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KSR Cyber Monday’s News and Views


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It has been a long few days, but here are the latest notes:

— The talk in UK land today is all about the frustration over the Cats’ performance in Knoxville and the 26th straight loss to the Tennessee Vols. Both on the postgame show and all over the blog here, the refrains have been similar, with most anger focused at the Defensive Coordinator Steve Brown and some long-term questions about Joker Phillips himself. One of those ranting is of course BTI, but I disagree with most of his conclusions on the subject. Watching the game, I was as annoyed as you were and became very upset at the lack of aggressiveness showcased in Joker’s game management. While individual defensive lapses existed (and I cant talk objectively about the UK Cornerbacks), the defense did only give up 24, and chances are if you had told most fans that before the game, they would have taken it. All in all, it was just another UK loss. I have said this all season…this team was never as good as fans believed and the future is not nearly as desolate as the haters insist. Joker will (and should) be judged on the next two years. What is important now is for the extra month of practice time to be taken advantage of and recruiting to finish strong, for what could be the best class UK has had from a rankings standpoint in 20 years.

— As for the Bowl game, the signs continue to point to UK ending up in Birmingham to play a Big East team. With the Boise State loss, it looks certain that the SEC will get two in the BCS, either Auburn/Arkansas or South Carolina/Auburn. That leaves a slot for UK in the SEC order and it is Legion Field in January for an odd game. The likely opponent will be South Florida, who just beat Miami and is actually playing fairly well. There is still a chance Pitt could fall into the slot and if something crazy happens, Louisville may move up. But for now, the smart money is on Birmingham and Skip Holtz’s South Florida team….in one of the last bowl games of the year, after all but the Sugar and National Championship.

— The other big question is who will stay and who will go from this football team for next season. Winston Guy says he will look at the NFL, but my guess it that they wont look back. That leaves Randall Cobb and Danny Trevathan, the two best players on the team, both of whom say they will test the waters. Randall Cobb said after the game that the time will now be for him to be “selfish” and consider what is best for him. While UK football could use him and NEEDS him to have a good year next season, he wont grow any taller or get any faster next year and I am not sure his stock will improve. IT might not be time for him to go….although I hope selfishly he doesnt. Danny Trevathan is a different case, as he could use a year of hype and a chance to be the focus of some national All America Campaigns next year. A year returning could improve his stock, although he did say today on Twitter that he has “decisions” to make. Either way, both young men have been amazing during their time at UK and whatever they do, they will be beloved by the fans and those of us at KSR.

— On the basketball side of things, we all have come down from the disappointing loss to Connecticut in Maui. The combination of some tired legs on a short bench, along with an inability to adjust to UCONN’s length when the Cats drove to the basket, made for a bad ten minute run in the first half that led to the defeat. No one I have spoken with is long term worried about the game and while we all would have liked to have won, it doesnt really matter a great deal. What does matter is getting Brandon Knight back on point and passing off the drive better than we saw in Maui. The next four games are tough with Boston U, UNC, Notre Dame and Indiana. If the Cats can get through that stretch 3-1, I would be happy, as they would be 6-2 with three very winnable games before Louisville. 9-2 going into the Yum Center would be fine with this guy, and the next two weeks will be huge for defining the team during the non-conference season.

— Finally, the Enes Kanter appeal is this week. While many have written off the chances, I am not yet ready to make that assumption as I do think there are “equities” in UK’s favor. I still say it is more likely than not that he doesnt play for UK, but the Cats have a puncher’s chance when Sandy Bell and Enes Kanter meet the Appeals Committee. They expect that to happen this week with a decision either by the end of the week or the first of next week. Cross your fingers.

This is also a big week around KSR. The television show (Kentucky Sports Television) debuts Tuesday night at 6:30 pm on CN2, and we will have more on that over the next couple of days. Plus, our LIVE STREAMING OF THE RADIO SHOW begins this week, with the show being available on iHeartRadio and tomorrow and on KSR later in the week. Please listen up as we get ready to take the radio show all over the Big Blue Nation. I truly believe that both the tv and radio will be great for UK fans and I hope you do enjoy them. Tomorrow on radio, we will talk about the UT game, the Maui trip, hanging with Jerry Tipton and Jerry Tarkanian and much more. Stay tuned.

We are back to normal on KSR this week…hope you enjoy.

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. Cousins Fake Teeth


  2. Bonkrshr

    I think the whole HIRE MIKE LEACH thing is a little nuts… mainly because of the fallout from TX Tech.
    Leach filed suit against his employer and ESPN>>>> Holy freeholys
    Why would we want to hire a coach to lead our program that is actively suing THE mothership…
    Well, just read this on SPORTS BY BROOKS>>>
    FASCINATING and worth and read… and of course since LEACH was at UK it makes it sorta UK related…
    I think Maybe Leach (while quirky) got hosed by Tx Tech and Craig James…
    or maybe its a conspiracy… espn-29276

  3. Topher

    The fan base certainly does react better now to a loss with Cal at the helm. Something that was never the case with BCG and Tubby.

  4. bhtxcatfan

    Thanks Matt, KSR crew for the best site on the WWW and Free Enes.

  5. BBN

    “Joker will (and should) be judged on the next two years.”

    – I disagree with that statement. Joker should be evaluated by the results this season and by the very poor results he had the previous 2 seasons as offensive coordinator. He shouldn’t be given 2 more seasons to make things worse. Let’s cut our losses now and bring in new leadership to turn the football tanker in the right direction. If given 2 more seasons, Joker will leave the program in dire straits. Mark it down!

    “The combination of some tired legs on a short bench, along with an inability to adjust to UCONN’s length when the Cats drove to the basket, made for a bad ten minute run in the first half that led to the defeat.”

    – Why don’t you also mention the very selfish play by several members of the team, primarily Brandon Knight? Calipari has even bemoaned their selfish play publicy. It should be mentioned as one of the main reasons they flopped in Maui.

  6. shucky darn

    Calipari needs to do away with his “two fouls and you sit” rule. UConn did some serious damage after Terrence Jones picked up his second foul around the eight minute mark and hit to sit the remainder of the first half.

  7. Blasphemy

    Matt, they would be 7-2 if they went 3-1 in that stretch considering we are 4-1 right now.

  8. StevieJohnson


  9. BBN

    “The fan base certainly does react better now to a loss with Cal at the helm. Something that was never the case with BCG and Tubby.”

    The reason for that is Coach Cal does all of the right things to put his teams in a position to win, the Tubby Smith and BCG did not (Tubby – poor recruiting/BCG- poor recruiting & game planning, strategy). Also, Cal has only lost 4 games in his last 40 which BBN can live with.

  10. LansingCat

    9–I thought 3 was sarcasm.

  11. Eddie C

    wow, it was a rough weekend for little wildcat fan. i dont even feel like piling on. buck up kitty followers. sec play will start before you know it and you guys know ky is the only school that cares about basketball in that conference.

  12. Kinda Strange

    You know, there is something about Miller that reminds me a lot of Bobby Perry. Never projected to save the program, but supposed to develop into a smart and decent shooter. Its just that neither of them ever seemed to show much improvement and turn into anything beyond 8-9 pts a game. You always get one good tease per year, but it never turns out. Good thing Liggins is better than Sheray Thomas.

  13. KentuckyRLD

    Mr. Jones, I would say that your conclusions about the future of UK football could not be more wrong. Haven’t you been watching? This team is inept. It is inept for two reasons. One is we do n’t have good enough talent and the other is that we don’t have good enough coaching. What good does it do to have the best recruiting class in 20 years when that puts you at number 11 in the SEC rankings. It means UK will continue to be a 2-6 SEC team. This will not change under the current coaching staff. Joker Phillips is obviously not capable of doing the job that needs to be done at UK. He must be replaced as soon as possible. You must understand this even though you won’t put it in print for fear of doing some sort of damage to your journalistic situation. Please don’t become another Jerry Tipton who is obviously incapable of writing anything remotely sensible. You can do better.

    Mitch must go.

  14. tombanjo

    as always, “i love you, jones.”

  15. bluetexan

    #13 AMEN!!!!!!!!!

  16. tombanjo

    ya’ll give jones a break. he’s in love.

    ok, NOW get real, jones.

    make me smile monday…

  17. upinya25

    I believe every coach deserves 3 years but not the case for Joker..why, bc he’s been apart of the program, not like he came in with players that werent his. And I dotn know if this is how college FB works every where, but this team doesnt even practice full pads

  18. big blue


  19. syrin23

    The NCAA doesn’t give a damn about the students or the athletes. Expect the worst.

  20. huge ky fan

    this is y i hate ky fans also even though i am one most of us fan just think negative straight away u never no kanter could be freed if u were listenin to the commintators durin the uconn ky game also our football team could be decent next year our whole defensive side could come back plus we just need cobb on the offense to come back and we will be good cause king is a hell of a wr but hartline could never hit him deep be ready for ryan next year also locke is replaced with brandon gainer and our o line will be back but winston guy needs to come back also its easy to see wat im seein if u put it all together

  21. Jack Cates

    I think the Ice Man is responsible for the shitty footbal season, not Joker Phillips. I’m telling ya it’s got to be the damn Ice Man!!!

  22. BBN

    Matt: Please stop whoring out your blog and followers to earn a nickel. First it was calendars and T-shirts, now Nike sweat shop gear.

  23. realistmike

    darius miller needs to step his game up. besides hanging on the rim for 3 minutes, i hardly even noticed when he was on the court.

    stevie johnson dropped the ball because thats what they teach on the uk football team, find a way, any way to lose the game

  24. Mountain Blue

    Matt, I just tried to create a series recording of KSTV on insight and it doesn’t allow it. You should tell your bosses. If people(like me) have to manually record every episode every day, it could get a little tiring. Most will probably miss shows that we didn’t have time to DVR. It isn’t just your show though, Alessi’s does the same, but I could care less about his boring show.

  25. stegbrent

    Very happy for you and KSR Matt.The LIVE streaming of the radio show is great news that will make many fans across the nation elated.I look forward to hearing your opinions about the past and upcoming events after your absence.Go Big Blue!

  26. Inside Info

    We have got to bring in way more talent on defence. I dont know if any one could have done better with that talent level. Our lack of ability to throw down feild more than 5 yards really killed us. That being said is it Jokers fault or the QB that cant throw down field that made us suck so bad. I think if there was a rule you cant throw more than 5 yards at a time we was pretty creative. Why not let our younger QB play for the betterment of next year. It aint like we was playing for a national championship. I think all of us would sacrifice one bad year for 2 really good ones. I dont know what do you think?

  27. SexnNursinHomes

    Matt, you don’t know Cyber Monday? It’s the greatet day in the history of internet sex. geez, thought everybody knew that.

    I hope UK gets USF, I go to school there. some real ho bags at USF. I heart black chicks.

    Winston Guy lookin at the NFL? Me too Winston. Hope we both get drafted.

  28. Whataboutme

    who will stay and who will go from this football team ? oh, me? I am leaving this team and coaching staff!

  29. knowsbetter

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the Calipari family.

  30. KYBlue2004

    Even if Kanter is cleared, he’s going to get a massive suspension. Based on the amount of $ he took and comparing it to other cases, he will likely miss most, if not all the season.

  31. playersfan

    Conn: I don’t think it was anything but we played a much more physically mature team. They attacked Knight and bumped, grabbed and pushed each time he touched the ball. This happened last year with Wall. Louisville was the first team to try it. Wall struggled with that, but survived. Knight experienced it sooner this year, and will be able to adjust.
    The thing most difficult for Freshman to me is not the lack of experience mentally, but the lack of experence with physical play and the lack of strength, as compared to someone that has been in college weight training and learned what is physically permitted.
    Bledsoe, had no problem with it, Wall did not have as much problem as Knight and Lamb had, but hopefully as the year goes on they will recognize it.
    A slight bump or push at just the right time can louse up a player”s timing and mess with their mind.
    I think T. Jones, who Calipari was concerned about regarding this, did very well, but just imagine what kind of player he would be with 3 years weight training and coaching, plus physical experience. Probably the same for everyone else, they would dominate most teams in every way.

  32. ShagOnSports

    Just mailed my bowl game ticket application in with the following message:

    1. Updgrade the Football Facilites
    2. Charge me more for my tickets if you must
    3. Hire a proven head coach
    4. Make a commitment to compete in the SEC or DISBAND THE FOOTBALL PROGRAM
    5. To go a second tier bowl game once again UK needs to pay me vs me paying for the tickets

    Winston Guy… What a joke… Going Pro… Ridiculous!!!

  33. tdogg4033011

    27) Calipari in town, now even the football players think they can leave for the draft …. lol

  34. swampbreath

    winston guy says he will look at the nfl? LOL! LOL! what NFL? the guy couldnt play for trinity! he is one of the worst defensive backs i have ever seen playing D-1 football. i played MANY years ago at morehead, he would not have started for us.

  35. thisguy

    (29) ?

  36. AlD

    UConn fans are pricks. Sitting back and observing, I saw UConn fans start trouble in MSG last year and again this year in Maui.

    Sure, we have our own but to witness them in 2 locations in completely different pasts of the US, I’m convinced they have a greater percentage of jerks.

  37. SexnNursinHomes

    33- crazy huh?

  38. Stevie Johnson

    Why so serious? Good God!

  39. Doubting Thomas

    Comments for both teams:

    Football Team – Please do not go to a bowl game and embarrass yourselves again. Stay home, enjoy the Christmas Holidays.

    Basketball Team – Prepare to lose at least 10-12 games this year. We do not have a presence in the middle and any team rated in the top 50 should be able to walk all over us.

    That’s it. Another year without a decent bowl game and no chance to win a National Championship in basketball.

  40. Tom Blevins

    Ok, the natives are a little restless, especially in football. So here is my opinion. That and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee. (Some places.) When Rich Brooks first got here, he looked at the team and made this observation. “We need bigger players, and I can get those. And we need faster players, and I can get those.” Then he went out and did it. He upgraded the personal, and the football program is miles above where it was before. It’s not where any of us want it to be, but it is better than what it was before. Now Joker comes in, and the fans are expecting an upgrade. From day one. It wasn’t going to happen. For it to happen, we need for the players to have the same confidence in Joker that they had in Brooks. That will come, but it takes time. Joker also needs the same philosophy that Coach Brooks had. We need bigger players, and I can get those. And we need faster players, and I can get those. I believe Joker can do that. But it took Rich Brooks time, and it will take Joker time. In fact, it would be reasonable to expect it to take longer for Joker to upgrade our players than it did for Rich Brooks to. The reason is, it’s harder to upgrade from C to B than it is to upgrade from D to C. At this point, I don’t really expect our fans to be reasonable. We’ve had a taste of success, and we want to sit down at the success table and eat a full meal. And we want it NOW! We’re HUNGRY! I understand that. I have those same feelings. But folks, i know it’s going to take even longer, if we fire the cook.
    Best case projection for Kentucky football. We upgrade our players from C to B. Then we upgrade from B to A. That can happen, but it will take time, a lot of things will have to fall into place, and then, with some lucky bounces of the ball, we become a power in the SEC. But never THE power. The SEC is just too good, and no school is ever going to become THE power in the conference again for very long.

  41. DerbyDemon


  42. UKFanCincy


  43. GoCats2

    How about some love for Leslie Neilsen? I saw The Naked Gun when I was 14 and it was the funniest thing I had ever seen in my life. I literally fell on the floor in tears laughing. That baseball game from the movie should be listed whenever anyone talks about greatest sports movies.

  44. Buzzard

    down by 10. Seven minutes left. 4th and 2 on the Tenn 38yard line. I’ve got a good Idea! Lets punt and let our defense (who can’t even stop Vandy from running all over them) stop them in time two score two more times.
    How pathetic. Plus Hartline $uck$ did you hear how he blamed the fumble on Lock in the Courier Cournal? Well at least it’s basketball season

  45. blue mist

    Anybody have a link to Matt’s radio show? I looked at the I heart Radio Page and could not find anything.

  46. Buzzard

    # 34..I agree…Winston Guy can’t even cover a tight end and he thinks he’s ready for the NFL? Now that’s funny He was sucking wind after the first series against Vandy. # 40 I hear you , but I’ve been waiting since 1978….don’t think I can wait much longer.


    wow what a deal at fan outfitters? KSR exclusive my ass. I was sent an email thats the same sale without the “ksr exclusive” on it

  48. swi-cat

    back in the bill curry era when we were getting beat 70 to 0, all i could think was how can any team lose this bad,if only they were competitive. then came hal mumme’s air raid and i thought this is great for about 3 or 4 games and then i got to thinking ‘man this guy is crazy’ but if you don’t have talent i guess that’s how you have to play. then came rich brooks and i thought ‘why are we hiring a guy with a losing record’, it took him a few years but at least he put a competitive team on the field which was what i wanted in the curry era so, at least my cats have acomplished that much. we are now in the joker era and i so much want him to succeed, but this team never improved from game one and i have no idea what to think now. i was so frustrated saturday that i quit watching the game to go cut some wood. i just don’t understand how a team can lose 26 years in a row. you have to give a coach more than one year but these are his kids that he is playing with so no more than two or three years and go from there….go cats!

  49. bigcat76

    CYBER MONDAY is that anything like a SYPHER FRIDAY?

  50. john4uk

    I hope Winston Guy declares for the NFL and stays in the draft.That way UK will be rid of him and Bailey.Hard to believe the defensive backs coach played these two.Just shows how bare the cupboard must be at the d back position at UK.

  51. Casey

    WINSTON WHO? going where?? Is this guy delusional? He can’t make an open-field tackle to save his life and was beaten at least twice by a freshman quarterback for scores saturday. Grow up dude, you may not EVER have a chance in the NFL if you don’t improve on coverage over the top, tackling, and speed. Sheesh. These guys egos are unreal.

  52. UK FAN

    #34 you may be right about him not being ready for the nfl, but he’d lay you on your a__!

  53. just saying

    the egos for these guys to be talking NFL after the season we just watched, is exactly whats wrong with this team.

  54. mkalge

    Cat will not make it to a bowl next year. They loose too many on offense and the Defense will be no better. The schedule next year is a lot more challenging than this year. I predict 4-8, maybe 5-7.

  55. clancykatt

    I have had it with Rich Brooks! 2 straight losing seasons and terrible recruiting classes. I say fire him now and cut our losses. Ky will never be any good with him at the helm.

    P.S. winston to nfl –ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha yha
    ( getting hysterical now )