats to KSR for trying to monetize the service that you provide… but charging for an RSS feed isn’t the way to do it. You all are leaving an incredible amount of money on the table… and the thing is you can still leave access completely free.

    83. The Hoff

      Free the iPhone App!

    84. MattO

      Thanks for the response Mr. Jones. I’m sure anyone that buys it will love it, and i’m sorry to hear that is the only way it will work. Kudos to the site for finally making some money though!

    85. rbkh9381

      Can you give us some extra incentives for subscribing to the app? I can get the website on my iphone just fine otherwise 🙂

    86. Bob Loblaw

      The worth the 2 buck for the Free Enes feature alone and not a second early either. Well done except no ability to add or view comments??? Whats up with that!?

    87. jhumphrey

      Jules camara is in jail waiting to be deported in boone county ky!

    88. lady cats fan

      This all reminds me of a book I read to my children- if you give a mouse a cookie- you give the KSR fans the website for free- then they ask for an iphone app- you give it (with a small fee which is understandable) and then they get that, and they want it to have comments, and on droid…PEOPLE if you don’t want it, dotn buy it- don’t complain- we don’t care if you don’t have 2 bucks to buy it- either buy it or don’t. I for one, did. And I love it Thank you KSR!

    89. boogie

      I can’t find it in the app store 🙁

      What did you all search for?

    90. boogie

      found it!!! victory!!!!!!!

    91. dhighdrated

      79- agreed. Paid apps should not have ads.

    92. cat fan in the 'vill

      Adding the football and basketball schedule with updated kick offtimes and tv schedule would be a welcome addition. The app I currently use for it sucks. I am always checking KSR for updated kickoff times and TV schedules. Love the app. Free Enes!

    93. Diller


    94. richmondcatfan

      I love how people will spend hundreds of dollars for a phone and $30 a month for the multimedia service through AT&T but when it comes to .99 cent apps or this one in particular they throw a tantrum fit for a playground. You’re on this site, you obviously enjoy it, and congress wont pass a bill mandating that others pay for this app for you so just buy the dang thing.

    95. Jorts55Man55

      Paying for content…wait a minute? I thought we would never have to do that???

    96. Jorts55Man55

      FREE THE KSR APP!!!!!

    97. jhumphrey

      Hey Matt check it out, Jules Camara is in the Boone County Jail being held under federal charges and may be deported. You can go to the Boone County jail inmates, google it I did. He was arrested yesterday.

    98. jmoscow

      best $1.99 i’ve ever spent

    99. SoCalCat

      Not a fan of Harrellson, although I’m sure he regrets transferring. Not a fan of backing him in the Calipari exchange. Not a fan of the iPhone app costing money and having ads. Otherwise, a rose-colored-glasses fan!

    100. iammsully

      Android app too please!

    101. UK_Football_Fan

      1. Its $2. You read this site for free every day. What are you people, homeless? Already bought, Matt, thanks.
      2. I am going to Starkville this weekend. Anyone else going?

    102. Sam

      You all realize that you can just set up a mobile RSS feed for KSR right?

    103. Matt

      Please port this app for PALM USERS!…..please?

    104. HillbillyInBC

      Just wanted to say thanks for making it available on the Canadian App Store. Though I must point out that you’ll make a few pennies less from me than your US customers, as it’s also $1.99 here and that’s about $1.96 US these days.

    105. George Washington

      I read the app on my phone with it bookmarked already. Podcasts are easy to listen to. Why pay for something you can already get for free?

    106. JTJCMAN


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      Is it coming out on the droid market as well? That would be great.

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      We going to get an Android App?

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      i kne i saww thatt

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      what about an android app too? that would be nice

    111. chris

      +1 on making an Android version

    112. ukcats007

      Love the idea, and more than happy to shell out the 1.99!! Smart business move, and an excellent app I will use quite often!! Now if we can only read, and make comments, it will be that much better 🙂

    113. Alumni

      BLACKBERRY ASAP! I’ll pay $3.99 for expedited delivery!