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Is It Decision Time For Drummond?

As Kentucky continues to wait and see if Kaleb Tarczewski will pop by sometime this month for a visit before making a decision, Mike DeCourcy of the Sporting News says that it’s just about time for another five-star big man to make a decision of his own.  For Andre Drummond, the nation’s best big man, however, the choice is between heading to prep school or directly to college as a member of the 2011 class.  Drummond has toyed with the idea all summer and said in an interview several weeks ago that he was preparing himself to remain in the class of 2012.  However, in the last few days, according to DeCourcy, there’s been more of a feeling that Drummond will indeed enroll in college this season.  He will announce his decision tomorrow.

With that all having been said, the million dollar question remains as to just how big of a player Kentucky is with Drummond.  There have been few, if any, mentions of the Cats by Drummond in the last few months, though several entities still rattle off Kentucky as one of the three major players for him.  In DeCourcy’s article, he lists UConn (the presumed favorite), Pitt, Duke, Georgetown, Louisville and North Carolina as the possible options for Drummond, leaving one to assume that if he opts to enroll directly in college this month, Lexington is almost certainly not the destination.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

14 responses to “Is It Decision Time For Drummond?”

  1. yaboy 426

    First!!! I don’t believe we are going to get him. It’s just wishful thinking if you ask me.

  2. matthew

    he will not be coming to Kentucky…hes going to prep school and then to the nba….he 19 and can do that

  3. Jones Returns

    We’re on the front page of ESPN’s college basketball webpage!

  4. Kyle

    3- old news

  5. Tom Handy

    Drummond comes to UK for a year and we win a Championship hands down. He also boosts his “brand” in the quickest manner possible and in a way only UK can give him. The “Kentucky” effect will do more for him than any other option. If there is any change in the NBA age entry with the possible bargaining that will eventually take place this could be the best option as well. If he has anyone in his advice circle worth a crap the scenario with him at UK this year should get serious discussion. JM2C

  6. Thumper

    4) yeah, like old as in yesterday which may be new to many just not new enough for you

  7. Blue Genius

    Not a chance in hell he comes to Kentucky. Kid is obviously looking for fast route to NBA. He wants to go somewhere where he will be THE ONLY star.

  8. UKFanInCincy

    7- If thats true then we dont want him.

  9. Ben

    Whoever think they know what’s in the head of a 18 year old is a fool! He probably doesn’t know himself until he announces. It is never certain until they enroll!

  10. Megan

    Remember, this is a guy who says he has not discussed his favorites with anyone. Not his coach, not even his mom. So anyone who has been putting schools on his “list” is simply guessing. For UK fans, pay no attention to “presumed favorites” or “possible options.” Those well-placed modifiers are there for a reason. No one knows. Maybe he’ll surprise us. After the recent political brinkmanship and the market tumble, I could use some good news.

  11. Marcus L. Owens

    I dont like this situation; PREP school or the pros let him go to to Duke or Georgetown some one who desperately needs him, we dont. The classy thing about John Wall, Big Cuz, Brandon Knight or any of the young men that have come to UK that were projected as one and done is they all said the right things had the right attitude. This kids doesnt want to play in college so why make him? Go to PREP school play against children and go pro then bust! Who is advising this kid? Doesnt he know he can better exposure better coaching better marketing if he goes to college? If he is eligible to go to college this is a no brainer. Something about this stinks and I want no part of it. Now if stays in the 2012 class and goes to college for the 2012-13 season I will take him. We dont need him now and he really doesnt need us.

  12. tyrus

    Seems to be several big men available the next couple of years so no loss if this one doesn’t go to UK.

  13. T

    If he goes to uconn, they become a top 5 team.


    Daniels and boatright off the bench.

    I hate UCONN, but thats a solid team. Luckily we’re a great team.

  14. Jimmy Dykes Vocabulary

    He won’t be at UK. Crazy if you think so.