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John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins partied with Peyton Siva and Russ Smith


John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins, two of our all-time favorite Wildcats, were caught hanging out with Peyton Siva and Russ Smith, two of the very few Cardinals we actually like. The group got together at a pre-ESPYS party in Los Angeles last night.

Jared Swopshire did not receive an invite.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

49 responses to “John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins partied with Peyton Siva and Russ Smith”

  1. Musehobo

    I don’t know about Russ Smith, but I can’t help but like Siva. He is a truly nice guy. I really wanna dislike UL players, but Siva and Dieng are alright in my book.

  2. ZombieLibrarian

    New friends are fun!

    Still makes me cringe, though. Brrrrr………

  3. Bobbum man

    1- my thoughts exactly as much as I want to hate them an I really hated Siva up until this yr but like you said him and Dieng you can’t really help but like as people… Not quite sure Russ fits in that category though

  4. Rockfield, KY

    2 NBA stars vs 2 guys that might make NBA rosters. But y’all are right, Siva is a nice guy. Don’t care so much for Smith.

  5. taxman

    Smith is what he is…. and we all know what he is………….

  6. katzrjamers

    I’d like to see those four at a pickup game at the local park, playing against Dieng, Bledsoe, Knight and Edgar Sosa.

  7. randomhero

    Its cool, when they put the colors on they battle. Off those courts, people are people.

  8. Seven Eight Nine

    I think Siva has looked the exact same for the past four years

  9. You're dumb

    Since when does any of the KSR writers like Peyton Siva? He was constantly made fun of on this blog for 4 years and now he’s one of your favorite cards?

  10. ESPN

    MKG most disappointing player in the Vegas summer league. I thought Cal was players’ first? No surprise the real players’ first program produced the most impressive player. I will give you a hint, his last name starts with a Z and ends in an R. He was also drafted higher than another players’ first player Nerlens Noel. Just a matter of time until the recruits find out the real players’ first program, hillbillies!

  11. Kristen Geil's Abs

    Two of those basketball players are making good money.

  12. btowncatfan

    I want some of what Demarcus is having.

  13. Bigfoot

    Didn’t Siva cheat on his fiancé?

  14. Hmmmmm

    @11). And two of them have won a national championship…. Hmmm…. money can’t buy everything!!!

  15. lol@Loosiers

    10 please tell me you’re not serious and just trying to get a rise out of us. I mean everyone knows that the only reason Nerlens got drafted so “late” was due to his injury. Also…yeah, never mind, you have to be joking bc even Hoosiers aren’t this stupid.

  16. lol@Lilbro

    14) millions of $ > national championship, loser

  17. Jarrod Polson

    14 I have a national championship but I’d trade it in for a career in the NBA where I make millions.

  18. Just Do It

    Boogie could snap Russ Smiths neck with just a minor involuntary twitch of his forearm.

  19. hardy har har

    11) so being a hosier fan that would make you a jewbilly.

  20. ESPN

    15 – I deal in facts, not fantasy like BBN. MKG hasn’t improved since coming to the NBA. Noel was drafted sixth despite all of BBN’s whining and he will make much less than the guys picked at two and four from the real players’ first program. Cow’s players’ first mantra is bogus.

  21. Matt

    We (Lex and Lou) could probably learn a few things from them…

  22. lol@Loosiers

    lol facts? How many players has Butt Cut gotten drafted since he’s been at IU and how many UK players have been drafted since “Cow” has been here? Please tell me those facts.

  23. Megan

    I like to see players from both teams hanging out. We fans take rivalries far too seriously. Speaking of which …

    10 – What’s the difference between a hillbilly and a hick, or a redneck? It’s not a joke, I just don’t know the answer. I’m half hillbilly myself. I’m talkin’ deep in the hills of eastern Kentucky. Just across the holler from where Loretta Lynn was born. That’s pure Appalachian hillbilly. We think “Bright Lights Big City” was written about Paintsville. Anyway, hearing an Indiana person call us hillbillies is hilarious. Thought you should know.

    I am sincerely sorry to hear about Olidapo and Zeller going No. 2 and No. 4 in the draft. I know it doesn’t reflect very well on your coach. Two of the very best players in the country, No. 1 team through most of the season, No. 1 seed in the tournament, and Coach Crean (once again) couldn’t get Indiana past the Sweet 16. Are you guys going to hang a banner for the most successful season you’ve had in 10 years? That would be terrific. You guys deserve it. We’re pretty proud of you over here in Kentucky.

  24. Rockfield, KY

    20. You’re ridiculous. You have such a small sample size to choose from. What about the drafts from 2010, 2011, and 2012? How do those compare with IU’s draft classes as far as NBA success. That’s what I thought. Y’all are so far gone that you have one year of success and think you’re back on top. When in reality, even in your best years, you can’t get past the Sweet 16. In our worst year, we send 2 players in the first round.

  25. GrammaticallyCorrectHillbilly

    20 – Here is a fact for you, since you claim to deal in facts: It’s players first, not players’ first. Players’….lol lol lol lol lol

  26. J in Orlando

    20 Player not improving (which is stupid but lets go with it) after being coached by a certain coach is the fault of the player not coaching him while he doesnt improve…thats the sort of rationalizing that allows one to accept they are a fan of a Sweet 16-ceiling program.

  27. J in Orlando

    26 “fault of the coach*” I mean

  28. shorthop69

    Way to speak for an entire fanbase. Who are the other Cardinals we like? You suck drew.

  29. ESPN

    Didn’t Wall and Cousins team lose in the Elite 8 with four or five NBA players? Not only can Cow not develop players, he cannot even coach!

  30. ESPN

    Cow has all of these lottery picks and no all-stars or NBA champions to show for it. How come?

  31. U of L student

    I’m a U of L student, but a UK fan first (I root for U of L most games they play though, as long as it’s not UK or another SEC team). I’ve met Siva, Smith, and Gorgui, and they’re all great guys. I actually accidentally bumped into Smith last year shortly after the NCAA tourney wearing my UK championship shirt (he was wearing his Final Four hat). He was really cool and said “congrats” in a genuine way. I told him I’m also a U of L fan, and he didn’t care that I had the UK shirt on, haha.

  32. Michael

    30- Derrick Rose ring a bell? Camby? Also, if you think Cousins, Wall, Knight, Bledsoe, Davis, Kanter, Noel, or MKG aren’t all-stars in the making, then you better check yourself before the wreckity wreck yourself.

  33. ESPN 2

    Didn’t Cal make the Final Four in 2011 and win a championship in 2012, though? Didn’t Kansas, the overall No. 1 seed in 2010 lose… In the second round? Did anybody even know who Indiana is in 2010?

    I don’t think anybody at KSR disliked Siva himself personally; I think they disliked how U of L fans said he was better than John Wall or would rather have him for 4 years than Wall for 1. Also, I think Cal was recruiting Siva (at least, somewhat)? I could be wrong.

    Victor Oladipo and Cody Zeller are fine human beings, by the way. Even if they are WHO-zhurs…

  34. ESPN says stop making us sound dumb

    10 I guess I should remind you that it’s only summer league. Does the name Josh Selby ring any bells? He won co-mvp of last year’s summer league and is now in the D-league. Nothing wrong w a young man being in the D-league, just pointing out that playing well in the simmer league doesn’t mean much when it comes to the real rosters.

  35. Way to pay attention

    9) I suppose you missed the story on KSR about Matt and Drew meeting Siva a while back. They talked about how nice he was and how much they found they liked him (there is even a picture on this site with Siva doing 3 goggles and Matt and Drew holding up L’s).

    It could also be said since he is no longer at UofL, that makes him more likeable. Perceptions always change once these guys are away from their school and out of the rivalry. UK fans can see him as a likeable guy and UofL fans can act like they don’t need him because he was never as good as they thought and Chris Jones is going to be better (as many are already doing).

  36. ESPN says stop making us sound dumb

    30 no NBC champions to show for it…yet…bc Cal’s players are so good they are drafted high, and go to terrible teams. Do you really expect a 18yr old kid to take a team like Charlotte to the NBA finals in two years? If so, you are dumber than you sound (which is really, really dumb)

  37. Cal

    29 I recall coaching a team a couple of years ago that knocked your candy-striped butts out of the tourney on our way to winning our 8th NC. How’s Crean working out for you? Are you enjoying cutting down nets after losses? I bet you think about me a lot. A whole lot.

  38. HadToSayIt

    JW, be mindful where you put your thumb.

  39. RahRah

    Hope you’re speaking for yourself because, sorry, I don’t like them. Also I don’t think meeting a guy once really proves whether he is a “great guy” or not.

  40. Gi11y

    Derrick Rose. Indiana fans are retarded.

  41. Neil A.

    ESPN, are you serious?

    Let’s see how #2 and #4 are doing after their first full year in the NBA.

    I am going to say #2 starts out real well and finishes okay but with diminishing numbers as the year wears him down.
    #4 probably will be buried so deep on the bench he will have a different zip code and washed out before his contract expires. Unless of course he figures out how to take that weak post move of his and improves it. They are going to block his shot so many times he is going to get neck cramps from twisting around to see where they land.

    As for being hillbillies, is that supposed to be an insult? I consider that a compliment.

    And by the way, I like Indiana know that Crean is there but listening to AH like you might make me change my mind.

  42. Loosier Fan

    ESPN, should we start making 3-peat T-shirts for when we lose in the Sweet 16 again this year?

  43. Cats Fan

    Not surprised that you threw in a smart ass comment at the end. Grow up

  44. BHS

    43 Are you talking about 42 or ESPN from earlier? I think 42’s a fellow Cats fan making fun…

  45. crazy

    Who said Siva and Smith were two Cards we actually like? I can’t stand either one of them.

  46. L Denton

    irememberwahwah gets a chuckle out of all these posts from U.L.,U.K.,and I.U. fans. Diehards every one. I had a friend from the western area of Ky.(a stronghold of Cat fans) that once shot his t.v. over lackluster play from Joe B.s boys. Another buddy at work and myself often went toe to toe over the Big Blue/Hoosiers games. He despised Kentucky with a fanatical hatred. He never EVER watched a Ky/IU game..said he didn’t enjoy watching paid pros. I never let him rest after UK teams kicked the Knight boy’s donkey. True story! Having witnessed this guy put his foot through the tele screen, Connie’s dog would hear a Hoosier game come on tv and suddenly bolt for the darkest recesses of the basement..wisely not resurfacing until long after the game had ended. After they canned Bobby K., Connie mourned for months and finally turned in his season tics. I guess it’s natural to go a little crazy if your own teams have had the success that KY, IU and UL have enjoyed over the years. And…it ain’t gonna be long till perhaps the greatest season EVER starts. I can see these three teams locked together 1-2-3 all season long and I can’t wait.

  47. Blue To The Bone..

    #14Hmmmmmmm…Guess which two had to pick up the ck. cause the other two are probably broke unless it is time of the month for them to get their “allowance” from their “sponsor family”…See I know about these things where they play

  48. Gene Kelly

    When Russ and Peyton get home from their overseas basketball assignments, they will need NBA friends to hang with…

  49. mj

    They all know each other from AAU ball, its not like they are strangers. Siva and SMith are two really nice people. Pitino said Siva is the nicest kid he’s ever coached, smith has over come bi-polar disorder to be a all-american. Thing is I don’t hear ever UK fans saying what a good guy Demarcus Cousins is, he should damn near be the best player in the NBA, and while his stats are good, he missing out on his potential cause he’s an immature egg-head.