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Joker Phillips Wish List: Randy Shannon first, Rick Minter second

According to the remarkably well-dressed Chip Cosby of the Lexington Herald-Leader, Joker Phillips’ wish list for a co-defensive coordinator consists of former Miami head coach Randy Shannon and former Cincinnati head coach Rick Minter.  And in that order.  Without having any sources on the situation, my first reaction is that mentioning Shannon, who you would assume would be over-qualified for the gig and has no apparent ties to Joker or UK, is more of an appeasement move for a clamoring fan base, with the current Indiana State linebackers coach being the most likely candidate.  But, Cosby says that according to his sources, UK has at least reached out to Shannon about the job.  If Kentucky were able to nail that hire, it would be a legitimate reason for optimism that Operation: Win is taking the next step.  Shannon is not only a phenomenal defensive coach and a big time character guy, but also has a lifetime of ties to Florida recruiting, especially the talent-rich Miami area.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

64 responses to “Joker Phillips Wish List: Randy Shannon first, Rick Minter second”

  1. enes

    Anyone know anything going on with the kanter case with the ncaa, as how long a decison will take or anything, havent heard anything about this since friday afternoon?????

  2. Hoss

    Shannon…would be McCovey Cove-type tater.

  3. ChicagoCat

    1 – this is a football post. focus. There will be time for much Enes discussion later and it seems like its going to be another few weeks. Take.A.Deep.Breath.

    While I think it unlikely that we get Shannon, it would be HUGE for the program from a recruiting and exposure standpoint. Let’s hope that there aren’t any major HC jobs out there interested in Shannon, because a DC job in the SEC might be very attractive. Let’s not forget either, unless Miami buys him out of his contract they’ll be paying a good chunk of what Shannon makes the next few years, UK will only be on the hook for whatever they contract for and Shannon gets the gravy.

  4. shiver

    Don’t really care who you hire at DC. If you don’t clean up the sideline garbage the “joke show” will continue. Take the UT game for example. There were husband/wife, kids, boyfriend/ girlfriends roaming the sidelines willingly. By willingly I mean standing next to huddles and standing in with team. You buy a trip fine, just keep those folks and their significants at the 20- 30 yd line.

  5. Don

    Throw a truck-o-$$$ at Shannon without all the stress of being a head coach, and he could at least build something for a few years before he moves on.

  6. Puff

    We need Shannon so we can promote him to Head Coach in a year or two.

  7. knightynight

    7) stephen??

  8. WildKatz

    I still say hire Phillip Fulmer. Hands down.

  9. the fan

    Wait a min, isn’t that Damon Wayans in that pic?

  10. charlie


  11. underkanter

    I say go 4 Randy Shannon first w/o a doubt as Matt said when he was fired from the “U” there was no way we could him…Why not its time 2 start hitting homeruns instead of singles!!

  12. pccatsfan

    It wopuld be great to get Shannon, but I think it’s a real long shot. It would be a MAJOR move in the right direction if Joker can pull it off.

  13. Jack Hammer

    10- Any of the Wayans brothers would be an upgrade from what we have!!!

  14. ebell55

    The hiring of RS would be EPIC for UK! With Strong and Clint Hurtt, the head recruiter under RS at the U, now at UofL, it makes perfect sense! The talent the man could get to UK alone makes it worth it. As for ties to Joker, many don’t know that Joker interviewed for the O Cord Job at Miami when Shannon took over. Not hiring Joker and getting that Nix guy that used to QB Auburn is why he doesn’t have a job now! As a life long fan of the U (who thought it was time for Shannon to go) and a UK fan this would be great. I have been saying all year long if Joker had the talent that Miami had he would be 11-1 or 12-0. Go Cats. This could be big!

  15. Big Blue 66

    hate to be debbie downer, but c’mon, Shannon….Shannon…..really, he is going to work for Joker… UK…..C’mon, I could see him replace Joker at UK, but work for him………C’mon. And Minter, the LB coach from In St. Really……someone who has been a head coach and didnt make it, someone whose career has been going backwards???

  16. Citrus Christ

    looks like he’s good at labelling his headset too. organization is key, boys.

  17. TampaCat

    1-10, you guys are kidding right? Shannon is beyond the head coaching position at Kentucky let alone Defensive Coorinator. Let’s see, when was the last time Kentucky was significant in the SEC? Lets see, Tim Couch years were great, Art Still was awesome, and Sonny Collins was as slippery as ever, especially off the field. I believe the past 35 years covers it without an SEC east Championship. If our administration wants a football program, they should go after Oregon’s coach TODAY!!!


    18, Don’t be so pessimistic. South Carolina was able to hire both Lou Holtz AND Steve Spurrier in the last few decades. That’s two HOF coaches at a school on our football level (until this year).

  19. Randomnist

    Sure, just have Rich Brooks call him up…

  20. ......

    If you want to have a successful team, you have to be smart shoppers like Auburn.

  21. Brandon Gainer

    What happened to me?

  22. Turk

    Randy Shannon, do not come to this backwards ass redneck state!

  23. Dark Helmet

    I am real underwhelmed if we hire a LB coach from Indiana State. No offense to Minter but UK isn’t that Busch league. If they are going to push for a new stadium and expect big donors they are going to have to make some big moves. Although Minter makes sense if they are indeed going with a co-defensive coordinator position that way they can pay them both rather than higher a big salary guy. I doubt Shannon would come to UK to be a co-defensive coordinator in the SEC.

  24. CAPTmilla

    geez i hate it when i log on and ksr is covered with football news… who gives a shit about fooseball in ky? not i!

  25. Big Blue 66

    19. yeah but both were recovering their careers, Lou was in his twilight, hell darkness and Spurrier was like Pitino coming back to college and just looking for someone to pay him.

  26. TampaCat

    19. just like the SC female fan crying after the Cats upset them in Commonwealth said, “this isn’t Basketball, damn those Wildcats! Epic!

  27. Turk

    Tim Couch went 2-6 and 4-4 in the SEC in his two seasons as a starter. We weren’t competitive.

  28. TampaCat

    Did you guys know that Spurrier was in line to coach the Gators prior to Myer being hired? During his interview, Spurrier was told by the new AD that there would be a background check needed prior to moving forward. Spurrier told him that his past coaching experience at Florida was his background and that if that wasn’t enough to stuff it. That’s when Florida contacted Myer of Utah.

  29. Mike Leach

    Hire me at offensive coordinator with Randy Shannon on defense and we got ourselves a football team!

  30. Hoss

    24- his son is the DB coach at ISU…just sayin.

  31. Dark Helmet

    Maybe UK should hire Les Miles’ fat man Avia shoes. Then we could win at least 2 games for no reason at all every year.

  32. TampaCat

    28. That’s my point, we have NEVER been competitive! Time for drastic changes! Hire Oregon’s coach at the end of the season.

  33. right said fred

    #10 That is what I thought. lol

  34. TampaCat

    30. I’d settle for that!

  35. Newter Kanton

    What is the Enes skinnny? When will we hear something?

  36. Han

    1) I think Katz said it’d probably be a week at least for the NCAA to review the new information.

    14) Really?

    18) What better way to springboard your career to top job or NFL spot than by making UK a competitor in the SEC, the best football conference, which will likely pick up it’s 5th straight BCS title this year.

    33) Joker gets 2 more years, at least, barring some ridiculous scandal next year. He’s a UK alum, and to be un-PC, as an African American, they’ll be cautious of running him off after the PR fiasco that was Tubby.

  37. boomdaddy

    I don’t believe what 29 is sayin…hogwash

  38. mudcat

    I would personally love this hire. It has to help recruiting, doesn’t it? Let’s face it, UK needs better players and if he has recruiting connections…I hope it happens!

  39. TampaCat

    37. You are a smart man on your remarks regarding 33.

  40. Bill Parcells

    I’m coming to Lexington too…….

  41. TampaCat

    38. It’s true! you don’t have to believe it.

  42. wildcat in lville

    open up our walets for football the same we do for bball, football is a higher revenue sport. we keep talking about becoming a contender in fball so lets show were willing to pay the price and spend some $ to fix this defense

  43. K_Wiltjer

    Send Cal to recruit/sell Randy on UK. Deal=done.

  44. ricksVD

    It hurts when I pee

  45. DontKnowJack

    Just tell Mr. Shannon we are going to bowl game again. We are relevant in SEC.

  46. Skinman

    33. Why settle for Oregon’s coach? Hell let’s just get Urban Meyer or Nick Saban. Better yet, lets get Bill Cowher or Sean Peyton or let’s throw out a dozen other names we have no chance at getting. Joker is coach, will probably be for at least 3 more years. Learn to accept it and for god’s sake give him some time to put his stamp on the program. He has earned it.

  47. matts mom

    Randy Shannon would be horrible. If he couldn’t win at Miami, he sure as hell couldnt win here. He plays a basic 4-3 defense with absolutely no blitzing.

  48. DontKnowJack

    Joker + UK football staff = U can’t help stupid

  49. DoubleDynasty2010

    Sean Peyton wanted the job when we hired rich Brooks… Uk chose brooks

  50. cmeade Sh*t and die!

  51. Skinman

    50, you keep dreaming about that beating us every year. We aren’t one of these rag-tag BE teams. You guys are going to get that ass spanked for the 5th year in a row this year. Plus, you lose most of your team, what 28 seniors? You guys are going to suck donkey next year.

  52. Al's IndiCats

    If 2 DCs can get over being who’d be the last say in any type of defensive scheme I’d say go for it…..but in my mind, it wouldn’t work!……..FREE ENES!!!!!!!!

  53. HokiesandCats

    A big time character guy?! Hilarious.

  54. ebell55

    55 you sir are a pre judge! Shannon has had only one player arrested since he was head coach of the U and that guy is now the starting QB at Purdue! The UM has graduated its players at a very high rate and Shannon is high character. However he lost a lot of games and got fired! See UGA and Fla if you want to talk about low character. Randy Shannon has faced more adversity in his life thamn should be humanly possible and has maintained a good moral compass. If you don’t know what you’re talking about shut your pie hole!

  55. What Happened to Violent Cuts?

    Do what it takes to bring a big name like Shannon in.

  56. wildcat in lville

    open up your wallet for football the same you for basketball, if we say we want to be contenders lets prove it and whip out the big bucks

  57. Bob

    Rick Minter has been hired as D-Coordinator at UK according to my source.

  58. TheParisGuy

    If Shannon comes to Kentucky to work under Joker, would be like Tommy Tuberville going to Vanderbilt to work under their head coach. Or in other words Gilliapie going to Georgetown College to work as an assistant. Or how about Phil Fulmer going to Alabama to be an assistant under Sabin or Barnhart, never mind. Barnhart isn’t going any where. Aren’t we blessed?

  59. Flipisatrip

    hahaha i can’t believe the joker hate on here? The last time i read comments in a football post. you guys are idiots. bring Shannon on! that would be HUGE. as huge as most of you are dumb.

  60. SaggyWheels

    hahaha i can’t believe the joker hate on here? The last time i read comments in a football post. you guys are idiots. bring Shannon on! that would be HUGE. as huge as most of you are dumb.

  61. CatInGa

    50 Last time i checked we’ve beat won 3 years straight..

  62. CatInGa

    50 Last time i checked we’ve won 3 years in a row

  63. KC

    Do you really want to hire a guy that use to handle money for players back when Erickson was the coach?