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Kasey Hill Grabs Coveted UK Offer

We’ve talked about it here before, but the UK offer from Coach Calipari has become a sought after, ceremonious occasion reserved for only the elite of the elite.  This exclusive offer has been extended to 2013 star Kasey Hill, quite possibly the next in the line of great Cal point guards.  Kasey is a 6 ft. 175 lb. ball handler out of Florida.

When updated their 2013 rankings back in the spring, we noticed that Kasey Hill was the top ranked point guard in the nation, but only clocked in at #20 overall.  He dropped in Scout’s ranking, and is only #25 overall (#4 PG) on ESPN at the moment.  Rivals has him listed as a 3-star currently.  These are all a tad misleading – this kid is a flat out baller, an elite point guard who has caught the eye of John Calipari.  Hill is tearing it up this summer, dominating at events and wowing crowds.

Kasey had this to say (supposedly) about the offer: “I’m very excited but I’m happy I got an opportunity to play in front of all of the coaches at the game.”  He then continued to re-tweet everyone who gave him support and love about receiving the UK offer all night long (follow Kasey @KjHill11).  I would be excited if I were him, too.  I didn’t expect 2013 guards to really get official offers from Calipari himself until after next season when he sees what his roster situation will look like.  Kasey must have really impressed Cal for this to happen.

Kasey recently received offers from both Kansas and UofL, and has held offers from his home state schools of Florida and Florida State for some time, too.  Florida has another resident who is buddy-buddy with Kasey and can also play a little ball – consensus top-5 2013 player Chris Walker.  Wouldn’t those two be quite the combo to lift right out of Billy Donovan’s backyard?

(h/t to the young whipper snapper Alex Kline @theRecruitScoop for the info yesterday on twitter)

Brand new Kasey Hill video from this past week’s Adidas Invitational:

Semi-breaking: Calipari is currently watching Kasey Hill and the Florida Rams at the Southern Showcase as you read this (he’s joined by Donovan, Matta, and Pitino).

Article written by Chris Thomas

14 responses to “Kasey Hill Grabs Coveted UK Offer”

  1. the cat 24

    let’s get em both

  2. Bg Cat


  3. Holden McGroin

    2-didn’t miss it by much

  4. Bg Cat

    Its Gotta Be Hard In Making Offers For Cal When There Is So Much Turnover In The Program. Its Impossible To Know What Roster Spots Will Be Open 1 Yr Out, Much Less Two.

  5. Calipari'sInYourEar

    #4 – Bg Cat – I disagree. Cal usually doesn’t even give out all his scholarships. No concern, he can put together a team in months, just look at how things worked out last year (with Jones, Kanter). Even though Kanter didn’t gain eligibility, he certainly was close.

  6. AKA cold buckets

    does anyone else get annoyed when people capitalize the first letter of every word or is it just me?

  7. GeezerJock

    Do we still take anyone below a 4 **** category? 🙂 Don’t you love it..BBN ??

  8. Says me

    #7- Seems like the answer is no. And yes, I love it.

    Stacey Poole committed in Sept 09. He was borderline 5 star at that point. Since then, Cal has brought in 9 guys, and all of them have been 5 star players (Kanter, Knight, Lamb, Jones, Gilchrist, Teague, Davis, Wiltjer, Harrow).

    In all honesty, I don’t think Cal is going to do much recruiting at all in 4 star territory. I think what he’s aiming for is a 7-8 man rotation of 5 star studs, and then filling the roster out with walk-on types, or guys just ecstatic to be at UK, with no real expectation of PT.

    The problem with 4 star recruits is that they’re good enough to play high level D1 basketball at almost any school except UK. If Cal recruits guys like that, most are going to expect to play, and less than ecstatic if Cal keeps recruiting over them with guys projected in the NBA lottery. I think Cal is willing to leave his bench short, passing on guys who might jump at a UK offer, to prevent that.

  9. Some guy

    Can we please stop the coveted scholarship thing. We get it. It’s a big deal to kids. Let’s quit acting like the snobby hot chick who always has to remind everyone she’s hot.

  10. theSkinny81

    some of #6’s favorite people:

    singer: Tom PETTY
    NASCAR driver: Richard PETTY
    rodeo rider: Montgomery Lee PETTY
    80’s and 90’s actress: Lori PETTY
    artist: George PETTY
    rapper: COMMON

  11. cats11

    6 – I do. People need to at least pretend they’re not a total dumbass instead of making it obvious by capitalizing every word, thus leaving no doubt.

  12. bung

    i Think #4 sAid it waS a probLem wiTh hiS PHone or sumpin.

  13. Lee

    Yeah I Hate It When Those Idiots Use Caps At The Begging Of Each Word…..Losers!

  14. bluesunglassesatnight

    In the ATL


    oh my!