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Is this billboard mailing it in?

Here is one of Kentucky football’s many #WeAreUK billboards that can be found all over Lexington and in parts of Louisville. It says, “Never lose faith and always support the #BBN.”

That’s not exactly what you want to see on a billboard promoting your football program. “Never lose faith” is one notch above “This is going to be ugly but come out and watch anyway.”

But if you look closely, you’ll see the quote originally came from Randall Cobb, which makes it a little easier to accept. It was a great message when Cobb tweeted it; I just don’t think it’s worthy of a billboard.

“Never lose faith” sounds like #BBN is already giving up.

Your thoughts?

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

65 responses to “Is this billboard mailing it in?”

  1. George

    That’s like telling us to never lose faith on dating Kate Upton, frowny faces all around.

  2. ribin

    Agree — ‘never lose faith’ — ie – keep buying those jacked up tickets – increasing K fund ‘donation’ and parking pass –

  3. UKGrad83

    I lost faith with the “coach in waiting” announcement. It’s been downhill ever since.

  4. Big Dan B

    It’s not like KSR ever has faith in UK football anyway.

  5. Hal

    never lose faith and always support == PLEASE, PLEASE BUY TICKETS

  6. Fall '06 PCP

    What are the odds we could slap a uniform on Cobb and sneak him onto the field this fall?

  7. JCPostel


  8. pak

    “One out of a hundred?”
    “I’d say your chances are more like one out of a million” . . . .
    “so you telling me there’s a chance? YEAH!!!!!” – Lloyd Christmas (UK Fan)

  9. Justin

    It should say “” Just tough it out till basket all season”

  10. jq

    It just goes to prove UK “FOOTBALL” is a JOKE “COACHED” by a joker!

  11. Honky Kong

    Get Mike Leach on the phone Barnhart !!

  12. Sir Brandon

    So thou sayest there’s a chance… I liketh this billboard not.

  13. Glenn

    Should say: “Remember, your money’s going to basketball too.”

  14. wldctky

    I never had faith in the football program

  15. UKBlue

    This is going to be one long f’ing season

  16. Tjlitafik

    This will certainly not make people want to buy tickets. Waste of money!!

  17. AaronJ

    Counting down the days for basketball…

  18. SexnNursinHomes

    Well, my post didn’t go thru. No suprise there.

    Cheers to a 6-6 record and the bragging rights for an invitation to another crappy bowl game.

  19. Yoda

    If Cobb was still on the team, we could have a glimmer of hope. Faith, however, involves a belief that the whole team can put together complete games on the field in the most competitive conference in college football. I love me some Randall Cobb, but the only faith we should have this year is that UK fans will not need to worry about booking hotel rooms for a bowl game.

  20. Cal

    Remember, this is UK FOOTBALL we are talking about. There is no hope, no sense in even wasting time wondering how they will do. The only questions we should be asking is, how many days until Midnight Madness?

  21. what the what

    this disgusts me.

  22. .....

    Uk and barn fart are f u c k in g stupid if they think fans will show this yr
    I think we may actually see an under 10k crowd this year!!!!

    Of course uk will say there were 50k there lol

    You’re sad Barnhart saaaad!!!

  23. Sally O

    Hey now hey. There’s always hope. The game always starts out 0-0. Sure most of the time it ends up being 49-0, but we still gotta support our team, I know i’ll be out there. BBN Forever.

  24. Dark Helmet

    Wait is there any way Randall Cobb paid for this? It has his twitter handle on it? If that’s the case it’s a little bit more okay. To me this just means the same thing as Believe – which I like better. The Believe slogan actually worked too.

  25. Dark Helmet

    Actually it looks more like an actual quote from Randall’s twitter – I’m a bit confused.

  26. Common Sense

    I hope none of the recruits see this. It’s pretty bad when one of the best players in the past decade has to tweet this. Of course, this shows you how pathetic our fan base is. Go Cats, Go Joker.

  27. Common Sense

    Go somewhere else with that foolishness. You think the world is going to end on December 21st too? Absurd.

  28. burger

    Perspective is a bitch…

    To me it looks like KSR has already given up.

    If you ever played a sport Drew, you’d know how “never losing faith” is the mantra of all successful teams. Even the best teams have moments where they have to dig deep.

    Time for KSR to man up and quit being a bunch of bitches.

  29. jmiketaylor

    If this white flag billboard quote from Randall Cobb , then why in Hades use a photo of La’Rod King? #UKMarketingFAIL

  30. HeshimuEvans'2ndGradeTeacher

    Isn’t about time we change this joint to KBR instead of KSR? And can we just start saying that BBN stands for BasketBall Nation? Sorry football team, but you suck!

  31. Common Sense

    Real n****s say word, ain’t never told no lie.

    Completely agree with you.

  32. Common Sense

    Spoken by a true basketball fan that doesn’t understand a lick of football.

  33. SexnNursinHomes

    UK football has given us three 9-win seasons since 1970. What’s another year of “believing” gonna hurt.

    three 9-win seasons. think about that. That’s how much dedication UK has given to its football program.

  34. Jax Teller

    Can’t wait for the “#WeAreUK, Come for the halftime oranges, stay for the participation ribbons” billboard.

  35. RonnieO4

    I think UK should market the tickets with a different angle…..You get a bottle of Maker’s or Woodford Reserve with every season ticket purchase. (If the teams loses more than 7 games in the season, refills are free).

  36. UKBlue

    Barnhart knows he is going to have to fire Joker, he’s caught in a really bad position, hiring & then firing a UK Alum in Joker or keeping Joker a little longer because Joker is a UK Alum. Barnhart either got pressured or felt pressured to give Joker the head coaching job because he was a UK Alum. I believe in taking care of our own, but not at the expense of screwing ourselves over. Joker maybe a nice guy, but his personality, planning, management & motivational styles don’t work as a head coach.

  37. Joker

    The same people that bash the football team now, will be the same people that boast and be over confident when they have a decent year (whenever that may be), that includes KSR. Beat them when they are down and act like you could careless, and when they actually succeed act like you were a part of it and you’re all about the football team! haha #bangwaggers

  38. Caleb

    Let’s face it Joker was a way better cordinator,,,,,,is it basketball seaosn yet?

  39. who said

    Sign should say…

    “Ahhh FU(K it”

    I guess Barnhart and the AD department approved that billboard? Dude is a joke. Sure Barnhart (finally) got us Cal, but he also gave us Joker, Billy Clyde, and kept Tubs around too long.

  40. jacob

    this negativity is so sad i think we will do much better since we a re much healthier this year and we have a real qb tht wont try to sneek it out on 4th and 15

  41. jacob

    and the d-line is much healthier and stronger as well and really i dnt think danny and winton were huge losses becuz we have dupree and neloms and so many others with great potential

  42. Jake_GOCATS

    I’ll take wins over a top-10 team in South Carolina and finally beating Tennessee for the first time in my life over home losses to Ohio any day. Big Blue Nation for life!

  43. UKGRAD

    Hey #37… what is a bangwagger?

  44. fred

    I lost faith last year… did anyone find it yet?

  45. uhhhh

    #42 – I hear ya, BUT… ut was WAY down last year and their fans were ready to kill Dooley (literally) over that. At real footall schools losing to UK is unacceptable. I would bet even if ut wins 7 or 8 games next year, but loses again to UK, Dooley will be gone.

    UK is still the laughing stock of the SEC and college football for that matter – even with winning 1 out 40 vs ut. Now we can start that streak again.

    PS, how we do’n vs florida these days?

  46. uhhhh

    Someone should really ask Barnhart if he approved that billboard and what exactly the idea was behind that message. Since it sounds, on the surface, a little negative. I would love to hear his response. I would also like to hear what Joker thinks of that billboard and what that message says to him?

  47. Opti

    Unfortunately this is another example of how Barnhart just doesn’t get it at all.

  48. Sean D

    UKs marketing of the football team, is as bad , and sometimes worse than the product on the field. This year, they try to play it safe, and use tweets made by others, and still screw it up.

  49. Big Blue Coming at You

    I lost faith when Barnhart gave the reigns to an inept coordinator who in two short years has managed to destroy all hope, faith and momentum this program had.

  50. burger

    #37 Joker – KSR trys give off the impression that it sits in the middle of the fan base.

    However, there are times when it wants something to happen and Matt will start over highlighting the negatives and under emphasizing the positives.

    Matt will argue that’s not the case, however he can’t view himself like we can (because he’s stuck in the tank). KSR also wants to make sure it doesn’t give unpopular views on important things. So it tries to feed it’s audience with the diluted slop they want to hear (when the negative view on things is overwhelming).

    KSR WILL NOT be the troop rally leader when “they think” a majority of the fans are off the bus.

    It’s quite hypocritical to act like the voice of the fans and at the same time use the stage to be a momentum for personnel changes.

  51. tltaworl

    Faith is believing in something that you cannot see, smell, or touch. I have seen this coaching staff is a joke, the team and offense stinks, and I don’t think they will touch a bowl game until we get a change.

  52. Perkasaurus

    Hey BBN! As far as I can tell, Joker is still our coach and he deserves this year to finally prove himself as an SEC Head Football Coach. Or not. It will be what it will be and Barnhart will be deemed a HERO (Hello Rick Brooks!) or he will have to be the bad guy to pay Joker and his staff WAY too much $$$ to go quietly and initiate a seach for J’s successor. Count me as “a glass half full” at this point. There’s a new crop of kids coming in to the program, and players waiting in the wings to blossom and show their stuff this year.

    Bottom line: This is big business and the numbers won’t lie. Winning fills seats and luxury boxes and builds mo for the future……Losing, well you get the message. No one associated with this school wants to see 40K fans in a 75K stadium in order to say “I told you so”. But if Joker thinks he will cliche his way out of difficult pressers like he was allowed to do last year, he’s very much mistakes.

    I say let’s give this team and staff the support they deserve… show us the job they can do by winning football games and getting invited to a bowl game this year!

    Go Big Blue!

  53. kywildcat

    what a waste of money

  54. filbert

    UK football will never get any better unless they have a big name coach. I was lucky enough to go to all the home games in 2007 and had a blast! Its ashame we cant have that year in and year out. #BBN

  55. kyboy415

    they should start all over again.. You can’t tell me a school like Kentucky can’t find a descent football coach.. A school in the SEC with the facilities and more recruits than you can imagine living in the southeast.. this crap about oh Kentucky is a basketball school only doesnt work anymore.. Ohio st, michigan, mich st, florida, alabama, are just a few examples of schools that have both.. we need to get a new coach and go from there..

  56. kyboy415

    or just give up the football program and invest more into basketball and spend that money on Coach Cal and recruting..

  57. Head Bussa

    Hire Oregon co-offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich! That would be an excellent hire as the guy has a long and proven resume, not to mention he has been apart of one of the greatest offensive programs in the history of college football.

  58. Head Bussa

    We should have made a move last season and that is why I think many fans are not giving in to the school’s plea for support this year. We became smarter football fans while watching quality football being played under Brooks and his team during his last couple seasons. What we watched last year I don’t know if you could even label it as bad football — it was at a lower level than that. Our fans don’t want to go down that road again and we are starting to show that sentiment.

  59. Bigbluedoc

    Gave up long ago

  60. catGrad7072

    Memo to Mitch: The sound you hear is the fat lady singing. Or, as *Casey Stengel said, “It ain’t over till it’s over.” It’s over for Joker.

    *I think it was Casey, but am too lazy to fact check; so call me Corey or BTI.

  61. MntCat

    Barnhart is going to the top of Kilimanjaro to consult the oracle soon. The man is a genius. Where would we be without him?

  62. Rich

    Petrino baby. Bet he will be available when there is consistently under 10000 fans at home games.

  63. DHo

    If you gotta tell your fans not to lose faith…. they’re losing faith.

  64. Jack cruse

    Seriously, Barnhart was dragged kicking and screaming to hie CAL…. He’s a joke as a caretaker AD!

  65. Gus Pickerill

    Reminds me of the “We Believe” slogan from the early 70s.