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If Louisville Had A Facebook News Feed

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

166 responses to “If Louisville Had A Facebook News Feed”

  1. Joe from the Burg


  2. catty

    LOVE IT!!

  3. Stay Thirsty My Friend

    Classic Karen! LOL

  4. BigRudy

    Pat Forde likes Kentucky Sports Radio- PHOTOSHOPPED

  5. thehow

    Holy crap that’s awesome.

  6. Swamp Jankins


  7. Dominator

    EPIC after the jump.

  8. Calipari'sInYourEar

    All of this is true!!! Louisville just writes itself… bahahahahahaha!

  9. BCO

    thatll be hard to top right there

  10. BigBlueBrock

    Best UL Hate post yet.

  11. Michael Bolton from a Federal Pound Me in the A$$ prison

    Wiping tears off my keyboard, Drew that was the exact opposite of fail. Gold Jerry.

  12. Just the facts

    Terrence Jennings: just joined the group “I hate tasers”

  13. BTIs_RA

    I wish I could click “like” by this post!

  14. tdogg4033011

    LOL ….. good stuff, wish I didnt have to work today, this UL Hate
    stuff is pretty good.

  15. UK_fan_NKY


  16. Just the facts

    Mike Marra and Peyton Siva: just joined the group “Line beards rule”

  17. UK Proud

    Best. Post. E V E R. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A++++++++++++++++

  18. echo 1

    Very nice Franklin. Even the UL trolls have to agree that this is pure genius.

  19. ESECEE

    Drew… you have outdone yourself on this one. Nice work.

  20. Fellatio

    56 others like this …..FTW!!

  21. Kemp's Pawn & Lube

    Epic win. This rivals all of the Samantha Ryan stuff from the Spring.

  22. blue mist

    CLASSIC!!!!!!! I can’t quit laughing.

  23. blue-tinted reality

    I thought this was a very good post. Especially coming from the guy with the pic that most resembles a pre-teen girl at the top of the main page. Seriously Drew, you must have lost a bet to get that pic posted right?

  24. Perv Griffin

    *slow clap

  25. No! It's Mingue, MORON

    I have no words for how brilliant this is. Bravo sir, bravo.

  26. catfainchattanooga

    Awesome stuff….

  27. 7UKNCAA


  28. Indycatfan


  29. BigBlueBrock

    @24 – WTF are you talking about? Drew is pure manly sexiness. His eyebrows alone give me palpitations.

  30. BIG BLUE balls

    Something is wrong, it won’t let me click on Becca Mann’s new photos.

  31. Dominator

    Rick Pitino just left the group “You say premature, I say efficient”
    -Karen Sypher, Joanne Pitino, & Pat Forde Like this
    ——posted 15 seconds ago

  32. Josh

    Freaking Genius Franklin. Fuh-reak-ing Genius!

  33. Seriously...

    This is the greatest day on the history of KSR!

  34. Indycatfan

    This is worth repeating “ABSOLUTLY CLASSIC” Drew. It has to be the BEST I hate Lousiville Present I have ever recieved.

  35. Stay Thirsty My Friend

    Love the mug shots!

  36. KYStout

    Well played sir.

  37. Otis

    Clap, Clap, Clap!

  38. blue-tinted reality

    30. I actually quit reading this site until a couple of days ago because that pic was the first thing I see when the page loads. It’s embarrassing to Drew, KSR, myself, and Kentucky Athletics as a whole to have a grown man doing one of the emo “I can’t take it anymore, but can still stick my tongue out” pics. But again, the post was hillarious. Nice work Drew. You’re a better writer than model.

  39. Dark Helmet

    hahaaahaha… that’s great

  40. hotdog13

    Wow this is great. Instant classic

  41. mocha

    I’ve been reading KSR from the very beginning days and this is by far one of the funniest posts I have ever seen. Good work Drew. You deserve a raise.

  42. bluebloodedgirl

    BRILLIANT post…maybe the best Hate Day post ever. Well played, Drew!

  43. Wildcat Woman

    Favorite post of the day so far. Keep the Louisville hate coming!

  44. TulsaCat

    Franklin shoots, he scores! GO CATS!

  45. Laker Cat 18

    This is great. I’d like this if I could.

  46. BUWildcat10

    39 – Congratulations for having the dumbest post of the day (and that includes the UL morons). Please, go away again.

  47. BigRudy

    Japanese Prediction for the game:

  48. kevlexky

    This qualifies as a masterpiece!

  49. Dale S.

    Post of the day!!! Hilarious!

  50. Zach Morris

    Post #39 has to be a thinly veiled attempt to troll. Or he’s a miserable, 50 year old man who writes letters to the editor on a weekly basis.

  51. the ghost of Bill Hicks

    Epic…..give Drew a raise.

  52. corey4cats

    Probably one of the best humor posts ever!

  53. Red Bird


  54. TheWaitFor8

    Drew Franklin “gets it”

  55. Dave_in_Oldham

    Love it. Sent it to some UL fan friends so they can get a laugh too (or not).

  56. skinny bearded trailor trash

    I hate skinny bearded flat-bill trailor trash vill-yins

  57. edgehoops

    These blogs might go down as some of the funniest posts in the history of KSR. There may have to be two days of UL hate!

  58. barn

    great. but i do have serious fantasies about becca.

  59. Solidblue9542

    I refuse to do anything productive today until the radio podcast is up! Great post btw!

  60. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    Drew, can you please post a link to download the full graphic? I can only get pieces of it using Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. HELP!! This post has to endure forever.

  61. tenacious_j

    I enjoyed the subtlety of Karen and Tim Sypher becoming friends, then 2 hours later they are married. A bit grossed out by the 3.7 lbs. lighter comment. The real question is, though, why is the like count so low on Karen’s “activity”?

    Overall, this was pure genius.

  62. QueenCityCatFan


  63. Lacy Robinson


  64. Jake_GOCATS

    Lol great post Drew. I love the part about Charlie Strong asking himself what he got into then kragthorpe’s like my bad and joker’s like lol

  65. awesome

    this was great.

  66. knorythm

    That truly is an awesome post, absolute creative genius at work! I wish I had that kind of wit!

  67. Cat in SC

    That. Is. Awesome.

  68. Dennis Weaver

    Greatest post ever.

  69. Andrew

    This has to go down in the Best of KSR! Amazing! Where is the damn like this button?

  70. You Can Call Me Cal

    F*in hillarious. I’m still laughing!

  71. CatFan26

    This is awesome! Great job!

  72. Dennis Weaver

    66) Yeah, and like when Preston asks ne1 seen my hairbrush? Yeah, that’s awesome. And I like when it said Karen and Tim were married. That was so cool.

  73. DrPatKY

    Does the “Da Ville” facebook game work on my I phone? Fantastic post Drew!

  74. MissinBoogie

    How can you guys joke about this stuff on a day when Hurrican Earl is becoming a class 5 powerhouse? BTW…BEST.POST.EVER.DREW!!!!! already linked it to my fb page

  75. blue_period

    ya’ll should do this every week or on more big games

  76. Alex

    This is superb

  77. asdfasdf

    top 3 post in KSR history

  78. IcemanG2

    Best KSR post ever. Sorry, but it is.

  79. Jurichie

    Hall of Fame post!

  80. ruppcrazy

    This goes down in the Hate Day Hall of Fame! Very witty!

  81. Aaron Flaherty

    Absolutely, unequivocally the most entertaining post of the year. Bravo Drew, Bravo indeed.

  82. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor
  83. catcrawler

    LMAO – Love it…. Keep on Hate’n!! Only half way through the day

  84. John Wall Breaks Ankles Then Heals the Lame

    E.p.i.c. That’s the way to kick off Hate Day!

  85. UKStig23

    Greatest post ever.

  86. DuckFriedBillyClyde

    Kudos, Franklin. That is incredible. Best/funniest post on KSR in a LONG time (and that’s saying a LOT).

  87. Burntlungs


  88. Baldy

    Dude, that is by far the best post in the history of KSR…Instant classic and HOF worthy. But Damn…you got change that picture.

  89. uk


  90. Fletch

    Excellent, Marvelous, Outstanding. Just one thing missing. Rick Pitino is a fan of everyone has 15 seconds of fame.

  91. Aaron

    This is the funniest f’ing thing I’ve ever seen! Keep going with it…

  92. JohnV

    I give props to Drew for posting it, but did he write it as well?

  93. Wildcobb Salad


  94. boots45


  95. Cat Christian in Lex

    Best post ever!!!!!!! I’ve cried and peed my pants from this one.

  96. bleedsblue forever!

    Laughing my effing ass off!!!!!!

  97. Kingery

    This is the greatest thing ever! Thank you!

  98. SkyAntoine

    Well worth the $20 a month I send Drew for my subscription to KSR.

  99. buk


  100. 3 fan

    This could be the all-time greatest post on KSR. No joke. Outstanding Drew!

  101. drewfanclub


  102. 63sthu

    loved it! best post ever! can’t wait to get drunk and watck Ul lose saturday!

  103. Calipari'sInYourEar

    The only reason anyone wouldn’t laugh their ass off at every single part of this facebook post is because they don’t know about it.

    To also resist the urge to nail Jurich, but just including him in there “once” with a thumbs up to Charlie Strong’s post is classic. It mimics the reality of his behind the scenes prickery.

  104. BigCatDaddy

    Brilliant post, the best one ever done

  105. knightynight

    wow. i don’t even wanna read the rest. won’t be topped.

  106. Giv'em Hell Wildcats

    This is the second best Louisville Hate Piece, finishing just behind Intern’s “Anatomy of a Card Fan,” from ’07.
    That thing should be reposted every year.

  107. Dave (Tenn)


  108. Beatle Bum

    Funny stuff.

  109. bbwku

    Very nice work! Impressive!

  110. UK_Teresa

    Posts like this one remind me why I made KSR my homepage. No matter how many times I read this, I still can’t stop laughing uncontrollably. Bravo Drew!

  111. UKgrad1999

    Yeah this is a good one Well played

  112. Kenny Banya

    Thats GOLD Drew GOlD

  113. Assassin Number 2

    Greatest post ever, Like someone said, UL jokes write themselves…Ha Ha! I wish I could carry this in my wallet and show every little brother fan I run into.

  114. AJBUK

    Hands down best post of the summer….although technically I think its officially fall. but whatever.

  115. PhilCC

    Amazingly funny and true 😉

  116. Gaytor Hater

    This is nothing short of a masterpiece and should be stickied to every UK message board! I have even emailed this to everyone in my office.

  117. Casey S

    OMG I so wish this would make the news. Priceless.

  118. Cindog

    Greatest pic EVER!

  119. Hey now

    this is so rude ew gross nasty stinky

  120. JR

    This is the greatest post I have ever seen on KSR. I spit out my drink on the computer screen I was laughing so hard. GREAT idea!

  121. MIDDAY

    clever, but a rip off from one I saw a few weeks ago about historic events.

    Astroid – is Heading toward Earth
    Dinosaur – Oh crap!
    Cockroach – whatevahs

  122. Lamp Mode

    wow. one of the best KSR posts ever. well done!!

  123. Fake Jorts

    Drew got looooooose!!! And he’s a beast.

  124. Scutaro


  125. SexnNursinHomes


  126. CalifCatFan

    Vintage Drew Franklin!!!

  127. MainStreetCat

    Great post!!!!!!

  128. Phat Jones

    The comment section can be harsh and unforgiving, but it knows Genius when it sees it! Excellent stuff!

  129. Cat Fan in NC

    This is the best post EVER on this site!!!

  130. Bill

    Finally something good on here. KSR for the win

  131. Logan


  132. Cat Fan in NC

    I think 56 likes on Karen’s activity may be a bit on the low side.

  133. Bubba in Glenpool

    #76 and #125…good comments, very clever.

  134. BigBlewSucks

    Looks like something some hilljack would waste their time doing…just proving their ignorance to the world daily. We’ll see how you like it when Lil Brother in Lessington receives their a$$ kicking on Saturday. What do you call 32 Big Blew “fans” in one room? wait for it…A FULL SET OF TEETH!!!


    GOOOOOOOOOOOOO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. Blondie

    You’re forgetting Luke Whitehead was also arrested in J-Town for marijuana charges recently. Don’t make him feel left out!

  136. FarahHair

    Hey BigBlewSucks that joke is older than the crust built up in your underware! Hmm…does anyone remember when you could get U of L tickets for FREE at the local gas-stations? Yeah…you gotta love free tickets at a gas station! 🙂

  137. OneAndDone

    136) Drew is actually from Madisonville, somewhere around 70 miles farther away from the mountains than the city of Louisville, but we won’t hold that against you….. I mean you are on a UK blog???

  138. OneAndDone

    Wow! my new all time favorite…wonder how long it takes the national outlets to link this??? Too good not to!

  139. Bmack

    Wow. Fantastic. Right up there with wilkinson’s best work.

  140. Oliver Wendell Homes

    This is by far the best post I have seen in a while. Nice job Drew.

  141. twenty-one

    Awesome. One of the best posts on here ever.

  142. Cocobeware

    So full of….WIN!!!11!!oneone!!!!!eleven!!!!

  143. AaronIsCool

    Definitely some of the funniest stuff I have seen thus far. Good job, KSR! Great job. Comedy at it’s finest!

  144. Nominating this for


  145. Jasmine

    This is the funniest post I’ve ever seen on here – and I have a lot of favorites!

  146. GtownCat

    I usually never leave a comment but this was a must. This is the best post I have ever seen

  147. jeff

    Best Post Ever!!

  148. GoneIn15Seconds


  149. CornontheRandallCobb


  150. RidgeRunner

    Absolutely the best creative post I read all day, Drew!

  151. RidgeRunner

    Hall of Fame Post – Automatically! Give him a raise, Matt!!!

  152. jetblue

    best post ever. you just won the internet.

  153. Matt

    That was the funniest thing I’ve read in years. Drew deserves a raise for that epic post!

  154. Dr J

    Superb – I’m not sure you’ll EVER be able to top this!

  155. Villefan

    Wow.. I’m surprised you UK fans know how to use computers, muchless Photoshop. Did Bob and Earl from down yonder help ya?

  156. Goode

    155 – nice originality. I give you a 9. Never heard that one before.

  157. dandycat

    posts like this are precisely why i read this site

  158. Hot UK Girl (Matt fan)

    So good that I might have to change my name to Hot UK Girl(Drew fan)… Oh wait, I just saw that photo at the top,Drew. Sorry!

  159. blitzmr2

    Incredibly funny.

    Instant Classic.

  160. biggestVillehater


  161. Katonic

    The hypocrisy that is City College makes such great copy, hilarious. By the way, if Becca is looking for any of her old pics, tell her to come see me.

  162. Katonic

    Villefan, aka Ricky P., winner of lame response to deserved humor.

  163. thisnicknamestinks!

    Bravo sir, bravo.

  164. Kenny Power's Agent

    155 – What’s a muchless?

  165. Kenny Power's Agent

    Drew, kudos my friend.

  166. MoonDog

    More Becca Manns please