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If Calipari Gets His Wish, This is his next Great Big Man


It is a different beast covering recruiting in the John Calipari era. He only offers 5-7 guys, ends up getting 4 of them and in the process, usually rakes in the top overall class in America. While it is great for the basketball program and makes following the Cats immensely exciting, it also takes some of the overall buzz away from recruiting coverage in general. Whereas talk was once prevalent over “what are Patterson and Lucas doing” and “just wait until Vinny Zollo grows into those feet”, now we know Calipari is going to get a great class. The question is not if, but simply when.

Nevertheless, it is important we know who the main contenders are for the crown of being the next top Kentucky recruit. With that in mind, today’s news concerning 2012 big man from upstate New York, Dajuan Coleman, is interesting. Coleman is John Calipari’s #1 powerful big man target for 2012. I am told that the staff sees Coleman as playing the same role as Josh Harrelson this past season, but with more skill. He is a banger and can shoot from the outside, while muscling down low with his 6’10”, 280 pound frame. HE will make an immediate impact in college basketball and could cement the post for UK in the 2012-2013 season.

Today Coleman told that Syracuse and Kentucky are 1 and 1A for his services at this point. Coleman considers Syracuse his “hometown” team but he also loves Kentucky and Calipari and plans on visiting the campus later this year. He is being pursued by North Carolina, Pittsburgh and UCONN among others, but for Coleman, the hometown Orange and Wildcats apparently stand out.

Can Calipari pull another Terrence Jones and get a player to leave his hometown area and travel across the country to become a first round NBA draft pick? In recruiting, betting against Calipari is a fool’s game. But one thing is clear, Coleman is part of the Calipari “dream class” for 2012 (likely joined by Shabazz Muhammad, Archie Goodwin and potentially Ricardo Ledo) and will get the full-court press from the staff beginning next week.

Article written by Matt Jones

28 responses to “If Calipari Gets His Wish, This is his next Great Big Man”

  1. E Sutton


  2. Obrzut Jones

    I mean, I can sort of understand the whole wanting to play close to home… but Boeheim isn’t exactly churning out NBA centers out of there. Etan Thomas (class of ’00) is the last center to come out of Syracuse. That’s *eleven* years ago!

    Let’s not kid ourselves Dajuan, you already know which school you are attending.

  3. AKA cold buckets

    I REALLY hope that we get Shabazz. That kid will be a star. I expect it to come down to us and UCLA. It doesn’t seem like a tough team to beat for him but it will be hard to get him away from the west coast.

  4. Marcus L. Owens

    The good news about Coleman is that he may commit sooner than later and give BBN that early signee that we have been waiting for. That would be a great way to start the 2012 class and would give us a solid nucleolus for 2012-13; Coleman – Center, Wiltjer – PF, Harrow – PG. That would leave Devonta Pollard, Shabazz, Goodwin, Ledo as possible candidates for SF and SG. Two of the four would still give UK a top 5 class and possible #1 if one the two is Shabazz.

    2012-13 Starters
    5 – Coleman
    4 – Wiltjer
    3 – Shabazz
    2 – Ledo
    1 – Harrow

  5. John Candy

    my dream class would be any 2 of coleman/mcgary/bennett/carter. and any 2 of ledo/bazz/goodwin/harris.

  6. mocha

    Loving the graffiti in that gym.

  7. Jason

    4 – Thats the exact starting lineup that i envision. Maybe Archie Goodwin. By then, at least one of Hood and Poole should be ready to make a real contribution of the bench as well.

  8. Marcus L. Owens

    For some reason I think we still have a chance at Purvis too.

  9. Impermissible Snacks

    Syracuse may have the home school advantage but it’s important to note that they’ll likely have two five star centers on their roster (Fab Melo and Rakeem Christmas) by the time Coleman gets on campus.

  10. Catsaredope

    I will pass if i can Get Mitch McGary,..Mitch is amazing like mini Kevin Love… just says i’ll take the white PPAT…if I can

  11. snarkster

    I expect Cal to land one of Pollard, Warren and Ellis as our SF and a postv player. I also believe there will be a two guard from among Muhammad, Goodwin, Ledo, Harris and Bolden.

    If the one and done is retained, I believe he will also sign another post and another wing.

    I wouldn’t shock me if we sign Goowin, Pollard and Coleman (I prefer Drummond, McGary and Carter) in the early period and then go after one or two more in the spring as the CBA (hopefully) becomes clearer.

  12. Common Sense

    If it were me (and I were Cal), you tell the recruits straight up, wait until the spring. Look, if the CBA changes and UK retains Davis, Teague, Gilchrest etc., 3 or 4 of you cant logically come here. It shows you have the players best interest at heart and it’s a win-win. Either we keep the boys we have, add another one or two to bridge the gap…or everyone waits until spring, the current guys go to the NBA and we get a new group of studs. No need to expedite the process, even if that means we, as UK fans, have to wait.

  13. Buckets

    I say get the McGary kid and any one else U of L fans and Quick Rick want.

  14. Art Vandalay

    13) I would rather we stay away from guys Ricks recruiting. The days of recruiting mediocre talent ended with Tubby and Billy G.

  15. Buckets

    14 – I only meant the good ones like McGary and Drummond. Not the Peyton Sivas of the world.

  16. cracka

    good point 9 and he should take a look at what 5* fab melo did in his freshman year at cuse: avg 10 min, 2 pts, 2 reb … eeeeeessshhhh

    melo not listed on draft express mock draft … not that that really mean a whole lot right now, but there’s only so much to look at

  17. bung


  18. Lincoln Park

    I just want Shabazz- his amazing name notwithstanding. That dude is THE real deal.

  19. LCAT

    matt check your facts cause there are some things wrong here

  20. Jon Paige

    Just talked to a source close with Shabazz and he says he’s likely to decide this week on UK.

  21. Dale

    14: So, you are saying UK shouldn’t have signed Marquis Teague?

  22. Doug Jones

    Shabazz is the real deal. I hope Cal can land him!

  23. Doug Jones

    Shabazz is the real deal. I hope Cal can land him!

  24. invisibleink
  25. lol


  26. PACatFan

    I’m a grad student at SU. Anyone want me go over to Dewitt and persuade Coleman to go to UK? lol

  27. ukfan1793

    Heres an idea what if the nba lockout goes on through next season and the 2012-2013 nba season is in question would some of the incoming freshmen(Davis, Teague etc.) think about staying around til they know that when they get drafted that there will be a season

  28. Seriously

    McGary or Drummond > Coleman