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Karl Towns and Andrew Wiggins have an impromptu 3-point contest

The friendship between Karl Towns and Andrew Wiggins continues to blossom at the Nike Hoop Summit in Portland, Oregon. Yesterday, the roommates had an impromptu 3-point contest during one of the World Team practices. The winner may surprise you.

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37 responses to “Karl Towns and Andrew Wiggins have an impromptu 3-point contest”

  1. Alamo_CatFan

    Wiggins will be a cat and will stay his soph year just to play with Karl. Hey Karl, can you reclassify?

  2. Coach Cal

    Anthony Davis took the fifth most shots

  3. Danananananah Scatman

    How cool is it that I’m watching this video while loafing at work; I love technology.

  4. truth

    Karl Towns is going to be the shit

  5. NotSatire

    Love the celebration by Towns…

  6. Ronald McDonald

    “I’m lovin it”

  7. SuperTroy

    Oh. My. God. These kids are SO incredibly talented. It is ridiculous their level of ability!! That’s a forward and a center draining three after three from the 1/4 court hash!!! I thought I was watching some fake video or something. And to think we are definitely gonna see one of those guys wear blue and white and possibly BOTH!!! God, I love Coach Cal. So good to see the uber-talented guys get along too and have such cool personalities. In other words, good to see kids getting to act like kids. You could tell they were having so much fun. Awesome clip.

  8. reedwizard


  9. T.J.

    3- I’m watching it while fapping at work.

  10. UKani

    So Karl Towns can shoot the rock pretty well then????

  11. blueblooded

    @#1 Towns already reclassified from 2015 to 2014 & Wiggins reclassified from 2014 to 2013. So, there was a chance. but that’s not happening now.

  12. kentuckyrules

    Wow…Towns got a great stroke!! Holy Crap!! I hope he’s a good FT shooter too, b/c he’ll get a lot from there.

  13. Unit to tha G

    So, I should get some credit with this, I posted this link on the show thread at 10:43, it only took 16 minutes to copy and paste…. took ally 13 minutes to copy and paste JRow’s football update…

  14. Skeps

    We could’ve used him this year. Stein and Noel could only dunk the ball. That’s what a center should be able to do.

  15. CryBaby

    13 stop crying about your credit. no one cares where they got the info from. Most of us just appreciate that we can get all the info we want on this site w out having to search around. I don’t want to click on your link when KSR will post it later.

  16. Alamo_CatFan

    13 – It has long been my dream to run a business where my customers deliver the goods I sell to me for free. Seems KSR beat me to the dream.

  17. WildcatRX7

    I bet number #13 was the first person to discover that video on the whole internet. In fact, #13, was that you who took the video and put it on YouTube. If so, I agree, they do owe you credit.

    #16, you aren’t “selling” your goods to KSR if you willingly post it for free in their comments section.

  18. Unit to tha G

    Matt, He is a legit 7 foot!!!

  19. Crizzle

    Does ksr run the UK recruiting website because they consistently upload the same stories as that site

  20. Bobbum man

    Yeah…. But can he dunk?

  21. Tubby Smith

    Josh Carrier would have beaten them both in practice…

  22. thats budda

    I believe that was 9 for 10. I guess that is pretty good

  23. Geez

    It is embarrassing how some of the writers suck up to these kids so much. What’s next? A blog posting on one recruit making a bigger poopy than the other.

  24. Shagari Alleyne

    23) post pics. I bet my poopy is bigger.

  25. Mattcat68

    I hope Cal let’s Towns shoot the three. I know he wouldn’t let Davis and Davis could hit threes.

  26. C-A-T-S

    What that video shows me is that we have a 7′ player that is coming in 2014 and can really shoot the ball. Damn these kids are ridiculous.

  27. STEVE!

    25 – My guess is that most teams will leave Towns unguarded at the hash mark, adding a new dimension to our offense.

  28. Kevin C.

    @ #9…You’re watching this video of 2 teen males at work…and “fapping it”. 0_o

  29. MemphisCat

    Kyle can shoot the ball like Towns and he is 6’10”, we just need Karl to be able to put the ball on the floor and drive to the hole. If Kyle could do that we would have won more then last year.

  30. Maxbps8

    Impressive, very impressive. And something tells me they could have gone on a bit longer. After hitting 4-of-4 Wiggins clangs one barely hitting the front of the rim? I think Wiggins gave his roommate this one.

    I know it is an impossible dream but just let me have it for a year: the thought of these two playing together at Kentucky? We are living in Kentucky’s version of the Wooden Era w/o Sam Gilbert. If not for the one-and-done nba rule, UK would be within striking distance of ucla’s (tainted) 12 NC’s.

  31. shannon

    How cool a 7 footer shooting 3 pointers like Kyle Macy and taking out Wiggins to boot. He has to be one of the most talented players to ever come to UK, and I can’t wait to watch him.

  32. shannon

    #12 If Town’s can drain 3’s like that someting tells me he will be a tad bit better than Stein’s 30 something per cent.

  33. Sharpshooter

    Not surprised that Towns beat Wiggins, but I’m drooling over Wiggins being able to shoot from there. With his jumpshot that supposedly keeps improving, it’ll be great in college. PLEASE WIGGINS TO BBN PLEASE

  34. UKfanKathy

    I’m so happy we have Towns. And I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for Wiggins. He will be the #1 pick next year no matter where he goes. And if he comes to UK, he will play tons and tons and he contends he wants to win a NC, where better than with this incoming class. Come to UK and be loved forever and be a legend.

  35. mudcreekmark

    13 actually invented the internet. Then Al Gore stole his idea and the rest is history!

  36. fireants25

    ahh yes sir! Towns is the sickest dont know how hes not number in his class…id take him over any

  37. Neil A.

    The problem with Kyle is he can’t create space for his own shot and it takes him to long to release the ball. When he is wide wide wide open he is a heck of a shooter. Last year his man just stuck on him and Kyle wouldn’t shoot. A 6 footer could have guarded him.