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Khem Birch makes his transfer official


The worst kept secret of the day became official a little while ago, as Khem Birch told CBS Sports that he is indeed transferring out of the Pitt basketball program. The rumors swirled over the last 24 hours that Birch would leave sunny Pittsburgh and take his talents somewhere else, but it wasn’t officially official until the player himself confirmed the news earlier this evening.

Birch had shown flashes of his McDonald’s All-American talent in his ten games with the Panthers, posting a double-double against Penn and missing another one by two points in the following game, but had seen his production and playing time fall off in the four games since then. Birch said that he enjoyed his time at Pitt and didn’t have a problem with his coaches or teammates, but that the program wasn’t a good fit for him and he would return to his native Toronto to contemplate his next move. He does not have a new list of suitors and has not decided on a destination although, as you’re probably aware, some believe Kentucky will be in the mix for his services. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

[Birch tells he’s leaving Pittsburgh]

Article written by Hunter Campbell

24 responses to “Khem Birch makes his transfer official”

  1. Orange Sherbert

    Ok new drink. One part Simon and one part Birch! Bring it

  2. RidgeRunner

    UK Blue is here if your wishes are to be with the best.

  3. Wildcat Kyle

    Come join the Nation big fella. Be a part of the lore that is Kentucky basketball.

  4. Bluez

    Come win a championship with the Big Blue Birch!

  5. Coach Calipari owns Rick Pitino

    If he did come to UK, when would he be eligible?

  6. RidgeRunner

    5…Next year and the remainder of this year would only help him learn the system.

  7. kramer

    Brandon Knight trending on twitter.

  8. WE_ARE_UK

    Next Christmas I assume. Same situation as Twanny. We could definitely use a legit big next year given the anticipated roster.

  9. RP_McMurphy

    Last Canuck didn’t work out well. So I am not sold on the toughness of Canucks when it comes to basketball.

  10. Floyd

    There’s an ad on the front page for, WTF?

  11. Tracy McGrady

    He looks like me

  12. Mr. Obvious

    Speaking of muslima, is shabazz muslim?

  13. Han

    9) Wiltjer is Canadian.

  14. Fresh Prince of Adair

    uk is perfect for him isnt it? we need another guy his size next year, and he could be around our current team this year practicing…sounds good on multiple fronts to me

  15. .


  16. The Big Dog

    Jamaal Magloire not tough enough? He was a beast that ruled the lane.

  17. J Size

    We’ve been needing an iguana on this team for some time..

  18. random

    12) Shabbazz is mormon from what I have heard

  19. emmert's gay

    18- whatever religion Shabazz is, I hope he knows that the KY stereotypes are exaggerated, and completely off base when it comes to Lexington! Lexington is a beautiful city and one of the most tolerant in the country! Everyone is welcome and treated with respect here in the city of Lexington! Any contrary examples are of much rarer occurrence here! C’mon down Shabazz you can be a hero and an icon at UK unlike anywhere else! You are our most prized recruit since John Wall and honestly, coming out of high school we want you more than I remember even wanting him, which is saying something! Maybe Cal could bring me along for a recruiting trip sometime.. let me be the bad guy that talks crap about the other programs and coaches because that has to be done, and then Cal can interrupt by taking the high road and merely point out details of our all encompassing superiority.

  20. emmert's gay

    Oh yeah and Mr. Birch is the last piece to a championship team next year… We need to be tougher down low and I really like this guy. Get him and Shabazz and let’s call it another number one recruiting class…

  21. ShadyB

    We haven’t any scholarships. People from KSR should know this. Why are these people teasing BBN with thoughts of this fellow? If not teasing, then please share the routes of his being able to join UK.

  22. Dane Brammage

    @ One Three’r:

    Wiltjer’s male progenitor is Canadian.
    Kyle Wiltjer was born in Portland, ORE.
    Kyle Wiljer is, therefore: American.

  23. Dane Brammage

    In re Shabazz, he is Muslim.

    “The family moved to Las Vegas in the mid-1990s, in part because the city reminded (Ron)Holmes (male progenitor, USC ’85) of Orange County (CA). Shabazz received his name through the family’s Muslim faith, with his mother, Faye, changing her last name from Paige to Muhammad.

  24. gcat4496

    #9 Do you remember Jamal Magloire? Do you think he was tough.