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Jahlil Okafor says he hasn’t heard from UK “in a while”

Jahlil Okafor, ESPN’s #1 player in 2014, told USA Today’s Jason Jordan that he hasn’t heard from Kentucky “in a while.” In fact, the Chicago big man says that he hasn’t heard from them since a West Virginia hoops tournament back in January. But, that doesn’t mean that he’s any less interested. Okafor says that despite the plethora of big guys coming in, including 2014’s Karl Towns, he’s still very high on the Cats:

“People think with Karl and Dakari (Johnson) going there it turns me off, but it actually helps them.”

Interesting. Jordan will post his full interview with Okafor tomorrow, so stay tuned…

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21 responses to “Jahlil Okafor says he hasn’t heard from UK “in a while””

  1. NotSoFast


  2. HeshimuEvans'2ndGradeTeacher

    Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t get how that’s him being high on the Cats. If he were to say “helps me” and not “them”, then I’d be with ya.

  3. HeshimuEvans'2ndGradeTeacher

    Nevermind lol. I get it!

  4. tdogg40330

    2&3 Get with it Ridge Runner

  5. Matt

    That shows how busy the coaches have to stay with recruiting when kids get sensitive and get their feelings hurt over not hearing from a coach in a month. A month is nothing when UK is in the middle of 2 games a week conference play and still working on a few top guys for the 2013 class.

  6. mudcreekmark

    I just wonder if Cal has actually lost interest.If they haven’t called him since watching him play they may have seen something that they didn’t like.

  7. #5 wins

    see #5

  8. NotSoFast

    I thought him and tyus jones were all but Duke Bound right? At least that’s what i’ve read and the vibe I’ve detected.

  9. BlueOrion

    Don’t know how coach plans on using Karl, but I saw him when he played against Team USA, and he is a natural stretch-four. Karl plays well with his back to the basket, has good handles for a big guy, and can hit shots from the perimeter.

  10. James K

    That’s a kid who had developed a dream of playing for UK. You can just tell.

  11. Platinum Unis

    If WCS and/or Nerlens (especially now) decides to return, then there’s no way Dakari gets the PT he needs to return the following year, so theres already solid potential for 2 top-tier centers for the 2014 season. A PG and wing players are probably the urgent need because the draft may totally deplete those positions after next season.

  12. Platinum Unis

    *there’s no way Dakari gets the PT he needs to LEAVE the following year…

  13. BBN

    #8: That was my understanding about Okafor & Jones as well. Tyus Jones exudes Duke nerdiness. He looks like a prototypical Duke nerd.

  14. ONE EYE

    #10 Well said. . . When it’s a dream nothing else matters. Keep working hard big fella because you never know…

  15. William Braskey

    Makes you wonder about Emmanuel Mudiay, whom an insider said was leaning UK a couple days ago. Tyus Jones and Okafor said to want to be packaged together, but we already have a Top 10 kid at center in Towns. Mudiay is ranked just as high as Jones in most rankings. I personally think Mudiay fits the mold of a Cal point guard better than Jones as he is 6’4″ and 190lbs ala Wall, Knight, Harrison, Rose, and Evans. Jones is damn good and a legit Top 5 recruit, but Mudiay seems to fit the mold more.

  16. William Braskey

    I also believe Towns could play the same role as Wiltjer on the floor, but with a better post presence/less 3ball

  17. TN Cat

    Don’t call us. We’ll call you.

  18. MemphisCat

    If Cal wants him, he will call. If the kid wants to go to UK, call Cal and say you want to go to UK and see where the chips fall.

  19. NotSoFast

    don’t underestimate a pg like jones. imho, he’s not flashy but highly productive and foundamentally sound much like kyrie erving. I’m not saying jones is at that level, but don’t just assume Mudiay is a preferred choice because he has flashier youtube vids… hell… look at how awesome harrow’s mixtapes are.

  20. UK

    19, Irving was one of the flashiest point guards besides Wall in recent years. bad comparison.

  21. truetarheelfan

    Okafor isnt hearing from ky probably because he jones and pinson are all packaging themselves together… even unc has cooled on okafor… I think thr kid is dook bound with jones joined at the hip…. I agree with the other fans mudiay is the better choice for calipari and the wild cats… we got joel berry perfect fit for roys offense… mudiay= perfect for caliparis offense