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Kentucky’s One Shining Moment

(Video link)

This is the Kentucky edition of One Shining Moment, from last night’s CATSPY Awards.

I cried.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

24 responses to “Kentucky’s One Shining Moment”

  1. mocha

    love this!

  2. Ukfan

    How come in all your posts about this team you talk about crying or sniff sniff or tears lol youre a little girl drew man up.

  3. Penny

    Nice! Love those guys!

  4. Nick Papageorgio

    I cried too Drew…It’s called passion Ukfan

  5. KSR1080Fan

    Bill Cunningham discussing trophy at Reds game 2nite @TomLeachKY on now @700WLW

  6. KSR1080Fan

    Cunningham is a fan. UK/Lexington is the mecca of college bball

  7. d_hunt08

    You actually made the video Drew, check the 2:59 mark when Teague is hugging Coach Cal!

  8. GoCats2012

    Sorry Drew,too bad this isnt the real One Shining Moment by CBS. You are so full of uourself. If u werent in it u wouldnt have posted it.

  9. saywhat??

    wth 8? are you on crack?

  10. UKDuker

    Drew, I cried too!

  11. Devils Advocate

    I didn’t cry because I’ve only seen every one of these moments a couple thousand times. I Just wonder who the hot chick in the blue dress was. I almost cried when I watched her. Almost. If that’s somebody on here’s mom, I was just kidding.

  12. Triple H

    Chills. is it basketballs season yet?

  13. Real Cats Fan

    Am I the only one who is getting the message that I have to pay $59 to get a VimeoPlus account to see the video?

  14. JohnBlinkylightGuy

    I have to stop watching videos like this, it makes me tear up at work

  15. pioneer

    #13 go to and this same video is posted with the article about the Catspy’s last night

  16. ukam98

    13) i get the same thing on my work computer, but not on my home computer. i don’t know what the deal is, but it works for me at home and ive never paid anything. probably some type of high priced firewall thing that you have to pay for to get past, i dont know.

  17. bam

    Thank you for an awesome year.

  18. Fubar

    Cool video although it isn’t worth crying over. Geesh

  19. Bobby Knight's shrink

    If this doesn’t give you “goose bumps”, NOTHING WILL !!!!

  20. catmandoo!

    The MC has the ugliest knee’s I’ve ever seen.

  21. ironhead

    I cried to. Going to miss the kidd the most

  22. Drew Franklin

    Hey guys this is me cumming out of the closet. I’ve been taking it up the but nightly for the past 10 years. There’s nothing I love more than a big fat black sliding all the way down the back of my throat. Thank you for all your supports!

  23. Captain Wildcat

    Thanks for sharing Drew. 8 please get lost. This one is so much better.