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Jorts puts the entire NBA on notice


The tour of New York City hasn’t been all fun and games for our man Jorts. Sure, he’s enjoying his new city, but he’s also letting people know he means business. Jorts met with the media after the New York Liberty game and put the entire NBA on notice:

“I’m going to protect my stars. Amar’e, Carmelo, if someone’s getting rough with them, I’m going to protect them. I’m going to make my presence felt. They’ll know I’m there.”

You hear that, league? If you mess with the Knicks, you’re gonna get the Jorts. Josh Harrellson is going to make his presence felt as the New York Knicks’ “garbage man.”

Carmelo and Amar’e make the big bucks and someone has to protect those assets. It’s a role Jorts should be very comfortable in.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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24 responses to “Jorts puts the entire NBA on notice”

  1. Jones Returns
  2. Han

    Seems like Jorts is trying to establish a defined role for himself as an enforcer, something that probably was helped by the fastball he threw at Sullinger.

    Go get em Josh.

  3. invisibleink

    it’s a niche market … but could help longevity

  4. Doctor_Venkman

    Jorts Hulkin’ up! Looks like he’s been sayin’ his prayers and eating his vitamins!

  5. floydfan

    I wish he had chosen his words a little more carefully. He has enough talent to make a career in the NBA without being a thug. Now, unfortunately, the club officials will have a written record that says he plans to be an enforcer and will be treated as such by other teams and officials. Jorts, act smarter in the future and act like you belong there.

  6. Jason

    New Jorts City get ready!!!

  7. SLIS Wildcats

    Mother Hen is roosting in the Gardens.

  8. Tobias Funke

    You mess with the hen, you get… the feet. Chicken’s feet, and their sharp and stuff.

  9. Tobias Funke

    You mess with the hen, you get… the feet. Chicken’s feet, and they’re sharp and stuff.

  10. mark p

    Can you say Bill Lambier?

  11. SweetTeaMob til I DIE

    5. Don’t get your panties in a bunch! He’s not saying if Carmelo draws a hard foul, he’s going to run over and pop his opponent in the mouth!! He’s letting the opposition know that when they go against the Knicks, they better be ready for a physical game because he means business.


  12. Sullinger's Chest

    See the Spalding tatoo on Sullinger’s chest….get ready for some more fastballs

  13. SeoulCat

    The still lingering imprint of a basketball on Sullinger’s chest will testify to the fact that Jorts has a nasty streak in him and isn’t afraid to let it out of the cage.

  14. SeoulCat

    #12..whoa…that was eerie…you know what they say, “brilliant minds…”

  15. anonymous

    1: the comments in that thread are pretty hilarious

  16. Sullinger's Chest

    I was just thinking the same thing….a little weird

  17. e-lee-sny

    Awesome quote. If there was ever a guy who “gets it”, he does. White Charles Oakley anyone? Can’t wait to see Jorts clothesline Lebron James next year. Sweet.

  18. Lando CALrisian

    Please don’t compare him to Lambier. I hated his cheap shots and all around game. I know he’s a winner and all, but just flat out didn’t like him at all.

  19. SweetTeaMob til I DIE

    17. That would be a dream come true!

  20. KSR1080Fan

    Let NYC know that for all things “Jorts”, there’s

  21. AtomicDawg02

    Jorts is the next Nicky Santoro.


    Knicks haven’t really had an enforcer since Charles Oakley, but I think they have one now. They are going to absolutely love him! I have a feeling he’s going to be even more awesome up there than he was here, if that’s possible.

  23. mudcreekmark

    Jorts protecting someone that is 10 times stronger than he is, now that is funny. That would have been like Rondo saying he was going to protect Shaq.

  24. Buzzard

    #17 I liked Oakley, he was a good player. but I think Jorts actually has more skills.
    Give ’em hell Jorts!