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Kentucky Loses, 24 – 17


depressing photo via Courier-Journal…this sucks

Welp, that’s it folks.  Kentucky loses in tough fashion to Louisville, 24 – 17 This is sad and tough to swallow after both teams started the season poorly and we thought we had enough talent and home-field advantage to carry us to victory.  T’was not the case at all.  The Louisville seniors finally got their first win against Kentucky after four consecutive losses. Kentucky made a huge late run but fell short.

Let’s glean over the high(low)lights…

– Again, offense struggled as we had dropped passes and an early fumble to hurt us.  Accuracy is really starting to become an issue on our passes, as well as not stepping up in the pocket.  we only looked good in the late second half and late fourth quarter hurry-up offense…and that was probably by accident.

– Fans continue to harp on play calling.  3rd and long DRAWS have got to stop.  I’m far from a Joker critic, but I found myself throwing my hands up in utter disbelief at some of the plays called.

– What happened to our offensive line?  Geez-us.

– With that said, Newton still showed flashes in the late push and ended with a nice stat line – 24 of 36 for 240 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT.

Mosley and the secondary got beat on some big passing plays, albeit good tosses by UofL’s Stein and Bridgewater.

– and, of course, ol’ Teddy proved to be worth whatever Clint Hurtt paid for him finally.

WHISTLE GUY.  Enough said.  He was one of our standout defensive players tonight.

Will Stein got hurt.  His magical leprechaun powers did not help.

Trevathan had a scary moment where he seemed injured.

Larry Warford went down with an injury late in the fourth.

RUSHING DIFFERENCE – Clemons looked good in the beginning but the loss of Sanders proved to be a major difference-maker.  We got destroyed in this category, and history won out because no team in this series has ever won without winning the rushing battle.

Article written by Chris Thomas

186 responses to “Kentucky Loses, 24 – 17”

  1. Good Going KSR

    Wish you guys had not ran with your mouths. I remember Boogie getting fired up by some Miss St fans. Please poke fun without motivating, next time.

  2. BBN

    I ne ver watch football, BRING ON HOOPS!!!

  3. Neil

    Joker sucks! Enough said

  4. joe m

    Poor ole Kentucky….

  5. KFAN

    I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.
    – Obi-Wan Kenobi

  6. CATS

    Why can’t Mitch see this program is going in the WRONG direction!

  7. MDLUK1

    I may be wrong but it seems like the team that does upgrades to their facilities, loses.

    They opened PJS and we won.

    They opened the yum center and we won.

    I THINK, the last time we upgraded Commonwealth, they won.

    We upgraded the video boards and added the ring around the stadium and they won.

    SO, we need to let THEM do all the upgrades.

  8. Legggooo

    You can’t just play for 5 minutes!

  9. pat greer

    where is the big blue nation now ?

  10. Big Blue 66

    A tired tired fan, both teams suck……but what will it ever take for us to get the coaching staff and program that we should have?

  11. Maxwell

    Yeah, I have been reserving judgement because although we looked bad in the first two games, we won. This game was absolutely terrible. How many times did the commentators criticize play calling/coaching decisions? I’m done with football. Which is a shame, because I like Kentucky football more than basketball. It’s Terreance Jones time as far as I’m concerned.

  12. HBD

    Morgan Newton continues to stare down King and is totally inaccurate on short throws. I wish Mossakowski was still around.

  13. IHaveYourHateDAYRightHere

    [email protected] is Bangs and all you stupid haters. Every UK point was a result of a uofl penalty. Should have won by 20 plus.

  14. Coach Strong

    Joker is the joke.

  15. bigbluegh

    Not defending Joker here, but doesn’t Sanders call the offensive plays now?

    Also, how can our O-Line be this bad? Sure Newton held on to it for too long many times, but we were killed in the trenches. This is supposed to be our strength??

  16. CAUK FAN

    Who was Whistle Guy?

  17. bluetooth

    Leach ?

  18. KevinC

    @ 1 : Yeah, let’s blame KSR for UK Football sucking….

    I said it at the beginning of the season : the only way we win 3 games this year, is with a 3-0 start. Obviously, that’s not happening now. With Vandy’s dismantling of Ole Miss today, it looks like a home win over that same Ole Miss team is our only legit shot at another win this year. If the SEC does indeed add 2-4 more programs during the current chaotic realignments, there’s no chance UK goes to another bowl game EVER….especially under the current “leadership”.

  19. CatsfaninFL

    #1 – shuttup please… they do hate day every time we play l’ville in football and UT in bball… it sure didn’t seem to have an effect the last 4 years.

  20. haha


  21. Bro-ittos

    And they have a better coach.
    And they were playing a true freshman at QB.
    And their O-line was made of guys who hadn’t started til this year.
    And DRAW is the new BUBBLE SCREEN.

  22. Legggooo

    When does the call in show start?

  23. The Dude

    How badly would we have lost to FIU?

  24. Mark Liptak

    Nothing to see here folks, just a typical UK game. And it’ll turn out to be a typical UK season, at best six wins and a minor bowl in the state of Tennessee, but I think even that’s stretching things.

    But fear not my friends, basketball season is just around the corner. I guarantee you thewy’ll win more than six games, a LOT more! LOL.

    Mark Liptak

  25. hcatsr

    The whole game was so disappointing. The play calling was terrible. The receivers could not catch the ball, the offensive
    line was horrible. the defense was run on like a long sentence. How can this be an SEC team when they get whipped in all area by a Louisville team that is less than stellar. If we ever want to compete we need a new coaching staff and a lot better ball player. I give up.

  26. Crossing My Fingers

    Hoping some other SEC school steals Mitch away from KY and the first thing he does when he gets there is hire Joker for his new school. I want to know what other schools were going to Hire Joker away, making it necessary we name him our next coach. 70,000 fans packing that place and no previous experience is required for the job? That is Mitch Barnharts vision of KY football.

    Don’t hate the players, hate the AD and the coach. Vandy is going to eat us alive.

  27. 3rd & 5 - 2 yd pass

    someone remind me why got rid of rock solid o and d line coaches and replaced them with garbage?

  28. Embarassed

    Pathetic performance against an even more pathetic opponent.

    A terrible play-caller as a coordinator translates to a terrible play-caller as a head coach. Who knew?

  29. Teddy Bridgewater

    “This s’posed to be the SEC” Haha…….Oh yeah you get to see me for 3 more years.

  30. CatsfaninFL

    #15 – Agreed… only way we were getting to six wins this year was if the offensive line could give great protection to let Morgan Newton and his receivers develop a rhythm and the running backs the ability to get their feet wet as #1 runners. That just has not happened with injuries and is the reason we are struggling on offense imo.

  31. BillysBarTab

    I am going to Two Keys Tonight and having shots with Billy Gillispie and Eddie Sutton – Signed Joker

  32. Phil

    Both teams are not good, at all. We just sucked worse.

    Joker Phillips, as a head football coach, has UK to a “painful to watch” level. I actually miss Rich Brooks and never thought I would.

    Man. Just bad.

  33. kramer

    I hate it because monday the UL(JURICH) radio will be saying how great they looked and how it is a season maker. I’m sorry but a win over UK who barely beat WKU and were losing up until the end of the 3rd quarter against Central Mich. isn’t that great of a win…sorry.Also did you all see JUrich hugging Strong at the end…he is the biggest a**hole,…….

  34. BlueFins

    #6 Cause he doesn’t want to look like the AD that chased (fired) away two black coaches.

  35. Juan4UK

    Newton is not the problem. The O-Line is the problem. Newton made a few mistakes, about 3 over throws (especially on the last drive) but the O-Line killed us the whole game!!!
    Lay off Newton

  36. SP

    UK may not win again this season

    Does 2-10 = a new coach?

  37. Bill Parcels

    Any you guys really thought for a second I was coming there? I was just unemployed and wanted a free meal.

  38. andyouthinkiminsane

    Kentucky officially enters the dark ages of football once again. How many times can you start from scratch? Perhaps UK should leave the SEC…join the Big Least (albeit without Syracuse and Pitt)…then again, they cant beat a Big East bottom feeder like Louisville.

  39. KevinC

    @ 24: 6 wins??? Dude, there’s no eff’n way this team gets close to 6 wins. This program is in a rapid downward spiral under Joker and Co….there’s nothing “typical” about the way we’re playing, unless you’re comparing it to the first 3 years under Brooks.

  40. SagaciousMind

    I dont understand the 3rd and long plays. I dont understand continuing to call run plays for Newton when it doesnt work. I dont understand juniors and seniors not catching the ball, or fumbling it. I dont understand how an experienced OL looks like they play for a high school team. I dont understand why we still cant stop the run when our D was full of seniors and they had freshmen on their OL. I dont get why we look dead on the sidelines. Shouldnt Joker be trying to fire his team up? Shouldnt Newton get in the face of his offense and challenge them? None of this happened and we looked terrible out there. That last pass by Newton just shows he cant handle pressure, that should have been a easy first down. But when they coaching staff shows 0 confidence in you, I guess that’s gonna happen. Also what I dont get, why huddle after you just went down the field in the hurry up? I hate huddling. We should never huddle again. Florida is going to make us look stupid next week. I would like to retract my statement in the past that we would win 7 or 8 games. I really thought this offense would be better and the defense for that matter. 35 rushing yards? Terrible.

  41. IndyAlum

    The game was lost on the O/D Lines — simple as that. They got beat up ALL game. The running averages will tell the story of the game.

    I went to UK during the Hal Mumme/Guy Morris “eras”. This was the worst UK football performance I have ever seen. Really sad. The game wasn’t as close as the score.

    Oh, and F that whistle guy. He’s the biggest embarrassment of it all. He deserves to be the next Mark Hamilton. Get him outta here.

  42. IHaveYourHateDayRightHere

    UK got every break and you still lost. Three personal fouls led to every uk score. Matt and all the idiot bloggers are getting what they deserve. The only one getting fisted is Matt Jones. Nice bangs by the way.

  43. Jon Gruden

    Please call Bill Cowher. I know he wants the job. Darn it! I’m still under contract.

  44. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    I’m about to turn 50. I keep hoping upon hope that one day, SOME day, we will actually have ONE year in which we will go to a respectable bowl game. I really thought we would the year we upset LSU when they were #1. Then there was the 10-1 probation year in the 70’s. Guess it won’t happen. Sigh.

  45. Ukphillyfan

    If ever a joke it’s joker… KY football on the downturn from previous years… Receivers poor hands, coaches once game is on the line and loose’s up the team the micro manage slips to potential scores… Newton as inaccurate as much as he is accurate.. SEC we are their lunch this year.. Now how much does joker make a year! Blah blah blah!!! Quit trying trying to be celebrities KSR by pumping up what doesn’t exist..

  46. Helvete

    U of L didn’t beat UK tonight, Joker’s terrible coaching and the horrible play calling beat UK tonight. The program is clearly moving in the wrong direction. Although we did lose a large part of our offense from last year, there isn’t any excuse for the three sad excuses for games that we’ve put up so far this year.

  47. Mr. Reality

    Forget 6 wins and a tennessee bowl, fans prepare yourselves for a possible o-fer SEC season. This year’s team cannot hold the line of scrimmage, has shell-shocked offensive playmakers and an eager, yet undersized defense. I am dreading going to LSU, most likely negative rushing yards for the contest. Joker, like his pal steve brown is a nice guy, but is not at a level to run a SEC caliber program.

  48. Hunter Campbell

    1 – Sure buddy. Hate day made Kentucky run 30 unsuccessful draw plays and get destroyed by UL’s rushing game. You should consider being an analyst.

  49. josh

    FU*CK Joker and FU*CK Newton they both suck…. who the hell throws the ball away on the last damn play?????? Joker, your the must dumbess coach… time to Kick your ass to the curb. We are back to being predictable…. run run pass run run pass…. how many times to new over throw, throw away, and get sacked????? put his ass on the bench let him get off your Titty Joker and try a new QB… shouldnt have let Mousikouski go..

  50. Calipari'sInYourEar

    can you imagine paying $70 to see that?

    Or $280 for a family of four???

    And that doesn’t even include your parking, concessions, or the bullet you want to place in your forehead after watching that offense.

  51. CatsfaninFL

    I love how people blame Joker for offensive play calling when he was offensive coordinator and when Sanders is calling offensive plays now.

  52. Red Lobster Girl

    Do we suck yet?

  53. SEC Doormats

    That UL team just got their a$$e$ kicked on their home field against Florida freaking International.

  54. Paul

    Remember TN got rid of sanders when he became offensive coordinator. Great QB coach bad Offensive coordinator

  55. kramer

    #37 in basketball it does!!!

  56. Hero

    It’s like watching the last two years of Tubby ball and the two years of BCG…terrible, terrible play calling and zero ability to adjust to anything they are seeing.

    Sorry, but this is on the coaching staff and not on the players. I’ve had enough of “the players” BS…this team is run, prepared and sent to the field by the coaching staff and they have failed UK football.

    Simple as fire the staff as I’m sure these boys understand, can perform, have the ability…to put together a game if they are prepared the right way.

    Done with the season as UK won’t win 6 games this year and will be out of the bowls! It’s basketball season to me!

    Oh yeah…$75 to see this crap? Never again!

  57. ZZbottom

    Where to start.
    1- I told you so, where are all the 8-4 or 9-3 guys???? HAHAHAHAHA

    UK football sucked,sucks and always will suck.

    Only chance..Only chance is for Fans to STOP supporting this garbage year in and year out. Hurt the school where they care…M O N E Y $$$$$$$
    Then i would guess they’d get a real SEC coach, pay some cash, and get to work.

    I am so a fan of who ever is playing UK this year.
    Love the basketball but you can keep the football.

    Cobb knew what he was doing by leaving..Very smart man!!!

  58. Shelby County Joe

    well, give Joker Phillips multiple years as a Ky asst coach, let him coach a roster full of players HE recruited (evey last one), let him face a team coached by Charlie Strong, in ONLY his 2nd year in Louisville, who has a roster absolutely depleted by graduations (and jail sentences), and Joker will lose the game … AT HOME!!! Oh but last year was better wasn’t it? Give Joker one of the best players in Ky history in Randall Cobb, a fantastic season by a sr QB in Mike Hartline, and two big playmakers like Lock and Matthews – and he’ll drop a 6-7 season on you. Don’t look now, but the fact that Barnhart took the cheap and easy way out by making Joker HCIW instead of writing a big check to hire a REAL coach has given us the result anyone with a brain could’ve predicted – a HUGE step backward by this football program. Question–how many people thing UK will beat UL next year? Lose to UL and you have greatly decreased your chances of a bowl season. If this team wins 4, I’ll honestly be surprised. Five wins and I’ll be utterly shocked.
    And PLEASE, don’t ask me “what coach would come to UK?” I’m gonna ask right now, do you really think WE couldn’t have gotten Charlie Strong? And be honest, which coach – Joker, or Charlie Strong, do you really think has a brighter future in coaching?

    And ya know what might be the worst part? Joker is an African American – you can’t fire him before he’s had at least 5 yrs as head coach – or we’ll be called a bunch of racist rednecks. We’re stuck with him. The only bright spot – If Charlie Strong actually pieces together a couple of good seasons at UL – he’ll leave for the first SEC school that comes a callin. Except for UK, we’re too cheap and stupid to write the check.
    UK football – what a joke!
    Our margin of error is VERY small. Rich Brooks proved that UK could indeed compete. But instead of striking when the iron was hot and making a real coaching hire – the administration at UK decided to take the cheap and easy way out – hire Joker. Now, we’re all gonna pay for it.
    Oh well, Big Blue Madness is just around the corner – that’s all that really matters I guess.

  59. Charlie Strong

    I’m available. I’m tired of making 15 second chicken commercials with Rick Pitino.

  60. Craven

    This just in: Florida International has been invited to join the SEC!

  61. ScoggDog

    I’m done with UK Football until Phillips is fired.

  62. Jonah Hex

    The offensive play calling has sucked since the UT game two years ago.

  63. sadfan

    Rise my ass. The Offense, particularly the line and play calling is horrible. They will go 3-8. Sad to see this.

  64. Igiveup

    NEVER going to have a GOOD PROGRAM. We should get used to it. as unfair it is to the players, stop filling the stands and maybe changes will be made…….

  65. JP

    Ticket to UK/UL game: $100
    Head coach (Joker’s) salary: 1.8 mill
    A job where a 2-6 record in conference and losing to your rival is acceptable: priceless!

  66. Bill from Uniontown


  67. Grayinrichmond

    Call Leach now!!!!!

  68. stonecats

    drop the football program. it is obvious that this administration does not care about the football fans at all. join the a-10 and drop football

  69. Mark

    Agree that Newton is not the problem; play calling is $h!t; o-line getting beat and shoved around like a high school team and the defense played like a bunch of women except for their last drive on D. 4 wins this year. Jax St. and maybe Ole Miss as they look as pathetic as we do.

  70. josh

    They suck, we are back to our old sleves, untill we get a better coaching staff. We will NOT win a SEC game this year period… they looked like they never played a game of football before in their lifes…. if a team can run the ball up the middle and get 10 yards that awful.. if we have an offense that cant catch, cant block and cant throw…. what the hell is the point of playing.. all that is on the Coach… 3rd and 21 and you run the damn ball????? what kind of play calling is that?

  71. Big Blue 66

    really should have known when Pitt beat us in last years bowl game…….and they didnt have a coaching staff! So basically our staff is worse than not even having coaches

  72. blue reality

    ‘kowski would still be here and starting for any other coach but “The Joke”.

    This is going to shape up the same way as the orlando situation……

  73. Jonah Hex

    Matt Jones. ” so we are 3-8 after going 6-7. What do UK fans expect? It isn’t Jokers fault”

  74. CarolinaCat

    When is the postgame?

  75. Paul

    RISE = FAIL!!! How about instead of corny gimmicks we try to learn simple things like, blocking, catching, etc.

  76. geturheadouttayourarse

    if you don’t think this loss is basically the “end” of our season you’re just fooling yourself…this coaching staff does NOT have the intestinal fortitude (i.e., a set of cajones’) to turn this season around. and ‘nuclear minter’ my @$$…you can’t even force a 5 foot nothing qb and a true freshmen qb into any kind of significant mistake on the road…pathetic. the next 3 games will be absolutely ugly and i’m usually as optimistic a uk football fan as you’ll find but sometimes reality sucks!

  77. stonecats

    offer in the sec this year. I’m really tired of this. there is no excuse for UK to be so bad in football. I don’t care what anyone says, this should be a top notch program. I LOVE football much more than basketball and I’m tired of the University ignoring the football fans

  78. go big blue

    Dear Mitch Barnhart PLEASE go to TCU,Boise State or BYU or some where and get a coach who can coach non-ranked, 2 or 3 star kids. I have backed THE JOKER since the move ,but it is time for him to go.Uh Oh was that another draw on 3rd and fricking forever and what happened to this great O-Line we were supposed to have and what is so fricking nuclear about a defense that doesn’t know what Dominique Brown is going to do when he’s at QB.BBN IT IS TIME FOR A BIG CHANGE OR A MOVE TO THE SUNBELT WHERE WE CAN AT LEAST WIN EVEN WHEN WE STRUGGLE WHICH ALL THE TIME.Uh Oh was that another draw. This is absolutely sickening.

  79. Jonah Hex

    #72 that’s what I said on the call in show the night we lost the bowl game.

  80. RP_McMurphy

    5-7 with Joker getting another year. Mitch has shown he won’t fire coaches with buyouts even when they are begging for it.

  81. MDLUK1

    We had 35 freaking rushing yards on 32 attempts. Not going to win many games with a stat like that.

  82. Blueburg

    I am a Joker critic and the very reason I was dissappointed he was gonna be the coach was because his play calling was so predictable when he was the offensive coordinator. He never should have been made the coach.

  83. Cards suck

    Will this win be taken away from the Dirty Birds when Bridgewater is declared ineligible?

  84. Morgan

    You have a pocket passer that holds the ball too long. Recievers that can’t catch, a terrible O-line and even worse D-line. Your running a pro offense with no pro’s. There are more problems than can be fixed. It’s going to be a long year might as well just watch with no expectations. Clap when something good happens and complain when they run the draw, again.

  85. blitzedanddazed

    I can take the loss. It’s not the end of the world. What is hard to take is the lack of respect the players show for the coaches. As a Coach, if I attempted to talk to a player and the player turns his back on me and or walks away, that is the last time the player would see the field for that game. I don’t care if it is the QB or a special teams player. UK’s offensive line looked slow and weak. Maybe Rock Oliver will spend more time doing his job as Strength and Conditioning Coach and less time trying to be a media personality.

  86. IHaveYourHateDayRightHere

    How is that hate day working out for all you slack jawed rednecks?

  87. josh

    IGIVEUP… I agree… stop going to the games and maybe that will be a hint to UK that they need to do something about that…. cause that would hurt their pockets BIG time. its bad that you can predict which games UK will win and loose…. I can a ZERO win record when SEC play start.

  88. catfan68

    I’ll never watch nor attend another game until Joker and Newton are gone…this is pathetic!!!

  89. hotlanta

    in your face bums.

  90. Teddy Bridgewater

    How’s my a$$ taste?

  91. catman

    Don’t you think you guys are overreacting a bit? It’s not like it’s basketball…

  92. JackB

    What an embarrassment our fans are tonight. It is hard to tell the UL fans, the UL fans pretending to be UK fans (and who can blame them) and the UK fans apart.

  93. SagaciousMind

    Joker will have one more year. If we suck as bad next year, he has to go. I know he wont fire him after this year cuz ppl called for Rich Brooks head and its a good thing he didnt go. But this team was not in bad shape when Joker took over, there is no excuse for this. I always thought Rich left too soon, apparently I was right.

  94. ScoggDog

    Just shut the damned program down – save the money.

    Good Gawd …

  95. The Dude

    Amazed that UK was caught off guard by the offense Louisville was running with their 3rd QB. Didn’t Joker run the same damn thing with Randall Cobb?

  96. Big Blue 66

    to the UL fans, congrats, but both teams suck, so dont get too excited

  97. Ready4bigbluemadness

    This is sad. Lousyville did everything they could to give us the game.

  98. Crossing My Fingers

    If people don’t stop buying tickets and going to football games the University of Kentucky will not make the changes that need to be made. Save your money for Keeneland and let UK know you want a change. Vote with your dollars.

  99. Rob in Richmond

    “It’s not enough to go to a bowl game every year, we’re winning championships in Kentucky” I’m so sick of hearing this embarrassing garbage. How about “I’m going to try to win more than I loose”? I remember losing seasons every year. For those who complained about being average, I’m quite pleased with it. It’s better than losing. As for Choker, I won’t attend or watch another game as long as he’s destroying our program.

  100. crybaby

    well that game turned out to be a big bowl of wrong!

  101. IHaveYourHateDayRightHere

    Uofl owned your [email protected] until kragthorpe was hired. UK still barely beat him. Don’t forget that hicks. Cards by 40 nexxt year.

  102. Whistle Guy

    I didn’t see the game. Did we win?

  103. R. Smith

    I like the new trend here – the “I’m not a Joker critic” and then proceed to criticize Joker.

    How long will that ploy work before UK gets pissed at you guys?

  104. JPhelps

    Oh, but guys… This is just one loss… We can pick it back up next week… I still believe in this team… WHERE ARE YOU GUYS??? I’m glad I never bought into this team.

    Its not even fun anymore to say I said it. I’d rather go 1-10 and beat Loserville every year than to have a good football team and lose to them. I’m serious! I hate them, and the reason I hated this football team so bad preseason is because I knew that somehow, this would be the year Loserville would come back. Somehow, I think most of us knew it, but being fans, we didn’t want to believe it. 4-8 is a success, momentum over, bowl streak over, its back to sucking from here guys! We’re 2 years off from fighting with Vandy for cellar dweller. And I know KSR will try to find a silver lining in a few days, but, BBN listen… When they ask you to raise ticket prices to support our “up and coming” program, when they ask you to get behind an overhyped team, before you believe the RISE LIES, you remember this… You remember how this feels. And you say no thanks. Not until you are serious about winning. Not until you bring in a real coach who knows how to bring in real talent will you get another dollar of mine! I’m done.

    I have tickets to other games this year. Mitch Barnhart couldn’t pay me a salary to get me to attend… I’VE BEEN DONE AND WILL BE DONE UNTIL A REAL COACH COMES. Big Blue Madness 28 days and counting…

  105. blitzedanddazed

    #87 Answer your phone—it’s Curtis Shaw —You Dumb Ass !!!!!!

  106. carltonw

    Great comments everyone. Do you all Feel Better now?

  107. Bubble screen

    I look pretty good right now. We got beat by a team without a qb.

  108. Jonah Hex

    The over/under for total UK wins between now and the end of the 2012 season is 5. What do you take?

  109. IHaveYourHateDayRightHere

    I thought matt and you morons said it will be five in a row. Looks like UK just got fisted. Got every single call and still lost.

  110. stonecats

    #109, definitely the under

  111. blue reality

    #106 don’t talk about my cousin like that….

  112. flyingfishman

    I have supported UK football for over 30 years. They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I officially give up … I’m joining the sane ones until the athletic administration decides to get serious about football. RISE = what happens to opponent’s stats after playing UK.

  113. ZZbottom

    UK has a stadium that is about to fall down.
    A program doing the same.
    But 5 bucks mitch say tomorrow, I believe in Joker..THe same thing happened with Brooks. But we ended up in 4 straight bowls with him..

    To bad that any team at .500 goes to a bowl these days Mitch there are like a 100 of them…..You suck…Be a MAN and fire this horrible football coaching staff say you were wrong and LET’S GET TO WORK!

  114. Mark

    I would start by foregoing the Florida game next week. That’s going to be more painful to look at than staring directly at the sun during an acid rain storm while having acupuncture done on your cornea.

  115. mike

    I think Minter has been spending too much time around Brownie…either that or Minter came in as overrated as Newton.

  116. Dennis Weaver

    Fire Joker. No, seriously. Fire him. Now! And take the O-line with you.

  117. IHaveYourHateDayRightHere

    Heard Matt lost a bet and will get his glorious bangs cut. Fyou fatt boy!!

  118. jcardi

    I don’t agree with some of jokers calls but come on people the passes being dropped, the blocks being missed, trying to run east and west instead of north and south, f.undamentals is on the players. Even on punts the Lville players fought for a block attempt and our guys quite as soon as they meet a blocker.

  119. IHaveYourHateDayRightHere

    when Minter was coach at UC, the Cards dropped 50 on his [email protected] in the first half. LMAO!!! They hired this tool from Indiana State.

  120. Big Blue 66

    116. everyone talked about minter being good, he was at Indiana State for goodness sakes, you dont get there by being good, another one of those, you helped me early in my career, so i will pay you back deals from joker

  121. Charlie Strong

    Hope you enjoyed last year, You bitche$ are mine from here on out….get used to it.

  122. SagaciousMind

    Louisville, didnt you just lose 4 in a row? Doesnt UK still hold the all time record? I thought so. BTW, your team still lost to a team that had never beaten a BCS team. And isnt there a chance one of your coaches is dirty? I thought. It’s funny you call us hicks when you are a Loserville fan more than likely from UK. I guess bein a hick is better than bein a thug.

  123. STEVE!

    Can we all come together as a fan base and agree that this is probably the worst coaching staff UK has ever had? I’ve been watching a lot of bad football and coaching since 1973, but these guys are horrible. I pity our players. They look like they haven’t been coached a lick. I’ve quit counting how many times I’ve seen long passes completed while we have four defenders chasing a receiver, but none can break up the pass or make a tackle. I also feel sorry for Morgan Newton. He isn’t any good (115th in the country in passing efficiency before tonight), but he doesn’t deserve the beating he will probably be taking the next three weeks.


    I cannot believe I just paid 75 dollars for a ticket to watch that. We give up once we hit 3rd and lond with the worthless runs and give the ball back. More vanilla play calling and more of us getting blown off the ball. Need a new OC, head coach and judging by the way we are physically a new strength coach. Sucks tonight was the last chance we had to win til jville st if we can beat them.

  125. Truth

    We would not have scored if for not for all those questionable personal foul calls. Not 1 point!

  126. Charlie Strong

    FIU > UK

  127. Big Blue 66

    124. youre right Morgan Newton will be running for his freakin life the next few weeks

  128. Rob in Richmond

    you can’t blame the players. It’s a bad sign when some of you top recruits quit the team. I guess they got tired of sitting the bench while walk-ons start. It’s the coaches job to get the team ready. Coaching = perfecting what works, eliminating what NEVER, EVER works. My wife doesn’t know football and she can predict the next playcall. Pathetic.

  129. jefres


  130. Igiveup

    Wonder if Calipari would coach the football team? He almost got the Dominicans to the olympics………

  131. SagaciousMind

    While I understand it is not Jokers fault the receivers drop passes, blocks are missed and our lines are pushed around, it is his fault for not gettin in their asses. If Joker and them had any balls after seeing this mess today, this is what they would do, I know I would. I would tell my team this, I dont care who you are. If you drop a catchable pass, you will sit and not play the rest of the game. If you fumble the football, you will not play the rest of the game. If you miss blocking assignments, you will not play the rest of the game. It’s about time they show these players they are not playing around with them anymore. Light some fire under their ass or something. We play so uninspired its not even funny.

  132. Big letdown

    I’m done with this coaching staff, this AD and the season. I just hope I can find enough suckers to buy the remaining tickets for this season. I will be giving up my tickets till this school gets rid of Barnhart, Joker Phillips and the staff. And that could belong time. At least I did get to see a quality football team, Trinity beat Cincinnati St.X. That team and coaching could easily out coach this lot we have here.

  133. Big letdown

    I’m done with this coaching staff, this AD and the season. I just hope I can find enough suckers to buy the remaining tickets for this season. I will be giving up my tickets till this school gets rid of Barnhart, Joker Phillips and the staff. And that could belong time. At least I did get to see a quality football team, Trinity beat Cincinnati St.X. That team and coaching could easily out coach this lot we have here.

  134. Truth

    uofl has better players. Better QB, way better receivers, better backs, better defense, better coach, more nfl players.

  135. mike

    Maybe Morgan does deserve the beating he is getting because he still hasn’t proved that he is SEC caliber quarterback. He still makes many bad decision for being a junior but a lot of his production, or lack thereof, has to fall on the dismal play of the OL.

  136. STEVE!

    130- Nice use of that UL degree in English.

  137. Cowboy

    Spread your butt cheeks real wide, Matt Jones!

  138. SagaciousMind

    134, I dont agree with your statements on Barnhart. While Joker is not doing well, the rest of the coaches he has brought him has really improved their programs. If he got rid of Billy G after 2 seasons, maybe he will get rid of Joker quicker than we think.

  139. Cat in the Hat

    24-17, to a depleted UL team, I am disapointed

  140. Ha Ha's Daddy

    Joker is a joke & shouldn’t have ever been hired as head coach. RISE my butt, all he’s good at is sloganmaking. Fans should quit buying tickets & attending home games as this is our only way to influence a change in coaches. BBN hasn’t gotten the kind of football program we deserve as we are heading backwards. I’m done until Joker is no longer the head coach.

  141. johnson

    Bruce Pearl would gladly coach the football team. And be an upgrade over Joker.

  142. Mark

    The O and D Lines have more cracks than the Sherman Minton!

  143. mike

    Poor Matt his little pussies got beat….what happened?

  144. Igiveup

    What are you Louisville fans bragging about? You just beat a 3 win team by a touchdown. That’s sad.

  145. R. Smith

    as bad a shape as we are in, Joker is not in the same universe as BCG when it comes to reasons he should be fired.

    Joker isn’t embarrassing the program off the field and is by all accounts a good rep for the University.

    I’m afraid if Joker is gone, then is an admission that Mitch screwed up a hire yet again, and Mitch isn’t the kind of AD who makes those type of admissions. Bigger powers will need to step in if anything is going to happen soon, and even with a disaster of a season, I don’t think that will be enough for anyone to step in with a power play on Mitch.

  146. Donnie woosley

    Morgan newton had somebody who could catch the Ball we would be fine. The receivers our killing his career.

  147. STEVE!

    100 – Amen. The slogans and talk are such an insult to the intelligence of anyone that has been watching football for more than 1 or 2 years. Lying about the team’s prospects is as disappointing as the poor coaching and play.

  148. BigDog

    I am officially giving up my season tickets. Team Jennifer is a microcosm of the bull#@#@ that UK fans are capable of. My wife and I drove from St. Louis (we’re season ticket holders) to watch the UL game. We darn near incited a riot by standing on defense. By the end of the game, we had little kids standing next to us screaming back at us (we were screaming towards the field)all set up by their ancient grandparents and basically our fan base is as bad as is possible. I’m done. Go Cards… Had season tickets for 10 years. No more.

  149. ShadyB

    Larry Kudlow sucks!

  150. SagaciousMind

    I know I’ll be booed, but I’m gonna stay optimistic that SOMETHING will happen and change this season around. I know odds are it wont cuz Joker will still be conservative, players will stop drop balls, our lines will get pushed around, but hell, gotta believe I guess. But if every game continues to look like this, changes need to be made.

  151. jOHN


  152. Donnie woosley

    If you gave newton time on a real team with receivers he would be awesome, he makes mistakes but if this team helped him just a little he would be a star

  153. Crossing My Fingers

    There is no head coaching job in the SEC that is an entry level position (except the University of Kentucky).
    ***I’m Mitch Barnhardt and I approved this message.

  154. hotlanta

    fire joker and see if we can get charlie

  155. UKGoBigBlue

    UK clearly needs to hire a real full time offense coordinator, not Joker calling the plays. Joker is a horrible boring offensive play caller. Barnhart needs to step in and take play calling away from Joker !! We shouldn’t be surprised, we knew the boring play calling we were getting when Joker was the offense coordinator. If Joker turns this year into a disaster, Barnhart is going to have a hard time justifying keeping Joker. The fans aren’t going to put up with Joker much longer.

  156. Blueblood98

    Even with good weather, 51 k max next saturday night for the beatdown from the Gators… the only way to usher in change is to grow a pair, and risk being called a “bad fan” and refuse to show up… empty seats force the hand!

  157. STEVE!

    139 – I think that the statement about Barnhart’s other hires doing great is another statement that is repeated so much that people begin to assume it is true. He hired Brooks, who won 20% of his games against the SEC East, the hired Joker without even considering anyone else. He hired Gillispie. He hired the baseball coach, who has destroyed everything the previous coach built before leaving for Miss St. He signed the contract for Calipari, but I don’t believe he searched him out and brought him in. I believe that was done by others. If I remember correctly, Barnhart tried to hire Donovan again after firing Gillispie. UK was 9th in the SEC in all sports last season.

  158. SagaciousMind

    No Joker isnt embarrassing us off the field, but he is on the field. I get tired of him showing 0 passion. I want him to stop sayin, we have to get better. I wanna see him go the hell off on his team. Rich Brooks had 0 problem doing that. I agree with whomever said it, when players like Qua Huzzie and Jerrelle Priester left, should have gave us red flags. If we suck just as bad next year, Mitch needs to consider a serious changed. And yeah he may have made two bad hires, but again, he has boosted other programs at UK. And while most of you probably only care about football and basketball, there is more to UK athletics than just that.

  159. 24ukrules

    UL is terrible…UK is worse than that!!!

  160. STEVE!

    152 – Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Mr. Jurich.

  161. Kingscuba89

    Let’s join the ACC!!! Why not, right?

  162. Ukphillyfan

    #93 let’s give trophies to both sides it’s the liberal thing to do!! You play to win that’s it!!being numb to losing isn’t being a fan it’s having no goals or expectations your mental fortitude in sports would instead of NCAA football changed msnbc football… Blind and misled.

  163. SagaciousMind

    Rifle, soccer, tennis, softball all have all improved. I dont follow all UK sports, but from what i gather track and field and all the other stuff are doing better. But didnt he hire the former baseball coach? Didnt hiring Rich Brooks get us back to bowl games? UK football is not an appetizing job to anyone out there but former players. I agree that naming Joker head coach in waiting was not the best thing to do, but they mainly did that for recruiting purposes. He was smart enough to sign Cal to a long contract as well as the softball coach. It’s obvious if he realizes somethin works, he keeps it. If Joker tanks this season, it’s only a matter of time before he realizes he has to make a change. And hopefully this time, he will hire someone with head coaching experience. His loyalties to people hurt his decision making.

  164. STEVE!

    162 – We shouldn’t be part of a conference where football is taken seriously, that’s for sure. We should either make an honest effort to compete in the SEC or do the honorable thing and get out. It looks like we’re just in the SEC for the check.

  165. Han

    It’s not the O-line’s fault if Newton holds the ball too long and runs into defenders 10 years back. Most of those sacks were on him.

    Also, stop staring down King and progress through your receivers Morgan.

    Come on Andre’, teach Newton how to play QB.

  166. screen the calls

    keep the [email protected] off the radio show please…..

  167. Blueblood98

    Look I am a proud alum, but crap is crap… Mitch may have women’s volleyball rocking while continuing the dominance of the rifle team, but very few care… I wish all uk teams the best, but football and basketball are what counts, period. Mitch is struggling with hires in both sports… Cal was not his call folks, that was given to him as a “He comes or you go” kind of thing… We all know that! I like Mitch personally and have talked with him on more one occassion… but UK fans deserve more in football… Vandy might be about ready to pass us up. Why? Energy and enthusiasm, something this program has none of right now!

  168. Morgan Newton

    please dont make me run any more qb sweeps this year……. block for me and let me throw it……

  169. Matt Jones

    My anus is blood red.

  170. Disapppointed

    Why is Tee Martin the wide receivers coach. Didn’t he win a national championship as a QB? UK is downright awful this year. I’m not going to insult the coaches and players personally but nobody is getting the job done. It’s time to clean house. Strong has recruited some good second tier players from Florida and we’re stuck with Mr. Football from Indiana. It’s possible for UK to compete in the SEC, we just need better coaches/ recruiters and players. (duh)

  171. chris

    who thinks we would have won the game if we threw instead of newton running on every first down

  172. STEVE!

    164 – We may have improved, but we’re still in the bottom 25% in just about everything. 9th in the SEC in All-Sports trophy, and that’s with schools like Vandy, and we field more teams than any other school in the SEC. Rifle isn’t even listed as a sport on the official SEC website. Just like Vandy and their Women’s National Championship Bowling team. I hope you are right about Mitch doing the right thing and making a change, but I don’t see that coming from him. I think it’s more likely that we begin to hear how young the team is and that most of Joker’s more talented players are in the Freshman and Sophomore class and that he should be given a chance to coach them until they exhaust their eligibility.

  173. Opti

    I’m just glad they finally played Fields

  174. SitOnYourCouchAtHome

    Without fail, any time I’ve EVER been to a UK football (or basketball) game, somebody tells me to sit down if I’m standing up trying to support the team. If you want to sit on your a$$ the whole game, you should stay at home. The home crowd can make a difference. Ever heard of home field advantage. Watching the OU vs. FSU or the Miami/ OSU game helps you realize what big time football is. The crowds were nuts! Of course, it’s hard to get enthusiastic about UK right now but our crowds tend to be pretty comfy in their seats whether we’re winning or losing.

  175. Louisville fan

    WE JUST WON THE SUPERBOWL! Orange bowl here we come!

  176. dan

    Bring on LSU, Florida, and USC

  177. TatesCreek8

    Don’t worry people we have 12 or 13 2 stars coming in next year, Joker is killing SW Missouri St and East TN St on the recruiting trail. If everybody would for 1 game don’t show up at the game then I bet the new UK president would have Mitch in his office the next Monday to tell him to start looking for a new coach and to pay the man SEC money but it won’t happen you all are idiots who keep paying $75 for a ticket to watch that shit. Next week attendence will be 70 thousand but it should be 10 thousand tops that should be the goal 10 thousand

  178. yep

    woah Dominique Brown is in the for the cards, I wonder if he’s gonna run it??????? SURPRISE SURPRISE, HE TAKES IT UP THE MIDDLE FOR A TEN YARD GAIN OH MY GOD IM SHOCKED

  179. Joker

    Guess what play we are running next………

  180. vegas

    florida by 40

  181. Chris Carrier

    Boy, after the stuff posted on this site in the last week, the writers of this site need to take it like men, cause, whooo, you got some face rubbing coming to ya.

  182. Truth

    LOL Card fans are so awesome. You still suck kids, we just sucked more. Far Joker.

  183. WKYDUDE

    You guys keep complaining about our football team, but also continue to show up every Saturday. Keep you butts at home and your money in your wallet and I guarantee you that changes will be made. As long as people keep showing up to Commonwealth to support this pathetic crap, no changes will be made.

  184. Championships?


  185. blue ink

    but the new scoreboards are great !

  186. O-line

    Werent we supposed to be good and experienced….we played like it was our first start. WE SUCK. We are to blame for no run game, we dont give Newton any time to throw the ball. We dont really care if he gets sacked. We are crap and have been the reason there has been no offense production the last 3 weeks. On top of that our joker of a coach, Joker, cant play call for sh it!!! He should be calling those lame ass plays at some high school….and i dont think those plays would even work against a high school team…..i bet Trinity highschool would beat this team.