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Just a reminder: Cincinnati cops don’t play around

Article written by Thomas Beisner

34 responses to “Just a reminder: Cincinnati cops don’t play around”

  1. Franktown

    Ha.. #1

  2. Franktown

    Its not true… lol..

  3. UKFanInCiny

    Cincinnati dont play!!

  4. Superfandomdoesn'tcomecheap

    Kennedy should have taken the bus. Am in a foul mood this morning due to a tv show and my smart mouth. Got out of bed to get a sandwich and the old lady was watching The Bachelor. While making my sandwich I could hear this guy saying “I monopolize her time a lot…I just need to be with her…I want to give her this rose…I hope she realizes the symbolism of this rose…I hope she understands what this rose means.” Well, that’s when I walk in the room and say “Yes, it means your truly gay.” The war was on between me and her. She just doesn’t get my sarcasm. Okay, enough of that. Go Cats, beat Rebs and hopefully Jimmy Dykes will be nowhere near the state of Mississippi. Of course I may have to go to a sports bar to watch the game due to lingering bad feelings as a result of that stupid tv show.


    Why couldnt that have been Coach K?

  6. UKCAT67

    Apparently this has caused great trauma in his life…or so says his wife. Loss of Consortium?

  7. Tobias Funke

    Something tells me Andy is not a fan of Arab Americans.

  8. TSlone08

    Hahahaha my cousin was the valet that got AK busted. Love it.

  9. Roger Hardons

    Are you sure this isn’t a Tennessee or Loserville recruiting video?

  10. Al's IndiCats

    AK….But sir I’m going to be on ESPN tommorrow at nine pm.
    Cop…You Can’t Mother%$#@&*

  11. cat in tn

    #8…If your cousin is the valet, Hows that defamation lawsuit AK and the other coach and wife filed going? haha I wouldnt be too proud of my family member.

  12. repairthisthing

    so let me understand this based on the police officer’s statement…

    Punching a guy in the head – misdemeanor
    Using an ethnic slur – felony

    all i can say is… wow

  13. Manbearpig

    This video is a prime example of When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

  14. Gavin S.

    Superfandomdoesn’tcomecheap, that is hilarious. I totally feel you for making that statement. It’s amazing men can pretend to like what a woman likes long enough to close the deal. They are a mystery to me.

  15. bmt22033

    @4 – I feel your frustration, man. My wife is SERIOUS about her TV shows and she doesn’t appreciate my commentary, either. But when she watches crap like Glee, Real Housewives of WhereTheHellEver, The View or ANYTHING on the Bravo network, it’s like she’s just begging me to make fun of it and I can’t pass it up. 😉

  16. Calipartytime

    Lifetime Network is responsible for the constant rise in Divore rates. It either shows depressed women who have affairs or couples in a fairy tale romance. We can’t live up to the latter so women opt for the former……

  17. Madville

    Watch the “Andy Kennedy Settles Defamation Lawsuit Video”.
    The cab driver can barely speak English when reading a typed prepared statement from his attorney.

  18. TSlone08

    11. That case was dropped awhile back because it was a pathetic attempt at a lawsuit to begin with. All my cousin did was back the story of the driver, because that’s what he saw happen. In the end, valet and driver were both awarded some money in the case (counter-lawsuit to the defamation one).

  19. SeoulCat

    An “ethnic slur” is a crime in America? (and the rest of the world shakes its head and sighs)

    Jesus, just another reason I’m glad I don’t live in that ridiculous PC-crazed country anymore.
    Oh, that and the dickhead, gestapo-esque cops.

    Good luck, people of America. Keep fightin’ the good fight.

  20. AK47

    AK’s an idiot

  21. Pissin' Blue

    @4 I believe since the game is on ESPN U and not regular ESPN, we’ll get Rob Stone and Jay Williams. I’m already wiping up my tears of Joy because I’d rather have a pukie that is tolerable like Jay Williams than Douche Dykes.

  22. Sheeeeeeiiiit

    This is total BS. No one should go to jail for something they say. If he hit him then I guess the cops may be necessary to sort it out. But taking him to jail is not ok.
    That cop sure knew he was on camera. Give him an Oscar for the tough guy performance.
    Why do so many coaches get drunk and eff up thier lives?

  23. fatcar

    since when did an ethnic slur become a felony…. i mean seriously is our country that politically correct now

  24. Upset citizen

    I have no problem with police I just can’t understand why they all have to be such… well.. (insert mean adjective here) ESPECIALLY here in Lexington, never met one cop who actually cared for the well being of the public, just the fact that his name goes to what ever charge he found someone guilty for. Screw the cops, one bad apple ruins the bunch.

  25. Al's IndiCats

    The cop must’ve been a Xaiver fan.

  26. jetblue


  27. jdhuck

    That cop was a dick. No need to act like that.

  28. OperationSuck

    AK should went all Chuck Norris on that cop. That cop thinks his badge is a crown. I cant stand cops like that

  29. Paul

    Im a cop. I agree that the cop in this video had a poor attitude. However, the people we deal with the call before can wear on you. That shouldnt be an excuse but its reality sometimes, we are human too.

  30. rocky davis

    Most cops are chicken shit ..Without a gun and badge i bet he’s not so too Paul

  31. bung

    so…..what did he do wrong?

  32. NWA

    Cincinnati cops are good people. :/

  33. Paul

    Hey Rocky I was the shit in college and still am. Don’t need a badge and a gun. But people like u are the people I’m talking abOut. I’m frustrated sometimes because I’d like to beat the shit outta you but I have to Put on a smile when dealing with ur little man syndrome. I’m sure ur contributing to so society everyday

  34. Hmmm

    What college was that?? Police Academy.