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Kentucky vs. Kansas’ Tuesday News and Views

Hooray, Drew is alive!

Two years ago, the world said hello to John Wall. Sure, many had heard about the hyped recruit from Raleigh, North Carolina, but after his 25-point performance in Madison Square Garden, everyone found out just how good he is. Wall’s performance was so electric that Dick Vitale nearly wet his diaper dandies.

Two years later, the Cats return to Madison Square Garden to take on Kansas in one of the night’s elite matchups. With that in mind, let’s analyze the question: which Cat will step up on basketball’s biggest stage? Here are my frontrunners:

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist: 4-1
Is MKG destined to have a big night in MSG? Kidd-Gilchrist has shined in his first games as a Cat, scoring 30 points in the preseason exhibitions and 15 against Marist. He had an immediate impact in his first start against Morehouse exhibition, and while his offense is certainly impressive (he’s averaging a silky smooth 77.8% from the field), but his defense is downright vicious. K-G is, dare I say it, a warrior (Did you know that Heshimu means “warrior” in Swahili?), and is nicely filling the defensive void left by DeAndre Liggins. Add in the fact that 30-40 members of Kidd-Gilchrist’s family are expected to attend the game (he’s from nearby Somersdale, NJ), and I think you’ve got a recipe for a red-letter night for the freshman.

Anthony Davis: 5-1
Anthony “Dunk” Davis is another candidate for the highlight reels. Fresh off winning SEC Freshman of the Week for his performance against Marist, Davis’ confidence is growing, and he will need it on Tuesday night against Jeff Withey. Withey is just as tall as Davis, but not nearly as talented, although he does have the experience that Davis lacks. But, you can’t teach talent, and Davis has loads of it. I expect several highlight dunks from The Brow, but I don’t see him dominating a game like Wall did in 2009. Regardless, going against someone his own size will only help Davis as the season goes on, and the media will absolutely slobber over him.

Terrence Jones: 8-1
I know, I know: Terrence is primed for a breakout game on the national stage. But, he’s also going against Kansas’ most talented player, fellow preseason All-American Thomas Robinson. Robinson is a beast on the boards, and TJ will have to be on his A-game to remain on top of this matchup. If Jones were matched against a more inferior opponent, I would expect his improvement over last season to be the story of the game, but he will have his hands full with Robinson.

Now, let’s take care of some notes.

– The biggest news of the day was Cal’s announcement that Stacey Poole will indeed transfer. The news is hardly surprising after last week’s events, but nevertheless, we wish Stacey well in his future endeavors. The walk-ons will really have to work on their sideline cheerleading to fill the void.

– In a move that KSR reported back in July, it will be announced on Wednesday that UK will play Maryland in the Barclays Center, Brooklyn’s new basketball arena, next season. The Barclays Center is the future home of the New Jersey Nets, of which Jay-Z is a part shareholder. Hopefully this will encourage further appearances by Jay-Z at Kentucky events (Beyonce and Babyonce are totally welcome as well).

– It’s no surprise that the Barclays Center is booking as many college games as possible, since it seems more likely than ever that the NBA season will be canceled after the players rejected the owners’ latest offer today and filed an anti-trust lawsuit. If this means more Nazr Mohammad-Rajon Rondo paintball wars in Lexington, then I’m all for it.

– Let’s touch briefly on football, because I can’t handle any more than that. It’s hard to think of a more depressing loss than Vandy’s 38-8 shellacking of the Cats in Nashville on Saturday. The loss was jarring to many fans, including this one that was willing to give Joker another chance before now. I can handle losing to an opponent that is more talented, but Vandy is, for the moment, one of the few teams in the league that we have that advantage over. Not for long. Something has to change, fast, or this program will risk losing its fanbase, which is something considering the hardiness of UK football fans.

Congrats to Randall Cobb, who made the most of being named a game captain with a huge night in Green Bay. Cobb got the party started early, with an 80-yard punt return for a touchdown, and finished the game with 156 return yards and 3 catches for 36 yards. He also fumbled, but because it’s Golden Eyes, I’m willing to overlook it. Cobb showed blazing speed in his performance, which was easily his best since the season opener against the Saints. Mike McCarthy, I think you’re looking at your new permanent game captain.

– Well, if there’s any year we’re going to beat Tennessee, it’s this year, right??? The Cats will play the Vols at 12:21 p.m. on November 26th, which prevents a conflict with the basketball game against Portland that night at 7. The game will be on the SEC Network. Somewhere, Andre Ware is crying.

– Enough of that. Today is a huge day for the Cats, as they get their first test of the season and we finally get to see the Cats play in HD. I don’t know about you, but I’m more than ready. There’s no radio show, since the women’s team will be playing at the same time and are obviously more important, but have no fear. We’ll be here all day, getting you ready for one of the most exciting games of the season.

Until then, relive the magic…

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

No, I will not make you a sandwich, but you can follow me on Twitter @MrsTylerKSR or email me.

39 responses to “Kentucky vs. Kansas’ Tuesday News and Views”

  1. WhatSheOrder?FishFilet?

    that #11 is a baaaad man

  2. Cking98

    We are in for a battle Boys!!! Time to see what these cats are made of!!! No pouting Terrence!! Time to Man Up!! Teague and Gillie are going to be the difference!! Don’t forget Wiltjer!, he could get Sneaky! Cats by 6 in a masher. Going to be a great game.

  3. capt. price

    I predict a blowout, win or lose.

  4. Confused about the truth

    I agree with 3 it wont be as close as what people think.

  5. Cucumber Salad

    Kick A Cats!!

    If anyone happens to pull Self’s Toupee off, I’m buying your books for the next semester.

  6. catcrawler

    Lamb is also playing at “home”
    and I suppose Miller is coming off the bench?
    Both could be the star of the game, but my $ is on MKG

  7. highlights

    you know who he dunked on right?…kemba walker.

  8. mocha

    I think you meant Cobb had 156 “return” yards.
    Nice game for him. Go cats.

  9. tdogg4033011

    Cobb finished the game with 156 receiving yards and 3 catches for 36 yards?? hmmmmm ……

    UK will put a beat down on KU !!!!

  10. David from San Diego

    Eammon Brenon wrote a wasteful article difference Lamb and Calipari. Its ridiculous and a waste of keyboard punching. Don’t click on it, if you do tell him to write some real news and drop the hollywood approach too many follow.

  11. CatfanNLville

    That clip gets me so pumped for this game. I hope our Cats come out pumped and ready to play fast just like those Cats in ’09. The chickens from Kansas won’t have a clue how to run with our team…… Mr Wall was something wasn’t he WOW

    Go Cats!


    never in my life will i forget that 09 game. i love this years team and last years too, but damn i miss john wall.

  13. BetterOdds

    How about Doron Lamb??

    Odds: 5-1…the dude is going back home to drop 6 three pointers and have a great defensive night while getting the start.

  14. MSG

    Who has the most fans in Madison Square Garden?

  15. BloodAlcoholContent

    LOL…Drew appears to be very high on me.

  16. Kige Ramsey

    “he’s averaging a silky smooth 77.8% from the field”

    Counting exhibition games for stats? Seriously?

    >156 receiving yards and 3 catches for 36 yards

    And 13 is right.

  17. Moses

    That comment saying the bench will have to cheer louder, acting like Poole is just disposable was a complete jerk of a comment. Go knit something lady

  18. UKblue7

    Wonder if liggins is still happy with his decision to enter the draft. Instead of not playing basketball and making no money he could be earning a degree and continuing his progression as a player competing and playing with future nba players in practice everyday. Can’t say hindsight is 20/20 on this one, a lot of people thought this could happen with the lockout situation.

  19. GoCats

    best thing seen on Kansas message board:

    Q. I know their first 5 are the best young dudes in college basketball, but how is their bench compared to ours?

    A. Their bench are the second best young dudes in college basketball.

    Reply : Oh Sh$#

  20. catcrawler

    worried about foul trouble

  21. GoCats2

    #18 I hope you realize that Liggins would be a role player coming off the bench for this team. He came out at the best opportunity for him. Obviously no NBA hurts him but last year was his best chance to get drafted and he probably would not have gotten that chance after this season.

  22. Doubting Thomas

    kinda a low blow on poole. Your worst article so far.

  23. Ukblue7

    21. I do realize that, but all that says is that the best chance you have to get drafted is in a horribly weak draft and you still go in the 50’s then you need to have a degree, he’s gonna have to work his way on to a team just the same getting drafted in that spot as he would being an undrafted free agent. If/when he gets released he’ll be in the same spot, it’s gonna be hard for a lot of guys in the 2nd round of last years draft not playing this year. And if he had stayed, this team will be talked about a lot more than last years team on national stage like the wall team, he wasn’t drafted because he’s an offensive threat, teams would see him play the same tough nosed defense and he’d have a chance to go to the combine and show his stuff. He’d look better in a camp after another year to work on his game, but the most important part is having the degree. Players like liggins are a knee injury away from never playing ball again, then what? You gonna live on that league minimum, then he has to pay his way in school for a year, which isn’t likely.

  24. Chester

    Who cares about the women’s team? I wanna hear Matt Jones and them ole boys talk about the Cats!

  25. Al's IndiCats

    I saw where the spread on the game tonight is Pick ’em….Still no love for the CATS!

  26. SexnNursinHomes

    Franklin looks higher than the National Deficit.

  27. billly

    Nothing bad or wrong about transfering if a person thinks he can play somewhere else. Kyle Macy transfered to Kentucky. REMEMBER?

  28. just saying

    nothing like the ol rabbit ears in a photo trick to get the party started. #lame

  29. 3 fan

    I think the Cats are going to pull away. Teague and Davis have to stay out of foul trouble.

  30. Kidnut

    Is that Mitch Barnhart in that picture going for man teat?

  31. Champ

    we all know KSR is much more important than the Womens basketball game. Lets be honest.

  32. Real recognize Real

    15- I was there and I can confirm that you are, in fact, correct.

  33. wildcat sue

    i miss drew.

  34. KD

    23) ?What?….this team will be talked about plenty, with or without DeAndre. you notice the #2 ranking, which I suspect will be ours for the next three weeks. Regarding Kansas , everyone seems to think their program is still where it was in 2008. You never know with 19-20 year olds in baggy shorts, but keep in mind this is essentially the same Kansas team that lost to VCU 8 months ago minus two NBA draft picks. “experts” and fans alike are concerned about the Cats perceived lack of depth and experience. We have more interchangeable parts than a Lego set and talent at every size/position/skillset. 19) summed it up by way of a Kansas fan….and Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore. Look for the New Yorkers to play huge.

  35. KD

    actually three NBA picks. I conveniently forgot about Josh Sloby.

  36. KD

    You don’t see Anthony Davis dominating a game? hmmmm…. might be time to get those eyes checked.

  37. truBLU

    I would put Lamb in between Davis and Jones at 7-1. I can see him having a “Tay-Tay vs Florida” kinda game. Just straight up raining 30 footers.

  38. UKblue7

    35. That’s what i said, this years team will be talked about much more than last years team, similar to the wall team in regards to national exposure