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Kentucky-Tennessee Postgame BEATDOWN Notes


Had you seen only the game Saturday in Nashville, you would have assumed two things (1) Tennessee is truly dreadful and has no shooters or offensive scheme to speak of and (2) Kentucky has the best fanbase in America. The first probably isnt a fair representation of reality but the second most certainly is, as Kentucky turned out in masse to produce what Eric Bledsoe says was “the craziest I have seen it” in Nashville. Cat fans filled the arena, but also the bars and streets as many couldnt pay the 400-500 dollar average price I saw going into the game. But the ones that were there made it loud and UK made them proud in the 74-45 beatdown. Some notes:

— The key to this game and to the postseason for UK is the ability to knock down threes. It doesnt even have to be many….Kentucky actually only shot 36% during the game. But the Cats need to drop a few in, just to keep other teams honest and to put pressure on their defense. Eric Bledsoe had five, Darnell Dodson two and the next thing you know, Cousins controls the inside. Games where Kentucky shoots like this, they will be hard to beat.

— The story after the game was the Daniel Orton incident, although it looks as if all parties are over it quickly. Orton got into an exchange with Calipari and then couldnt be calmed down for a bit, and he was sent to the lockerroom. Scott Padgett then went with him, he calmed down and returned and slapped five with CAlipari as the crowd cheered. After the game Patrick Patterson said, “this kind of thing happens all the time, you guys just dont see it.” Probably true, but being at the SEC Tournament, it got attention. For their part, both Calipari and Orton said afterwards that all was fine.

— After the game, Calipari admitted that his thoughts on the SEC Tournament had changed slightly. He said that he still believes that the most important thing about the tournament is the way it sets up for NCAA Seeding and that he isnt a huge worrier about conference titles and tournaments. But he did say, “When I see a building full of fans who paid a lot of money for these tickets, some of them with money they dont really have, I feel as a coach that we owe them our best.” He clearly was blown away by the scene and it was a great motivator for he and the team.

— Calipari also said that this team changes when threes are being made. “If we are making threes like that..we become pretty good. But there are games we wont, so lets win them anyway.”

— Patrick Patterson said after the game that the team does not like the Vols but that dislike is only on the court. “After the game we are all cool with each other, but during the game, we all hate each other.” For fans, it probably doesnt have the same qualifier.

— The atmosphere in the arena was electric. Every time UT’s band played “Rocky Top”, the UK fans would stand up and chant GO BIG BLUE as loudly as possible and basically drown out all sound from the band. For a UK fan, it was a great thing to watch and hear, and the fans in the arena seemed to take pride in it throughout.

— Lots of former UK folks there, including Ashley Judd, Rex Chapman, Pat Riley and Kevin Grevey.

— The ejection of Melvin Goins was deserved and it sparked one of the more intimidating sights I have seen, an angry Boogie walking towards him, saying things that arent fit for print. I look at that and wonder to myself, “how could anyone think it is a good idea to mess with him?” I still dont get it.

One of the chippiest games, with the most trash talking that I have ever seen. It was a battle throughout and is a game to remember, in part because of the final score, but also the intensity. When Kentucky has games like this, they can win any game against any team in any situation. Hope for more.

Article written by Matt Jones

172 responses to “Kentucky-Tennessee Postgame BEATDOWN Notes”

  1. Lariat X


  2. Barold

    that was fun!

  3. G-man

    Everytime I see Pearl with that puke-orange jacket on, I find myself wondering if I really do dislike Pitino more. I’m really not sure.

  4. shriveled up gonads

    I was looking for the smug smile on Hopsons face there at the end but it had mysteriously disappeared. How strange

  5. bruce pearl

    sorry I wore the orange jacket.

  6. TheWaitFor8

    Funny thing is, I don’t even really feel like rubbing it in. I mean when you get beat down like that there’s nothing else to say. If I didn’t hate UT so much I might actually feel bad for them. It must suck to have a coach that can’t coach on a regular basis but really can’t coach in tournaments. No matter what talent UT collects they will never do anything in the NCAAs as long as the sweaty one is their coach.


    “Good ol’ Rocky Top, Kentucky owns Tennesse”

  8. boogie

    wasn’t that awesome when I dunked that ball on pearl’s son and he was just laying there staring up at my PEARLS?

  9. Melvin Goins

    Mines was trying to hurt that big sucka’ but when mines elbow hit him, it felt like a rock wall. Dat’ dude is the schitt

  10. chismgrism

    Wow this guy is the biggest pos on the planet. walks like he is 80 till he touches the ball then plays what has to be the worst game minus dan werner ive seen this year. scotty hopson is the second biggest douche on the team after jp i only scored 4 points prince. you can take the vols out of the ghetto but u cant take the ghetto out of the vols.

  11. Wall2Cousin

    Ashley Juggs—instant rise!!

  12. Bobby "The Rapper" Maze

    New rap created by Bobby Maze:

    “Today was brutal, the Cats came to play
    Wall crossed me over like every single day
    The fans were crazy and they were everywhere
    When Wall crossed me over, I really got scared
    Looking to the future, forget about the past
    But the bottom line is KENTUCKY KICKED OUR ASS!!!!!!!”

  13. Bullitt Co. UK fan

    MAN that was one of the best games to watch all year.

  14. Scotty

    Can someone tell me why I make funny faces when I score when we are down double digits?

  15. Charlie

    that was one of our best games of the year. meanwhile, Purdue is down 30-6 with 3 mins left in the first half….6 points

  16. Thankful

    Thankful, that Coach Pearl decided to play his son!!! Then Kentucky blew the game open!! I love it!! Thanks again!!

  17. Good Dr.

    Florida fans are so much better, its just that there is only 3 of them

  18. Tubby

    Take a look a look at the beatdown we are putting on the Boilermakers!!!!!!!!!!

  19. catfanatic

    I grew up about 10-15 drive from the Tennessee border, and only about an hour and a half from Knoxville. I stayed on that campus one summer when I worked at Dollywood (ugh!) I hate Tennessee worse than I would ever hate any terrorist, including Osama! UT SUCKS!!!

  20. Thankful

    12, Also thankful for the rapping ability of Bobby Maze!

  21. BlackJack 5

    14 – Yes, I can tell you. It is simple really. You are a complete douche.

  22. Alabama Fan

    Them Vols is Low Down Dirty Snitches

  23. Coach Smith

    I own the Big 10 tournament.

  24. GoCats2

    I take offense to the term “former UK folks”. Once a Wildcat always a Wildcat, there is nothing former about it! Go Cats!

  25. BPsycho
  26. Thankful

    14, Clearly this is a case of, when keeping it real goes wrong!!!

  27. BPsycho

    #12 *golf clap* N1

  28. ScaryJerry

    Florida fans are still clearly the best.

  29. Han

    Minnesota is destroying Purdue at the half.

  30. Denimbluewasawesome

    Check this pic and caption out:

    Caption: “Kentucky’s Demarcus Cousins (15) shoots over the defense of Tennessee’s Daniel Orton (33) in the first half”


  31. TheWaitFor8

    looks like miss st is going to win this one. Hopefully their backwoods trailer trash fans couldn’t get their cars off the cement blocks.

  32. thefuture4

    SEC Coach of the Year loses, and we are in the championship. Sweet

  33. BH

    Cats vs. Mississippi State…..Cats by 12

  34. MachoCat

    Did I hear the those two jokers calling the game right? That Kentucky is an ouside shoot at a 1 seed?????????????????

  35. Han

    Random Arkansas fan posted on TCP that he’s hearing Rotnei wants out at Arkansas, possibly to UK, assuming the Hogs get the next coach they want (Mike Anderson) and he can’t keep him.

    I know Matt has said he’s too slow on Defense to play for a team like the Cats, but it’d be great to have a great shooter like him here in a couple years.

  36. DocCat

    The infamous elbow to the nads.

  37. John Wall

    Hey Scotty,

    Do my dance now bitch!!!

  38. Boogies Headband

    The chanting while the other teams band is playing…..should continue at every UK SEC Tourney from now on. We’ll always have the most fans….why not?

  39. Thankful

    Thankful, that Steven Pearl is only a Junior and will be back next year!! Thanks COACH PEARL!!!

  40. SEC coach of the year conspiracy...

    So…. Calipari takes the Cats from NIT to 2nd ranked in the nation, wins the SEC regular season championship, takes the cats to the SEC Tourney Title game, and 3-4 of his players win All-SEC awards…. but hey, congrats Kevin Stallings on SEC coach of the year. Enjoy the 5 seed in the Tourney. What a joke. GO CATS!!!

  41. Pat 4Head is a Jagoff

    Did anybody ask the UT players if they wanted to do “the John Wall” dance before they when home? I hope all of the gas stations in the area have extra security tonight, because the UT players may be out to show that they still have weapons!

  42. Stan

    Scotty Hoposon promised a win today. Nice prediction Scotty, I hope you guys get beat in the first round.

  43. SEC coach of the year conspiracy...

    P.S. to add to #40…. and He Calipari wins 30 games…. WTF?

  44. BPsycho

    #37 lol

  45. Pat 4Head is a Jagoff

    I hope that Purdue is the #2 seed in UK’s region!

  46. Pat 4Head is a Jagoff

    Orton would be better off to not argue with Coach Cal, and just play in the game like he is not lost!

  47. Wayne Chism

    Can we go to the Waffle House now?

  48. Pat Head Summitt

    Gee, Bruce, you are an embarassment. My men could beat your men by50.

  49. BPsycho

    #47 No,

    Billy D has all Waffle Houses reserved for him at all times.

  50. Catdawg

    Miss. St. in the SEC champ. game and Minnesota in the Big Ten Champ. game this could hurt Florida especially if Minnesota wins it all. With the way OSU has been playing Minnesota just might do that.

  51. actually

    go Kansas State !

  52. truBLU

    #34–He said that we still have an outside shot at THE #1 seed, not A #1 seed.

  53. ladylove

    tubby is spanking purdue

  54. Uncle Bob

    HEY TIPTON-still think Fla has the best fans? what a dumbass. Obviously he wasn’t in Rupp south today. wonder what negative spin he will find to put on a 29 point beatdown of Tn. suck on it JT. Go Cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. BPsycho

    #51 Seriously. Please!!! Kansas lose!

    They wont but w.e lol Kstate has had chances all year. Heres to hoping the bearded one goes off for 50 tonight.

  56. AnnaMalle

    What’s the obsession with crotch shots on this site?

  57. OwensboroCatFan

    In 96′, the Cats lost to Miss. St in the SEC Championship, and then went on to win it all! I hope we destroy them tommorrow, but it does appear the stars are aligning for a title run. 2 more similarities to the 1996 Champions: The Yankee’s were World Series Champs and The US had a Democratic President.

  58. _Blackhawk_

    “tubby is spanking purdue”
    Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

  59. Spike

    #50 – UW with a shot to play their way in out in the Pac 10 final too.

  60. ladylove

    anybody have the odds of buckeyes vs gophers in the big televen championship game??

  61. ladylove

    58.. 61 to 33 with 5 min to go.. “paddling” for the crusty crowd

  62. DoubleVision

    35-He’d have to walk-on.

  63. CatFanLex

    #54 – Tipton headline “Basketbrawl”

  64. DoubleVision

    47- We goin to sizzla.

  65. cheddarsuk

    I hate everything about Tennessee. i hate the color orange, i hate rocky top, i hate dolly wood, I hate easttown and westtown mall, god I jsut hate Tennessee.. I was born to hate them, we are just born to love our kentucky wildcats.. GO big Blue……. cant wait to bring home the trophy..

  66. SkyAntoine

    That may have been the most enjoyable game I’ve ever attended.

  67. OwensboroCatFan

    I am off to the Kentucky Wesleyan game. Go Cats! And Go Panthers!!

  68. AtomicDawg02

    Where’s the Pat Forde article on “Big Game” Bruce this time? Oh wait, that’s right, never mind. Here’s to hoping Tubby gets his boys a Big Ten Tourney title tomorrow against Ohio State.

  69. ATXcats

    Check out ESPN’s front page: “UK in first SEC final since ’04” I was there in ’05 when UK lost to Florida in the final. I guess they only fact check the Big East headlines.

  70. catfansince1970

    # 50 – I think it hurts Florida just because Minnesota beat Purdue. That gives them wins against Purdue, Ohio St, and Michigan St. I think they have a better case right now.

  71. Basteballer

    Does anybody recognize the voice at the :42 mark suggesting to Boogie that he was moving when he took a charge? My money’s on it being Tipton.

  72. Bruce Pearl

    Maybe I should’nt have made the comment about us shooting like Kentucky after the first game. Atleast I can go home and turn on the TV and catch my son on how to catch a predator tonight! Dad believes you son, the boy only needed a friend!

  73. Pat 4Head is a Jagoff

    #71 It sounds like Tipton, and it is the kind of question he would ask.

  74. Thankful

    71, that was a stupid question!!!

  75. Old Henry Man

    I am still smiling!!!!
    KU and K-State is going to be a good game

  76. Afilia Butts

    jackass pearl-get circumsized

  77. ScaryJerry

    Florida fans would know that was definitely not a charge.

  78. Old Henry Man

    Florida fans would not have watched their own team play, so they did not watch today.

  79. CatFanLex

    76 – there’s no reason for that kind of bs

  80. GoCats2

    #71 and #73 It was Tipton because that is the way he spun his story of the game that it was that call that turned the tide. Sorry if I offend anyone for quoting Tipton but listen to how he spins the game.

    The tone of the game was set in the first three minutes when J.P. Prince drove to the basket. Cousins appeared to be moving as he tried to take a charge. The call was a charge.

    Prince saw that call reflecting how the referees inhibited the Vols. “They were letting them be a little more physical than we were,” he said.

    Coincidentally or not, Cousins played freely thereafter. Perhaps Cousins played too freely as he picked up a technical foul late in this game that oozed ill will. He pounded a balled fist into an open hand and appeared to making threatening remarks to Tennessee’s Melvin Goins.

  81. BCO

    i cant believe i had to miss watching these game…please if any of yall have a link to a replay, post it up.

  82. Basteballer

    He failed to mention Goins being ejected for a flagrant elbow to CAUSE those threatening remarks???

  83. Tell me about it

    79-are you one of them????

  84. BPsycho

    #65 They low down, they dirty, and they some snitches.

  85. ukaltheway

    Wow — UK’s best game of the year! The team deserves huge congrats all around. Cal had the team ready to play and they delivered. You can bet that Miss. St. will be ready to go tomorrow — they feel they should have won the regular season game. The team is SOOOOO close to achieving the hard-to-complete double of regular season championship and tournament title. Let’s finish it off in style and enter the NCAA’s playing our best basketball. I want to roll KU so much — another smug, arrogant team esp. Collins. Assuming both teams reach the FF and play each other if we play the way we did against UT it will be another beatdown for the CATS! And title #8!

  86. CatFanLex

    83- should it matter?

  87. Grammar Police!

    Matt, you’re a reasonably smart guy. Please learn how to use “he” and “him” properly. When you write “it was a great motivator for he and the team,” you’re using “he” incorrectly. Would you write “it was a great motivator for he?” Of course you wouldn’t. So why do you write “it was a great motivator for he and the team?” It should be “for HIM and the team.” You make this same mistake frequently.

  88. TIPTON

    Cousins missed more than 10 free throws – with that effort UK will never advance in the tourney – just poor effort and don’t get me started on the technical fouls – overall a bad day for BBN.

  89. Willie

    A UT fan friend was griping about the calls.

    I said to be fair, we’ll spot you 20 points. We still win by 9!

  90. Yes it does

    86—Yes it does. Because if you were you would understand and not even like your own kind. They are just like the Vols, they are low down, they are dirty, they are Lehman, they are Bear Stearns, they are Goldman Sachs, they are Moody’s, they are Standard and Poor’s, they are Paulson, they are Geitner, they are the ones that took this cooutry to the cleaners and came out smelling like a rose. Any more questions like does it matter, because I can go on.

  91. Thankful

    Thankful for grammer police and Steven Pearl!! HIM SUCK!!!

  92. don'tbeajagoff

    90. “They” aren’t the only ones involved with central banks and manipulating the economy. Please stop it Big Blue played their best game all year don’t bring everyone down with your BS. Maybe if you didn’t live in BFE KY and in Louisville like I do you would meet some of “them” and you would realize what you’re saying is BS.

  93. monkeybottoms

    #56 Crotch shots? More like balls in the face. lol.

  94. I do know them

    92—–I do live in Louisville and have met plenty of them and even worked for them. The funny thing is they all hate each other. They may play nice when together but, once you get them alone they will run the others down. You say there were others involved with the manipulation and you are probably right. However, the majority of those involved have the common trait I speak of. Judge by the norm not the exception. Tell me who the exception was.

  95. Syrin

    We are FINALLY getting some love from the national press. They’ve shown Wall dancing in the hall leading to the court several times. They have the 4 Cats standing around with Boogie strumming an electric guitar. They’re showing our guys for the fun loving men they are in addition to being dominant basketball players. Great day to be a Cats fan.

  96. blueberry777


  97. Scotty Hopson

    WOW, if only I had picked UK. Their fans are so amazing and their coach is just awesome and had I gone there, I would have been on the other side of this a$$ stomping today.

  98. Bruce Pearl

    I’ll think twice before mocking UK again. Coach Cal is going to force me to retire early because I can’t stand the attention and glory he gets.

  99. I made an "A" one time

    87 you may need help.what a life you must have

  100. bcat

    If you think Jewish men are uncircumcised… might be a redneck! haha. What is circumSIZED anyway…is that like one of those emails promising a bigger penis? 94. probably thinks Pearl is a shapeshifter!

  101. Grammar Police!

    99: So says the guy reading through 100 comments on a message board! Well done sir. And for the record, I fully admit I have no life. You?

  102. Syrin

    I look at our stats and do not include the 2 three’s that Hood and Krebs launched in garbage time, so we shot 40% during crunch time.

  103. Nashville Hospital

    Bobby Maze is still in a daze due to being “WALLED.”

  104. Syrin

    I am not impressed by Kansas. I think we beat them easily.

  105. don'tbeajagoff

    Off the top of my head JP Morgan, The Rockefellers and most of these guys: are gentiles

  106. Clark W. Griswold

    101 – Teach a class with your knowledge. Don’t try to teach a blog. Let’s go CATS! SEC championship tomorrow. Baseball team wins again!
    PS a grammar policeman would know to use a comma before sir in the second sentence of yours. Suck it.

  107. bleedblue

    88) That was a good one.

  108. irabird

    ‘motivator for “him” and the team’

  109. 105 is an idiot

    105-You are clueless…..Greenspan and Bernacke are not gentiles……

  110. AtomicDawg02

    97 – Scotty, you might have ended up like some of the other guys who didn’t have their scholarships renewed and ended up on OTL. lol

  111. Johnny 2 Socks

    105 and 109 – STFU!

  112. don'tbeajagoff

    I said most. Do you understand English?

  113. don'tbeajagoff

    111. You STFU I get tired of all these zionist conspiracies Jews are accused of.

  114. Syrin

    UT fans were complaining about calls? Hopson could have been called for a foul EVERY time Wall took it to the hole. He grabbed liked no one’s business. Cousins got hit in the face at least three times with no calls, and Cosuins cleanly blocked Hopson, yet they called a foul. It wasn’t well officiated, but it wasn’t one sided at all.

  115. Basteballer

    Seriously? On a basketball blog you’re fighting about Jews and Gentiles??

  116. Buzz

    I missed the 2nd half of the game does anyone know where I can go online and watch a replay of today’s game.

  117. ukaltheway

    Anti-Semitic or racist comments of any kind are embarrassing and disgusting. They do a disservice to Cats fans everywhere and are not worhty of this site.

  118. ukaltheway


  119. don'tbeajagoff

    117. I know. That is why I’m defending them.

  120. buddyblue62


  121. Answer to Jagoff

    112. What did anyone prior to Greenspan and Bernacke have to do with the most recent financial shakedown by your buddies? This isn’t a consipiracy. Again, I ask who are the non-circumsized (don’t give me the exception) that led to this crisis. You have yet to answer.

  122. BigBlueWestCoast

    Associated Press announced it’s All – SEC and awards:

    First team

    F: DeMarcus Cousins, Kentucky

    F: Patrick Patterson, Kentucky

    C: Jarvis Varnado, Mississippi St.

    G: John Wall, Kentucky

    G: Devan Downey, South Carolina

    Second team

    F: Trey Thompkins, Georgia

    F: Jeffery Taylor, Vanderbilt

    C: Wayne Chism, Tennessee

    G: Chris Warren, Mississippi

    G: Jermaine Beal, Vanderbilt

    Player of the Year: Wall

    Coach of the Year: John Calipari, Kentucky

    Newcomer of the Year: Wall

  123. Melvin Goins

    I was just trying to prevent getting t-bagged by Boogie.

  124. BigBlueWestCoast

    ESPN’s most watched games in terms of ratings:

    1. North Carolina vs. Texas

    2. (tie) Kansas at Kansas State; Kentucky at Vandy

    4. Kentucky at South Carolina

    5. Kentucky vs. Connecticut

    6. Kentucky at Florida

    7. Michigan State at North Carolina

    8. Duke at Wisconsin

    9. Vandy at Kentucky

    10. Kentucky at Mississippi State

  125. parker

    ok def. time for a new post because were now talking about circumcised penises and religion. please keep our brain-washed mind on UK sports because if u dont we get cranky and argumentative.

  126. Sarah Palin

    Nothing wrong with penises. I can see plenty from my front porch

  127. 121isana$$hole

    121. How about all the non-circumsized people (probably you) that took loans out on houses and defaulted.

  128. monkeybottoms

    #125 Is Bledsoe circumcised? I think I can almost make it out….


  129. reply to Jagoff

    127…typical response to those who are losing the argument. You resort to personally attacking the one who has the facts on their side. Name calling is weak and shows your ignorance.

  130. Bigbluecalizone

    If Brent Mussburger and Knight called thet majority of our games, I’d jump off a friggin cliff. They have to be the absolute worst in the business. How old is Mussburger anyway? 80? 85?.

  131. lexslamman

    After such a great win on national TV, why do you guys have to go and make us look like a bunch of retarded Republicans? Act like a community of adults instead of self-centered children.

  132. martin

    this is the original nerd fight (sorta) with one being matt jones and the other being splat jones pretty funny from how worked up matt gets.

  133. kyartist
  134. martin

    and macon_volfan is hilarious in it to

  135. Billy Gillispie

    Wow, I really do screw up.

  136. knowing is half the battle

    FYI – jewish people are circumcised. it’s something called a bris. So are most christians- BECAUSE of the fact that christianity stems from judaism. This is a LOT more talk about foreskin then I expected in a Sports blog. I mean if you are going to talk about dicks – how about the shot to the balls cousins took?

  137. actually

    UK and KU are on a collision course … and it makes me smile that Collins will get absolutely smoked by JWall when that happens, no way he can stay in front of Jimmy … he’ll be puking by half

  138. Billy Clyde

    In Texas, we’re so tough, the Dr. used a live armedillo to circumcise me.

  139. Billy Clyde

    ,,,I was 19 at the time.

  140. Catdawg

    I can only hope this becomes a paid site so some of this shit can stay off and we can stay on UK SPORTS!

    By the way FLORIDA is going NIT again from the look of things.

  141. mcj683

    131-Retarded Republicans…better than being a hypocrat Dummycrat.

  142. Nothinsucksliketennesseeorange

    54.When I grow up I want to be like UNCLE BOB!

  143. mcj683

    131- better than being a flip clop hypocritc Dummycrat.

  144. cal

    Where is the podcast?

  145. nightmareforyou

    hopson really screwed up not coming to kentucky.he thought he could be the next chris lofton.with coach cal coming in it did not quite work out the way he thought it he is just another baller who will never be a superstar.look on the other bench chris that is what superstar ballers look like.

  146. BCO


  147. TheBigBooyah

    From the point Bruce Pearl started telling the UT fans to get loud, we outscored them 29-6. I repeat…his team scored 6 points after he told the UT crowd to get loud, from the 10:00 minute mark on…….Thanks Bruce!

  148. catfansince1970

    Damn nerd fight. U guys make us look bad! Oh and by the way, THE JEWS KILLED JESUS. The republicans suck!

  149. catfansince1970

    # 147 – That was funny, I laughed the rest of the game, classic!

  150. Thankful

    147, also with his son in the game, that run started!! Thankful for Pearl and his son!!

  151. barack hussein obama


  152. sunnycat

    145 If Hopson was half as good as he thinks he is he would be unstoppable. He can have UT he is another Alex Legion if he dowsnt get his way he goes crying to momma and momma goes to the coach.

  153. sunnycat

    Why does every player at ut feel the need to celebrate after evry basket

  154. Benjamin Franklin

    Matt Jones- before the game, my dad almost ran over you in his car (I am 98% sure it was you.) you walked out in the street without even thinking about looking and when you noticed you were about to get crushed you gave us the dirtiest stare you could muster. Come on man. I am a huge fan but that move puts you in dick category. Im out supporting big blue just like you are and you are acting like your shit has aromatherapy attributes. I will continue to read your site and I appreciate you doing this for free but I now have a different opinion on you based on your big head. true compliment though: your haircut (if it was indeed you) looked pretty good…much better than the shit you get for it. GO CATS!!!

  155. Billy G

    Do you like Dr. Pepper?…….If only Porter would have come back.

  156. bobsuruncle

    132- I liked the people at the end talking about how great Gillispie’s recruits were.

  157. Actually...

    This is Maze’s rap:

    Does anyone in the hood
    Play play basketball John Wall good?
    Oh, Get me some crack!
    Crack is wack but I need crack

    (and a Colt 45)

  158. tonygreendoesthestankylegeg

    hahahaha UK has the SEC officials in their back pocket??? Historically, how good has tony green been to us??? UT will be the one that loses first round because it WILL NOT be held in Knoxville!

  159. jessic kestner

    i hope they go all way
    i hope they win i big uk fan johson county

  160. jessica kestner

    go alway wildcats

  161. jessica kestner

    go all the way
    how they play angain

  162. jessica kestner

    when do they play tonight

  163. jessica kestner

    couise is good player on that team to so is pricket let wildcats alway

  164. jessica kestner

    billy G you are a good coach for the wildcats go all way

  165. jessica kestner

    couise this is for you you are good player for the walcats keep it up ok

  166. jessica kestner

    jhon wall this for you keep make theam three pointer ok i watch on tv in jhonson county

  167. jessica kestner

    this is for patrkick you go make theam three ok you keep it up

  168. jessica kestner

    goodlacky wildcats i am gald you beat tenn

  169. jessica kestner

    goodlacky wildcats i am gald you beat tenn

  170. Wes Kaintuck

    Sorry ut, you asked for this beatdown.

  171. jessica kestner

    i am wacth kentcky play on tv now

  172. jessica kestner

    i am wacth kentcky play on tv now