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It Was Written…

Here’s a digest of all the less-than-flattering things being said ’round the nation about Cal, Memphis, and how it could/should affect the program. If you feel that any member of this suddenly rabid band of jackals has crossed the line, write your congressman.

Otherwise, sit back and wait for the Pitino tell-all article, which we shall soon see. I’m sure of it.

Memphis Accused of “Major” Recruiting Violation (Deadspin)

Thursday Eye-Opener: Should Memphis Mess Taint Kentucky? (USA Today)

Blue Mood at UK (Yahoo! Sports)

UK’s Bad Day Even Worse For Barnhart (Courier-Journal)

Just Like UMass, Calipari’s Accomplishments at Memphis are Tainted (CBS Sports)

Memphis Scandal Won’t Stick to Calipari (Fox Sports)

UK Speaks: Calipari Knew About Allegations but is ‘Not at Risk’ (The Dagger)

Memphis Having a Little Deja UMass—I chose this one due to the absolutely HILARIOUS title (FanHouse)

Allegations Like This Come With the Calipari Territory (Memphis Commercial-Appeal)

Forde on TV Last Night

UK occupies the top four stories on almost every major CBB site. Yay?

Article written by Evan Hilbert

19 responses to “It Was Written…”

  1. agenda

    as kiffin says …anything to stay in the news!

  2. agenda


  3. agenda

    mitch’s out if this turns truly ugly for UK : “i gave you what you said you wanted”

  4. Get Shit Right

    Any chance our recruits will ask out of their commitments?

  5. Secretariat

    4- I thought nessa was here for a second.

  6. CoedKat

    2) I see the nerds are still on here.

  7. veeper

    Supposedly high school teammate Kevin Johnson took Rose’s SAT test. Per the Chicago SunTimes:,052709-derrick- rose-ncaa-investigation.article

    Luther Topps, who coached Rose’s club basketball team with Derrick’s brother Reggie, has been aware of the NCAA investigation for three weeks. According to Topps, the NCAA threatened to revoke former Simeon player Tim Flowers college eligibility if Flowers didn’t agree to an interview.

    ‘‘Tim told me the NCAA kept bothering him,’’ Topps said. ‘‘That if he didn’t talk they were going to take away his eligibility. [The NCAA] thinks that [former Simeon player Kevin Johnson] took [the SAT test] for him.’’

  8. veeper

    Also note, the Memphis Compliance staff person is the Assistant Athletics Director and reports to the Athletics Director – not the coach.

  9. Secretariat

    Kind of surprised I’m not hearing more in the local Chicago media with Rose’s involvement.

  10. dboyer

    However this shakes out…this blows

  11. UKSoCalCampus

    5- What? You don’t think that they’re going to disband UK’s athletic department over this? Although I heard Cleveland State is in big trouble here.

  12. Big Blue Cali-Zone

    #4-Yes, I fully expect at least a couple of our recruits to ask out of their commitment. Also because of the seriousness of this incident, I expect North Korea to immediately ramp up their Nuclear Testing, the stock market to crach, and President Obama to resign effect tomorrow. GEEEEEEEZ

  13. MGH

    Let people talk, until something comes down on the program (which call me an optimist, but I don’t see happening) then I don’t care. Let windbags like Forde spew their bias and rooting interests on TV, perception is one thing, reality is another. The reality is we’re going to crush Forde’s precious Louisville, and reality is Cal’s record is clean as a whistle.

    Call me when something bad happens.

  14. veeper

    Interesting to note that the NCAA hired a handwriting analyst to reviews Rose’s test. Depending on the degree of difference (between Rose’s natural handwriting and the submitted test) I would think all this falls to the Memphis Compliance department – which does not fall under the supervision of the basketball coach.

  15. AJBUK

    The funny thing about this whole situation is “We are getting what we asked for” on so many levels. First, we want to be the “most discussed program in college basketball.” CHECK!. We want to bring in a coach that brings excitement to the program. CHECK!. We want to be on every headline. CHECK! And now, because the national media has an opinion on our coach/AD/program that we dont like to hear, we complain? Come on people…this is what we’v been asking for since Pitino…and now we have it.

  16. UKhoopshysteria

    If you can’t beat em make sh%# up about em to stop the dominance they are exhibiting over the rest of college basketball. – Pat Forde

  17. bige

    Now we know a big reason Cal would have came for less.

  18. BlueOrion

    The “haters” and “journalists” (that think that they should be writing editorials) are having their day. Many think that this whole situation means the downfall of both coach Cal and UK basketball…not so fast my friends…the haters will be consumed by their own failed agendas and the articles will soon be blotting up puppy’s wet spot. In the final analysis, UK basketball will survive this “blip” and continue the tradition of winning with class…regardless of the detractors, UK has the leadership, the team, and the fan base to overcome this feeble attempt to distract us from our mission (#8)…Go Big Blue…

  19. AJKUK

    Everyone should know that in the allegations it said that the women’s golf and women’s soccer were also involved in it. So it is not Cal’s fault it is the Athletic Department fault. As far as the money goes it was a recruiting coaches fault for not doing the proper paper work after a recruiting visit. Memphis has a lot of things they are getting away with. Think about when they said were Eric Bledsoe would be, that is a complete violation of NCAA rules.