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Kentucky to visit five-star forward Matthew Hurt today

Jake Weingarten, of Stockrisers, is reporting that head coach John Calipari will have an in-home visit today with five star prospect Matthew Hurt.

Hurt is a 6’8 forward from Rochester, Minnesota. The almost 19 year old is a consensus top ten player in the class of 2019 and is rated as the #2 PF.

It is widely speculated that the decision is down to either Duke, Kentucky or Kansas. Currently, his Crystal Ball has Duke as the favorite with 64% of the guesses.

When on KSR earlier this week, Evan Daniels said that his pick of Duke was not because he had heard something that “guaranteed” it to happen and was strictly a guess. Most experts seem to be taking the same mentality with the Minnesota native.

If Kentucky is the choice when he makes his college decision in a few days, the Cats will pick up only the second player in program history from the state of Minnesota. Obviously the first is Reid Travis, but who knew the state of Minnesota was turning into a feeding ground of college basketball stars.

Hurt would fill a massive need on next season’s team. While the guard play has a potential to be really good, the front court is not as deep and will rely heavily on the advancement in the game of both EJ Montgomery and Nick Richards.

You can watch Hurt work below:

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Article written by Sam Gormley

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25 responses to “Kentucky to visit five-star forward Matthew Hurt today”

  1. nicky

    When was the last time we went up against Duke and gotten a recruit?

    1. Cleatonite

      Kevin Knox, Wenyen Gabriel

    2. dave1964

      Looks like a duke type player to me, when rat face goes up against cal he usually pays him and gets him.

    3. a21CATSfan

      All dUKe and Coach Kshechefski needed this year was Reid Travis. I would say that was a pretty big recruiting win as well. CATS

    4. bigbluenationmbb

      Ej Montgomery

  2. Pensacola_Cat_Fan

    You’d have to go back all the way to Montgomery.

  3. chrislarkey

    He looks like a dookie,


    Looks like a dUKie. Of course, I said that about Herro also…

    1. randyt

      What does a dUKie look like?

    2. catsarerunnin

      A loser.

  5. Cokely53

    KSR comment section is so full of trolls these days. We have more fans from other fan bases visit this site than of our own.

    1. a21CATSfan

      It’s very flattering. I just tell them “Thanks for watching.” CATS

    2. 4everUKblue

      “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” and we all know K copies everything Cal does. Expect the K and dUKe fanboys and Cal haters to show up here to make excuses for K and to hate on Cal.

    3. catsarerunnin

      I call them all Slater. They’re all dbags with no life.

    4. UKBigBlueForever

      Cokely I couldn’t agree more. I am taking the high road now and ignoring the dbags. They win when we comment back. Wish the mods would mod and clean up the trolls posting negative sh** all the time though.

  6. serdi

    Third player from Minnesota. Pat Fochi from Virginia, MN.

  7. VirginiaCat

    The fact that Duke is not visiting late speaks volumes. Hope I am wrong, but looks like another swing and miss.

    1. Cokely53

      You think every player is going to duke. Refer to my comment above. Get a life troll.

    2. a21CATSfan

      I’ve had a dUKe “fan” from Western Ky tell me that Hurt and Hampton are pretty much soft commits already. I told him that dUKe fans have turned into Kentucky fans from 5 years ago. One-and-dome cycle complete in Durham. Have fun with it. CATS

    3. Cokely53

      Because I’m sure a random “fan” from WKY has the inside scoop of 2 high school players.

    4. catsarerunnin

      We don’t care what you think VC. You’re not a Cats fan.

  8. Rowinguy1

    There’s a nice Tyler Herro-sized hole that Hurt would fill very nicely next year. We also did pretty well by another Minnesota guy too, what was his name?

  9. DelrayCat

    Look at Duke’s roster for next year. They have a glut of bigs. No way Hurt starts on that team. But at UK he comes likely in immediately as the starter over Richards. I still think UK needs to have a roster like Duke. They will have EVERY scholarship filled plus several competent walkons.

  10. JT55

    Duke owns UK in recruiting. Painful, but true!

    1. JT919

      Money talks.