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I’m on #TeamFedEx

If you thought the Watch ESPN app commercial with Christian Watford’s buzzer beater was bad, wait ’til you see what UPS is airing during March Madness. The United Parcel Service’s new ad uses Christian Laettner’s shot from 1992 to glorify logistics. It slows down the play, zooms in, removes Kentucky’s defense (not that it was there anyway), rewinds, and then shows the ball going through through the net as the crowd erupts.

UPS calls it “the logistics of a game-winning shot.”

See for yourself…

I prefer the “That’s Logistics” jingle.


When our team loses, they make commercials about it.

We are UK.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

82 responses to “I’m on #TeamFedEx”

  1. Bob Knight

    Why was Richie Farmer in on a defensive play?

  2. Jimi Garden of Eden

    Screw UPS on this…

  3. Lunch Box

    I am ok with the IU shot, that was regular season……………..20 years later and i am still not over the Duke game winning shot and #Laertnerstillsucks

  4. ktmiln2

    I am all out of Preparation H, but even I’m not butt hurt over this. Isn’t it time to get over it?

  5. Ugghh

    I don’t come to this site to see this. Thats for sure.

  6. greg

    a little late on this post, this commercial has been airing a while

  7. Don

    Amen brother. Fedex for ever, UPS and shove it. How about in ’98 when UK came from 17 down with nine minutes to go and beat Duke when Mills and Padgett hit threes in the last minute. Pinto blew that the first game when he didn’t guard the in bounds pass. Had he the shot would never have happened. Ricky Dicky will never admit he blew it.

  8. zack

    they have been playin this commercial for weeks now

  9. PitinoSucks


  10. SexnNursinHomes

    I hate UPS and their Logistics. I don’t even know what Logistics means. I don’t care how the damn package gets there, just aslong as it gets there.

  11. Jonah Hex

    I dont understand why UPS would do this commercial when their HQd IN KENTUCKY!? I don’t think an Alabama company would do the same to Alabama football. Someone would end up poisoning trees or something.

  12. SkyAntoine

    FedEx FTW!

  13. Old man sleeping in lower arena

    Good defense

  14. Blue Bayou



  15. Rupert Ergin XI

    After what happened to Tom Hanks, I have to go with DHL.

  16. NashBlue

    UPS should be smarter than to anger the entire BBN

  17. WTF




  18. Azubuike's Bicep

    I blame Pelphrey for backing off Laettner.

  19. MikeT

    I work for UPS… I didn’t realize they were communists… I will be submitting my 2 week notice today

  20. LansingCat

    I WILL NEVER get over that ’92 crap. NEVER. I’m over a lot of things, but I WILL NEVER get over ’92. #Laettnerstillsucks

  21. Beavis

    The commercial does not bother me,,,,we were part of one of the greatest games in NCAA history. What does bother me is the fact that Laettner should have not even been in the game.

  22. DT in DC

    If you look back to several weeks ago when this commercial first aired, you’d see that I vented about thos on this site and tried to get #BoycottUPS trending. Jump on board!

  23. UKGerman

    When our team loses, they make commercials about it. We are UK.

    Don’t forget about “Glory Road”. When our team loses, they make movies about it too!

  24. TDog

    The game bothers me, the fact that Laettner was not HALF of the player they made him out to be, and the fact we played zero defense on the inbounds play. Hate Hill, Hate Christian, hate them all.

  25. Real Fan

    Time to put UPS out of business.

  26. 8wouldbegreat

    I think they are going for the same strategy that ESPN had all year with the Indiana commercial. If the team uses it as motivation, then let it ride.

  27. ooooh my

    OCCUPY or boycott Fed-Ex in Louisville until they pull this add.

  28. Katzilla

    Its history…get over it. My god it was 20 years ago & the more we bitch & cry about it the more satisfaction DUKE gets out of it. The bottom line is the State of KY. needs UPS way more than they need us. We are a BLEEP on th radar screen to them. Once again Drew you put shit up on the board to read, not to mention it being just a little late dumb ass. The commercial has been running for 3 days now.

  29. hotdog23

    I cried like an 8th grade boy that night (because I was ) 🙂
    They could have and probably should have lost by 20. Now I can finally look back and see how great that game, even if a loss, was for UK.

  30. Tdr76

    I’m never ship ups again!

  31. Jon-n-ky

    I was 11 when that happened and I had to have therapy lol. But I feel that we avenged that loss in 98… I thought laettner was classy in the villains vs uk allstar game. but I still hate him lol go cats

  32. Katzilla

    27…what are you on? It’s UPS…WTF! Go occupy City Hall1

  33. ooooh my

    hey katzilla go suck one. humor you dum ass.

  34. Ridge Runner

    This video doesn’t belong anywhere near here.

  35. PA Cat

    You can voice a complaint by going to UPS site and finding Contact us at the bottom of the page. You can access leave e-mail comment and go to the general category and a drop down screen allows you to leave me message. Please join me in voicing you displeasure and decision not to use the products. PA Cat

  36. Ricky Pee

    I wish UPS would stfu about logistics it sounds so stupid

  37. Katzilla

    @ 33…Right! Go back to your trailer & cook some more Meth. Just admit it when your high & the world will be a much better place for you.

  38. phk

    I’ll boycott UPS… right after my iPad gets here.

  39. barn

    katzill: esad

  40. KDPearson

    I thought since UPS doesn’t have any problem using painful memories to promote their business, I could follow suit with my small business. Perhaps some Youtube videos re-enacting painful memories of UPS employees. Something like…Little Susie died in a drunk driving accident, don’t let your database server die too, call XXX-XXXX.

    Not that I would really do this, but it would make them rethink showing their commercial.

    Also I can’t wait for the logistic commercial for delivering the jets to the World Trade Towers.

  41. Guck Foodman.

    Logistics is very important, and incredibly boring. Quit trying to make it cool.

  42. Funky Monkey

    UPS doesn’t get it. It is a painful moment even after 20 years and it should not be celebrated. Why not show the logistics of how a straight path tornado does more damage,… both are just painful and stupid – don’t do it.

  43. yeahright

    I’m on team FedEx from now on. #FedEx

  44. Johnny Red

    #11 – UPS is HQ’d in Atlanta, not Louisville.

    BBN – it is time to get over this. Accept it. Duke beat you on that shot. It is over and done with. Move on. Really. You see, I am a CARDS Fan, and in ’83 or ’84, U.S. Reed (Arkansas, I think) knocked UofL out of the NCAA on a last second, half court prayer. You don’t see Cards fans whining about it 20 plus years later. Grow up and move on.

    You have the best college team in the country this year – embrace it.

  45. ooooh my

    katzilla we can’t hear you with that d*ck in your mouth.what did you say?

  46. Cking98

    This is ridiculous. Don’t diminish what the unforgettables did “IN THE LAST GREAT GAME””, so WHAT if they show the shot. ALL IT DOES IS PROMOTE KENTUCKY! IDIOTS!!

  47. KnightIsFruity

    UPS is a good company, they just have stupid sports commercials. The Geno Auriemma one is no peach either.

  48. Cking98

    Are you idiots going to stop watching CBS OR WKYT?????? They have been showing the same shot for YEARS!!! GET OVER YOURSELVES!! THIS IS ALMOST AS RIDICULOUS AS THE RED LOBSTER STORY!!

  49. Cking98

    Let’s all ban and stop watching ESPN TOO!! Oh we can’t do that? HYPOCRITES!!

  50. Katzilla

    I said…. oooh my! I fell for that, now you need to kneel for this you Hillbilly!

  51. Cking98


  52. Big Blue Lush


  53. ooooh my

    katzilla it must be that time of the month for you. poor baby.

  54. Cricket

    I just ordered a couple of things from the KSR/Fan Outfitters store…they’re being delivered today 2d day air from UPS.

    I would willingly have paid more to have the stuff FedExed.

  55. kyblue

    I think its great people get so excited about beating us. Even after 20 years
    everyone still enjoy seeing that shot. That is because we are Kentucky. We own college basketball.

  56. Katzilla

    Thats right…Isn’t that what your kneeling for…

  57. ooooh my

    katzilla — poor baby

  58. KingCat

    #56 Grow up.

  59. fearjohnwa11

    I like how they were able to digitally remove the guy guarding the in-bounds pass.


  60. Katzilla

    56…Im sorry, BITE ME!

  61. KingCat

    #60 mmmmmmmmmm nice

  62. Katzilla

    @ QueenCat & AKA ooooooooooooooooooh my. What a Hillbilly, dont you have dentist appointment today.

  63. KingCat

    ooooooh my and katzilla. will you both SHUT UP.

  64. bluenbutler

    Quit blaming Pitino, put Pelphrey in front of Laettner, game over. Also it was the greatest game ever played, be proud. It took a great shot, against bad defense, for the two time national champ to beat us. We had them on the ropes, and no one else came close. I hate Duke for all the other reasons, and Laettner should of been thrown out. Plus we got our revenge in ’98

  65. Real Cats Fan

    #44, the big difference is that the footage of the US Reed shot is in mothballs, and is only rarely trotted out for view. Cats fans get to see that shot over and over every year. It’s a little bit like forcing Jackie O to watch the Zapruder film over and over. That being said, I AM over it, and yes, we did avenge that loss in 1998. It’s time for the Cats to make some new highlight memories of their own!

  66. Real Cats Fan

    Also, I have to hand it to K that the fact that he addressed the crowd after the game was a classy move. I did not hate Duke then, even after the shot. My dislike for them grew in the years after that, when they became the media darlings of the East Coast media. They are like the rich a-hole who always gets his way and never gets caught doing anything wrong. Lots of respect for the program, but it doesn’t mean I have to like them.

  67. Big dog

    It’s been twenty years and still sucks just as bad today.Some may get over it .Me never

  68. Big dog

    #66 he didn’t just address the crowd but he got on the radio with Caywood to.So I agree I don’t like him,but I don’t hate him either.I DO respect him.

  69. Katzilla

    @ KingCat…Your right, all in fun. Was a little out of control though.

  70. I'm just sayin'

    wow, what a shocking lack of perspective from nearly an entire message board. We’ve been to five final fours since then, won two national titles and are possibly on our way to another, and people still get their panties in a wad over this?? I didn’t realize we UK fans were so sensitive!!

  71. Don

    #64 You are an idiot. UK lost. BE produ?? I repeat: You are an idiot.

  72. UKBlueBlood81

    As a marketing executive, I cannot for the life of me understand why UPS would want to alienate a large portion of the population (i.e., BBN). My affinity for them based on their extensive Kentucky facilities has been significantly diminished – I will choose FedEx and USPS as an alternative whenever possible!

  73. Denny

    No more UPS for me.

  74. Dee

    I still have not forgave John Pelphrey for this….

  75. Dee

    64…exactly…Not Pitino’s fault John Pelphrey didn’t follow the coach’s instructions….if you remember the very first thing Ricky P. said was….one of my guys was out of position….after that….he changed his story to cover Pelphrey…#redheadssuck….

  76. Reality

    OMG shut up and get over it. UK fans are pathetic. P.S. I’m a UK fan.

  77. Reality

    Ban UPS because they showed “The Shot”…….morons

  78. UPS

    Just trying to make a living!

  79. SC Willow

    I am now going to ship all my packages via FedEx. UPS…not a good move. You should have known better, especially since you have a major distribution hub in Louisville (80 miles from Lexington).

  80. Don

    #76 You’re a UK fan? Really Mitchell, Really?

  81. Mary Wright

    The decision to use UPS has been made easier. One of their hubs flys from Louisville. Fefex needs to fire the advertisement firm that produced this advertisement and they can watch their stock drop together!

  82. Mary Wright

    I am correcting my previous qoutes to state that UPS flights from Louisville should be on strike Fedex I’m sure is greatful to UPS for their advertisement. Just shows you how not to be or act towards any athletic team.