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John Calipari texts Devin Booker every day


Last week, we told you about Devin Booker, the 2014 shooting guard who picked up a scholarship offer from the Cats on Wednesday. Since getting that offer, Booker tells Anthony Wireman that he and Calipari have been texting–every day:

“I’ve been texting with Calipari daily,” Booker told Wireman, who joked that he didn’t picture Cal as being much of a texter. Booker’s response? “Neither did I!”

Things Cal and Booker text about? We’ll use the best two in tonight’s night post.

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42 responses to “John Calipari texts Devin Booker every day”

  1. carlos

    The scent of desperation!

  2. I Say

    If this were Tom Crean or Pitino we would jump all over it to make fun. I thought I remember last year Cal saying that he isnt big on texting kids a lot? I think It was Jahlil Okafor who said that Cal told him “Your 17, what could we be talking about all the time?”

  3. dave

    pretty sure one of the cal-isms is something like, “im 50, he’s 17. what are we going to talk about? im not going to text & call a recruit a lot unless he wants me to.”

  4. brian Ellis

    How would you like an Orange Leaf favor in your honor?

  5. Biglaw Dawgin'

    2 – Make fun of them for what, texting? No, only when they text creepy stuff. Texting is the best way to keep in touch with the recruits since no one wants to have a 20-minute convo everyday.

  6. Coach K

    Andrew Wiggins’ father wants him to go to Kansas or Florida State. UK and UNC are second tier.

  7. Spenser

    I’m glad that Cal is going after more and more shooters. We didn’t have a Lamb last year, this year we have Young and Aa. Harrison, hopefully we get Booker. I don’t think a team full of slashers and athletic wings is going to win a championship.

  8. Michael F. Jox

    Good morning, kid I hardly know. I hope you have a great day at school today! Hit me up later if you wanna chat. Love, Coach.

  9. Bobbum man

    6- cool thanks for the update not like it wasn’t posted several times already

  10. Larry linebeard

    Whether Booker would be the ketchup or the mustard

  11. imnotthefiveo

    Bet its about where andrew wiggins picks

  12. Jeremy F

    Booker texts,” So, ill commit to UK as long as you promise not to get a tattoo of me after we win the 10th title! Oh…one more thing, no more photos with the loserville coach…its creepy…LOL”

    Cals texts,”My bad B! Just trying to show everyone how much better I look than him, yo! No tats, promise! Ha.BTW, Jay-Z n Drake r coming over to my house for dinner if u wanna kick it? Just hit me up.#BBN #bringhome10″#cuztheymailinus9″

  13. Daryl Dixon

    Cal: “so who else you hear from?”

    Booker: “uofl. pitino sayz his tat is tiiiiiight. lolz!!! smh. tell me you got no tat, coach”

  14. Delete

    I really don’t like recruiting.

  15. Dumbledore

    They’re discussing theories about this season of Doctor Who.

  16. Miggity

    Cal: “I like how you play, but UK isn’t for everybody! I can’t protect you here and I make no promise on playing time. You’ve got to come and compete and earn your spot here. We’re a players first program and you’ve got to sacrifice yourself for the team.”

    Booker: “k”

    At least that is how texts/conversations with my kids go……without all the stuff about playing basketball for UK, that is.

  17. The J Man

    “I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately”
    “Did you see the way I kissed my son on national TV?”

    Oh wait, sorry, wrong coach…

  18. frickenbocker

    hey kid, you wouldn’t happen to be friends with Wiggins, would ya?

  19. Text

    Cal: “So we’re in agreement here.”

    Booker: “Yes…BTI sucks”

    Cal: “L-Orange-Leaf”

  20. Crizzle

    Rick pitino getting his leg bitten off by a shark ROFL LMAO

  21. STEVE!

    20 – WINNER!

  22. Bucky Small Hooves

    Cal: Forget about the potential championship, the millions you will make in the NBA, and the adoration of the BBN for next century. If you come to UK, you will get brownies on your birthday.

  23. Mc

    Cal: I’m really impressed with your shot
    Booker: TC SD
    Cal: Tom Crean sucks what?
    Booker: LOL..thanks coach..shooting drills

  24. Mc

    Cal: How’s everything going?
    Booker: Pretty good, thanks for checking in.
    Cal: Pitino is a douchebag, and Tom Crean has children locked in his basement?
    Booker: Huh?
    Cal: LOL! Damn you autocorrect.

  25. Your mother

    12,13,16,17- terrible
    15,18,19,20,22,23- slightly less terrible?

  26. Biglaw Dawgin'

    24 – hahaha

  27. Yo mamas mama

    Booker- coach funny you text me now I just saw a rat bangin a bird, pretty crazy right?
    Cal- You know, that’s how the plague started, back in the day. It was from a little disgusting birdbath in someone’s backyard, rats made sex to birds in it and created a whole new type of AIDS.


    Cal- Devin, I think you would really be interested in my book club.

    Booker- What would you recommend Coach?


  29. KYnVA


    Tom Crean- “Have you guys ever seen broke back mountian?”

    Devin- “smh…no”

    Cal- “wtf”

    Tom Crean- “ohh…uh…yeah…me neither”

  30. DE

    Please tell me that you’re not getting a tattoo like some coaches… I want a coach who acts like a man not a college student

  31. cc

    Devin – wanna be a lottery pick coach

    Cal – Sounds great Devin, I love watching my players dreams come true, picked a jersey number yet?

  32. Brad Calipari

    Devin- “Coach Cal…you got snap chat?”

    Cal- “No, son…thats a little too Jason Collins-ish for me”

    Brett Favre – “I do!”

    Anthony Weiner- “Yay 😉 lol’

  33. Jack Nicklaus

    Coach – “heard that new Wreckx-n-Effect song?”
    Devin – “Who? What?”
    Coach – “been Rump shakin’ all day dogg!”
    Devin – “smh”

  34. Dusten

    Coach Cal-“you still coming to the promise land?”
    Booker-“yea, def”
    Coach Cal-“alright sweet, could you do me a favor and f**k with Bill Self, Roy Williams, and Billy Donavon? Cracks me up everytime.”

  35. tyson

    Cal: “Hey Devin, will you check and see if your mom has any calimari recipes laying around?”

  36. BigBaddyDain

    I bet they text about how much KSR sucks at producing original stories? When are you all going to change out of your pajamas and head out into the world and actually interview someone?

  37. PK

    is that supposed to be Cal taking a mirror pic with sunglasses for his myspace?

  38. poshjarker

    Cal: So, yeah, Trey Anastasio was definitely high at the 97 MSG concert.
    Booker: Uh, coach, each member of Phish has been stoned since they left the womb…
    Cal: Guess you’ve got a point. Want some shrooms? Portabello.

  39. True Story

    Cal – Do you want your dreams to come true? Man up and come to UK and compete with MDVIP players everyday. This is the special forces of basketball, not everyone can handle it.
    Booker – I’m ready

    Pitino – come L1C4 (accidentally attached dick pic and not the New Tat.). Damn technology
    Booker – ? I sent this to the local authorities.

  40. GJ

    They are texting about how both of them are ignoring texts from Pitino

  41. Lake Hair Don't Care

    The season 4 finale of Downton Abbey

  42. DTuck

    Boats and Hoes