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Kentucky ties Vandy for SEC’s best 2009-10 APR


The NCAA released their APR findings this afternoon and it was again good news for Kentucky basketball, whose multi-year APR was scored at 974, tied with Vanderbilt as the best in the conference and a 20-point increase over last year.  The APR score for the year was 979, which was good enough to be listed in the 80th-90th percentile for their sport.

Here is UK’s full report.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

34 responses to “Kentucky ties Vandy for SEC’s best 2009-10 APR”

  1. catben

    Take that Lenny Elmore!!

  2. PatPattersonISWalkingThruThatDoor

    I’m sure Pat Forde is already writing an article celebrating Cal’s success in the classroom despite having so many one-and-dones…

  3. ARDEE

    eat your heart out, dan shaughnessy

  4. SexnNursinHomes

    2- don’t worry, pat farte can turn any positive news into a scandal.

  5. Mark Liptak

    Wonder what Thamel, Knight, Forde and Len Elmore have to say.

    May I suggest if their e-mail addresses can be found (even the ones where they work) that UK fans make it a point to let them know about this and that they can’t wait for a story / comment on this.

    Mark Liptak

  6. blueblooded

    Beis, will you stop muddying the water of the news media’s popular opinion with all these facts!

  7. Emmert still sucks

    How stupid are Arkansas players….no wonder Pelphrey couldn’t win there!

  8. RidgeRunner

    Bob Knight just went into cardiac arrest.

  9. blah blah

    So this includes Orton skipping out a semester too? Pretty good if it does.

  10. Jesus is the ONLY way to Heaven!!!

    Cal is THE man!!!

  11. Big Blue Streeb

    Pat Forde: “UK’s APR should be commended. Too bad Brandon Knight isn’t walking through that door next year. By the way, Louisville’s APR is 300. Brandon Bender is behind this and I will be knocking on his mother’s door to ask her about it.”

  12. Wakecat

    So, after all the anger at Orton and the Mark Hamilton’s of the world letting him know he shouldn’t use personal tragedies as an “escape goat,” am I correct his leaving did not / will not cost UK a scholarship, (assuming through 2011 nobody else leaves in poor academic standing)?

  13. Cat Fan in Atlanta

    What does “historical” loss of one scholarship mean?

  14. Baby Hook

    Not that I care either way (I really don’t care if our players can write their name), but from a perception standpoint being tied with Vanderbilt in anything academic related speaks volumes. I wonder if any of the naysayers will recant some of their salt they’ve been slinging our way. No way, their agenda is so predictable and laughable is it even relevant to anyone but us?

  15. SoCalCat

    I’m sure NJT will be looking into how Ole Miss has skyrocketed and why Cal has not pursued whatever they are up to.

  16. Sean

    someone send this report to the ex-General, RMK

  17. BlueThruNThru

    Another reason to appreciate an incredible player and fine young man named Brandon Knight.
    While probably still respectable, wonder what it would have been without “Knight Time’s”
    GPA numbers? Thanks Brandon, for everything!!

  18. WelcomeToTheCaliparti

    Well done Cal and team! Now let’s hope everyone this year finished out the semester so we can take over first all alone. Best team on the court and in the classroom!

  19. WelcomeToTheCaliparti

    17 – This is for 09-10, so it doesn’t include this final four team.

  20. anonymous

    14 – if our players can’t write their names, we lose scholarships. I care about that.

  21. Rockfield, KY

    Now all we’ll hear is how much better Vandy’s education is and when we do finally get a player that raises the entire team GPA for a year, he leaves. We’ll never get positive press from this, unfortunately.

  22. uklaw95

    APR has nothing to do with GPA. 4.0 = 2.0 as far as APR is concerned. As a matter of fact, Brandon will actually hurt us in APR because he won’t be retained next year.

  23. GoBigBlue

    13> Apparently it means that their score is so low because of a previous year’s transgressions. In this case, their 2007-2008 score was 755. They claim the highest they could have got as a result of that still being on their record was a 923. Penalties are assessed on a 925 or lower. Also, from what I’ve read, they would’ve been penalized last year, but their one year score (933) was so good that they avoided it.

  24. uklaw95

    12) There is a good comment on the DO post which explains the APR. DO’s leaving will be on the books for two more years.

  25. Reading Is FUNdamental

    Can you people not read? This report doesn’t even include this year’s 3gpa team. Next year’s report may be among the nation’s elite!

  26. RobertMontgomeryKnight


  27. BlueThruNThru

    19) & 22)My Bad, thanks for the correction.

  28. Roofus Howls

    25 – APR only cares about academic eligibility and retention. C’s are as good as A’s for APR purposes and more important to the APR is that somebody returns when they have eligibility.

    Depending on which article that I’ve read today is correct, Knight will either hurt us a little because he didn’t come back (3/4 points for the year) or not at all.

  29. tonydelksarms

    suck that bobby

  30. football sux

    12) an “escape” goat? Hmmm….

  31. football sux

    22) Are you sure Knight will hurt us? I was under the impression that anyone leaving early for the pros while in good academic standing did not count against the school for APR. That’s why Orton not finishing the semester was a big deal, he left but recieved failing grades in all his courses, which counts against the APR.

  32. Seriously?

    “Leaving early” means leaving mid term without completion. It does not mean a student that completes a year and then moves on. BK will absolutely help the APR next year. In fact, UK might hit APR near or at 1000 for academic year 2011.

  33. Matt from Hodgenville

    podcast today?

  34. Herman Mitchener

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