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Kentucky Sports Radio is Now on the Actual Radio


One of the more common questions I always get about this site is, “if you arent on the radio, why are you called Kentucky Sports Radio?” Well the answer is complicated and usually takes me awhile to explain and always leaves the listener unsatisfied. No more. Because beginning in the next couple of weeks, KSR will be on the radio on 1080 AM in Louisville from 10 am to noon Monday thru Friday. The daily show will feature something that has been long overdue…a UK-centric show in the city of Louisville. I will be the host, but there will also be lots of appearances and roles for the other writers here on KSR as well. We expect Drew Franklin, the Turkey Hunter, Tomlin and others to be around for different amounts of time and we will be announcing a co-host later this week. The 1080 AM signal is a strong one and can be heard in Lexington during the day, meaning that those of you in and around that area will also hopefully be able to listen to the show. We also hope to have the show streaming by the end of the year, which will of course then integrate the site with the show. I am very excited about the opportunity to work at the station and to be part of the Clear Channel family that also includes WHAS 840 AM.

The second feature is also an important one because as part of this, KSR will be taking over the UK postgame call-in show on 840 AM. After every UK football and basketball game this season, I will be hosting the postgame call-in show after Joker and Calipari do their final interviews. I will be joined by some former players and other media members, as we take your calls on 840 AM, one of the most powerful radio stations in the country. I grew up listening to that show as a kid and I cant tell you how excited I am to have the opportunity to be a part of it now.

We are very excited to get this radio show going and I think you will soon see that the Kentucky sports airwaves have never seen anything like we are going to do. It is going to be younger, more fan-centric and with the absolute best guests of any show in the state. For those of you outside the listening area, the show will be available on podcast (along with the regular KSR podcasts) and hopefully will provide you with more UK information that you can handle. I cant wait to get started and we will be launching just before the beginning of football season. This radio show and the television show that begins in October on CN2 have all been made possible by the support you folks have shown us here on this site over the years. I cant thank you enough and I look forward to bringing the KSR style from the web to television and radio this fall.

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. kanter - i barely know her

    hey you all, check out this highlight video of the draft cats i made last night.

  2. kanter - i barely know her

    and congrats, matt!

  3. GoCats2

    I feel so proud of KSR making it to the big time. Its like sending my kids off to Kindergarten for the first time! Make good choices KSR!

  4. catfaninchattanooga

    Great news…get the streaming up as fast as possible. Congrats once again.

  5. Tybuki

    Congrats, gentlemen! With the loss of 1450, I don’t have to be stuck listening to the wonderful wisdom of Joe B. and Denny. Good luck and much success to you.

  6. JF

    Excellent, congrats!

  7. Big Enes Style

    Maybe the first show will have that Daniel Orton expose you have been promising for so long….

  8. No! It's Mingue, MORON

    I finally have something to listen to during the mornings on the radio that doesn’t make me want to gouge my ears off. Congratulations! Amazing to see where this site has come.

  9. Who Cares

    Wow, you’re doing big things Jones…Good for you guys!

  10. GoCats2010


    No way he wants you anywhere near 840, GET ‘EM

  11. BostonCat

    will there be podcasts until there is online streaming?

  12. GoCats2010

    Joe B and Denny is the only show on 790 that is actually good, don’t knock the Coach

  13. echo 1

    Any chance Lester is the co-host? If not, you should really look into that.

  14. That's what She

    Congrated, unless Joe B. and Denny are your co-hosts.

    Just kidding.

    I’m sure they are thrilled about the competition.

    Good luck to all the KSR gang.

  15. nassau65

    Congrats Jonesey!

  16. catty

    AWESOME!!! Congrats to all of you! You have worked very hard the past five years to feed the UK habit! Keep it up!!

    Does this mean Drew will have a real job now?

  17. jt

    Congrats Matt. Any chance that carries to the Bowling Green airwaves?? We need to make this happen.

  18. MoonMan

    Powerful! Can’t you hear WHAS on the moon? KSR goes interplanetary (OK, I know the moon isn’t a planet)

  19. pccatsfan

    Jurich & Pitino have to be wondering how the CATS got in the henhouse.

  20. GeorgeCostanza

    Congratulations! I know what you mean about the old postgame shows,
    I looked forward so much to those.

    2 Questions:
    1)Is “Big Talk On Small Business” moving to a new time?

    2) The ‘post game’ show got me thinking…. does anyone know whatever
    happened to a guy named Paul Wilman that was on some of those as well
    as on the old WTMT when it went all-sports?

  21. asdfasdf

    NICE, awesome news

  22. tdogg4033011

    SWEET NEWS !!!! Will the post game stuff interfere with Leach & Calipari?? or does
    it proceed that??

  23. WisconsinCat

    Congrats Matt!

  24. Mitch McConnells Jowls

    Matt, how long till you can move to the 4-6pm slot and take on Chris Cross?

  25. Chris Collinsworth

    Clearly you do not punch babies in the face. Congrats.

  26. Bigbluecatfan

    Matt Jones media mogul, congratulations Matt I hope it works out well for you. Just remember to keep the liberal politics out of the discussions and you will do great! Proud of you!

  27. Patrick

    Using your most faux voice (no homo) can you say AWESOME!!!

    I love Matt and “The Boys” (no homo) and can’t wait for this new venture in new world media. Congrats to all!

  28. DuckFriedBillyClyde

    Congrats, Matt and crew! Hopefully the airwaves in Lex will stay clear for all of us outside the Ville. As long as you keep the same vibe of friends chatting and joking about the Cats, which is why I love this site more than any other UK site, this thing can’t fail. Awesome news!

  29. Catsfan

    how many hits does ksr average in a day?

  30. Patrick

    ….now. If only Chris Cross would expire….

  31. Patrick

    Matt, I hope you realize the frosted one is going to be real pissed.

    How can you expect anyone to listen to you when for a nominal fee we can get “cutting edge” scoops from the Man from Mexico?

  32. GoCats2

    you need to start working on your catch phrases for when you sign off for the night…
    This is Kige Ramsey for YouTube sports is already taken.

  33. Wildcards

    Great News! This should really juice up the after game airwaves. Matt you are the best at UK Sports.

  34. Just so you know..

    Hey Lawdog! I’m not going to suggest that Kige be a co-host, but he’s got to be a regular correspondent.

  35. Just so you know..

    Forgot to say, Congratulations.

  36. josh says

    UK fans day just got a lot better, Jurich’s day just got worse. Can’t wait for the show to be streaming. Be ready for a steady diet of Hink (god help us).

  37. 430 West Vine

    Congrats Matt! You’ve come a long way from the meteor crater…

  38. GoCats2

    When I call in to the show are you going to delete my comments?

  39. tdogg4033011

    36) I hear that, I’m sure my wife will be excited to hear about me now having
    a 2 hours per day radio habit. Oh well, some things are just simply worth
    taking a lil heat over. I can’t wait Matt, congrats.

  40. Old Henry Man

    I can not get 1080 in Henry Co. 🙁

  41. madison1329

    Exciting news Matt, CONGRATS! This just made my day. Cant wait til everything is up and running.

  42. jbmet

    Yellow Jackets rule…..

  43. Rush3Redux

    I think taking over the post-game show may be bigger than getting a daily show.

  44. Stangluvr

    Can you get the daily radio show on podcast ASAP for us down here in TN? Look forward to it and the post game shows…..Congrats.

    Make sure the White Ninja Mark Krebs in on the show a lot too!!!

  45. tdogg4033011

    47) Thats pretty awesome stuff …… is 840 am also 98.1 fm???

  46. tdogg4033011

    just hoping its after Calipari & Leach do the interview sessions …..

  47. BlueDeuce


  48. Mayor of Vanceburg says

    Matt Jones we are giving you the key to the city.

  49. Mayor of Vanceburg says

    And it will fit all three locks in the city.

  50. Hot UK Girl (real one)

    So excited!!!!

  51. uk8

    congrats on all the success. does 1080 have a “listen live” link?

  52. UKAndrew

    46. I think its after the Leach-Cal interview is over. Don’t worry. You’ll still get all the post game stuff from Leach

  53. NotTomJurich

    I’ll see to it that the show lasts about as long as a Rick Pitino sexual encounter.

  54. GameTruck

    I really miss the days of heading home from work listening to Matt, Tomlin, and Gidel. Was great stuff. Congratulations guys!

  55. LyndonTy

    If it’s ClearChannel then they should try to get one of those iheartradio apps like their other stations do. Demand it Matt!

  56. bcat

    Question: Will you still require every caller to first ask “How you all are doing” before continuing? I’ll hang up and listen.

  57. Jean Brown

    Great news..happy happy happy for you Matt..this is exciting….hope I can get 1080….

  58. You Can Call Me Cal

    Congrats Matt et al. A lot of hard work paying off. Good biz. Do it right

  59. TJ

    Louisville needs a call in show in the evening to compete with Tony on Cards Radio. I have an hour ride home everyday and it’s filled with Louisville info. How soon will Matt take over the evening?

  60. tdogg4033011

    52) Cool, so 840 is the same thing as 98.1??

  61. mr. nogood

    you have got to get Patrick Patterson and Jai Lucas to be 1st guests on the radio show.

  62. jtsat

    Congrats!Why not the drive time instead of 10:00 AM. I wish you were against Deiner or the Underdogs instead of Joe B. I think they have a good show and are funny.

  63. tdogg4033011

    OT ….. Tiger Woods Birdie, Birdie start

  64. The Squid

    Great news.

    I do agree that I’d prefer it be either head to head with the Underdorks or Diener, but I’ll take it.

  65. Jack Nicklaus's green jacket…news. Better get yourself a DeLorean, those key-scratches can’t hurt stainless steel.
    I cannot wait for all the Card bitchin…its going to be a thing of beauty.

  66. The Squid

    Is your co-host going to be Howie Lindsay?

    You can all the show “Matt and Fat”

  67. NotTomJurich

    60. No I don’t think so. 840 and 98.1/WLAP have their own call in shows after the game

  68. Susan

    Not 100% yet, but the show should be bookended with a Tom Leach show 9a-10a and The Red and Blue Review 12n-1p. AWESOME news for UK fans in Louisville!!

  69. cdc_uky

    Just set the dial in my car! Let us know when the start date is set. Also, hope this will give you a chance to host from new UK bar on Baxter (from time to time)…that would help their business and let us KSR fans be more involved with the site.

  70. BigCatDaddy4263

    Congratulations Matt, now if we can only get the afternoon underdogs off the air, this will be the answer to all of Kentucky fans prayers in the city of Looserville….

  71. Bella Grace Studios


  72. duhville cat

    HELL YEAH !!!!! My wife hates when I listen to “sports-talk” radio! Well call the lawyer and pack ur bags woman! Cause it’s on!!!

  73. blue reality

    The “door” is his co-host.

    Law practice going that badly????

  74. Assassin Number 2

    congratulations you deserve it. I hope i can listen live online or hit some button to hear the show on my computer or app. This is getting too complicated.

  75. butlerdelt

    I love it. My comments criticising Clear Channel were deleted! If I criticise Insight, will those be deleted as well? Guess when you start working for the man, you gotta bow down before the man. No disension allowed.

  76. mike

    not sure how strong the sigal is because i cant get it in henry county where i work or in eastern jefferson county where i live

  77. Clandestine

    Congrats! I’m sure you guys are pumped.

  78. Steve

    Now pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease go away Chris Cross, you are by far, the most annoying man on this planet.

  79. duhville cat

    Hey Matt, Is Dugan producing the new show?

  80. duhville cat

    80) was my question (79) not post-related? Ha.

  81. checks pool room

    Hey Matt is there any chance of getting 1 of the 2 am stations in Bowling Green to pick your show up?

  82. Tom Jurich


  83. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS


    Hey Matt–I have to ask. Is a childhood dream to be doing all this? If so, I now understand why you would go to Duke. A Duke degree opens a lot doors into the radio/tv sports market. Well played my friend. You also have enough sense to surround yourself with talent. Keep up the good work and best of luck.

  84. Sellout McJones

    I can’t wait until the FCC and the Networks can control what I say!

  85. BravoBigBlue

    Great news all the way around. Finally, a UK presence in the city of Louisville.

  86. CA

    Great News! UK news on a Louisville station is awesome!

  87. Cnewt24

    Any chance of this being up as a podcast

  88. Austin

    Matt what are the chances of you guys picking up the Big Ez as a co-host. I like my stations to be argumentative and not completely biased like 790

  89. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty


  90. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    And congratulations, Matt.

  91. The Squid


    EZ seriously dislikes UK. He attempts to hide it, but his IU fandom eventually reveals his long term hatred of UK.

    I just don’t see how a “UK centric” show could have him as a co-host.

  92. UKgirlinNC

    Let me be the 93rd person to congratulate you!! All the best and get the signal to arrive in NC…got to get that blue fever over here!!

  93. Tweeder

    Congrats Matt, this is awesome. Finally a radio show worth listening to about UK sports.

  94. EyewearMan

    Only downside is that is directly in competition with the Joe B. & Denny Show! Wish you had a different slot such as 7 to 9 am or 4 to 6 pm!

  95. TheColoradoWildcat


    Way to go! WHAS comes in strong and clear out here in Colorado most evenings, so I will be listening to you often.
    Is the same call in show also on WLAP, or is that a different one? If it is different, I can record WLAP on the computer,
    listen to WHAS in the car, then play/listen to the WLAP on the computer later. Can not get enough of the Cats.

    I follow about 25 “Wildcat-related” blogs daily, but yours is the only one I check five or six times a day.

    You do great work…keep it up. You are the most reliable (along with Larry V’s blog)link we have to UK basketball. You
    know how to dispell the rumors, and that keeps “most” of us calm.

    Thank you for your time each day. Look forward to the broadcasts.

  96. SexnNursinHomes

    Congrats Matt, all you need is keith wild wild west and rick van nuys, and you got yourself a a radio crew!!!

  97. UKSoCalCampus

    Is there any possibility of bringing in Les from “The Door” up from Memphis to join you all at any point?

  98. slappy

    Fantastic news!! Congrats MJ! No more Joe B & Denny from 10-12…!? You just made my day.

  99. slappy


  100. wildcat fan here

    Congrats Matt!!! Its a pleasure to have you back on the radio in The Blue Grass!

  101. wildcat corey


  102. chrimsun

    Many congratulations. You deserve it.

  103. jborgme

    Go KSR! This is huge and much welcomed news. 2010 will turn out to be one of the best years ever:

    The Spurrier streak ends.
    The Tennessee streak ends.
    And the KSR on-air legacy begins.

  104. i'msojonhood


  105. Ken T. Ucky

    I hope every tard fan **** their pants when they heard this news.