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Jarnell plans on winning at Rupp

Tennessee’s Jarnell Stokes met with the Knoxville media yesterday to discuss his upcoming game against Georgia, but the young freshman who doesn’t know how to stretch still has his mind on the Cats.

“It definitely made me more hungry. I definitely wanted to win. If anything, I want to win at Rupp Arena. I plan on winning, before I leave, at Rupp Arena. I’m saying that on the record right now. It made me more hungry and made me dislike Kentucky more.”

Yeah, and I plan on starting at center for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Just move along, young fella. Some things are just out of your reach.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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97 responses to “Jarnell plans on winning at Rupp”

  1. Han

    Dislike Kentucky more? Damn, Tennessee has poisoned the poor innocent kid’s mind. He doesn’t even know how to recognize basketball royalty, he’s so new to college basketball.

  2. Same Thing

    Ahhh…to be young and dumb again

  3. Floyd the Barber

    I plan on winning the Masters this April and I don’t even have an invitation to play!

  4. Left Side of the Aisle

    should have enrolled at lexington.

  5. Whoof Arted

    Should have just come to UK and he would win in rupp all the time

  6. Dykes

    Gotta learn how to stretch before he even thinks about winning at Rupp!!

  7. AaronJ

    Good luck big fella, your going to have to face Noel and Bennett next year.

  8. HackRichards

    It is not UK’s fault he came out early and signed with a BUNCH OF ORANGE losers. If he had just waited 1/2 a year he would be loving what he is now hating.

  9. Cat fan

    Wow, and I thought I liked this kid. Davis and crew gave Stokes a beat down this week.

  10. Poole's Daddy Says NO

    I’ve been talking to him about choosing Tennessee over UK. And we think its wonderful. I’ve told him he will learn to stretch and how not to get blocked or he will be coming home.

  11. Porcino's

    Plans on winning at Rupp? Is he going to transfer to UK?

  12. Rich

    Seriously you play for a guy named Cuonzo… That’s like being named Cassanova…on second thought it’s much worse than being named Cassanova. At least Cassanova has some history behind it. Who the hell is named Cuonzo — more like Dundrecous.

  13. Jimi Garden of Eden

    Jarnell…you’re statement is a stretch…

  14. nashville cats fan

    Stokes must’ve seen a unibrow in his cereal the next day. The monster formally known as Ant Davis just abused that kid. I hope the twitch he developed after the game is temporary!

  15. @bmac859

    Ya know what they say, want in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first.

  16. the Big Dog

    Did I ever mention that I hate tennessee and their puke orange colors? This kid must plan on staying at UT for a long, long time. He is still trying to get rid of the red marks on his forehead the ball made from those Anthony Davis blocks.

  17. yep


  18. Wu Tang Financial

    Plans on winning at Rupp before he leaves? Dude, you only have four years of eligibility!

  19. WildcatRX7

    “Some things are just out of your reach.” [Insert stretching joke here.]

  20. Ryan

    Not only does he not know how to stretch, but he also lacks knowledge of basic grammar. It’s “hungrier,” not “more hungry.”

  21. REAL BLY

    Do they hold eating competitions at Rupp??? Is that what he is talking about??

  22. notv

    Jarnell Stokes is transferring to UK???????????????????????????????????????

  23. Denise

    This has opened up a whole new era for “You know you play for Tennessee when…” JOKES! Let’s hear them Big Blue Nation!

    You know you play for Tennessee when your biggest dream in life is to beat Kentucky at Rupp Arena!

    Keep the dream if it makes you feel all cozy at night. Never gonna happen! The REALITY is your nightmare! GO BIG BLUE!

  24. TommyLasorda

    He might get some shoes by then….

  25. DavenderCatTheSequel

    Unless you’re sitting in sec 17, row J, seat 8 during the second TV timeout for the ***Pieratt’s Fan of the Game***, you will not win in Rupp Arena.

  26. bigbluecats

    Maybe he should learn to change his pull-ups before his mouth writes checks his ass cant cash. Or maybe hes been smoking some weed that some former Tennessee players left behind in the dorm. Now thats Tennessee Pride

  27. Jarnellthebonr

    Well, what do you expect? He isnt in college for his brain

  28. My name is Gabe brah

    Keep wishing. Not going to happen

  29. jaws2

    He’ll never beat us in Rupp. But, this kid has great footwork, a quick first step, and CAN play. He’s going to be a real handful in the SEC if he stays 4 years. I like his attitude, and hope our guys feel the same way facing every team we play.

  30. nassau65

    that right there is funny, i don’t care who you are.

  31. prpcat

    Probably still believes in the Easter bunny as well keep wearin your orange dreaming your dream….

  32. Tubster

    Did he say “Point. Blank. Period.”?

  33. Go Cats!

    Bring it there fellah. Should probably worry about not losing to us at home first… Baby steps…

  34. Bluecalizone

    If Dumpy dislikes us now, he’ll really be pissed off after we beat their ass 6 more times.

  35. Kara

    Can someone please tell me how I e-mail KSR?? I can’t find an address anywhere.

  36. My name is Gabe brah

    Hopefully we play UT again in the SEC tournament so we can embarrass them like we did earlier this week

  37. Give'em Hell Cats

    It would be nice to start a streak of our own against the dirty snitches. what’s that 5 in a rown now?

  38. Go Cats!

    #23—– is it gabe dadi??

  39. ATB (Always True Blue)

    I like this kid, its funny you know he wanted to be a Cat really badly and I would have loved to have had him, he is really good. It just didn’t work out, but since he couldn’t play for the best he wants to beat the best. I like that attitude.

  40. nassau65

    35. click on any of the names in blue under the pix at the top of the page. good luck with that, they’ve never answered any of mine.

  41. nickring14

    bring it.

  42. Ck

    The Dan and jaelyn call was completely fake. I could hear all the muffled laughter in the background. Why couldn’t you, Matt Jones?

  43. SkyAntoine

    “When ignorance gets started it knows no bounds.” – Will Rogers

  44. big green huey

    Kara—– click on the names under the pics at the top of the page.
    You are welcome.

  45. My name is Gabe brah

    #38 This is the real Gabe Dadi himself–whats up brah?

  46. Tom Selleck's Mustache

    Has Chane Behanan putting his foot in his mouth not taught these other guys anything? Looks like college is gonna be a let down for Mr. Stokes also.

  47. TheMadCatter

    The attempts at fake voices have run their course. They’re no longer funny, they’re just embarrassing now.

  48. Don

    meh, he’s endearing himself to the inbreds down there..whatever. He got clowned in Rupp, and made to look real damn average. Next up to throw his shit into the second row – Mr. Noel!

  49. jack

    From one of Rupp Arena’s “Blue Hairs”: Jarnell, if I had a nickel for everybody that’s ‘”planned on winning'” at Rupp Arena and didn’t, I’d be able to afford one of those sideline on-court seats.”

  50. Get Sh*t Right

    If he wanted to win in Rupp so bad, he should have just enrolled and paid his own way for a semester. That’s the only way it’ll ever happen.

  51. GapToothDanny

    after this statement I will never again believe it when someone opines that “these young players don’t know anything about (fill in the blank)’s rivalry with our team…THEY KNOW


  52. AJackson

    Don’t get ahead of yourself, big guy. You should probably try picking up a win at Thompson-Boling first.

  53. Bethel University cross country runner

    its funny how stokes doesnt even say that ky is good…. man get the heck out of here… u suck at life just like every other player there

  54. Some Guy

    Maybe he is going to challenge a UK player to game of freeze tag at Rupp… You never know…

  55. ekublue

    He’s a lowdown dirty dog and I’m not a dog person!

  56. Kyle Almek

    He wont worry about winning in Rupp when he sees his name in top 10 projections…

  57. Weightwatchers

    The kid’s More hungry??? Not possible. Somewhere Charles Barkley is worried this kid will be my new pitchman.

  58. ekublue

    I can’t stress that enough.

  59. fairplay

    Give the young man a break. He is not old enough to know that his mouth shouldn’t write checks that his talent can’t cash.

  60. Old Henry Man

    He is a young man, he should want to win in Rupp, but I do not believe he will


    Stay hungry young man.

  62. capt. price

    Go ahead and ‘say that for the record right not.’ How well have those guarantees been panning out for all these morons? Go ahead and predict to go undefeated next year as well. Point blank, period. Jar Nail.

  63. capt. price

    And yes, you should ‘dislike Kentucky’ even more now. They beat your a$$ by something like 25 points! Can Jar Nail personally get 25 points better? His team sure won’t.

  64. B-man

    How cute…he really believes Tennessee matters.

  65. Another Perspective

    Can’t blame him for being bitter. He was THIS CLOSE to winning every game in Rupp but we didn’t have a scholly. He came in and was staring right in the face of “what could have been” and it eats at him. Who among us wouldn’t have a hard time digesting that?

    He’s a good ballplayer and we would have enjoyed having him on our team. But life’s funny. Sometimes ya get dealt a hand that you don’t really prefer. Make the most of it, Jarnell. It is what it is.

  66. This Guy

    Hey, everybody needs to some goals to strive for in life, but that comment is DONE. I really like the way the kid plays but that comment puts him on my BUM list. Jarnell, I like the heart being displayed, but I hope you have a couple more goals in mind because Tennessee beating Kentucky at Rupp aint gonna happen my friend.

  67. kyle heavy

    Is he the new Wayne Chism? Undersized, Headband, Talks ish…

  68. HOO HOO

    What was the statement about wants in one hand and poop in the other? Well I eat poop.

  69. ATB (Always True Blue)

    I just got two fortunes in my chinese takeout meant for Jarnell while I was reading the comments, seriously, “Aim at the stars, but keep your feet on the ground” and “Blessed is he who makes his companions laugh”. Thought my fellow KSR readers would enjoy these.

  70. Eddyville

    Nostrastokes? C’mon young fella!

  71. Bledsoe's Biceps

    I admire his youthful ambition and every player in the SEC probably shares his dream. Just hope he can handle disappointment well.

  72. Kwildcat

    He needs to join another team if he wants to win in Rupp….big feet, small brain

  73. Bluecalizone

    He low down,,he dirty,,,

  74. mjblue2

    If he wants to win at Rupp he should transfer and walk-on at UK…

  75. tangledupinblue

    well if the kid was very smart he would have known that you can’t transfer schools in Tenn. , without actually moving , and stay eligible . Thats the reason he’s in big orange pergatory in the first place .

  76. Tennessee Wildcat

    Stokes does not look 6-9. He looks more like the size of Chuck Hayes, well maybe about 6-7 or so. Either way, those orange people over there in the mountains can give up winning at Rupp at least as long as Cal is here with the Cats. I agree with #73 and #74.

  77. Inside Your Mind

    He should call Chane Behanan.

  78. #WWMKGD

    Glad he know’s they certainly have no chance to win a national championship so he can only dream about beating us. at rupp. which he won’t do. so need to dream EVEN LOWER.

  79. Lovely

    The only way that will happen is if the Rupp reconstruction gets done soon, and the new arena is chosen as an NCAA tournament site, Tennessee has a decent enough year to get in and actually wins their first round game, against a team not named Kentucky.

  80. catcrazy4sure

    Couple of positives here: 1. We now have bulletin board material should we play them in the SEC tounament 2. If the young man works really hard he’ll be able to showcase his game in the NIT before he leaves Knoxville.

  81. NotSatire

    23. You know you play for Tennessee when…you wake up at night barking in your sleep.

  82. John McGrath

    is he tranfering to UK ? That’s the only way he wins at Rupp

  83. Dave in Kabul

    Does Tennessee force lobotomies on these kids upon enrollment?

    He ain’t gonna win in Rupp. Period. Point Blank.

  84. snoopaloop

    The football team doesn’t play in Rupp, Jarnell. Good luck with that.

  85. joe

    Ha! Ha!

  86. Carl

    Nothing against Stokes but that has been the problem with SEC teams the last 40 years. Their goal for the year is to beat Kentucky. As a Kentucky fan I appreciate their ardor, but aim a little higher and SEC basketball can rule the way SEC football does.
    There isn’t a person here that wouldn’t take a loss at Tenn every year if it meant winning a NC at the end of the season.

  87. Jeff

    Looks like they found the stash of left over “weed” that Bruce forgot to take when he got fired.

  88. KentuckyChucky

    Dude is smoking some of that Kush if thinks his wack azz team could ever beat the Cats

  89. macon_volfan

    Bravo Stokes. Why criticize a kid for wanting to beat a really good team? I’d worry if he said something like “I really want to beat Ole Miss at the Tad.” Who cares!

  90. bluegrassjimmy

    We have FINALLY gotten back to where teams come here just wondering how close they can stay, WINNING is out of the question!! GO BIG BLUE !

  91. I Hate Tennessee Man

    I just don’t like Tennessee man, they dirty, low down, they some snitches, …. I hate orange, I’m not a dog person, I just hate Tennessee man…. I can’t stress that enough man…

  92. Rixter

    It’s like getting in the kiddie pool and whining cuz you can’t get in the deep end

  93. Tim in Korea

    Ummm, no.

  94. TJ

    This just goes to show we are what we always dreamed we should be. Enjoy the ride my friends.

  95. Katdaddy

    The cats sticky d made him look horrible at rupp!

  96. Katdaddy

    Mediocre at best! Hanging banners for elite 8 appearances! HA HA you make me laugh!

  97. gacatfan

    Oh what a dream! To beat UK at Rupp. Many a young man has been destroyed having such a dream. Stokes your dream will be a nightmare. For a little history lesson Chris Jackson and the Shaq went down at Rupp when LSU had a similar dream. So did the Phi Slamma Jamma Houston Cougars. Rick Pitino has a similar dream to win at Rupp before he is put to pasture. Oh what a dream.