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Joe Demling’s Tuesday News and Views


On a day full of recruiting tidbits, it is fitting that we honor Joe Demling. Demling, who is the father of Courier Journal reporter Jody Demling, passed away last Friday after a long bout with cancer. Everyone who I have heard speak about Mr. Demling has had nothing but positives to say about his life. Through the recruiting world and our radio station, I have gotten to know his son Jody, whom I like a great deal. One of the most important moments in the evolution of recruiting information on the internet, occurred when Jody started his recruiting blog on the Courier Journal web site, and it has become possibly the most consistent streamer of information anywhere. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jody and his family and we wish nothing but the best for all those who were touched by Joe Demling’s life.

There are a number of random tidbits, so we will do them in short shots….

— Lots of folks at the Elite Camp, but none more important than Daniel Orton. One of the best players in the 2009 class, made the trip to Lexington for the camp, even though he is injured and not able to play. His visit was also to go on through Tuesday as he sees the campus. Getting Orton is still a bit of a longshot, but this news is good.

— Probably the most asked question around the UK fans I heard from today was about the performance of Hunter McClintock. Hunter had a good few days, struggling early with his shot, but playing very well by the end of the week. I spoke to his dad tonight, who said he averaged something like 23 points a game, not counting his first outing. Hunter went 7 for 7 from the three point line in his last game, in which a team of UK commitments (Vilarino, Hood, Euton and Ferguson) were placed on the same team. Hunter finished with 31 for the game, in which he was matched up most of the time with Vilarino. Hunter was not given an offer at the end of the camp, but expected to talk with the UK folks later in the week. We will let you know if any more info comes up.

— Good performances from a couple of Kentucky kids. Jacob Jenkins of Manual High School was the talk of the camp, as all three people who saw the event that I spoke with, mentioned him as a stand out. Jenkins was recruited early on by Tubby, but spent the last high school year in a bit of a slump, slowly seeing his stock drop. But everyone raved that he had a great 3 days in Lexington. Good stuff as well for Dakotah Euton, who also had seen his stock drop in the past year. He started the week strong, and played very well early.

— Still some concern about GJ Vilarino, who had a decent couple of days, but was worked over against some better guards.

— A formal offer came for Christian Watford, my non-John Wall top choice for the 2009 class. The kid visited UL this week as well and may find the two Kentucky schools as two of his top three choices. In my view, he makes the 2009 class go from good to very good with one decision.

Roburt Sallie, the Nebraska commitment that is now open did not make his visit this weekend. They are hoping to get him in this week.

Matthew Pilgrim, as we told you on Saturday, looked good in his pickup games with the guys on the team. Played like a beast….and tough to guard. However multiple people have told me that he is shorter than listed, with one person saying he “cant be taller than 6’7”. I havent seen him up close, but we shall see.

The Big Black Member has transferred to Duquesne, where he joins our man Scott “I am no Kenyan” Rigot. If you are wondering if I will be watching Duquesne games over the next couple of years, your answer is “Oh yeah!”

A good week for the UK program, as one talent evaluator told me that “UK had a whole lot of talent there this week” and “put on quite a camp.” We will keep you up to date on whether any news comes from it this week.

A great radio show last night as Gregg Doyel was in rare form….we are streaming now, so check out Wednesday’s show on here…..our media member approval ratings start this afternoon and (I promise) we will have our next county overview as well. Things are swinging back into gear, so be ready………

Article written by Matt Jones

44 responses to “Joe Demling’s Tuesday News and Views”

  1. GoCats

    I will take Daniel Orton, John Wall, and Christian Watford for the 2009 class please.
    I feel Daniel Orton will be a superstar. Of course he is the only person in the 2009 class I have seen.

  2. GoCats

    Sorry I skipped the Demling paragraph to read about the recruits.
    Sorry to hear about Jody’s loss. My dad is my best friend, I can’t imagine losing him.


    yep, our prayers are with the Demling family.

  4. BluesMan

    Sorry to hear about Jody’s dad. Cancer is awful.

    I’ve never really thought that Pilgrim looked 6’8″ in photos. However, even if he’s just 6’6″, getting it done is getting it done.

    I’m not concerned about Vilarino. He seems like a great kid, a real hard worker. Not every player on the team can play for 30 minutes a game. He can be an asset to the program anyway.

  5. mattcat68

    My heartfelt condolences go out to the Demling family. I lost my Mother to cancer back in 94, it’s hard to watch loved ones go through it. Thanks for the info Matt, it is appreciated.

  6. coreyy12

    CAN SOMEONE PUT UP THE STORY FROM SCOUT ABOUT CHRISTIANE WATFORD WHEN HE TALKS ABOUT THE ELITE CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. BillyClyde4President

    My uncle and aunt both have cancer and my 35 year old former band mate was buried on Derby Day from a bout lost to cancer. My heart goes out to the Demling family and my prayers are with all of them.

    As for UK, what’s up with Vilarino??? Sounds like he’s got some work to do but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and at least give him the chance to prove us all wrong before I start bashing him like I did Saul Smith.

  8. GoCats

    6) very frustrating. Scout needs to update their list! There are several stories there with Watford talking about UK but they do not list us as one of his options.

  9. kthblu

    I just got home from a long tripand It has been great catching upwith everything. GoCats get a girlfriend or something. As much as I love the Wildcats there is more to life. Well at least during the off season.

  10. Forrest4Three

    Matt just admit it.

    There is NO way Tubby was recruiting Jacob Jenkins..

    You just say that.. How do you know???

  11. UKFAN26

    Hood, GJ, Orton, Watford, Wall, and Pilgrim would be a top 5 class for sure!!!!! I’d rather have Wall and/or Watford more than Orton.

  12. GoCats2010

    Jenkins was actually a verbal to UK and was listed as a commit a while back

  13. dano

    Any word on how Ferguson played?

  14. nybrasky

    13 – Assuming you’re talking about Dominique (there’s also a Ferguson kid from Elliott Co), then he looked as advertised and there were KG comparisons at his age from Maggard & Co. He’s going to be a dominant force for UK and definitely a top 10 in his class, if not top 5. There should be more notes in the comments section of one of the posts below (probably the rosters).

  15. maxim99

    Prayers and thoughts go out to the demling family….

  16. maxim99

    And about Hunter, him and Porter should have played pick up games against each other at the blue courts and then we could have seen if he is worth an offer or not.

    By the way, I like Porter and think he will improve dramatically by next year, but would also like some options (Galloway, Liggins (we hope), Meeks, and if fitting Hunter). Point guard is key to our team next year. We need players who can feed the post!

  17. Phili5

    If Vilarino is as good as Saul Smith I’d be happy. If he’s as(sorry) useless as Brandon Stockton or Josh Carrier I’ll be pissed.

  18. RuppsRingFinger

    The Ferguson kid from Elliott County is Johnathon.
    He is an outstanding HS player and an asset to his team,
    but I would be VERY surprised if he was offered.
    I have no doubt that Clyde would take him as a walk-on
    which, in my view, is the likely scenario.
    My brother is friends with him and he thinks Ferg
    would rather walk no to UK than to be a scholly player
    anywhere else.

  19. Phili5

    11) If we get that class, it’ll be the #1 class in the country. Personally I think a player like Orton is more critical to team success than a superstar like Wall. We need depth in our frontcourt.

  20. chuckmashburn

    What about JR. hitting 600 yesterday ? Only the 6th to do it, and if you take out roids maybe the 4th. Bonds could have done that also I believe if not on the juice, but I hope people give Griff some props.

  21. NewWildcatOrder

    What a crazy mess Cohen is in now down at -MSU:

  22. RuppsRingFinger


    In your personal opinion will McClintock get an offer?

  23. GummyBear

    20… I’m with ya. Jr deserves props for doing it the right way. Now he needs nine more to pass that hack, Sammy Sosa.

  24. gators4life

    hey when I was down in north carolina about a year ago, my coach told me
    I should go check this kid (McClintock) out. I went and watched him
    and he just scored 42 points. This kid can do it all. He has great
    court vision and can shoot the lights out. He would be a perfect fit
    for KY. You guys need all the help you can get at the point guard spot.
    But I guess Porter is better.

  25. RuppsRingFinger

    I wouldn’t say we need all the help we can get.
    I would say we are looking.

  26. gators4life

    well you dont have to look to hard. If I was Billy, I wouldn’t
    sleep at night, knowing you have to play porter next year. He gives
    you guys nothing. I dont mind if he does play. It would help us out if
    he does. But you guys really need a point guard, and this kid can do it.

  27. AZ Blue

    Wait a sec – if Orton came here from Oklahoma even when he was injured, why is he a long shot? I am trying to keep my hopes down, but this seems like UK is one of his favorites…

  28. gators4life

    Orton will be playing ball at kansas or texas, you can
    write that down. Spoke to his father and he loves KY basketball, but
    does not want his son to play so far away from home. Sounds like a plaery
    I know that just left (UNLV).

  29. Phili5

    Does Liggins completely out of th question now?

  30. gators4life

    nope, if you can go take the test for hime

  31. maxim99

    31 – are you a friend of the site or something. Little confused why you worried about UK recruiting news and the qualifications of players. Not trying to start anything, just curious.

  32. gators4life

    nope, from KY but a true gator fan, but enjoy this website. Cant find
    a website like this for my gators. You guys write some interesting
    articles and I enjoy reading them. Freedom of speech!!!!

  33. Phili5

    Porter starting, no doubt, will be a freakin disaster. Worse then Coury. Porter had trouble getting the ball over the half-court line at times. Either Liggins qualifys, Galloway turns out to a stud, or a new recruit(Hunter).

  34. C-A-T-S

    Doyle is a douche bag

  35. UKFAN26

    i don’t kno why u all are so afraid of Porter getting playing time at the point. We’ve got Galloway for sure, maybe even Liggins. If liggins qualifies porter wont see any time at the point. If Liggins doesn’t qualify Galloway will prolly average 35+ minutes per game. I’m confident that Porter can improve and come in and play just a couple minutes a game effectivly

  36. Phili5

    I not afraid of him getting 5-10 minutes a game. He’s proven he can hit an open shot. Him being the starting PG is what scares us.

  37. Shaffer42

    I’m hoping we don’t add anyone else for this upcoming year. Next year if we can add Wall, Orton (or other top notch big) and a quality wing player I’d be happy. But I don’t want to give up all of our scholarships just because…I think that Liggins will qualify (maybe hope instead of think), but Galloway and Porter will step up. I have more confidence in Coach Gillispie’s ability to get the most out of every player than I am in their actual abilities. Although I think Porter’s shooting will be an asset and Galloway’s passing.

  38. UKBoo

    If Liggins can qualify, then UK should hold tight. If not, even if Porter develops, and he certainly could, UK still has a need this coming year. If Galloway is cast into the Jasper role, he’s probably looking at a part time PG/part time SF gig.

  39. gators4life

    well I have seen galloway and he is not a point guard, handles are
    a little bad right now. He can get to the basket, but passing is
    not that great. What you should do is have someone dribble down and hand
    patterson the ball on the block and tell everyone to hit the boards.
    Is there a way where porter can leave with jasper.

  40. UKBoo

    #40 I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about handing pressure with the current UK situation…

  41. ukindianballer

    My condolences to the Demling family also

  42. MuhlenberCountyCAT

    #40 SO YOU’ve seen Galloway and you say he can’t handle the ball and can’t pass, but you want Porter to leave. If Galloway isn’t a point guard then Porter will have to play point. WHERE DID YOU SEE GALLOWAY?

  43. MuhlenberCountyCAT

    ORTON is the second coming of SHAQ DIESEL. THe kid is a brute.