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Kent Sterling, whoever that is, reporting an investigation into Josh Selby’s recruitment


Citing “a person close to the investigation,” Sterling has opted to join the ranks of Pete Thamel, Michael O’Brien and their ilk in attempting to break some hard-hitting news about the Kentucky basketball program. According to Sterling, who is the former program director at WIBC and 1070 The Fan in Indianapolis, four programs (Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and Kansas) are being investigated by the NCAA regarding the recruitment of Josh Selby, who you’ll remember eventually chose to take his talents to Lawrence to play for the Jayhawks this fall. The relevant part of his report goes something like this:

We know that the NCAA is taking a long look into the recruiting of #1 recruit Josh Selby, and his relationship with Carmelo Anthony’s business manager Robert Frazier.

What is new is that investigation stretches beyond Bill Self, Selby, KU and Frazier.  It includes the basketball programs at North Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee, and their relationships during the recruiting process with Frazier and Selby.  This is according to a person close to the investigation.

I’m not going to pretend to know anything about this, but if recent history is our guide, these kind of reports seem to come and go. I do know, however, that Kent Sterling, light in this morally dark world that he is, will probably be getting acquainted with the Big Blue Nation very soon.

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Article written by Hunter Campbell

I used to write here.

41 responses to “Kent Sterling, whoever that is, reporting an investigation into Josh Selby’s recruitment”

  1. RidgeRunner

    {Yawn}… story please?

  2. BlueDynamite

    What a douchenozzle

  3. Chad

    UK and the others must not have been too involved since he picked KU. Seriously everyone knew the kid was dirty he was rolling around in a Benz.

  4. Lincoln Park

    Read the WSJ on any given day and within 99% of the articles they’ll end or begin a sentence with, “according to people familiar with the situation.” Why can they do it and not get bashed but nobody else can? Just a thought. And no, I’m not a UL fan.

  5. Trevathan

    This guy is backwards!!!!

  6. echo 1

    Kent Sterling is a complete fool. This is the same guy who trash talked before the UK/IU game last season and GUARANTEED an IU victory. If he is reporting this, there is absolutely nothing to this rumor. I GUARANTEE it. Unlike his, my guarantee will hold up. The dude just needs some hits on that website. Seriously, this guy makes Mike O’Brien look like a multiple Pulitzer winner. No worries.

  7. Mike

    Another guy envious because our team is better than his.

  8. 15secondstolove

    North Carolina is not even listed on Selby’s rival page. Did they even recruit the guy?

  9. SagaciousMind

    Why would any team be investigated except the one that he went to? And from what I gather, Cal cooled off on Selby way before he ever committed to KU because he wanted Brandon Knight. You know, the actual good student, hard working kid without an attitude. I would crack up if Selby couldnt play this year. Or better yet, he was cleared to play, KU had a good season then had to forfeit it all. Then when we all ride Self about it, KU fans will be singing the same ol song UK fans have sung forever…the coach is not responsible for what players do on the side. How are they to know? Stuff like this is always gonna be an issue with top talent, the NCAA needs to change the rule about one and dones, it only creates more drama.

  10. IcemanG2

    I cannot believe Matt would allow this crap to be posted here. Sterling is a radical IU fan who purposely puts this crap out there to hurt us. He was the same person who posted that Wall and Cousins had real estate deals set up for them by agents …. please take this crap down!

  11. bleedingkyblue

    He doesn’t play for UK, he’ll he doesn’t even play for
    KU lol… No need to worry

  12. pr man

    he might be looking for Jay Mariotti’s job so lets give him some publicity, he has that lonesome la cowboy look to him

  13. Gossie21

    Kent Sterling took several jabs at UK/Cal during the season. I doubt he knows anything about what the NCAA is doing.

    Besides UK barely recruited Selby. We didn’t even bother bringing him in for a campus visit.

  14. DaveA

    Posting a link is EXACTLY what he hopes pro-UK sites will do. More attention, more money. That’s ALL this is.

  15. pccatsfan

    According to a person close to the University of Kentucky (they live within 50 miles), these allegations are nothing more than an attempt to generate hits to the writers blog site. Please do not click the link to said site.

  16. Mike

    No someone said something bad about UK on the internet, and they are from Indiana. I cant believe it. (Sarcasm)

  17. UKHeckYeah

    I always wonder why the guys post the information and include links. I know that there is a degree of credit to be given to original authors, but it would be nice if they didn’t include hyperlinks to these sites. It only helps these tools keep their jobs that much longer

  18. nassau65

    Kent Sterling is an absolute tool.
    He got fired from 1070 for being a complete azz to most everyone that took the time to write or call in to the station. He despises Calipari and anything related to UK. If you think Jerry Tipturd is bad (and i do), Sterling is 10X worse. I agree with Echo1, he is obviously needing some hit counts. Please ignore the azzhole and don’t give him the satisfaction. I had really hoped he would have been convicted of something by now and serving time with a few boyfriends.

  19. nassau65
  20. Eddy Montgomery

    Regardless of this story, whether true or not…Selby is trouble. Mark those words down( and stop by my steak house)

  21. nassau65

    Hunter, please remove his link, so as not to promote his site. He’s a complete azz.

  22. terwilliger

    As someone else pointed out, Kent Sterling is an IU fan. He detests Kentucky and promised that IU would win in Bloomington this past season. In summary, in addition to being a completely irrational moron, he’s also a homer for the most washed up program in the NCAA, and a talentless hack of a writer. That is all.

  23. SexnNursinHomes

    There’s a rumor I’m going to break Sterling’s nose. Came from a GREAT source.

  24. CalifCatFan

    Sue the bastard.

  25. CONCUR

    Right. Remove the original link. You’ve quoted the relevant parts. Why give a Loosier more publicity?

  26. Ryan

    this is where this site sucks. you guys will post anything especially when you have nothing to post. this attempt should not even be linked. Im starting to side with mm, this site does hurt UK

  27. JP

    26-what’s funny is you believe that crap

  28. gossie21

    26. I love when people start talking about “facts” (ie 4 NIT’s), but fail to provide any context to those facts. The 4 NIT’s that Cal went to were substantial improvements for those programs.

    I also enjoy your jabs at Cal hiring a staff member to secure a recruit. That is a tactic long employed by Pitino in recruiting (see Magloire, Samuels, and Teague) and just about every other coach. And WWW’s influence in college basketball started at UofL during the 80s.

    I hope the mods leave your post as it is much more detrimental/dispositive to you than it is to us “stupid rednecks”.

  29. John

    You want to know a dead giveaway that guy is full of sh!t?

    He lists UNC as one of the 4 schools. UNC was not a player in the Selby recruitment. They have had their 2010 PG locked up since fall of ’07. There isn’t a single recruiting article out there that lists UNC’s as a player in that recruitment.

    If you want to make up stories to generate hits for your blog, you better make it believable. Getting basic facts wrong like what schools recruited Selby is not helping your cause.

  30. SexnNursinHomes

    26- you need new material. I have heard that same run-of-the-mill spiel from every jealous rival since Cal’s arrival in Lex.

  31. IcemanG2

    Matt, please remove this.

  32. Fat Al

    #26 smells like Donkey Douche

  33. Triumph

    Can we please go back to registration? Cowardly trolls like #26 were hiding. Now, since they didn’t have the intelligence to register, they stir.

  34. IndyAlumniCat

    This is the clown that guaranteed an IU victory over UK last year — he’s always wrong. He started blogging on the 1070 The Fan website a few months before he got fired and he would talk trash to UK and Purdue fans constantly, and he was *always* wrong! After 1070 canned him he started his own blog which he claims is growing with numbers but it’s pretty pathetic reading it. I almost feel sorry for the guy, but he likes to throw out random “stories” for attention every now and then and you realize why nobody likes him.

  35. You Can Call Me Cal

    if you look at it now, it no longer says North Carolina? Odd

  36. David Ball

    he is VERY anti-UK…and regards Bob Knight as an apostle…my guess is that he also believes Calipari was the actual responsible party for UConn’s mess as well…and USC…and every other program under direct investigation by the NCAA…(a list of course that does not include UK)

  37. Indycatfan

    Just put Sterling in with the others who say nothing good about UK. He’s another one of those people who thought the sun rose and set on Bobby’s halo. But the thing that’s really a laugher was that Sterling came out and gave raving reports about Kelvin Sampson for he was going to bring IU back to it’s winning ways and Bob Knight gave his blessing for the hire, when in truth knight has said many times he hopes IU never wins another game. Same old SH!T, just another different avenue. YAWN…..Next!

  38. fatcat
  39. JJOL

    I’m still waiting for all of those lawsuits against Mike O’Brien and the Sun Times. You apologists actually believe Cal isn’t cheating? If you have cheated in the past and are at a program that has cheated in the past, why wouldn’t you continue to cheat? Especially if every accusation is met with very little scrutiny or concern. If I were a Kentucky alum, I’d be embarrassed about the negative attention you’re receiving. Winning is great. Getting your banners taken down a couple of years later isn’t. Keep up the bashing. Stay classy Wildcats. The rest of the country sees your fan base for what it is. Loyal to a fault and willing to completely ignore the obvious. Win at all costs. Don’t worry about the collateral damage or the University’s reputation. Enjoy.


    Sterling is just another idiot sitting behind a laptop eating donuts trying to bring any successful program down to Indiana’s level. I am a KU alumni that has since moved to Louisville and have grown very fond of UK. If this article was in anyway possibly true, I would be very worried for my 2 favorite programs. I am however only worried for Kansas. There is no way UK will be affected by this in anyway. Selby didn’t even step foot in Lexington during the entire recruiting process. UK’s recruiting efforts towards him were mediocre at best once Cal realized neither Selby or Knight wanted to compete with the other for minutes. Sterling is simply trying to get a rise out of UK fans and has been pretty successful thanks to this site promoting this B.S. The real trouble lies over in Lawrence where you can bet your azz that anyone and everyone involved with the Jayhawk Nation is waiting on pins and needles to see what the NCAA finds out. *PREDICTION* Selby gets cleareed to play at Kansas, the Jayhawks have a decent year while making the Sweet 16/ Elite 8, and then forfeits the entire season once ESPN Behind the Lines pegs Selby with a free Mercedes, plasma TV and eleventy million pairs of free shoes.

  41. sortleader2

    41. Aren’t you a KU alumnus?