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Kentucky football to get black helmets

Kentucky signee Patrick Graffree isn’t even on campus yet and we’ve already learned he’s not great with secrets. Graffree just tweeted that Joker Phillips told all of his soon-to-be senior football players that Kentucky will add a black helmet to the wardrobe to go along with the black uniforms next season. For anyone who was against wearing the black attire last season, the chance of putting it back in the closet for good went out the window when Kentucky snapped Tennessee’s win streak while wearing the alternate garb. Now we just have to embrace it.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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62 responses to “Kentucky football to get black helmets”

  1. lldjr

    Mourning for next season has begun.

  2. Blueballn

    Back in black!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Travis

    My CHHS alum and Etown boy is pumped about the #AllBlackEverything!!! #Yessirrr

  4. ukjonny8

    Once you go black, you never go back!

  5. dannyooooo

    Love it!!!

  6. WhatSheOrder?FishFilet?

    Nice! Cue the butthurt old people

  7. King Cote

    What about Elite Platinum uniforms for football?

  8. Your comment is awaiting moderation

    this is it…this is what will vault us to the top of the college football universe !

  9. BlueMike

    7) You had to have won a championship to be considered for the Nike Hyper Elite Platinum uni’s. Sadly, our football team does not qualify.

  10. Babe Parilli

    9) 1950?..I know it was sixty years ago but it counts

  11. Bob

    Joker, I am your father!

  12. pete

    In other news, Vandy is getting half-black helmets. (Head Coach race joke)

  13. theSkinny81

    lol, if you re-read this post, it has a very Tipturdy feel to it!! but yeah, bring on the black helmets!!!

  14. truth hurts

    Well, the new coach (after this coming season) will get us back to traditional BLUE & WHITE. Hopefully we will get a coach who is mature enough to coach his players and not try to be cool and be ‘like’ one of the players.

    No matter what anyone says, the black uniforms did NOT win us the game vs ut.

  15. Bob

    They’re gonna wear the black uni’s when they play that game with the lights off in the stadium so they cant be seen

  16. Tobias Funke


  17. Jd

    Hope it’s night game when they wear them. Day time in Sept your brain would would

  18. chris

    Oregon has like 25 different helmets, people that talk about not being traditional are so dumb

  19. Just a Thought

    Here’s an idea – let’s wear some Alabama uniforms for a game or two and see if that helps us win. I mean, that uniform is good for at least 5 wins a year for Bama – but don’t tell Nick Sabin that.

  20. Just a Thought


    UK could have 50 different helmets and we’d still be ranked 13 or 14th in recruiting and standings each year in the SEC. Penn St, Bama, USC are always good – haven’t changed uniforms in a collective 300 years…

  21. KyBlue Lex

    The fact is, the PLAYERS like black. If black brings in one good player a year….wear black socks, jocks,pants, shirts, helmets, drink black gater aid. I DONT CARE…wear pink and purple….JUST WIN. And THAT takes better players.

  22. Cablaw3

    Its about the players. Uniform choices raise recruiting profiles, when team tradition and recent successes do not. What did our superstars Trevathan and Guy care about last year the most – the black uniform! Things that motivate the team, regardless of what they are, I say go for it. Besides, the black uniforms looked sharp to me, thouhg I preferred the blue lid with it. Lets get grey ones and whatever else bring in the better players, we should at least be as cool in this arena as Boise State IMO. We should get the fancy one game uniforms, etc., we are a Nike staple in basketball and thus as a program altogether.

  23. Fake Truth

    Does Turly Curd have an opinion on the black helmets? If Turly is happy, I’m happy.

  24. lockdown

    #14 that is exactly why no one wants to play at Kentucky. Time and time again it has been pointed out we can’t compete with the rest of the SEC with traditional recruiting. We need something outside the box.

  25. Bald Guy

    This P Graffree… with the Twitter world giving us an insight to the new players personalities, is by far one of my favorites already. I don’t know if I have ever seen a kid so pumped to be wearing blue. Kids have liked the black unis since the fab 5 wore black socks an black shoes… I personally only care about the win column at the end of the day so they can wear pink if thats what pumps them up. The CATS need something to get recruits excited because heading to the doormat can’t be that great of a selling point every season.

  26. Just a Thought

    So, you guys want to throw out tradition for one 3 star kid a year? And if you are telling me that an ‘alternative’ uniform will make the UK players step up their game up – then, let’s do it every game next season and see our win total. Hate to burst everyones bubbles, but success on the field has more to do with coaching (and getting good players) – we are going to be underdogs in most every game even WITH black uniforms.

    Joker is in favor of anything that gets the focus off of his record.

  27. Bald Guy

    Joker being let go is the easy answer for a lot of fans these days. The same group of fans that probably only enter Commonwealth when the team is doing well, has had a hard time coming up with any real options moving forward. I don’t know if Joker is the man for the job… I don’t think he has had a reasonable amount of time as HC for us to make that determination either. The Joker haters cannot see the big picture very well. If Joker does well we have a coach that will retire here and build a program we have never seen a glimpse of. If Joker does badly we are in the same position regardless. There is not a John Calipari for UK football, point blank period. Love UK football because you love what it is not because you are a bandwagon fan and will only be happy with beating teams that annually compete for the National Title.

  28. EKU football

    Well hell, there went any chance we had to recruit against UK. Those black outfits will make UK a state power!

  29. 96 Cats

    No. Black is Wack! Call me old school, but the last time I checked our colors were blue and white. You kiddies who want to make a fashion statement, go root for loserville. I heard their black uniforms are here to stay.

  30. Paducahfan

    we do not have to embrace it

  31. Tony

    14- Sadly, I don’t think we can trust Mitch to make a good hire for football. I would love to think otherwise but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  32. Old Fart

    Hurrumph, hurrumph!

  33. Logan

    Black helmets = more touchdowns

  34. Laker Cat 18

    I’m more concerned about the brand than I am the color. I wouldn’t let my kid wear a Schutt. Riddells are the Cadillac, while Shutts are the little Chevy Cavaliers.

  35. nassau65

    i don’t care if they are pink, as long as we win.

  36. meagatronKSR


  37. Bill Curry

    I want to personally thank Joker for making people forget how crappy a coach I was. It may not matter who the NEXT coach is, but everyone (including 4 and 5 star recruits) know UK isn’t going to be good as long as Joker is head coach.

    Nike could make UK’s uniforms with invisible thread and paint and Joker would figure out a way to blow it.

  38. kfund


    Hopefully they they are flat black and not glossy. Flat will match how the team plays.

  39. uklagdo

    I would rather they do something like one of these concept helmets.

  40. WOW

    Yeah great, lets let a bunch of 18 – 22 year olds tell us how things should be (all black uniforms). That is the same age group that was instrumental in getting Obama elected. And look where that got us.

  41. BigBlueStew

    Is everyone ready for a 3-9 record season (Kent State, WKU, and Samford)? And we almost lost to WKU, so dont take that game for granted. That’s what we should be worried about-not colors. I wouldnt care if we wore pink as long as we are competing. But, we dont have to worry about that, do we? Maybe next year…..

    Go Big Bla….Blue!

  42. best1978

    True traditionalists probably should want blue and gold since that was Kentucky’s original colors. Chill.

  43. tompkinsville

    40- that is the dumbest thing i have read all year. congratulations.

  44. Big Dongle

    I like the black uni’s but it’s not going to help us win games when we still have poor coaching and player development.

  45. Mudcreekmark

    I guess if the players wanted to change our mascot to the Black Panthers, everyone would be OK with it?

  46. REAL BLY

    UK could wear Samurai armor….it wouldn’t matter…We know what the problem is….kind of like BCG was the problem!!!!

    Joker is not the answer!!!

  47. the Big Dog

    The color of the helmet is not the problem. What’s inside the helmet is much more important.

  48. Common Sense

    For all you fair-weather UK football fans, read #27, he speaks the truth. Personally, I can’t wait to see the new helmets and I can’t wait for this upcoming season. Joker has all my support and I believe in him. Go Cats!!!

  49. uhhh hello

    I just love the people that call out “fair weather fans.” I’m 38 and I’ve been going to games since I was a kid. Just because I am smart enough to know Joker was a bad idea and IS a bad idea, doesn’t mean I’m a “fair weather fan.” And, if my son was old enough, I would have to think long and hard about letting him play a UK now. The ONLY reason to attend UK would be because he loves the school – it would have nothing to do with the coach or his hope to make bowl games. We can talk colors of uniforms from now till the end of time – but it will NOT change the fact that Joker is in over his head and we should not be ‘on the job’ training for him. Mitch and Joker have both let this football program down.

  50. Uh...What?

    #27 and #40–Well, pardon me while I play the grand piano. “Love UK football because you love what it is..” Are you effing serious? Do you KNOW what UK football is? It’s a year-in, year-out debacle: watching our team get drilled by any decent team, listening to excuses, beating little sisters of the blind, and then more excuses and PROMISES that we’ll get better. If you can love that, then you’re a better person than I am. Most people don’t love failure.

  51. thefan

    black helmets- means doom day.


    Who cares! If the player like……then by all means go for it.

  53. SteveM

    How appropriate….black uniforms for the blackest era in UK football history.

  54. Wildcat Rider

    I like black uniforms a lot, but mostly because they kept the blue helmet. I think putting a black helmet in just makes it stupid.

  55. Bald Guy

    Hey #50… I have always heard you can’t tell someone something that knows everything. Thank you for making me a believer

  56. your high school golf coach

    53 – you must be a young guy because if you think this is the blackest era in UK football you don’t remember the Curry years!

  57. ackwell foley

    what about camo uniforms?? maybe if we r in camo the other team mite not be able to see us?? just a thought! que up brad prasely song………………………….

  58. the Big Dog

    #56- Good point, but I would say the John Ray era was the worst coaching tenure in the past 50 years.

  59. 2020

    If it gets recruits excited, then I’m 100% all for it. I don’t give a rat’s ass if a bunch of fans think it’s dumb or lame. If you have listened to Coach Cal at all during the past 3 years, you would know it’s all about the PLAYERS.

  60. Buckeyefan98

    At least they can look stylish while feeding on the bottom of the SEC.

  61. Just Saying.

    I think we should make sure the chin straps and face guards are also black. Then maybe the opposing team will get confused as to whether we are coming or going.

  62. jane allen

    do what ever it takes to win..if they want to go naked and they win i am all for it. clothing does not matter