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Is this the new football pregame video?

They showed this video at the start of the UK Football Women’s Clinic and also at the unveiling of the new uniforms. When I asked Tee Martin if this was the new pregame intro video, he dodged the answer, praising the video’s originality instead.

Not quite as “in-yo-face!!” as the Falcons video featuring Samuel L. Jackson, after which it was modeled, is it?


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69 responses to “Is this the new football pregame video?”

  1. tdogg4033011

    surely not ….. that video & music isn’t gonna get 70,000 fans JACKED UP !!!!!

  2. Catsantonio


  3. Carlzwa11

    Nice video but I hope it’s not the pregame intro… Couldnt see Aretha Franklin getting hype to that

  4. Tommy

    Another UK Football marketing FAIL

  5. Andi

    I was at the clinic and asked Joker about it, he said it would be used as a commercial and possibly during games.

  6. charles

    3. i totally agree.., hope they get some good music to get the fans pumped. CANT WAIT!!!!

  7. Chris

    Yeah, I don’t think that’s going to get it done.

  8. BoggMan

    That frickin better not be our intro video. No offense to the lady signing, but this does not get anybody jacked up for football. I can possibly see it being used as a commercial or something like that but no way our intro video.

  9. LiveBlogLover

    Omfg that makes BTI’s posts look good.

  10. PayUp


  11. mb beach wildcat

    felt like i was in church

  12. Cat fan in TN

    that video is awful…I just want to fall asleep now

  13. BoggMan

    I really hope they didnt try to copy the Falcon’s video b/c if so then thats a big failure. I can see that Falcon’s video being used as an intro video! That video would get people jacked up. Just picture that same video with “wildcats” instead of “falcons”!

  14. FAIL

    Once again UK tries and fails to relate with football fans. You could take 75% of the UK fan base and make a better intro than that crap. ATTENTION UK football: fans want music that will make the us feel like we could run through Ray Lewis.

  15. Poco Chang

    That is beyond awful. I hope they don’t show that on TV during a game.

  16. KJ Choi

    For goodness sakes…this better NOT be the intro…that is flat out terrible. If it is…that just makes me very sad.

  17. Theghostofbillspivey

    That is a sad sad rendition of the Atlanta video…… They even took out the poetry . I understand not using Sam but not using the rise and fall of a baritone, and not using the poetry . Good try but bad results

  18. War Eagle

    That’s the worst thing i’ve ever seen. Simply turrible.

  19. Keeneland Guru

    #4 EXACTLY! That’s b/c the guy in charge of marketing over there has been there forever and will never move on. That bit was definitely taken from the same page as the Falcons.

  20. BobKnight'sAbusedChair

    This would be ok if it were Sunday morning and I were sitting in church nursing a hangover from the game the night before.

  21. Football Man

    “Enter Sandman”, “Highway to Hell”, “Eruption”, “Running With the Devil”, barracuda, black betty, blue collar man, the boys are back in town, crazy train, hair of the dog, rock and roll, tnt,train train, won’t get fooled again, rocky mtn. way, ect…

  22. 101blue

    Samuel L. Jackson tells Daniel Orton to Rise!!!!

    Daniel “I can’t Mother F……er”

  23. CincyUKcatFan

    This is really, really pitiful.

  24. ChuckHayes4President

    Thats a nice video, but it does NOT get me fired up AT ALL. Please don’t let that be the intro.
    22. Thats hilarious!

  25. Hunter

    That shits terrible.

  26. cats11

    Looks like Christian Family Radio made it.

  27. !!

    shut up 26.

    You anti- Christian.

  28. Section 142

    Atlanta didn’t even use that crap as an intro…They had Sevendust write an intro song.
    Now that’s going to get some people fired up!

  29. Pull_I_Am

    O I freaking hope not. This is HORRIBLE!

  30. BigNick

    Dear god this is awful, this will not get anybody pumped for the game. I give it a fail/10

  31. Ricky Bobby

    Cats don’t rise, they pounce.

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if they had a video of PawPa Brooks saying, What do wildcats do? Then everybody would say Fight! or Win! or Purrrrr!!

  32. Commonwealth Stadium

    I LOVE this! <3

    I always try to squeeze in a good nap right before kickoff.

  33. David

    Wow, that’s pretty awful – on the other hand, it’s better than the song Scott Stapp did for the Florida Marlins.

  34. Matt

    No wonder we suck at football.

  35. Matt

    I would rather our intro be ushers to hand out a Werther’s Original and have Charlton Heston recite PawPaw Brooks’ tweets to the crowd. That would do about the same.

  36. Lou

    Remind me not to leave the parking lot until the team is already on the field.

  37. bigbluemist

    It will be perfect if you just trade the gospel singers for NWA (RIP Eazy!).

  38. keenelandexpansion

    My God that is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. If they play that on gameday I’m calling for a refund of my season tickets.

  39. Middlesboro Man Says

    That was the worst idea for UK football ever. Play something up beat when they take the field. UK will be the laughing stock of the SEC!

  40. WhoDat Cats Fan

    Seriously? We go absolutely out of our way to not be current, stylish, or innovative. Our slogan shouldn’t be “Rise” it should be “Yawn” Were as vanilla as Penn St.

  41. Season Ticket Holder

    If this is the intro song, I will not attend the games in protest.

  42. UKTexan

    Its funny that Tee Martin praises the originality of the video when all it is is a rip off of the Falcon’s intro.

  43. Chris

    This is terrible! Reminds me of the UK Florida game I went to in Lexington a few years back. Felt like I was in church it was so quiet. As a Ky native in Florida, I have to say the game day experience in commonwealth stadium is non-existent! The music was straight out of cmt. Ever been to The Swamp for a big night game? That’s an experience with an awesome intro. Picture gators rising up out of the water with deep bass music. UK should be able to do something similar. I know they go crazy in Gainesville for their intro!

  44. BeerCaps

    What a great video to break in Commonwealth’s new videoboards! Another UK failure! Contact Mitch Barnhart and let him know that his marketing/video department has once again dropped the ball. His direct email is Time for a change!

  45. Vince Lombardi

    I just turned over in my grave. HELL no!

  46. Ghost of Bear Bryant

    That’s the recruiting video that UK plays players moms to get them on board (I hope).

  47. cats11

    27. I’m Catholic, douchebag. And it looks like Christian Family Radio made it.

  48. adam

    27. family christian radio is NOT christian they are a cult

  49. Cake Boss

    I don’t get all the animosity, I really don’t. It’s a bewtiful song, a really bewtiful song. It reminds me of Sunday dinners afta mass when my whole family would get together, eat cannoli, and build mavelous cakes. I SAY WHEEAAARE DA CAKES????!! A BEAUTIFUL CAKE WOULD MAKE THIS COMMERCIAL POP AND MAKE EVERYBODY RISE! THAT’S A FACT! CAKES ARE THE #1 PARTY STARTER IN ALL OF THE WORLD. BIRTHDAY PAWTY? CAKE! WEDDING? CAKE! STING CONCERT? CAKE! BA MITZVAH? CAKE! A calm forest with trees and birds and happy bunny rabbits and then a WILDCAT POPS OUT OF THE CAKE GROUND WITH BLOOD AND FLESH ON HIS FANGS AND TEEF! THAT CAKE WOULD MAKE EVERYBODY RISE!

  50. true blue through and through

    Wow! This sucks, and this sucks hard! lmfao

  51. awesometron

    Whenever I want to get really jacked up, I ALWAYS go to Church. Knocked this one out of the park UK.

  52. UKFanInCincy


  53. hopenot

    I hope not, that will NOT get anyone excited for kickoff.

  54. Jax Teller

    No, just no. Decent video, horrible song, and DEFINITELY not worthy of being the pregame video. Are there any student interns in the UKAA Marketing department, tell them what we need!! This is not it.

  55. John

    Top three worst comments in UK athletic History. #1 “Coach Bryant, your services are no longer needed. We are going to take the program in a different direction.” #2 “We don’t pay for moving costs Coach Summitt, you’ll have to take the position at Tennessee, we think they are looking for a coach.” #3 ” Our football program is losing momentum, lets get new uniforms and create a video to get the crowd excited. We’ll call it RISE, and make it a gospel tune. Hell we’ll even get new jumbo trons so we can show it before important SEC games, to get the recruits pumps into signing with us.”

  56. Juan4UK

    KSR should get with UK and sponsor a contest to create a video for pre-game!

  57. leroy jenkins

    Best song for UK to use to rise up and move up in the sec? Us against the world? “I’m gonna pick the world up and drop it on its F’n head! … lil Wayne would need some editing though…

  58. brad

    that would be the worst pre-game video in the history of pre-game videos. I wasn’t the least bit excited watching it, and I can’t imagine that’s what will get Commonwealth rocking right before kick-off. Show me some big hits, Randall Cobb working his magic, etc…set to something with a beat!

  59. UK Band

    We LOVE this song, it compliments our music so well! We’ve been working all summer on “Amazing Grace” to get the crowd pumped up, this is gonna be a great season. Can’t wait to debut it right before the team comes out. Seriously, this is going to be the best year ever, we have 2 new midgets and 3 new flag boys this year! Look out Best Damn Band in the Land, here we come!

  60. Jones Returns

    if that’s the intro video count me out

  61. wow!

    WOW! this better be a joke…the worst video I have ever seen…somebody needs to ask UKCATS8FAN to make one….hes the best I have ever seen but this is terrible, makes me wanna kill myself…SMH

  62. UK football mind

    #21. We would like to thank you for your suggestions, however, we have already confirmed the list of songs that will be played during the 2011-2012 season. They include: Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Tiptoe Through the Tulips, A Whole New World from Aladdin, and the soundtrack to Snow White.

  63. WOW!

    you serious! this better be a joke…the worst video I have ever seen…somebody needs to ask UKCATS8FAN to make one….hes the best I have ever seen but this is terrible, makes me wanna kill myself…SMH

  64. Joke84

    The only people pumped up about that video are the ones singing in it… JOKE.

  65. Anonymous

    Not a big fan of that. I’m with #21, how about something that builds to something big, like this:;feature=related

  66. Ty

    Do you have anything for men?

  67. hookem
  68. Wkydude

    #59…I think they’re called flaggots…not flag guys.

  69. Steve Fitts

    This is a butchered version of a very fine Gospel song written in 1992 by Paul Marsena. Not only are the words of the song taken out of context, they are changed. The original song is about Resurrection morning, and means I’m going to rise (i.e. be resurrected) when the Son (Jesus) comes down (i.e. second coming). In this version, it means I’m going to rise (i.e. get up early in the morning) when the sun comes up (i.e. at dawn)–a totally different meaning than what the songwriter actually is saying. When you mix religion and sports this way, you end up with a mess. Poor Paul Marsena must be saying, “Look what they’ve done to my song, Ma!”