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Jerry Palm’s Latest


Jerry Palm holding a photoshopped ice cream cone. Because why not?

CBS Sports’ Jerry Palm released his latest bracket last night with no change to Kentucky’s seeding.  If you were unfamiliar, Palm still sees the Cats taking on LaSalle in the 12-seed play-in game. If Calipari and his team were to win, they’d set up a showdown with Travis Ford’s Oklahoma State Cowboys.



Article written by Jonathan Schuette

43 responses to “Jerry Palm’s Latest”

  1. Ridge Runner

    Speculate & predict is the name of the game as this week gets ready to put it all into history.

  2. Catlanta

    It’s pathetic that a team with 4 or 5 future pros and ranked number 3 preseason is sweating it out going into the NCAAT.

  3. Viren

    #2 I think you are pathetic that you are a fair weather fan. Either support the team win or lose or get off the bandwagon.

  4. Bizzaro World

    2) it’s patetic, or did they just lose their best player a few weeks ago? I think trolls like you are more pathetic, but that’s just me.

  5. crazycatfan

    If you don’t love the Cats unless they’re winning … get off this site. I’m tired of you whining!

  6. JKUK

    How does that make any sense? UK gets a big win and doesn’t move??

  7. explorer

    #2 – There are three guys that will get drafted. The odds of them making a career as a professional basketball player are doubtful. None of them are a sure thing at the next level. That’s a big difference.

    And there is a huge drop off in talent on the team after those three guys. Everyone talks about how young we are. Our problem is we just don’t have enough athletism and talent.

  8. UK

    We are fine. Cauley-stein is getting better every game and archie/poythress are making steps. Just need to keep playing and anything can happen.

    Very few teams have more talent, but their teams are blended more. I will take the talent.

    With that, (assuming we get past La Salle or whatever), Oklahoma State scares the crap out of me.

  9. fishon

    just think about how good we’re gonna be next year and beyond… 5 mcdonald’s all-americans and maybe randle or wiggins joining them! and the next year we already got karl towns and probably gonna get #1 pf Lyles

  10. What?

    #2-Did you even think before you posted that? You are a Moron.

  11. fishon

    and that’s the 3rd weird pic on here today

  12. Ridge Runner

    11, I hear ya but at least it’s not a live blog on tennis. If that makes no sense, it just means ya didn’t visit ksr late last night and disregard.

  13. jp15cat

    I would almost(emphasis on almost) rather not get in the tournament than be put in a play-in game. The play-in games don’t even feel like you are in the tournament. Look at the other teams in that category. How can a team that finishes 2nd in the SEC be considered a play-in team? How is 6th seeded Missouri given a pass into the tournament? Why even play a conference schedule if it does not mean anything. The whole process is a joke How can a team with a losing record in their conference, Illinois, warrant a spot in the tournament. I know they have beaten some good teams, but they have lost a ton of games and can’t manage a winning record in the conference when half your games are at home? The Big 10 is overrated, which is why Michigan State continues to be ranked high with double digit losses. That is a joke.

  14. Murphy

    How is #2 wrong guys? I get that we shouldn’t applaud the negativity but the heart o their “argument” is that we were a top five ranked squad, a top ranked recruit class, we have 4 or 5 potential pros, play in a severely weakened SEC, even made our non conference schedule a lot easier by removing IU and North Carolina and yet here we are positioned to either play a crap team in the play in game or go to the NIT. Our team has not shown an ounce of improvement from the Duke and Louisville games, we ended our streak in Rupp embarrassingly and barely beat a Florida squad that is not actually very good. If they score even once or twice in the last stretch of that game we lose or go to Ot. So don’t jump on someone with a perfectly valid point. Not everyone who dissents on here is a troll, some fans just choose to live in reality 🙂

  15. Ridge Runner

    13, ya always want to go to the tourney. always! Anything can happen and even if it is a loss…ya went and had the opportunity. Every win we get in the tourney is long term wins we accumulate with our record overall. I’ll take every win in the tourney we can get and the opportunity of just being there. Think past this team & perhaps you will see what I mean.

  16. fish on

    how good is D. Hawkins has any1 seen him play?
    if he comes to ky will he get some real pt?
    and wonder if harrow returns next year

  17. Ridge Runner

    14, you really answered your own question. Trolls disguise themselves with crap like that and you can smell them most of the time. If the guy wasn’t…he would be right back on here typing out what he meant ot clarifying it. He’s a troll and he was just more political about his comments instead of calling us an azz. Actually, that is more of a slap than being direct.

  18. Norm

    Hope KSR posts a link to watch the game again today…

  19. Ridge Runner

    18, it’s televised if you are around one.

  20. jp15cat

    15- I said I almost would rather not play in the play-in game. I clearly emphasized that. I just think the play-in games should be the weakest teams in the tournament. We have not had a typical year, but we are from from being one of the 4 weakest teams in the “supposed” field.

  21. bung

    That 1st 4 minutes of the game we ran the fast break right up Fla’s nose…11-2 score…hopefully we found how to run effectively and will do it more often… we will go much farther in the tourney if we are not a half court only team…

  22. Ridge Runner

    20, You did sir -no problem. I was just obliterating the emphasis in order to erase it from any potential thought.

  23. Mack

    Found this article interesting concerning the the Twin’s High School coach:

  24. Explorer

    Not trying to be an ass, but who are you guys counting as future pros? I think you be pretty liberal with that definition. I only count Goodwin, Poythress,, and Stein. Noel is not playing so he doesn’t count.

  25. cvds

    13 – I agree about the conference schedule. Even if the SEC is down compared to some other big conferences, it really is frustrating that there is so little opportunity to move up – just down. If you’re playing against a bunch of ranked teams every week, you’re gonna get a few good wins here and there (see: Villanova). That doesn’t mean you’re a tournament team. The SEC may only have one ranked team, but conference play is always tough in a power conference and finishing second should carry a bit more weight.

    Oh well. Just gotta show ’em in the SEC tournament. Go Cats!

  26. London

    La Salle better hope we win this SEC Tourney and move up a bit because I honestly think we would mop them.

  27. Satchmo

    The main concern is the black raspberry chip he’s holding

  28. bung

    how bout that Alex hitting the boards…Hood can play inside at the rim if we need him or hit the J…Willie is getting better every game…Archie will be even better when he dishes at the basket a little more…Ryan and Julius and Polson need to keep running the middle and take it as deep as they can to see if they have a shot or assist before we break it off…Keep shooting it Kyle and knock somebody down on defense…I am looking forward to the 2 tourneys…

  29. Anderson

    24– Ask the troll (#2) who posted it and not “You guys”.

  30. London

    I think the SEC is gonna surprise a few teams this year. The SEC gets no love but most all of the teams are athletic and play good defense.

  31. Anderson

    24– Unless you are the same as #2??? hmmm

  32. London

    Hopefully kyle steps in and gets his shot going again and his confidence back. If not I’d rather play Jon Hood honestly because of his hustle. That blocked shot he had last night was just an example of something Kyle would never be able to do.

  33. Victor Gonzales

    I don’t find #2’s post so bad that it deserves all this criticism … When someone can’t post an honest opinion without being called a troll— this site has failed.

  34. tekcop

    Yeah.. kyle couldve made the game a little more comfortable if he wasn’t so completely owned on defense and made at least one of his shots. Erik Murphy was doing what kyle needs to be doing.

  35. tekcop

    #2 I honestly think the fans are the only ones truly “sweating it out” considering the team just beat florida.

  36. explorer

    I don’t care if #2 is a troll or not. I am just trying to argue his point. We are not team loaded with NBA talent. Three guys have some potential and that is it.

  37. GYERPS21S
  38. Rex wore 3

    There were a culmination of reasons why this team never turned the corner..Inexperience, leadership, selfishness, non-cohesion, consistency and more importantly several players never “bought in” to Cal’s system. I don’t think Sean Woods was off too much when he basically said some incoming players had a Prima Donna mindset..Cal has been very fortunate to of had 3 successful recruiting years and freshmen that “did” turn the corner after some early struggles(Brandon Knight, Eric Bledsoe). This team had so much potential, but some players couldn’t self-motivate themselves or play up to their abilities. Where the fault lies is anyone’s guess, the players or coach?

  39. GoodChicken

    season ain’t over yet so quit comparing this team to previous teams. Judge them when the season is over.

  40. Cats

    37… That’s an NIT bracket that some moron made up

  41. rixter

    Jerry’s got a heckuva head on that ice cream cone

  42. Rae

    #2. Don’t judge these guys on hype. They were never the third best in the country. They didn’t regress from #3; they were just assumed to be something they weren’t and never quite gelled as a team, and this is a year of tough team-oriented play. That’s why mid-majors are doing fairly well.

    Where’s the five? Don’t call Wiltjer a future pro because he isn’t playing like it this year. Maybe his senior year, but teams should be judged on current talent and skill level, not how they may play two years from now. With Nerlens we beat Georgia and perhaps Arkansas and are not in this position, plus he is on crutches so he no longer really counts.

    So you’ve got WCS, Archie and Alex. All are draft picks based solely on a weak draft and potential. WCS is raw and needs another year of improvement before you can call him a true NBA talent; he’s being considered based on size. Archie and Alex are largely picks based on high school play and a weak draft, especially Alex.

    So we’ve got 3 NBA picks, and even then they will likely spend a lot of time in the D-league if they go this year. We are not loaded on NBA talent. We’ve got three hyped guys with a ton of potential who will likely get eaten up in the league if they go before they are ready.

  43. srings

    He needs to suck his cone.