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John Calipari’s long-term goals


Last night, John Calipari’s son Brad posted this picture on Instagram with the caption “Found my dads long term goals from 1985.. I look up to him more than anyone.” Calipari wrote the note when he was 26.

Coach, I’d say you’re doing pretty well with those. Also, Brad: take care of that finger, buddy.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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29 responses to “John Calipari’s long-term goals”

  1. Bec

    Nice. Thanks, Brad 🙂

  2. SexnNursinHomes

    That’s awesome. Thanks TT.

    Someone might want to get that thumb nail checked out.


    “Care about the kids”…Hey Cal, how about springing for a Dr’s visit for Brad! 🙂

  4. Kristen Geil's Abs

    Calipari might be the most mislabeled person in all of sports.

  5. Fashion Police

    Whos thumb is that? Mani needed

  6. Michael

    Let conspiracy theorists begin to suppose what falls later on the page…while we continue to be thankful that he stays true to himself and the young men in his program.

  7. Musehobo

    This from the “dirtiest coach in the business”. People need to get some perspective.

  8. oldschool

    whatever. nice photoshop. pretty sure the original states breaking rules, cheating kids out of 4 years of college, doing things the wrong way, being a sleazeball and not giving back to the community. almost posotive the word “integrity” isn’t on there.

  9. YourBoyBlue

    Most people don’t say anything about other people at all unless its negative, sadly. But I’ve got a pretty good idea about the kind of guy John Calipari is and I’m glad he’s our coach.

  10. wiggins

    Looks like Brad’s been using black spray paint

  11. ltylerj

    Well, he didn’t win a title in his first 5 years of coaching…unless he meant at each school he coached at. If so…mission accomplished, Coach.

  12. buzzard

    Coach Cal is just as good a person as he is a coach. If you’ve ever went to his web site and looked at some of the books Coach reads, you know he’s much more than a basketball coach. He is a GREAT AMERICAN!
    It makes me feel good to call him our coach.
    What’s up with that thumb?

  13. Wildcatfan812

    This list is pretty amazing, in my opinion. He was destined to be at Kentucky! By the way…I don’t understand why UL and IU idiots read blogs about UK. Jealous little brothers/sisters I guess. Wannabees.

  14. KD

    8) First time I’ve ever seen the word “integrity” in one of your
    posts, and of course, it doesn’t apply to you. You’re very amusing though. Perhaps you should take your brand of humor to Hollywood. Don Rickles might coach you since Cal is obviously not your guy. Good luck to you and those you treasure.

  15. J Bones


  16. Walking Dead Thumb

    8. I’m almost positive the word “positive” is not in your vocabulary. You’re trying too hard and failing even harder. An why would someone even have to Photoshop a handwritten note? That doesn’t even make sense. And nice capitalization, by the way. Oldschool must = no school.

  17. Ridge Runner

    That was a great post, Ms T.

    The nail? Well if it was Brad’s, looks like a pretty typical boys nail to me.

  18. Roofus Howls

    #8 – Cheating kids out of 4 years of school?

    Can you clarify, I don’t speak idiot.

    Are you saying that you’d rather have Sheray Thomas for 4 years than 1 year of Cousins, 2 years of Jones, and 1 year of Poythress?

    Or are you saying that you’re so selfish that you think a kid should be convinced to stay in school and give up millions of dollars of earnings (while risking career ending injury and having the NBA scouts pass them up in favor of younger prospects with more “upside”) so they can play for your favorite team?

  19. Jpo

    8. Hahahaha gold!!!!

    16 & 18. Can you all really not see the sarcasm lol

  20. oldschool

    I’m saying that every time I post, ignore it. Basically I’m disqualified from any intelligent debate or discussion of any kind. I have anger issues and I’m full of rage. Ignore me.

  21. oldschool

    and Jpo wins the ‘I get it’ award for the day. kudos.

  22. bluemanchew

    trolls are getting bad on this site they are using different names posting multiple times,the UL losers will still visit the site regardless,just stop them from posting under fake names, one ip one name

  23. oldschool

    where would the fun be in that? its easier to make fun and discredit someone this way, especially the tools. its the internet, relax. don’t take life too seriously.

  24. jim tom

    brad’s dad might want to give him some instruction on the safe use of a hammer

  25. Axe Cop

    I think Not oldschool should get his own weekly post.

  26. oldschool

    that would not bode well for the real oldschool.

  27. Dave / NM

    Brad is proud of his dad as he should be.
    UK fans are proud of Coach Cal as we should be.
    GO BIG BLUE !!!

  28. BravoBigBlue

    Cal’s list is reminiscent of Jay Gatsby’s from The Great Gatsby (for those of you who have actually read a book in your life).

  29. secretagent0014

    #16 “Best post EVER!” Comic book guy voice.