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Kansas City Star Says Mitch Barnhart Unlikely to Get AD Job at Kansas


After the Sports by Brooks report last night mentioned Mitch Barnhart as a possible choice for the Kansas AD job, questions about his future at UK spread like wildfire. Well now that fire has taken a bit of a hosing as the KC Star says Barnhart is unlikely to be the Kansas choice. While the report does not dispute that Barnhart will be interviewed for the job, it quotes a source close to the process as saying he is unlikely to be the final pick.

So this could end up being the worst type of result…word gets out that you looked at another job, but then you dont get it and people knew you were still looking. Either way, those in the comment section who already had Richie Farmer penciled in as the new AD may need to take a step back in the short term.

Discussion of Mitch, UK basketball, football and more with Mark Krebs and the crew from today’s radio show:

Article written by Matt Jones

40 responses to “Kansas City Star Says Mitch Barnhart Unlikely to Get AD Job at Kansas”

  1. Mitchispaidtoomuch

    I want somebody that wants to be here. I hope this screw up doesn’t sit well with the new president when he comes in.

  2. Rza

    The Lexington Herald is reporting that UK doesn’t want him either.
    Well, if not the Herald leader then I bet the Somerset Commonwealth Journal may

  3. UKEngineer

    Is that Charlie Starling?

  4. rodger3626

    Someone actually advocates Richie Farmer as AD? Good grief.

  5. crazy cat fan

    Just get him out of here!!!

  6. Butchy Dickless

    Is the radio show from today getting posted? Thanks/

  7. Harley Wells

    Well that’s just great…

  8. forde+pitino=smithers+burns

    Schembeckler Barnhart!


    well someone else take him for the love of god


    I wouldn’t want Richie as a dogcatcher. The guy may be a bball legend, but otherwise, he’s a dud.

  11. BFrey

    Paul Archey, Senior VP of International Baseball Operations of MLB recently said in Sports Business Journal that his dream job is UK AD. If baseball’s presence has grown anywhere, it’s internationally. Then again, he said his favorite websites are and KSR, so what does that mean?

  12. UofL fan

    If Barnhart does leave you guys should take a serious look at Charlie Strong as an AD. I mean I would hate to lose him as a football coach but the man can turn water into wine. He turned a 4-8 football team into a more than likely 5-7 team. He should be placed immediately into the hall of fame for basically taking a team built by Kragthorpe and making it look very similar yet slightly better than a Kragthorpe team. Kudos to St. Jurich for this brilliant hire that we all wanted even though at this time last season us UofL fans had no idea who Charlie Strong was. He would be the greatest AD ever. If you can’t get Strong the next best choice would be Peyton Siva.

  13. wh

    lots of great reasons for farmer to be ad

  14. Rick Barnes

    I have withdrawn my name from consideration for the UK AD job.

  15. AtWork

    I think Richie Farmer’s reach has gone too far. He’s the last thing the UK Athletic Department needs.
    Barnhardt has done a great job in my book.

  16. knightynight

    You can’t blame the guy for looking, especially since that’s his home state and the huge pay increase he would have gotten. Just becuase he looked doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be at UK…

  17. FED-UP

    Anybody know what happened to Matt’s tv carrer, I thought he was suppose to be on a new CW Sports channel this fall, did that dry up?

  18. _Blackhawk_

    Love Richie but AD? Not just yet. I think Dan Issel need some work…..or at least some money.

  19. mark

    first- not a huge fan. second- what a bunch of hypocrites! just because the guy applied,or whatever, for a job in his home state and for quite a bit more money it’s the ole “if he doesn’t want to be here” bs. which one of you would not “apply or do this”? Liar or hyprocite.

  20. swampbreath

    13. name one?

  21. Mack

    Is the AD the University’s interface with the ncaa for the Free Enes matter? If so will him wanting to jump ship hurt Enes’s cause?

  22. Sam

    If they are willing to pay him that much more then he has to look. Cant fault a guy for chasing the cash.

  23. New Tweeter Endzone Dance

    Ole Mitch is starting to do some Tweeter damage control…!/UKMitchBarnhart

  24. Mack

    Speaking of basketball a good article about Chuck shutting down Stoudemire:

  25. FairWeatherFriend

    So WWWes shopd Cal around to the NBA, NBA doesnt want him, Cal denies any and all doing, uk buys it. Barnhart is upfront with everyone and hes gettn chased outta town??

  26. lotsofJobsatUK

    How about Bret Bearup or Rex Chapman?

  27. rodger3626

    #13 – name three. Bet you can’t.

  28. jc

    What are the issues between Barnhardt and Cal? I must have missed that post.

  29. macon_volfan

    #3: +1

    LOL it does look like him!

  30. Papaw's Tomatos

    I’d like to get and 800% increase in pay, how about you?

  31. Papaw's Tomatos

    Oh, and how’d you like to be someones boss who makes exponentially more money than you do?

  32. Alan Curler's Fart

    Matt just tweeted that barnhart hasn’t “formally” been contacted. Kinda like my first prom date. We weren’t “formally” dating, she’d just blow me in the backseat of my Jeep.

  33. TJ

    I bet Tipton is the first to report that Matt Jones will be the new AD.(If he will take a cut in pay)

  34. Daniel Tosh

    If Richie Farmer is ever our AD (or governor for that matter) I will sit back and watch UK athletics (or our state) implode. The people that count know better and thank GOD for that!

  35. The Real Hambone

    I am well aquainted with R

  36. The Real Hambone

    I am well acquainted with Richie Farmer and his family. Believe me when I say that he is NOT what the university needs. NO. 15 is exactly correct when he says Richie’s reach is way beyond his abilities. It would be a disaster for him to be appointed as AD at UK.

  37. Catfan02

    For people that look at college athletics as more than just men’s basketball and football, Mitch Barnhart (it doesn’t have a d) has done a PHENOMENAL job since his arrival. Our athletics dept was a laughing stock after the tenures of Cliff Hagan and C M Newton. Now, all sports are competitive and winning in college’s best conference. When evaluating his progress in areas like baseball, volleyball, soccer, golf and tennis, make sure you realize where we were when he got here. Also he should get partial credit for 5 straight bowl games and the hiring of Coach Cal.

  38. Jack C

    Are you kidding?…. Wouldn’t you have to be the best AD in the state (KY) to be considered for the Kansas job?

  39. Just saying

    37. did you know mens basketball and football are the ONLY profitable sports on the entire campus. Women’s basketball ranks 3rd in revenue and they operate in the red. So while its great that womens field hockey has improved, the loss of revenue in football and basketball actually HURTS the entire university!!! Including academic facilities.

    He has FAILED as an AD

  40. matfug