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Kentucky is No. 1 in the country!

For the 19th season in history and the first time since January of 2010, your University of Kentucky Wildcats are the top-ranked team in all of college basketball. The Cats are No. 1 in both the AP and the ESPN/USA Today Coaches polls, thanks to the upset victory by UNLV over the Tar Heels on Saturday night.  North Carolina dropped to No. 5, ruining CBS’s promotion of the top two teams in the nation playing this Saturday on the network. Louisville moved up to No. 6.

Don’t answer if Obama calls.


Article written by Drew Franklin

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60 responses to “Kentucky is No. 1 in the country!”

  1. Chad

    Hello Mr. President this is Demarcus Cousins

  2. wildcatstrat

    First? and FIRST! 🙂

  3. nothing to be excited over

    This is a young team. I’m certain this will go to their heads. Also, this gives the more experienced UNC team additional motivation as they prepare for the game at Rupp.

  4. John

    Since feb 2010. not 2009.

  5. kbrenn

    it was only a matter of time!

  6. Tc571

    It would be nice to use the ksr cyber Monday promo code but the fan outfitters website is so slow I can’t get to anything to browse and shop. They need to step their game up. Do they use the same hosting service as ksr or something?

  7. Huff

    20% of the top 25 are from the SEC (and that number would be higher if A&M and Mizzou were already in). Nice to see the Cats and the Conference with a strong showing in this week’s poll!

    Go Cats! Just don’t let it get to your heads and fail to prepare for these next two games!

  8. k3ntucky_kush

    #1 . ……………..

  9. Tobias Funke

    Really hope L-ville keeps on climbing. I want them ranked as high as possible because based on what I’ve seen so far, UK would wax that team by 30.

  10. Western KY Cat

    I agree with #6. I tried to get on there earlier and buy some stuff but got tired of waiting for the website to load.

  11. L3G3END of ROARK

    Well it’s about time. Now let’s defend our house this week!

  12. UKFanInCincy

    6 , 11 – I had the same problem about 2 weeks ago. I ended up buying a few things but it took forever.

  13. rekojerif

    You know if it was Uk that lost we would be ranked 9-11….Nice only drop to 5…Must be Digger, Coach K, Knight, Ford, Thamel, Pitino voting…..

  14. Sorry

    When will the tshirts be available?

  15. dd

    Lville goes down tonight to LB state, write it down!

  16. Nino Brown


  17. StatGuy

    This is Kentucky’s 90th week at No. 1, fourth on the all-time list behind UCLA (134), Duke (122) and North Carolina (108)

  18. #Rise

    You know what amazes me most about this picture is that only 15 people are standing in the front row.

  19. Doom or Gloom

    8 – its ok to be wrong every once in a while.

    Dont let us IDIOTS get your panties in a wad!

  20. Wonder who ESPN's got?

    North Carolina’s loss was Kentucky’s gain — at least for a week.

    The Wildcats were voted the overwhelming No. 1 in the ESPN/USA Today Top 25 coaches’ poll after the Tar Heels’ loss Saturday to unranked UNLV.

    The Tar Heels, who dropped to fifth Monday, will get a chance to knock off Kentucky on Saturday when they host the Wildcats, assuming Kentucky can get by visiting St. John’s on Thursday.

    Undefeated clubs Ohio State, Syracuse and Duke rounded out the top five. The Buckeyes drew eight of the 31 first-place votes, with the Orange also garnering one.

    Didn’t know we were traveling to Chapel Hill Saturday. Not only do you evince your beliefs in an objective piece, but you don’t have your facts right. Fantastic job, World Wide Leader.

  21. Skeps

    I knew UK wouldn’t get all the first place votes. 17 to OSU? Are you kidding me?

  22. Al's IndiCats

    Honestly….I thought they’d have OSU jump over the Cats and put us at number 2 or even 3. Look how much Duke jumped with their wins over….um….you know that one power house……..ummmmm it’s just on the tip of my tongue…er…Coach K is now the all time leader in basketball wins… who did they beat?

  23. RYNO

    Somebody tell ESPN that UK is #1. is still in denial. Not listed yet.

  24. LawrenceOFLondon

    Why is it that ESPN has to speak through clinched teeth whenever they have to say something good about the Cats?

  25. kyblue

    hope their heads dont get too big, go blue

  26. Al's IndiCats

    It’s our house they have to defend! I’m sure Cal will have them grounded for both The Johnnies and the dirty feet.

  27. RYNO

    One question, why say they are #1 on ESPN/Coaches poll & AP Poll when they haven’t updated it yet. The graphic is even taken from!! I guess you’re just jumping the gun for good times.

  28. catcrawler

    #1 by default, we still need to EARN IT on Dec.3, regardless of UNC’s ranking

  29. Holden McGroin

    28. BS. look again

  30. josh

    What up SEC!! 1, 10, 12, 20, 21

  31. RYNO

    30) Refresh- No Rankings Available

  32. Blue 4 Life

    Check this out. They want to cancel this teams season basically because they are good. It is a middle school team in Pikevelle.

  33. RYNO


  34. Blue 4 Life


  35. TheStreeb

    If Louisville is the #6 team in the country then Rick Pitino is the face of love and fidelity.

  36. StatGuy

    At least we didn’t get ranked number one and have to play SOUTH Carolina this time. Of course, North Carolina will play the wounded Tar Heel part and want to prove that THEY are number one and can beat us against all odds with the fans screaming at Rupp. If we do fall behind the Heels in the game, I certainly hope the crowd starts singing Journey songs. That seems to work. Then after the game we can all sing yet another one “Who’s Crying Now.”

  37. RYNO

    And there it is- Rankings available: UK #1. Groovy

  38. Doug

    UK at #1 and my alma-mater SLU in the top 25. Couldn’t be happier

  39. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS

    These can’t be the current rankings. Where are Minnesota and Texas Tech?

  40. Addison

    It’s crazy how last week we couldn’t get a first place vote, but OSU gets 17? RIDICULOUS.

  41. True Story

    how does the “Vile” nearly drop one to Ohio and move up?

  42. SexnNursinHomes

    UK back on top. Missionary.

  43. RodneyfromMcKee

    #21 Agree…its like they’re trying to “qualify” the fact that UK is number 1. Haha, can’t hide the hate. Its very evident between the lines

  44. Viren

    If you consider both Texas A&M and Missouri as part of the SEC Conference as they are set to join next season, SEC has 7 teams in the current polls including #1 Kentucky followed by #10 Florida, #12 Alabama, #13 Missouri, #20 Vanderbilt, #21 Mississippi State, and #25 Texas A&M. Now can you please remind me which is the best college basketball conference. I do think both Aggies and Tigers will help strengthen our conference. Also don’t forget Arkansas will be very good in a year or two under Coach Anderson. SEC Conference is college football and the addition of these two teams will make this conference very good in coming years. Go Cats

  45. CalifCatFan

    #43: That is vintage SNNH. LOL.

  46. 3 fan

    Last time the Cats were #1 was the day my son was born, January 26, 2010! Go CATS!

  47. billy

    Unbelieveable that Louisville would be so high.

  48. lexslamman

    How long do you guys think Boeheim holds onto his job?

  49. billy

    39 I live in Bernie, MO. Know where that is. A lot of Kentucky fans in southeast Missouri. Some left after Pitino but are back now.

  50. Ken Pom

    UK has the #1 defense and the #3 offense.

    UofL has the #2 defense, surprisingly.

    Not sure if his method works with such a small sample size, though.

  51. honeybadger

    Surely a shirt won’t be created for this. Surely not…

  52. Al's IndiCats

    49, The world wide leader will take up his cause. Did you notice that last year they took up for Calhun when all that crap was hitting the fan with UConn? They love the Big (L)east!

  53. Dione

    49. Forever – or as long as he wants

  54. SexnNursinHomes

    46- hahaha, well, it’s better to be the topper than the receiver. right???

  55. Rose

    I don’t like being ranked #1 at this point in the season. the only time #1 counts is at the end of the FINAL FOUR!

  56. rixter

    SEC has five in the top 25, and the Big East has five?

    That can’t be right, let’s get a recount. The BE is far superior!

  57. Chris

    BE Avg. Rank = 10.2
    SEC Avg. Rank = 12.8

  58. NashVegas

    If Duke is the number 3 team in the land then we are in good shape!

  59. icecat

    as i was looking at the rankings i noticed 5 sec teams and 5 big east teams in the top 25. future sec teams mizzou and texas a@m are both there also, too bad pitt and the cuse are bailing on the big east hahahahhahaah