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Jeff Borzello: “Kentucky is squarely in the mix for Gordon”

Some say Aaron Gordon is the next Blake Griffin.  Others say he will be better.  Whether or not that is true remains to be seen, but it’s pretty high praise for the young man who is just finishing up his senior year of high school at Archbishop Mitty out in California.  The 6-foot-9 power forward is considering three schools as his recruitment winds down over the next month or two, and according to Jeff Borzello over at, Kentucky is still a major player with the two schools out west, Washington and Arizona.

In terms of recruiting, the 6-foot-9 forward is down to three schools: Arizona, Washington and Kentucky. The two Pac-12 schools were deemed the favorites for most of the past couple of years, but Kentucky has really come on strong lately and is squarely in the mix for his services.

We often forget about Gordon — in part because we continue to hear he will stay closer to home — when caught up in the talk of Andrew Wiggins and Julius Randle, but that line from Borzello tells us there’s still potential for him to join Kentucky’s historic recruiting class.  He’s right up there on the Wiggins/Randle skill level and he’s a lot more than just a “third option” for UK.  Kentucky fans would love to see Gordon breaking backboards in Rupp Arena next season.

Notebook: Aaron Gordon puts on show despite loss

Article written by Drew Franklin

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55 responses to “Jeff Borzello: “Kentucky is squarely in the mix for Gordon””

  1. MN CAT


  2. Devastation INC

    Finally some recruiting news!

  3. rml4uk

    I’m pretty sure that white defender has a concussion…

  4. Legacy Stuff

    That poor #42 will someday brag about “guarding” Aaron Gordon…. until his kids find this youtube clip. I’m really glad they didn’t have youtube in my era…..

  5. Poster Stuff

    #3 yea, no doubt…. I bet it doesn’t hurt as bad as his pride….

  6. Miguel

    He will be better than randle. Gordon + Wiggins + current 2013class= undefeated championship season

  7. bluecat

    WOW!!! Number 42 just got destroyed right there….lol!! I know Randle is an outstanding talent, and I would be absolutely thrilled if he were to join the Cats, but I love Gordon’s athleticism. Thats something you just can’t teach and its something that teams will have a hard time matching up with. If I could pick who I wanted to finish out the class, I would choose Wiggins and Gordon (not that what I want matters). But you can’t lose with either of the remaining prospects. Heres a question…… Is there any way Kentucky could get Randle and Gordon?

  8. game

    he looked great the other night

  9. St. Paul Raiders

    I’ve seen Gordon play more than the other remaining targets and I love his game. Drew is more than right saying he shouldn’t be considered some lower grade third option.

  10. Squeeze

    RIP #42 – Two collapsed lungs, 5 broken ribs, blunt force trauma to the neck and face, concussion, cranial blood clot, shattered tail bone, dislocated vertebrae. Probably wasn’t worth it…

  11. Schedule

    Does anyone know if UK has committed to any tournaments for this coming November? I don’t think they are going to Maui, but wondering if any other nice location. I’m thinking I need a good vacation.

  12. Hmm

    That scoreboard puzzles me. The hometeam still wears the white jerseys right? Yet the scoreboard says the hometeam is up 24 – 10, there is no way that snowstorm in white is up that much on Gordon’s team.

  13. catsfaninct

    i was at this game. he had several highlight reel dunks. kid is crazy athletic and would be great UK get. watch the kid 42’s head hit the floor. yikes! i saw dakri johnson play too. came away impressed. soft touch, good hands. blocks shots. knows the game. not in noel or davis category but kid has talent. sadly 2 best players i saw yesterday were duke bound jabari parker and a kid named troy williams from oak hill who is hoosier bound.

  14. obviouslysays

    lob city with gordon and lee

  15. catsfaninct

    hey #12 that snowstorm team is called lone peak from utah with 2 byu commits. they beat gordon’s team by 40! yes 40!

  16. Indiana Tom

    I believe this guy should be number one target. I have seen Wiggins and Gordon play a couple of times and Gordon is the real deal. If we get any of the 3, Cat fans will be happy! But my pick is Mr. Gordon!

  17. I Say

    #12 that’s because Gordon’s team got absolutely destroyed by those white boys , you eyes did not deceive you

  18. RealCatsFan

    I agree with what other said – any of the “Big Three” remaining recruits would round the class off nicely. Isn’t it great to be drooling over the idea of getting to watch any of these kids play for the Cats? Far cry from just a few years ago when BCG was chasing mediocre middle-school kids.

  19. Jordan

    Who says we can’t get all 3?

  20. ThatsAShame

    is number 4 wearing a sweater?

  21. WestWorld

    I bet # 42 ran sideways after that.

  22. Simple

    I actually prefer Gordon to Wiggins.

  23. will

    16, i agree with you. i like gordon better than randle and possibly wiggins.

  24. Bubba Earl

    I believe he will join up with the Goss kid of Findley Prep who put on a show yesterday and hit the winning shot to beat Monte Verde Prep, they are building a strong team at Washington next year! I am being realistic, he wants to stay closer to home and I am not saying this negatively.

  25. Drooling

    Any of the remaining Big Three would be wonderful. There are such great advantages to all three.

  26. Heavy Hitter

    #42, I believe you have a strong case against Mr. Gordon. You were totally victimized, not to mention the whiplash suffered against such a powerful dunk shot!

  27. Looks like me at the "Y"

    Isn’t that Drew Franklin walking up the steps in the background!?!?!

  28. white guy

    I think I want one more shot at em

  29. bill murray

    This kid may be who we would want over Randle? Duno, just saying Gordons mixtapes always look better and better.

  30. bdown

    I so badly want Gordon to come to UK!! He can throw the ball down harder than anyone I have ever seen

  31. bill murray

    Gordon with Marcus Lee would be so interesting. 2 best PFs in country

  32. That's Live Action!

    The poor guy walking up the stairs in the background has no idea he missed the best dunk of the year!

  33. bosshogg24

    Randle is the most powerful,most dominating player in high school today, the missing link to # 9 in Lexington!

  34. WestWorld

    Does this count as an official visit to Springfield College?

  35. Wildcatsteeler

    Holy crap! That dunk tops Noels posterization the other night. When your dunk knocks the guy flat on his back so hard he bangs his head on the court that is impossible to beat.

  36. tyrus

    What’s the score on a player from out west or considering a couple of schools out west and UK is in the mix, the kid picks UK? Not too good?

  37. EvantheGreat

    Is gordon really 6-9? i thought he was closer to 6-7? He dunks like he’s 7 foot

  38. teabaggin

    He can’t teabag like Noel though.

  39. cparkrookie15

    I actually watched the Huntington Prep team play the other night on Espn and Wiggins looked like he struggled a alot against Noah Vonleah. I would like to have all three but like I have said all along I see Wiggins as a goodwin type player just better.

  40. cat89

    I like this kid’s game. He has the engine that A.P. is missing with a similar body. Come on Aaron the BBN awaits.

  41. mike

    #42 will probably commit to Duke and that will be an offensive foul in college.

  42. Catfan44444

    #36, can you say T.Jones and Wiltjer. Both from west coast.

  43. bluecat

    #41, LoL!! Thats great. I bet the poor kid was auditioning for Duke….taking the charge!! Problem is, he’s supposed to slap the floor with his hands, not his head!! That guy got destroyed by Gordon!!

  44. coldspringmike

    #36= ever hear of Terrance Jones, Tyshaun Prince to name a few.

  45. PennsylvaniaWildcat

    Damn, #42, your head went back like a crash test dummy.

  46. gossie21

    #42 is Eric Mika very solid player in his own right. Lone Peak is one of the top teams in the nation, they came in 2nd place in the City of Palms tournament. 3 BYU commits on that team, Eric Mika (76, 2013), TJ Haws (85, 2014), and Nick Emery (106, 2013).

  47. WildcatFanNVaBeach

    @22…I agree!!

  48. oldschool

    Here’s the problem with the current BBN generation. You are so easily bowled over by flash, that you overlook substance. This is a perfect example.

    This Gordon kid is no doubt impressive. The dunk is vicious and makes for a great highlight. But his team LOST by 40 points. Apparently the other team (which unsuprisingly it has been pointed out, is made up of mostly white kids – as if that matters) was a pretty good collection of basketball players. Actually – a 40 point “whomping” indicaates it was one heck of a basketball team.

    The current generation of BBN is more impressed with a single play, than with the outcome of a game. KSR spends more time speculating about the draft selection of current players and the stars next to a future recruit, than they do the actual performance of the current UK team taking the floor.

    This year, we have a collection of very good basketball players – many of whom are projected to be NBA-caliber players. Meanwhile – the Creightons, Butlers, San Diego States, North Dakota States and Gonzagas of the world – are not necessarly loaded with players “making posters of opponents” – yet they are extremely good basketball TEAMS.

    Again – Gordon may be a great talent – but his team lost by 40 points. The above basket he scored was impressive – but it worth only two points. Obviously it wasn’t nearly enough to overcome a better TEAM. I’m not knocking the kid – I’m trying to get UK fans to wake up and realize that basketball is a TEAM sport – and success lies not so much in getting on the ESPN highlight real,as it does in good teamwork, passing, balance, depth, etc.

  49. cracka

    the last time they had a tournament to decide the best TEAM, i think we did alright

  50. oldschool

    49 – and that UK team had three returning starters on it.

  51. New school math

    Just by watching Gordon this year on TV if the choice between Randle or Gordon came up I think Gordon is the best for UK. Cal knows more then all of us so I’m sure he will get the one he wants.
    50) How did we have 3 returning starters? Didn’t we start 3 freshman in Teague,MKG, and Davis. I thought 5 was all you could put on the floor at once. I’m just saying!

  52. oldschool

    Miller started some games – but to be accurate – I’ll amend my statement to suggest it was 2.5 starters. He played starters’ minutes.

  53. I Know What He Meant

    3 players who have started previously, returning.

  54. King Ghidora

    Hey oldschool. Anthony Davis’s high school team went 6—19 his senior year. And he turned out OK. Well, maybe a little better than OK, don’t you think? You’re right. It does take a team to win. And if you play on a team with all weak players except you that team is still likely to lose a lot and lose big. That doesn’t make YOU a bad player. Try to pay attention to how these things go. There will be a quiz.

  55. Splitting hairs

    … So where can UK pick up some veteran players? Aren’t we past the trade deadline? Gordon is aggressive! Love it. Would love to see AP be this aggressive, split some hairs like Gordon in this video, and I wouldn’t care if he was called for the charge EVER, as long as he brought it like this!!! Bottom line- CATS are getting better. Should expect a snap back after steps made at AU. From where they were, to be where they are, they are within reach of a great TEAM season. Get to CO, smoke a little, chill _ _ out