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Kentucky Now Has A Top 20 Football Class

247rankings 6_29_14

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With the dual announcement of Jabari Greenwood and Darius Fullwood, Stoops and staff moved Kentucky inside of 247’s composite rankings top twenty for the second year in a row.

Last season the Cats finished the year with a recruiting class ranked 22nd on 247’s composite with and average player rating of  86.68.  Despite a 2-10 record the recruiting success has continued with a current player rating of 86.7 for our 12 commits.

Their current ranking is ahead of Florida (28th, 88.99 avg), Oregon (32nd, 88.28 avg), and Michigan (35th, 89.37 avg). The ranking is also currently 9th in the SEC  but with plenty of big names out there Kentucky could still move up the list. Mississippi State is also currently ranked ahead of the Cats but they have 18 and a 86.55 average so you should expect them to slide down the list as other schools get more players.

If Kentucky can haul in players like George Brown Jr., Cece Jefferson, and the crown jewel Damien Harris then they will just keep on climbing. Perhaps they even move to the top half of the SEC.

Where do you thin Kentucky will finish in 2015?

Article written by Andrew Cassady

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31 responses to “Kentucky Now Has A Top 20 Football Class”

  1. Jim Nasium

    UK has a legit shot at Harris and Brown but Cece probably won’t leave the state of Fla.

  2. still yet

    Top 20 beats finishing 50+.

  3. still better

    Bottom half of the SEC is way better than top half of any other conference. Get over yourself and go find a hobby.

  4. Bobby Petrino

    Gotta call Tom to see if he’s checked the police blotters. Dammit.

  5. B-Lord

    There is a HUGE difference in being 9th or so in the SEC and a top 20 class vs. 9th and a 52nd ranked class. Closing the talent gap is a much bigger deal than what # we finish in SEC recruiting. Shut it with all that mess.

    1. NL

      Exactly…I hate the people who say “yeah but compared to the rest of the SEC…” fill in the rest. Its about getting quality kids who have a shot at competing. The talent gap is closing quick

  6. Tej

    UK should finish in top 25 if this success continues. Oklahoma and other powers that are ranked low now will surge ahead soon. But, staff is getting SEC-type players who will contribute immediately.

  7. TDog

    Can you explain to me why. If you are a “huge UK fan” as you say I would love to hear your wonderful reasons behind this statement.

  8. Catman Jack

    All these negative Nancy’s can shut the heck up.
    Its all about building for long term success.
    We are starting to be noticed nationally for the first time in a long long time.
    There is a real buzz around this program.
    The talent gap between UK and teams like Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee is shrinking substantially. The next step is winning a few more games.
    If UK can go 6-6 this year, that alone would continue this momentum to really begin to make a statement nationally in 2015.
    People who think this thing can turn around in one or two years know very little about football.

    1. Nancy

      No way UK goes 6-6 this year. No way. 4-8 if they’re lucky

  9. Catman Jack

    Fail…6-6 much more likely.
    We have true depth for the first time in a long while.

  10. linebeard

    We’re going to look up in a year or two and see our team loaded with good young talent on both sides if the ball.

  11. CATS

    Guys, let’s be realistic. 6-6 is simply not realistic this year. As much as I’d like that to happen, I do not see that as an attainable goal. Although the recruiting success Stoops has had in his tenure in Lexington is nothing short of remarkable, these young men who are 18 and 19 years old won’t be able to come in and run through the SEC…there’s no way. While going .500 and reaching a bowl game is a reasonable goal for 2015, I’m afraid that won’t be the case this year. Hope the Cats can prove me wrong!

  12. Jim Harris

    You guys are the worst bunch yet at being so un-necessarily nasty to each other. I wouldn’t even call some of you fans, rather people just looking for a place to be hateful with one another.

  13. Jurich has sold his soul

    Top 300 Texas Tech football recruit Nigel Bethel II punched out a Tech woman basketball player during a pick up game. He has just been kicked off the team. I assume he will be joining Petrino at UL sometime next week.

  14. Dr Suess

    I counted 10 grammatical errors in an 8 sentence article.

  15. Common Sense

    I don’t understand why people say 6-6 is out of the question. I’m not expecting 6-6 but the team I saw last year was a halfway decent QB away from beating Miss State, Vandy, and South Carolina…. All away games…All 3 are home games this year….you win those 3, paired with wins over ULM, Ohio and UTM…And tadaa! 6 wins with toss up games like @Louisville and @ Tennessee till to play. I think this year Stoops is going to surprise people with the results he gets on the field.

    1. Nancy

      6-6 is out of the question. MSU has also improved measurably the last couple years and is recruiting just as good as UK. And Spurrier is not beatable by this team either. Be happy with the 3 non conference patsy wins + maybe we steal one from Vandy.

    2. Nancy

      UofL is still 2 TD’s better talented and maybe 3 with Petrino. Need I remind you what he did with less than 2* recruits at WKU last year?

    3. Common Sense


      Spurrier is not beatable by this team, yet in Columbia Last Year A Worse Talented UK team almost beat USCjr. If joker can beat Spurrier with 1 player, Stoops can beat him with next year’s team. Also, how is Louisville a 14 point favorite when they barely beat us by 14 last year and lost Bridgewater?

    4. Nancy

      UofL barely beat us last year? Are you joking? It was 27-6 before UofL took their foot off the gas. They rushed for 252 yards! They didn’t even need Teddy. Charlie could have run it up, but Petrino has no class and will. Jeez, Petrino whipped us with a Sunbelt team last year. What do you think he will do at Papa John’s? UofL has stockpiled elite transfers/castoffs the past few years. I am a UK fan, and I think in a couple years we will compete, but UofL is deeper and has much mor experienced talent than UK right now. And really, I didn’t say 14 points, I said with Petrino they may be 21 better.

    5. UL Sux

      Nancy, you’re a Louisville fan. Quite saying “we” when referring to the BBN. You UL trolls really do need to find a new hobby besides visting your rival’s website every day.

  16. KSR Wannabee

    UK Football = Perennial Losers!!!! Always have been – always will be!!!


    I think Stoops has done a great gob with KY. football recruiting and academics he will continue to make great recruits and build UK. The top 3 best UK football coach KY. Has had ever. That being said thank you coach Stoops for being a blue and white coach.

    1. Nancy

      I don’t know what kind of coach Stoops will turn out to be (last season is a “throw away”), but saying a coach with a career 2-10 record that has zero conference wins ever is an all time top 3 coach at UK tells you how pathetic UK FB history is. And I might add it is an absurd statement.

    2. rixter

      Nancy, your coach so far is being out-recruited by such powerhouses as Western Michigan, San Jose St, Rice, Florida Atlantic, Louisiana Tech, Old Dominion, and 12 of the 13 other teams in the ACC…along with UK for 2 straight years! What you forget is that Petrino won last year with 2 star talent in a 2 star league. Now, he’s going into a 5 star league with 2 and 3 star talent. Thats gonna be an issue

    3. Nancy

      Rixter, not my coach. Hate Petrino, hate UofL, but facts are facts. #1, recruiting rankings mean jack. No way WKU should have beat UK last year, especially since it should have been a revenge game for us. Out coached pure and simple. UK had more talent, as depleted as the roster was.

      Also, go do a little research. Have you seen some of the talented, experienced transfers UofL has added the last couple years? They don’t show up in the fabled recruiting rankings. They have transfers from Auburn, Georgia, Texas A&M, Florida all over the roster. So maybe Petrino is being out recruited, but it won’t matter for at least 2 years. Right now, they out talent UK at nearly every position, even without talking about QB.

    4. scorpiocard

      Hush up Nancy! You are raining on the blunatic delusion parade with rational facts! You must not be a REAL uk fan! LMAO!

      Stop making sense!!!

  18. Big Blue Fan in Plano

    Occasionally I read the comments to share the excitement going on with UK Football with others in the BBN and I am always reminded that access is also granted to trolls and jerks. I get frustrated with the comments here. But I’ll stop reading now so the trolls will have no one reading their garbage. All I can say is we’ll see how UK Football compares to your university’s Football in a few years. I hope we kick your butt! And how sad is your life if this is all you do every day!

  19. Nick Saban

    UK has a top 20 class? Awww, that’s cute.

  20. Must be doing something right UL fans hanging on KSR

    Not trying to be a UL hater,but how many years has it been since Petrino was at UL? Some of us UK fans need to slow down,Stoops will take us to heights that we’ve never seen but it will take time. However UL fans should do the same. While Petrino has won everywhere he has been(except Atlanta)it’s been years since he’s been at UL & the ACC is no conference USA. My UL friends(they’re all 2%ers)are talking national championship in 2 years & 8 or 9 wins this year. My fellow UK fan friends(also some 2%ers) are talking 6-7 wins & contending for SEC east title in 2-3 years. It could be great if this rivalry gets as hyped in FBall as it is in BBall,& no doubt both programs have the coaches to do it-but-Everybody SLOOOOOW down!