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Kentucky vs. North Carolina set for December 14th


According an open records request by the Cats Pause’s Matt May, the Kentucky/North Carolina game in Chapel Hill next season is set for Saturday, December 14th. The next game in Rupp will take place on December 13th, 2014.

Get ready Ole Roy.

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44 responses to “Kentucky vs. North Carolina set for December 14th”

  1. AWiggins

    I’ll either be with you or against you by then

  2. Duke

    Just another cupcake…

  3. Stony

    1) Think you’re exactly right. If Wiggins is serious about wanting to win then FSU and KU cannot be legit options. Us or UNC. Anyway I think it will be a good game. I expect that will be a day for my blood pressure to skyrocket.

  4. Rei

    UK by at least 15

  5. Seriously


  6. NotFirst

    Studies show that people who question other’s sexuality on message boards are almost always UofL/IU fans.

  7. notsexinnursinghome

    i would so let ashley position her hotness over my face

  8. Ashley Says

    Where is my red and black, I crossed over the river to the dark side. Turning in my blue

  9. Shawn

    If you ask UNC fans thatll be the day that we face Wiggins. But, If you ask me Itll be the day that we beat UNC by 20+

  10. Catlanta

    If Wiggins’ parents really want him to go to FSU, do you really think he’ll go to a conference rival?

  11. Question

    I just saw a UL celebration and Peyton sivas dad was right up front as usual. Does that dude work or what?

  12. wildcat

    love beating up some tar heels go cats!!!!!!!

  13. Tia

    #11- my question is…does his dad only own wife beater shirts for his wardrobe? Last year when he was at the final 4 it was black I think.

  14. Curious

    I would love Dominique Hawkins to position his hotness over my face

  15. Rae

    Thanks but Kennedy Meeks already told us this.

  16. Zack

    I thought we already knew this? They talked about it in that video from the McD’s game

  17. Big Blue Nation

    I really wish we would find another mascot! Ashley Judd has worn her welcome out with the BBN. She can take her liberal hogwash to Tennessee where she lives. It used to be cute to see her in the audience when she was actually famous. Now it is just annoying.

  18. Rixter

    Ashley’s face looks puffy.

  19. Tia

    I’m with #17! She needs to stick with movies and stay out of politics

  20. dave

    10- yeah, if they actually give a s*** about their own kid they would say unc is a wayyyy better option than fsu

  21. Rixter

    Was she at the U of L celebration this afternoon?

  22. jmfatz47

    Awesome….could be a very excellent birthday Saturday!

  23. ashley

    Guys, get off of me please. If you want to talk politics, go to a big fat elephant website.

  24. Cat Fan in Georgia

    11 – My guess is that pretty much every parent from both teams was at the game Monday night. Wouldn’t you be if it was your son? I sure would. And I’d take off work to do it. And I’ll bet that most of the parents were at the celebration this afternoon. Especially Siva’s dad since Siva is a senior.

    That said, I cannot defend Siva Sr’s choice of attire.

  25. LeX

    2. You must be high if you think Kansas wont be good next year

  26. Dr. Funke

    Ashley is now only famous for going to UK games. When is the last time she was in a movie? She had that tv show a couple of years ago that absolutely flopped… She’s like a D list celebrity now. It’s starting to become sad that UK is even associated with her. I would rather have drake and lebron.

  27. Cat Fan in Georgia

    I see where the possibly worst article in KSR history has been taken down. I’d put the author on “double secret probation” and have someone in authority review his “work” before publication next time. I’ve seen a lot of bad stuff in 50+ years of following basketball, and that was awful.

  28. Zack

    27– I was thinkin the same thing

  29. Richie Farmer

    She can pee in my face anytime and if she farts while doing thatGREAT!

  30. typical hillbilly

    I don’t give a rats ass about politics. Personally I don’t think either party would give the commom man a pot to piss in. I will say ashley judd has been a fan through thick and thin, which is more then the majority of the people on here can say. I think its hilarious some of you people think you have the authority to say who can and who can’t be a fan.she has probably forgot more then most of you clowns ever knew. Since some dont agree with her beliefs, or as some say has became a d list celebrity she isn’t good enough for you anymore. Thats funny because some of you morons treat are players the same way. If they’re not ready to go pro after one or two years you consider them bums. Its sad to see where the direction of this fanbase is headed.

  31. Hal

    Then when is the game at cowboys stadium.

  32. cjcat

    Does anyone know when Cats play Baylor in Cowboy Stadium?

  33. Mc

    Is the girl behind Ashley Judd trying to recruit Wiggins?

  34. Pamola

    # 31, I agree, I’m wondering about the Baylor game at Cowboy Stadium. too. I had read somewhere that it was December 13th and I already have hotel reservations but now surely it wouldn’t be that date’t since the North Carolina game is the 14th so I’m wondering if that game is still going to happen. Matt May tweeted today that it has not been confirmed at all at this point, so I’m curious as to whats going on. I was really looking forward to the opportunity of going to Dallas to check it out before the Final Four when we will hopefully go back. 🙂

  35. Pamola

    I checked Matt May’s tweets again and there was an entire conversation about the Baylor game and it said that another potential date for that game at Cowboy Stadium is December 7th, but that date hasn’t been confirmed.

  36. skullanbonesdiss

    # 17 for the sake of you and I and as Americans……..please read this article:

  37. RUKiddingMe

    Seriously? Matt May actually filed an open records request just to find out this little item? I can’t stop laughing. How ridiculous. He’s a regular Woodward and Bernstein for breaking this huge story. Our nation is eternally grateful. And thanks for the reminder of why I stopped reading TCP year’s ago. I’m still waiting for the truly useful story exposing where the low-life scalpers get all of their UK tickets each and every season. THAT would be the story of the year in the Commonwealth. But for some reason no one has the cojones to touch the subject. All the media would need to do is buy up some of the scalped tickets, THEN do an open records request to determine who owns those tickets. The results would no doubt be fascinating and expose those profiteering off their UK tickets–and put the scalpers out of business for awhile. THAT would be a good day.

  38. Mitch McConnell

    Who is that plump woman in the Kentucky T-shirt? She looks mentally ill.

  39. Quick Rick

    I would give her the best 17 seconds she ever had…………….

  40. Morehead Calln'

    A SUXVILLE FAN – I’d be suicidal too.

  41. Beavis

    # 38,,,,,thats because she is

  42. STEVE!

    26 – She’s in “Olympus Has Fallen” as the First Lady of the United States. Now playing at a theater near you!

  43. BravoBigBlue

    42 – Very small part. She’s only in the movie for about 10 minutes, if that.

  44. Don

    Ashley is a great Kentucky Basketball fan. Love seeing her at the games. Hope she is at the UK/UNC game.