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If Louisville Had A Facebook News Feed (Part 2)


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Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

41 responses to “If Louisville Had A Facebook News Feed (Part 2)”

  1. Michael

    This should really be a once a week thing, Drew.

  2. Will Stien's size 2 feet


  3. rhftwo

    Epic Drew, well played sir.

  4. rhftwo

    Anyone got the link to Part #1 handy?

  5. Rick Minter

    I am hilarious!

  6. Louisville Hate Day

    Absolute gold!

  7. Jimtown Catfan

    Great work Drew. Love the Minter comment. comic genius!

  8. bluetooth

    outstanding blue team simply outstanding

  9. Commenter from other Post

    Now that’s just racist!

  10. raow
  11. Rick James

    That is freaking comedy. Good stuff.

  12. warrior

    Jimmy are we gonna be able to run the ball against FL Saturday?

  13. Jax Teller

    How long before before Charlie Strong gets diagnosed with Parkinson’s? Think all the people there who developed the shakes: Muhammed Ali, born in the ish hole known as Louisville, has dropped more coin at parking meters than Matt Jones won on his 9 team parlay last week. Steve Kragthorpe, up and coming coach at Tulsa comes to Louisville stays a few years before going to LSU, now the man can’t stop doing the Bernie. Rick Pitino checks into the Cleveland Clinic in 2004, 3 years after taking over the head coaching job? Then during his “relations” with Karen Sypher, can’t last more than 15 seconds? Sounds like the man was clearly doing some major moving and shaking…

    What’s in the water down there?

  14. In Denver

    In my 30 years as a UK fan, this may have just been the funniest thing I have ever seen and read. Well played KSR, well played.

  15. Andy C

    Awesome man awesome!!! Still laughing, and I agree maybe this should be a once a week thing Drew!!!

  16. Just Me

    Is it just me or does that woman (doing a pole dance / uofl tailgate) look a lot like Mrs. Tom Jurich. I heard Tom plucked Mrs. Jurich outa a strip joint in Flagstaff years ago.

  17. the ghost of Bill Hicks

    That never gets old….

  18. Tom Handy


  19. LineBeard

    CONAIR is ok, I prefer my Remington beard shaper.

  20. anthonyeppsdrivingschool

    after you had Sypher updating her family tree, you should have also added “removed from her family tree!”

  21. catty

    Best line:
    CJ added Jurich as an employer

  22. Nelson

    2 of the 3 ESPN predictions have Cards over Cats: UK 16 UL 10, UK 17 UL 28, UK 23 UL 24

  23. New Goal!
  24. SexnNursinHomes

    Gold. Pure 100% f****** gold.

  25. CalifCatFan


  26. Kenny Power's Agent

    I’ve been waiting for another UL fb post. Priceless! The beard trimmer app floored me…you da man Drew!

  27. Kenny Power's Agent

    I’ve been waiting for another UL fb post. Priceless! The beard trimmer app floored me, the ICP reference was epic…you da man Drew!

  28. C.P.

    This is by far the funniest thing I have ever read.

  29. bdiddy

    The ICP reference along with the Stevie Johnson “Poke” is classic. Well played.

  30. bonzosbuddy

    Drew, almost didn’t recognize the pic of Becca Manns from that angle.

  31. Lacy

    Love it!

  32. CaliUKFan


  33. raow

    bahahaha I know the dude in the pic throwing up the L. Obnoxious card fan to the fullest.

  34. TheBurghCat

    The fake.FaceBook is awesome as always.

  35. Dennis Weaver


  36. PistolPetot

    Well done

  37. Laker Cat 18

    If there’s one post that I look forward to in a 365 day span on KSR, it’s this one. Nice work Drew.

  38. OneAndDone

    “Friends Photos” with Becca Manns! WOW! Brilliant my friend

  39. Jamal Meeks

    This is probably one of the most brilliant things KSR has created. Love the line about the CJ having Jurich as its employer. Classic.

  40. Helvete

    Will the Becca Mans joke ever get old? I didn’t think so.

  41. Juanita Broderick

    I keep trying to click on the Becca Mann photos and it just not working……….