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Is Anthony Davis the New Morgan Freeman?


Big props to the Herald Leader for a picture for the ages.

Article written by Matt Jones

43 responses to “Is Anthony Davis the New Morgan Freeman?”

  1. trav


  2. Skip

    That is a big a** kid. His forearm is bigger that ashley judds torso.

  3. blueblue

    Ashley!!! Where’s my hug???

  4. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    whoa whoa whoa. watch that right hand, Anthony.

  5. WhatSheOrder?FishFilet?

    the “ass out hug” haha. seriously though, that’s awesome.

  6. Joel Lobb


  7. browdown

    wonder if she browdowned?

  8. Tommy

    Wonder if T Jones is jealous, flavor of the year I guess

  9. BloodyBlue

    He thinks she is his mother.
    That is a mother hug.

  10. Experience

    “Anthony, do you like to drive fast?”

  11. d0gballs

    dolphin tail!

  12. saki7

    That’s cool. He seems like a nice kid.

  13. Rupp's Runt

    Anthony Davis is getting a little too friendly in this picture. LOL. He looks like Rick Pitino at Porcini’s

  14. Tony Delk and Wayne Turner

    You know, we been there and done that. Even Hollywood isn’t above chasing jerseys.

  15. Al Purnell

    AD #1 draft pick and an Oscar nomination all in one year……Sorry he has NO IDEA who she is….. He’s GOOOOOD!

  16. Voice of Reason


  17. Carl

    Is Ashley gettin a little caboose on her or what?

  18. Boogie4Prez

    17) I’d argue that “caboose” has been there alive & well.

  19. bourbonbelly

    17) You know you want it.

  20. Nathan Blanton

    EASY BIG FELLA!!!!!!

  21. rob

    ashley judd’s bicep is the same circumference as AD’s.

  22. WhoDatCatsFan

    Looks more like AD is the new Tonly Delk.

  23. dontgoanywhere

    Damn that’s a fine piece of woman

  24. Bug's Producer

    Trust me, she has always had that caboose.

  25. IloveAshley

    AD I am jealous.

  26. Nassau65

    nice butt for her age.

  27. Walden Schmidt


  28. barn

    ash is one fine looking specimen of woman

  29. the anti-cat

    Actually, I think her arms are bigger than his!

  30. dukesux

    nope, morgan freeman simply is the olde’ anthony davis

  31. Buford Pusser

    I like Ashley Judd’s torso !

  32. Yahoo

    is she expecting? (not being mean)


    did Delk and Judd have a relationship when he was at UK??????

  34. Real Cats Fan

    Yahoo, Dave Barry will tell you to NEVER, EVER assume a woman is expecting unless you actually see a baby emerging or she tells you first. 😀

    And some of these catty comments about Ashley amaze me! The lady is in her 40’s – I think she looks great, and she is a classy and tireless ambassador of UK. Great picture!

  35. buzzard

    if..and when Cal leaves Kentucky, we should get Ashley to be UK’s doubt we would continue to dominate in recruiting. What young man would not want to play for Ashley? Sign me up coach…

  36. Coach K

    I wish Ashley would come to see me coach

  37. best1978

    Showing my age: hubba hubba!!!

  38. Bruce Pearl

    Miss me yet?

  39. Grizz

    The brow gets all the attention, but any anyone else notice that AD has like a one inch forehead?

  40. 3cats

    I “hear ya” big guy!!

  41. SK_54

    Ashley, still got a nice arsse. Bet she wore the roman soldier helmet Saturday night.

  42. rainman

    Brow Down Mrs. Judd!!

  43. Yowza

    The brow gets all the attention, but AD’s forehead is only about an inch tall.