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Indiana gave their players Sweet 16 rings

Oh dear. Indiana sophomore guard Remy Abell just posted this picture of IU’s new Sweet Sixteen rings on Instagram.

That’s just precious.

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82 responses to “Indiana gave their players Sweet 16 rings”

  1. John


    We want #Petrino2UK news….

  2. Booyakasha

    That’s so sweet. Once in a lifetime opportunity.

  3. Credit Where Credit is Due

    Perhaps you should give credit to where you saw this first on Twitter. Typical.

  4. GAY

    see name above

  5. Dear IU and UL, We are National Champs; you are not. The end.

    What’s next? “I did my best.” rings?

  6. Devastation INC

    That cant be real is it?

  7. ScottinKentucky

    Oh dear God…..just when you think Indiana couldn’t get anymore sad..they go and pull this s***. Handing out rings for the sweet sixteen ? that’s like handing out Gold medals to all the retards at the special olympics for just being retarded.

  8. Bob Loblaw

    Let me fix that for you: #WeAreOnAMission

  9. Dear IU and UL, We are National Champs; you are not. The end.

    What color ribbon is for 16th place?

  10. maconvolfan

    coming from where they had been, I think that was a nice gesture.

  11. Bicycle Seat Sniffer

    What…the…eff? IU writes their own jokes at this point. How pathetic!

  12. UKGrad83

    @3 – Who pi$$ed in your Wheaties? The caption under the picture says it came from Instagram.

  13. Steve

    Wow, the standards of success have really fallen at IU huh? That suprised me, like I am not even joking, thats kinda messed up.


    I thought Tennessee’s Elite Eight banner was pretty bad, but this is worse.

  15. bigcat76

    I gave a girl a promise ring once, but she still wouldn’t let me go all the way either.

  16. Wow.....

    And notice the “Defeating #1,2,5”. How sad that they commemorated their non-conf win against us on their ring. This coming from the preseason #1 team in the country. Act like you’ve been there before…….

  17. YMCA

    Can you say, participation award?

    So, this season when everyone is predicting a final 4 – do they give out rings if they ONLY make the sweet 16? I would be soooo embarrassed if my school did this. It almost seems like iu tries to top itself at doing lame things. Keep up the good work, clappy.

  18. Big Blue 66

    to change the subject due to IU being so sad, did I just read Thomas Robinson is suspended for throwing an elbow at somebodies neck? No big deal to me, but think if that was Boogie, on the same team the media would be calling for his expulsion from the league

  19. Big Blue 66

    and I heard Memphis has one better, I heard they have a banner that says 2nd round NCAA….for last year….2nd round really meaning first round.

  20. Tweeter

    3, I sent it to him on twitter to share here, but I did think he would reply back with something like, “Thanks, I’ll share it with our fans.” I got it from rupp rafters though.

  21. Bobby Petrino's wife

    And they commemorate their win against us on it too! Rings for winning a regular season game! Almost as funny as 15.’s comment.

  22. mocha


  23. Will Totten

    One part of me says “This is cool” because I know Remy and went to Eastern High School with him, but overwhelmingly, the rest of me says “Really? A ring for a Sweet 16?”

  24. also lost to #1

    Too bad it doesn’t have the final score on it as well.

  25. DrBoat


  26. Tweeter

    Watford’s ring has engraved inside the band, “I got lucky too.”

  27. HagginHall

    What? It didn’t mention their Espy?????

  28. wildcatlaw

    This is sad!!! Like hanging a banner for participating in the NCAA (which I understand for teams who never get there or rarely get there), but IU has been there before….

    I guess its typical of our society in general these days, everybody gets a trophy for PARTICIPATING. Back in the day, you had to WIN to get a trophy.

  29. UKRN

    That’s the “everyone gets a trophy” mentality now in college. Where’s the desire to do better or elevate your playing level..the need to read Randall Cobbs tweets for a champion mentality…. #5 awesome response

  30. jumpman78

    7. Could you be anymore offensive? Maybe one day your child will be born with a mental or physical handicap and you’ll find out how hurtful or insensitive that last sentence was. I know you are trying to be funny but obviously that skill escapes you, so give it up.

  31. tweeter

    30, good point. I just briefly read these comments and that one was out of line.

  32. that one guy


  33. mike

    LMAO positive reinforcement maybe?

  34. Big Blue Daddy

    This is sad… IU is so desperate to recapture the magic of the 80s… Silly to get a ring for that, but then again, UK football players got rings for the BBVA Compass Bowl… Which was more shameful than this!

  35. Random thoughts

    So not only did Kentucky get national championship rings, we also got a shout out on these dumb sweet 16 rings? Gross

  36. Chicago Chris

    #7 I don’t usually call assholes out (what’s the point) but someone needs to straighten you out in painful way with your Special Olympics comment. Wow, you’re a piece of work.

  37. Really?

    34-You’re trying to compare UK football with IU basketball? At least have a cup of coffee before you roll out of bed and start posting comments.

  38. HagginHall

    Maybe we should calm down about this. Don’t forget that 20 years ago we hung player banners in Rupp after losing to Duke. Similar emergence from NCAA circumstances.

  39. NotLoservilleFan

    And, Loserville hands out rings for first round loss accomplishment! Guess IU has a I need to be recognized symdrome.

  40. barn

    if you can’t win a ring, just make your own

  41. barn

    38–not similar. those banners were hung because those players stuck with UK thru the dark years, not because of the dook game. get s**t right hoosher

  42. Karen

    Wish they would have done something charitable with the money they spent on rings. Maybe they could have had a telethon for Hurricane Sandy victims?

  43. Duke Sucks

    IU is supposed to be one of the top programs? They need to act like one!

  44. IU Brad

    I agree that this did not need to be done but what a comment by # 7. You are a complete idiot.

  45. 3 fan

    #7, as the father of a special needs child, i sincerely, honestly hope you burn in hell you little shit. STFU


    #7 I got it and it was FUNNY!!! Too many people are too easily offended! It’s a joke and appropriate when applied to IU!

  47. Hoosier Nation

    I guess this means they will get Preseason National Champion Rings as well!!

  48. Plain Truth

    When you do this, you know it has been a while between rings.

  49. Catfanforlife

    Wow #7, maybe you could spend the day feeding, changing clothes, and wiping the as#$# of the retards you talk about. You will not get a ring or banner for that. Next time you at Rupp maybe you can come and sit in the handicap section and help us out and I will give you one of those medals.
    Sorry everyone but I could not let that go. GO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. coach search

    I love the fact that they listed beating #1 #2 #5. Actually the ring looks like it may have been made from plastic. I hear you #7

  51. UKBlue1!

    #7 you have serious issues. I hope you are a UofL fan trolling.

  52. HateIU

    @ #47, LMAO!

  53. stan

    How long before they hit ebay

  54. 3cats

    This is not the IU i know. Did the get rings making the bus ride too? Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND # 7 YOUR A REAL DICK!! AND # 46 there are better things to joke about than children with special needs. Go work with a special needs school and you will change your mind on how hard they work. Oh, by the way they LOVE everyone they meet without question because they don’t know hate.

  55. MadTex

    I agree with #36 and #45. #7 ought to be shot!!!!

  56. Obama

    Maybe I should send one of those to Mitt Romney…

  57. Viren

    Next thing you will know that they have started handing out rings for finishing last. The more you KNOW message from NBC!!

  58. Dutch

    wow…………It’s not where you start it is where you end! I guess Crean gets a trophy when he takes a —-! lmao

  59. bluristhurr

    I wonder if WKU made rings making it to the sweet 16! lol At least they’re not going to be passing it out to non players

  60. Head Bussa

    #7 — Karma is a real bitch. You will get what’s coming to you for thinking like that and then writing about it. Someone please take down that comment. It is truly despicable.

    To everyone really mad about that, don’t worry so much about it. Most people don’t think like that. More than likely, he’s just a kid writing that. Sometimes, you never know what those immature teenagers are going to say.

  61. 7 is a POS

    #7- Deer season opens up tomorrow, I recommend you dress up like a white tail and show up in my Greenup Co. field…

  62. Head Bussa

    Who cares that they got a Sweet 16 ring? It is something to be proud of for most programs. UK is on another level and our standards are a bit higher but we can’t expect the same for others.

  63. James K

    They can’t be serious.

  64. StuckAtWork

    What’s with all the complaints about the lack of Petrino news? Do you want them to just make something up? This is a site that even posts rumors, if something comes up they will post it.

  65. BGF

    This is exactly what is wrong with this generation of athletes. We as a society have to stop giving “participation awards” for everything.

  66. #7's Comment

    Hey everyone! #7’s comment was from a Louisville fan trolling.

    Some idiot Louisville fan tweeted out he did that!

  67. BlueFins

    Do you suppose Crean gave a ring to HooHoo and the Truth? Or maybe someone he had been thinking a lot about?

  68. John Calipari's Amazing One and Done Flying Circus Says

    We fire coaches for this level of achievement.

  69. DerbyDemon

    Yeah, I don’t get #7 at all. But what’s really infuriating is they let that comment stay on the site. I’ve “said” much less inflammatory stuff than that and had my comments yanked from the site. What gives KSR?

  70. RealCatsFan

    Kentucky lost to Duke that year on a miracle last second shot in what has widely been described as the all time greatest college basketball game in history. Their team largely consisted of former walk-ons. The significance of the game was greater too – the opportunity to knock off the defending national champs and go to the Final Four, in the first year after probation ended. IU had been off probation for several years, and did not get close to defeating UK. Completely different!

  71. RealCatsFan

    RE #7: I think God puts people with disabilities on this earth as a test for the rest of us, to see how we will treat those less fortunate. This quickly culls out the real pricks from the crowd, so that He can smote them down later.

  72. ukswagger

    wow did anyone zoom in and the the wildcat logo ?in the middle of the #1 and #2?

  73. Dane Brammage

    Why would you wear it?

    Its not 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.

    Its not a WIN, PLACE, or SHOW.

    Its not a GOLD, BRONZE, or SILVER.

    Its a sweet 16 achievement ring.

    By providing a ring for reaching the sweet 16 diminishes the eager want of a championship ring.

    May it be a curse, a weakness, a pox on their house that this season, if not forever, precludes WINNING and continues to define the red & ‘whine’ as LOSERS!

  74. jp

    We poop ice cream rings

  75. World Wide Wes

    Did DRAKE get one?

  76. sifromduckdynasty

    If they give out sweet sixteen rings then UK must have rooms full of them! Lets give rings out to the people that lost cause they tried! IU cant call Kentucky people dumb anymore cause this is plan stupid!

    GO CATS!!!

  77. Josten's

    Soon it’ll come out that Tom Crean violated NCAA rules by giving recruits rings that say “I’ve been thinking about you a lot. A WHOLE LOT!”

  78. Usernametaken

    Where are all the PEEGS idiots over here defending this?

  79. boDAVEcious

    Question: How did IU not pick up the Wofford player named Indiana Faithfull?

  80. Ferg

    Thanks for deleting my last post KSR. This wasn’t even reported by IU fan sites; only here. That’s because you know that your retarded fan base will comment on anything IU related. It’s the definition of obsessed.

  81. Scott

    Why dont you post a pic of the 2010 Elite 8 ring UK gave out.

  82. tomcreenisthinkingaboutyoualot

    #80 Kentucky fans arent on IU sites because we dont care about them so why are you on a Kentucky site? Obsessed? i think the one trolling another teams site would fit that description. If i want ugly, pale women ill go to indiana, if i want championship basketball news ill go to a Kentucky site.