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Kentucky Weekly Recruiting Rundown: 8/31-9/3

Chane Behanan, a 6-foot-6 forward from Kentucky, had a change of plans this week. Originally, Behanan was supposed to visit West Virginia. Now, he will take an official visit to Louisville this weekend for the Louisville/Kentucky football game. While the Cats recently offered Chane, this official visit could lead to him coming off the board early. While Louisville is still considered as Chane’s favorite, it seems to be wide open right now.

Quincy Miller, a 6-foot-9 power forward from North Carolina, is no longer interested in Kentucky. With the commitments of Kyle Wiltjer and Anthony Davis, there was no room for Miller. He will join Behanan, Deuce Bello and Josiah Turner this weekend in Louisville for the big football game. Miller could be headed to the in-state rival.

Tony Wroten, a 6-foot-4 guard from Washington, seems like the next possibility for Kentucky. As an ideal combo guard, some believe that Coach Calipari could either back off of Wroten or go full speed ahead and recruit the Seattle star. While Tony claims an offer from UK, most are not sure whether that is the case. Like him or not, Tony Wroten may be the next Kentucky Wildcat.

Michael Gilchrist, a 6-foot-7 forward from New Jersey, remains committed to Kentucky. He is visiting Kentucky right now and will not take any official visits as he originally wrote on his Twitter. Gilchrist later deleted his Twitter account.

Andre Drummond, a 6-foot-11 center from Connecticut, has yet to come out with a list of schools he is considering. While he told reporters that he would release a list after AAU Nationals in late July, nothing has happened yet. While there is still speculation that he could reclassify into the class of 2011, nothing has been set yet.

Perry Ellis, a 6-foot-8 forward from Kansas, has planned two visits. Ellis will visit Kansas and Memphis in the coming weeks. While he is on Kentucky’s radar for 2012, no visits or plans have been set as of now for Perry.

Maurice Harkless and Kadeem Jack, two former Kentucky recruits from New York, are off the board. Harkless, a former UConn commit, has landed at St. John’s. Jack, who will team up with Harkless at prep school this fall, chose Rutgers.

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Article written by Alex Kline

49 responses to “Kentucky Weekly Recruiting Rundown: 8/31-9/3”

  1. RidgeRunner

    God please NO Wroten! Rupp isn’t big enough for his ego and rants.

  2. RidgeRunner

    Any news on Trevor Lacey? Thats the guy we need to finish the class -period!

  3. IcemanG2

    Wroten does not have an offer. Fact.

  4. RidgeRunner

    4..You can forget that. KSR had a great reason listed in here weeks agao why that won’t happen. Not to say, we all wish it would but $$ and time in court for Anthonys family just isn’t worth it bottom line.

  5. RidgeRunner

    3…I see the same reports. I wish his name wasn’t listed so much in here to be honest.

  6. Tellit

    4&6 = Same person. Kinda sad really. Carry on little one.

  7. RidgeRunner

    6…get a life and take your conspiracy theory to another channel.

  8. RidgeRunner

    Nice call 8

  9. Joe from the Burg

    6- jealousy is the ultimate form of flattery

  10. SagaciousMind03

    Wroten will not end up at UK. They dont need him and they want Trevor Lacey more. I’d say Wroten is one that has tried to commit to UK and Cal told to hold off. He’s only a slasher, not a shooter, and we already have that for next years team. And I guess #4 is just another hater dumbass.

  11. Cliver

    If Tony seemed genuinely passionate about playing for the Kentucky Wildcats, I’d have no problem with his self-promotion and constant publicity. Thing is, I think he’s less fired up about Kentucky, and more about what’s hot NOW. That’s fine, on the one hand, but a player who’s genuinely passionate and appreciative of a roster spot on the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team will keep his mouth shut and ride things out when, say, he doesn’t get the kind of playing time he desires, or the team hits a rocky patch mid-season. I’m just not convinced Wroten is that kind of guy.

    Now if I had things my way, I’d get Trevor Lacey to sign up and have myself a championship squad.

  12. Cliver

    Almost forgot: you suck, Kline.

  13. RidgeRunner

    Thats 3 of us with Lacey and more I’m sure feel the same way. So please KSR…don’t flag Wroten in front of us anymore for many reasons.

  14. Chris

    I want Lacey bad!!! Beautiful stroke and perfect final gem in this AMAZING class.

  15. atlantacat

    FWIW, Quincy Miller did not lose interest in KY because of who has already committed, his lost of interest is due to the fact that Cal pulled his scholly offer. Cal’s choice, hot his.

  16. ShatHeardRoundTheBluegrass

    I love Tony Wroten Jr. How come we haven’t shown him the love he has shown UK?

  17. RidgeRunner

    Actually its simple…Wiltcher ended the QMiller & other PF’s slots as he took intiative to commit while others like Quincy waffled.

  18. RidgeRunner

    18…Cuz we are genuine.

  19. Captain Obvious

    Thank you, Kline. Very uninformative as always!

  20. knightynight

    21 get over it you bastard

  21. RidgeRunner

    Kline, at least change your title of this post from “Weekly Recruiting Rundown” -to- “Yesterdays News according to you”. Take Aaron with ya too. Not trying to be mean but damn guys, get into current events and not something that has been released so long ago. If history is your thing, title it as such and comment on perhaps what made it history. Don’t mask it as current events as it destroys your creditability and KSR overall takes it on the chin.

  22. RidgeRunner

    Another sidebar to posts like this is the fact you end up pushing down a more accurate post like the football thread where folks are commenting on tomorrows game. OK, I’m off my soapbox but just thought someone needs to say what so many think. Perhaps I’m old school and Cawood Ledford’s “telling-it-like-it-is” still resenates to some of us in 2010.

  23. IcemanG2

    23 – says a guy who uses the word “creditability” – ??? LMAO that’s not even a word.

  24. RidgeRunner

    Sorry for the spelling…but I think most know what I mean which in this case has more impact than an english correction.

  25. UKHeckYeah

    Maybe if these guys got paid anything at all then we could get some real recruiting people, or hire Dustin back. Oh well, at least with Cal, this stuff isn’t as crucial. Its just that not many people will do this stuff for free.

  26. RidgeRunner

    True 27. I still thank them for all they do and it’s normal for all of us to come to their defense. But it just seems no one ever challenges them because they don’t want to hurt them or afraid Matt will freak out or some damn thing. I truly don’t know.

  27. HoopsBlue

    I’m just glad to have a little bit of basketball news on here again. Not a football fan but wish the Cats well in that area.

  28. Jarhead

    Alex Kline looks like a little bitch that all of the recruiting circles toss crumbs too

  29. Cliver

    Just checked out Kline’s twitter page for the first time, and it explains everything: the dude is SIXTEEN YEARS OLD. WTF, KSR??? Glad to see you got serious about replacing Rumbaugh. Sixteen??? Please. This isn’t his job, it’s a hobby. KSR fans mean that little to you guys, huh? Just throw us whatever, we’ll be happy. Good way to look at it.

  30. Kentucky UK CATS

    -I guess Chane could be a UL lean but I haven’t heard him say anything.

    -UK is the one not interested in Quincy Miller not the other way around. It’s pretty much common knowledge that UK pulled his offer over a month ago. Even as of last week Quincy tweeted out that he could play with Gilchrist and Davis. It’s also common knowledge that he asked to come to BBM and was turned down. So if anything it sounds like it’s UK not interested in Quincy not the other way around.

    – So Andre hasn’t released his list and we don’t know if he will reclassify? On a similar note there are a ton of 2011 kids left who haven’t finalized their list and haven’t said if they will try to reclassify for the 2011 class.

    – Perry Ellis is visiting Nov 12th way to stay on top of things.

    – Thanks for the info that two guys UK would never have offered aren’t coming to UK.

  31. Rex

    Kline, this looks like a report i thru together in high school, the morning it was do, right before class started…. You know, an assignment that was given out like 2 weeks ago…..


    29-I’m with you, dude! That’s the only negative thing I can find with this recruiting where everyone wants US instead of vice-versa. There’s just not enough room!

    Hopefully next summer, to keep me from having to watch baseball, we’ll be filling the 2013 class…


    Geez, you guys are harsh on Kline! That’s a fellow UK fan you’re talking about!

  34. JMFATZ47

    UK took the offer for Miller off the table weeks ago. Not to be harsh, but some og this info is weeks old.

  35. Willis

    Everyone on here talking trash about Tony Wroten is crazy.. the minute that kid signs a LOI for UK nobody will be on here bitching and complaining except rival schools fans. Everyone loved him when he was “runnin his mouth” trying to help get us players..if he does come to UK.. the mob at Rupp will love him!

  36. Tha Toucan

    i agree with ya clint … comments used to be fun to read, now it’s just a bunch of negative crap

    chane, lacey or wroten – i like all 3, just get one!

    ridgerunner says: at least change your title of this post from “Weekly Recruiting Rundown” -to- “Yesterdays News according to you”

    – DUDE, the title encompasses news from the past week, why would changing it to “yesterday’s news” be better … that’s a shorter time period … i’m pretty sure

  37. Calipari'sInYourEar

    #6 – Reality Check – As if a lawsuit or retracting a lawsuit will prevent the Sun-Times or any other media outlet from sniffing around.

    The realty check is that if the Sun-Times continutes to sniff around they will end up like a dog, consumed and excited by turds on the ground.

    UK with Calipari is the most sniffed program in College Sports. The best players come to Kentucky because it’s the Mecca of College Basketball. The best history, the best facilities, the best coaches, the best style of play and the best (and most) fans.

    Reality checks are fun, eh?

  38. IcemanG2

    26 – there’s a difference between misspelling / typos and WRONG words entirely. You clearly thought the word was creditability instead of credibility. Say them out loud … it’s not a simple case of misspelling the word.

  39. Scout

    Quincy Miller is the #1 player in the class. He plays with a chip on his shoulder just like the guys did last year.

  40. Amir Williams

    It is much more likely that UK adds Amir Williams before they add Wroten, if they were to get room to add another player.

  41. Porch Monkey

    Would love to get Chane. Loserville can have the rest.

  42. SagaciousMind

    Quincy Miller isnt #1, not on any rankings I’ve seen. And yes if Wroten signed he would be welcomed, but we dont need him and people are tired of his, I should be in the top 10 attitude. That’s all Miller and he seem to care about is rankings. I think Cal’s #1 target right now is Lacey. If he doesnt get him, if Wroten is still on the board, he may take him. Wouldnt surprise me at all if our class was complete as it is. Gotta wait til spring to see what is left, may not have any room.

  43. BigBLUEladycat

    Beisner….can u please tell us why Gilchrist is on this list of “Recruits”? He is committed no matter what he said on twitter. Ohhhh, how glad I am that twitter wasnt around when I was young. lolol

  44. Strange

    So much anger….why do you people even read the site….the glass is half full people!

  45. just saying

    Daron Lamb and LIKELY Darnell Dodson will be back next year. Why does everyone think we need a Shooting guard???

    UK, if they recruit Wroten, will be to have a BACK UP PG behind Teague!!!!! He wont be needed for a 2 guard

  46. ULblowspeter

    like 17 said miler didnt lose interest in UK we lost interest in him we chose davis and our returners to play that spot.

  47. RidgeRunner

    Iceman…unbelievable the small item you cling onto inside the big picture of things. Many 5th grade english teachers are proud of you and your courage in focusing on your grammar point.

  48. RidgeRunner

    46…You nailed it with the Wroten issue! Well put.

  49. JustSayin

    Quincy offer was pulled before Davis committed and its not Miller isn’t interested anymore, he has in fact tried to gain contact back with UK. The only other recruit I see us putting the full court press on at this point is Lacey…. that is if no one reclassifies. And for those who haven’t heard much and seen much on Lacey, the kids a tough player. He would be as good if not better as a offensive completment than Bledsoe was to Wall. Heck, he might even be a leading scorer. He’s talented