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Jai Lucas tidbit….

Just got off the phone with Jai….confirmed to me a decision next Monday…..likely at 3:30 Eastern time. Said he still had some things to figure out. In the process of the conversation he told me that Billy Donovan “told me when he came here that he had considered the Grizzlies but decided to stay at Florida. I understand that and it will probably keep happening because he is a hot commodity.”

More from Jai later… will soon be over….maybe

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. mesacatfan


  2. Anonymous


  3. Russ Carter

    If he comes to a decision by the weekend, a press conference could be scheduled for as early as Monday.

    “Not set in stone, but I hope so,” Lucas said.

  4. frito bandito

    Such a hot commodity.

  5. crazycat91

    Thanks for the info Matt. I have a suggestion for the show. I don’t think you guys have had Ravi on since you got on ESPN (now sporting news) You need to get Ravi and Woo out at Lucky Strike Lanes. Ravi to pull in the ladies, Woo to get them to stay. Laughs all around. Would probably be the funniest radio set in the history of man.

  6. Guards

    I find it INCREDIBLE that he dismissed the Billy D thing. Must be why BD is such a great recruiter. These guys have been so consistent with talking about coaching changes as the MAIN reason they waited so long. And now that one coach has said he would go pro if given total control, he just dismisses it. UN BEEE LEAVE A BULL

  7. RBlue

    Maybe Lucas and PP will realize that Donovan wants to be in the NBA very soon.
    That is probably why he didn’t come to UK because he didn’t want to move here gor
    just a yr or two because the NBA is where he wants to be.

  8. Greg

    I dont think he dismissed the NBA at all, I think that’s what he meant by “he’s still a hot commodity.

  9. Bigass Hungguy

    Have to hand it to Donovan, such a stand up guy confronting the issue like that any laying it out there for recruits as they try to make their decision. Somebody like Tubby would tell the recruits he would be here all 4 years even though he had already rented his U-Haul for the move to Minnesota.

  10. J Love

    I don’t think there’s a “probably” to it 7. Nobody would pass up Kentucky to stay at Florida unless you were planning on testing yourself in the NBA very soon.

    I think John Lucas is shrewd enough to realize that.

  11. Grateful Reader

    I guess, Donovan will know by next Monday about the NBA job, huh?

  12. Chris in Louisville

    Thanks for the update Matt.

  13. Grateful Reader

    I guess Donovan will know by next Monday about the NBA job, huh?

  14. dan

    i dont think he dismissed it at all. i think that statement means that he knows that the nba will continue to woo BD. You think he wants to go to UF if it is possible that BD might leave? i think he and PP commit to uk, i really do

  15. Curious

    Lucas hasn’t returned calls to The Courier-Journal. Just curious as to why he would talk to you instead?

  16. Grateful Reader

    We’re sloppy seconds! If that wasn’t the case, then why the wait?

  17. Rob Gidel's prima dona agent

    I love Jai. (pronounced Jay) I am going to miss him when he committs to UK.

  18. will in da ville

    the cj has idiots like eric crawford who are totally ignorant

  19. bosshogg24

    I said it before, I will say it again. I will be
    shocked if PP and Lucas don’t both go to Kentucky!

  20. Grateful Reader

    I know something you don’t know…

    do da…

    do da…

    I know something you don’t konw…

    Oh, the do da day!

  21. Bearcat24

    Who would you rather talk to, Matt Jones or the idiots that “broke” the GJ Valarino commit only two months after it was on KSR and Rivals? As for Lucas, I think he is little star struck by Billy D. He can say that the gators were in on his recruitment all along, but that is a crock of shit. They got involved at the end and Jai, who said he was only going to consider the schools that have been with him all along, moved them to the top of his list.

  22. Guards

    Is there any news about Hamga’s efforts to go 07? That is what i am most interested in. To me, it sounds like we would be a HUGE frontrunner to land him if he goes 07′

  23. Dr. Bob

    Did Lucas confirm that he witnessed the agent signing of T Green? He did.

  24. Meekssuperfan

    Hamga and Sanchez or Lucas Patterson and Hamga.Either way we are on the way back!!!!!!Championship contenders next year!!!!!!

  25. David

    15, Matt has a long standing relationship with Jai so they talk … Jai doesn’t have that kind of relationship with the CJ.

  26. bankshot

    I think the possibility of BD going to the pros is huge. That would be a big blow to Florida basketball if that were to happen. Because of that I think it is between Duke and KY for PP. Then Lucas decides to come on to Kentucky, but I think it will be difficult for him to start over Jasper. However I think it will push Jasper to become better.

  27. Pmann

    Well i hope they come to UK but my gut says UF

  28. Curious

    I would rather get my news from whoever gives it to me the fastest and right now!!!

    Plain and Simple!!!

  29. derek

    any news on the banquet at huntington tonight???

  30. David

    Matt, thanks again for your work in making this site possible. It’s lots of fun, I really enjoy it. And thanks for the latest from Jai. Here’s hoping he and PP commit to UK … along with Hamga!!

  31. Curious

    Matt you guys ROCK I forgot to add that because you guys are the quickest and most accurate for sure

  32. David

    30, don’t worry, Matt will probably be waiting when BCG arrives back in Lexington tonight so he will have all the scoop for us later tonight on the banquet! Is he good or what??!!

  33. Al Purnell here

    I hope these 2 live up to the hype they have created with their recruitment, PS hope it in BLUE and WHITE too!!!

  34. hyperbole

    Let’s see. If Lucas goes to UK, he will have to compete for the PG job. If he goes to Florida, he gets the keys to the program right away. Hmmmmmmmmm. Which option do you think he will choose?

    Patterson probably has the opportunity to start at Duke, UK, and Florida. So his choice will probably be more about the coach and location. I think UK stacks up pretty well in both cases. If he goes to UK, his parents will only be a couple hours away.

    I don’t think they will end up going to the same school. My prediction is Lucas to Florida (unless Billy D. has another NBA flirtation), and Patterson to UK.

  35. gobigblue73

    You guys watching Tayshaun? 24 points after 3 quarters! He was MVP
    of the Magic series and he will be MVP of the Bulls sweep also!!

  36. Jkwo

    I really don’t think he dismissed it. He just said he understood it. Sounds like a typically neutral PR kind of thing to say, but who knows what’s going through his head?

  37. Anonymous


  38. bosshogg24

    35, If Jai goes to uk he gets the keys the first day. He has already
    been told .uk may have a lot of guards but no point guard! U.K/
    can’t win with Jasper or Bradley at the point.

  39. RKA

    I think PP is waiting for JL to committ so that he can go somewhere else?

  40. Chuck Alexinis

    They will be going to Florida….why else is Coach Gillispie working like hell to get Hamga and Sanchez THIS year!!! Legion, Hamga and Sanchez….they are visiting this coming weekend…what happens when/if they commit and then PP and JL want to come? 5 scholarships? Maybe……..don’t get caught up in this or you will be set up to be really disappointed…..I expect a Florida signing for both of them….they are best friends and signing the same day…….God I hate this, but I see it going Florida’s way….hope I am wrong, but I am mentally ready for it.

  41. Anonymous


  42. hyperbole

    39 – BCG already told Lucas he would start right away? Doesn’t sound like a smart/honest approach to me. How is he supposed to earn the respect/loyalty of his players if he won’t, at the very least, give them an opportunity to compete for their positions. I agree with your assessment of Bradley, but I think Jasper can be a pretty solid PG next season.

  43. gobigblue73

    We need bodies on the inside, we have been pushed around on the
    inside for the last 6 years. The only legitimate rebounder
    we had was Hayes and that was because he just worked harder and
    wanted more then anyone. Big bodies that don’t get pushed
    around please! no offense to jai, a 5 star point guard is great
    but please send us some BIG BODIES!

  44. Chuck Alexinis

    44. Absolutely!!!!

  45. Anonymous

    sorry to get off track…..go pistons!! lol

  46. Shawnrok

    My gut says both to UF. Its ok though guys cause BCG will get us back on track with or without these guys. Wish them both well no matter where they go except when they play us of course!

  47. bcgobsession

    It will be interesting to see the race for the schollies this time next week. Wonder if Lucas/Patterson realized that they will need to announce quickly now, with Hamga in the mix. Hamga seems likely to be a Cat (assuming he can reclassify)— and I don’t look for him to play the waiting game with us. He’s ready to sign! Since that would leave only 1 open (officially, until BCG can finagle another open scholly), I just can’t help but think that J/PP will want to get it done before Hamga can verbal. Perhaps we’ll see the announcement BY Monday, NOT ON Monday, especially with Hamga’s visit looming this weekend.

    Plus you know that Jai’s dad is checking around the NBA for info on Billy D– lets hope dad uncovers some news that BD is making the jump to the pros. And, as mentioned by others– since they (PP/Jai) waited so long b/c they wanted to see the coaching changes, it WOULD SEEM as though they would realize that if Billy D doesn’t go this year, he will next year– leaving them anyway. Where’s the logic in going to Florida?

  48. TruBlu

    I’ve been saying this since the day Billy G was announced, that he will IMO make Jasper flourish in his system. I can honestly see Jasper avg 12ppg 5apg 5rpb 1.5spg this year

  49. mrbluehead

    1st to say who gives a rats behind?

  50. wildcatadam6

    just want to make a request to stop doing the “first” “2nd” “1st” “third” junk. It really is getting old. You look like you are about twelve years old when you do that.

  51. gobigblue73

    Pistons on cruise control as usual, all 5 starters in double
    figures. You saw it here first:Pistons over Spurs in the finals
    in 6.

  52. hyperbole

    48 – Good point about Lucas’ dad prodding his sources in the NBA for Billy D. info.

    49 – Couldn’t agree more. That’s why I find it hard to believe BCG would have promised Lucas the starting PG job. I liked Legion’s attitude coming in. He knew he was going to have to compete for playing time, and he wasn’t afraid to earn it.

  53. JasperMeeks

    Matt, Did you get Jai to comment on the Gator Country story about him being at the Green agent signing?

  54. Bigass Hungguy

    Lets get serious, why in the world would Lucas be at the Green agent signing? I mean lets think this thru for a second. Its nothing but an internet rumor that only gulible UK fans would fret about.

  55. bcgobsession

    One rumor had it that Green was not going to sign with an agent, that this was a Billy Donovan ploy to try to lure McDonald’s All-American Jai Lucas to sign with the Gators. Lucas has indeed stated that he was not interested in signing with Florida as long as Green was coming back but with Green going pro, Florida was quite appealing.

    Gator Country has confirmed that Taurean and Sidney Green were accompanied at the signing with the agent by Jai Lucas and Jai’s dad, former NBA coach and player John Lucas.

    Yes, that is quite interesting– wonder how much truth there is to this? Here’s the link– let me know what y’all think. Is gator-country a reliable source, like Matt?

  56. TruBlu

    Listen, Lucas is definitely going to UF. I think PP will commit to us, but that one is still up for grabs. To be honest with you, I don’t even want Lucas. Give me Jasper playing 1 with a 5 guard rotation that can play 1/2. Throw in a possible Sanchez recruit and a probable Hamga recruit and boys–it sounds like a memorable year in the BGN. Keep up the good work Matt.

  57. UK=7

    56 – No neither Matt or Gator Counry are reliable sources. They have yet to be right about these kids recruitment.

    I honestly don’t think anybody knows what these kids will do.

  58. RKA

    Is Calvin Borel retarded he sounds kinda weird when he talks????

    Bob Gibbons is reporting (ESPN.Go) that PP and JL will go to different schools. Probably Duke and FL respectively?????

  59. TruBlu

    I agree with #51)–you should mention this in a post for sure Matt.

  60. Bigass Hungguy

    No gatorcountry is not accurate, just look at the first story they have up.

    Contrary to a published report, Florida basketball coach Billy Donovan did not interview with the Memphis Grizzlies of the National Basketball Association.

    ESPN has confirmed it, Jai Lucas himself saud that Billy acknowledged it yet gatorcountry thinks otherwise. Its probably run by a gator fan whose sole purpose is to irritate UK fans.

  61. Chuck Alexinis

    I do think that this site will unfortunately take a hit credibility wise if Lucas goes elsewhere. Actually, in both cases, it seems that our lives depended on these 2 coming to UK….however, since BCG came aboard, there really is life after JL/PP. I do think that BCG has an indication on which way these two are leaning…..if they sign to the same school, it will be Florida…..however, if separately, I think Patterson goes to Duke and Lucas goes to Florida……..I can’t wait until we are good enough and arrogant enough to tell players like these two that we choose YOU, not you choose US. It used to be that way….it will again.

  62. frito bandito

    51..dont be mad because you aren’t here in time..

  63. Bigass Hungguy

    #51, 63rd

  64. dikfore


  65. Anonymous


  66. kyhoop

    If they both go to UF I will be disappointed but I promise you I would have been a hell of a lot more disappointed if Tubby was still the coach and not LEgion, Hamga/Sanchez possibility. Either way, I think we are back on track int the 08 season and back in the top 5-10 in 09.

  67. bcgobsession

    My trust is with BCG– he knows what he’s doing. I think he’s made the best choices regarding recruiting this season. Sadly, I never trusted Tub to run this program. As for Jai & PP, it will totally SUCK to not end up with either of them on our roster, but its just b/c it will feel like another slap in the face (ala Billy D). Fortunately, I think UK ended up better off in the long run with BCG. Thus, I must believe that things happen for a reason & that if we don’t get Jai/PP, we’ll end up better off in the long run.
    Makes me sick to say it, but I’d rather see PP at Duke, rather than UF. I just can’t stand those stanky gators right now.

  68. Here ya Go!!

    Patterson told The Courier-Journal last night that he has narrowed his list of colleges to Kentucky, Duke and Florida and a decision could come next Monday.

    “I think I will make an announcement and then sign on the final day (of the signing period next Wednesday),” said Patterson, the highest-ranked unsigned recruit nationally and a McDonald’s All-American from Huntington (W.Va.).

  69. Chris in Louisville

    #65, about your name, what’s a … oh. Got it!

  70. Grateful Reader

    O, kay, I’m going to grown up land.

    The T.V.

  71. Chuck Alexinis

    BCG just said on Fox 41 that they are also looking at 8th graders!!!!! Wow!

  72. Oh My!

    08-09 Starting Lineup

    Jai Lucas Soph
    Jodie Meeks Jr
    Alex Legion Soph
    Patrick Patterson Soph
    Beas Hamga Soph


    Derrick Jasper Jr
    Michael Porter Jr
    Willie Warren Fr
    Darius Miller Fr
    Ramon Harris Jr
    AJ Stewart Soph
    Perry Stevenson Jr
    Jared Carter Jr

  73. gatorxterminater

    im looking forward to watching jodie meeks and alex legion next season myself
    just hope meeks doesnt pull an azabuike

  74. Matts Minge


  75. Chuck Alexinis

    73. No Sanchez huh? I think Sanchez is more likely than Patterson.

  76. gatorxterminater

    and the award for least likely to succeed next season is….derrick jasper. he was such a disapointment last year

  77. UKGrad82

    67 – agree, at least we have a good back-up plan. Not so sure when Tubby was here.

  78. catfan

    I also think PP and JL are both goin to Florida its easy as hell to see and figure out

  79. gobigblue73

    73, did Mike Williams transfer?

  80. Jengler13

    Stop wanting and wondering….Jesus….UK is going to be fine….
    Who ever we get is going to work out with Billy G…..
    Do any of you think we are not going to get another recruit?????
    We will sign 2 more players and who ever they are is going to be good…
    Relax….relax…relax….Billy G has it under control…..
    He only has a great record and has a 2 and o record in RUPP and a win over Pitino…
    What more do you want right now…..Calm down it will be OK OK OK OK OK …..

  81. Zidane

    YO MATT! did you ask him if he was actually there at the agent signing for Green???

  82. Chuck Alexinis

    First the Herald Leader scooped that a recruit was visiting TODAY (How did that go?) and then WLEX scooped that Lucas/Patterson will make decisions on Monday….remember that Fox scooped that Legion picked UK……seems this site is slipping a bit…ya think?

  83. Anonymous

    77) Jasper was also a FRESHMAN and his name did not end with Conley Jr.

  84. Guards

    Where is the confidence in Jasper coming from??? He makes Woo and Shagari’s jumper look like Allen’s. His confidence can improve, but he isn’y very quick, and teams sag WAY off him which limits his ability to penetrate. I think he will be given a shot next year to run the team, but his PT will tail off slowly but surely.

  85. Jengler13

    We need Hagma not PP….Lucas would be good…but we need an Inside Power Man…
    If we get all its OK but Hagma and Lucas would be fine….PP and Lucas would be OK.
    We need inside help all I want is Hagma all else is just extra….

  86. Anonymous

    Chuck, go to bed.

  87. Kentucky is history

    You all are chumps. Your pride still stings cause Billy said no to stay at Florida. Suck on it cause the man made a choice and the NBA was not a factor. But thanks for giving our coach the chance to say UK is not a better situation than UF. When recruits say well, UK is interested, he can tell them all about saying no to UK. Nice.

  88. Matts Minge

    I guess Monday is when we will know if billy, billy, billy, will go to the NBA or not.

  89. Dave

    #88, come back when you have 5 more championships, turd.

  90. Bluebeard

    88 – Your coach is scrambling for a big payoff because he’s afraid to go down with the ship.

  91. jason

    what if Sanchez and Hamga both commit during their visit this weekend? There might not be any sholerships available come Monday.

  92. Smitty Says:

    WHAT WILL BE………..wILL BE!!

  93. Rich Holt

    Why didn’t Jones ask Lucas if he was present when Green signed with the agent?

  94. StokesW

    It’s cool that Florida has the coach everyone wants, and Kentucky the coach that was third on even their own list.

  95. Anonymous

    I don’t guess it is possible that BD would stay and PP and JL would sign with UF because it is a better situationIt couldn’t be possible that they think g’ville is a better situation than UK