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I hate you, Luke Harangody

The face of a player that only a football school could love.

One of the strange things about being a sports fan is the way you can sometimes develop an intense hatred of someone you’ve never met solely based on the way they play a sport.  For some of these most hated players you have a legitimate reason, rooted in your fanhood, and it seems completely normal.  Think Christian Laettner.  But, for others, you just flat out hate them….sometimes for no real reason at all.

And that’s how I feel about Notre Dame’s Luke Harangody.  I hate the guy.  I really do. 

It’s tough to say where it all got started, but I think it has its roots at a YMCA in Coppell, Texas a long, long time ago.  You see, I once fancied myself as bit of a basketball player and there was nothing more demoralizing than taking the JV squad up to the local YMCA and getting worked by your pops and a couple of overweight forty-year olds who just used their middle-aged bulk to open up the paint for their array of awkward hooks and flat-footed set shots.  You know you’re more skilled and in better shape and there is no way that this guy with the “dicky do” should be able to wrap up his knees with ace bandages, throw on his Rec Specs and completely dominate you….but he does.  And that’s a big part of the reason why I hate Luke Harangody.

I mean, let’s face it.  Luke Harangody is your father at YMCA.  He won’t play you straight up.  He’ll make you bite on the pump fakes and flip the ball up from his hip until you wonder if he’s a mix between Curly Neal and Satan.  Harangody won’t make you beat Notre Dame.  He’ll make you beat every grainy 1940s highlight reel you’ve ever seen.  And, to top it off, he’ll probably corner you after the game, all smelling like Icy Hot, and ask you if you did your homework and fed the dog.  Sorry, pops, but I have to hate him for that.

But, to be fair, I’m sure some of you probably like Luke Harangody and will throw the whole “he was a three-star who turned into an All-American” card. Well, the fact that he is a three-star that turned into an All-American is precisely why I hate him. The guy has no business being an All-American. He can’t dribble very well. He doesn’t defend very well. He can’t jump very well. He can’t shoot very well. In fact, his only obvious skill is somehow making awkward functional. As someone who has tried to make awkward functional my whole life and failed, I have to hate him for that. This is a guy that can trip over his own feet pretty much anywhere in South Bend, approach a hot Catholic girl armed with nothing but an $8 haircut and 15 minutes of incoherent hick talk and make the panties drop. Trust me, this is not a recipe for success if your name is not Luke Harangody or Larry Bird.

So, I’m sorry Luke. As much as I might want to run up to you and rub my cheek against your hair like one of those Brookstone blankets, I have to hate you with all my soul. I hope that you get exposed tonight as the church league fraud that you are.  I hope you try this crap with Patrick Patterson and get jumped by Mark Krebs and Landon Slone.  But, most importantly, I hope you’ll let me run pickup games with you at the rec center in the future.  I bet we’d be unstoppable.  You can think about it and get back to me.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

58 responses to “I hate you, Luke Harangody”

  1. claw

    Hate is one of your more endearing qualities Beisner.

  2. drewsster02

    Think about this…UK is the last representative of the SEC in the postseason.

  3. gobigblue32

    ESPN First Take just talked about how much they look forward to watching the match-up tonight. Actually it seemed Skippy really liked just watching Jodie Meeks and the Wildcats.

  4. ibleedblueforUK

    UCONN is going down hahaha <<NCAA Infractions LMAO

  5. benherewaiting

    To bad the Coury Flurry could not have had a couple lessons from Harangody…. Looks like they have about the same athletic gene pool.

  6. jaxcat07

    I like Harangody.

    TB, did you hate him so much when he dropped 32 points and grabbed 17 boards in that route of UawfL?

  7. kywildcat

    You can’t be serious. This guy is easily an all-american. Patterson won’t be able to keep him from scoring. It’s going to take more than him.

  8. buzzking

    I know its silly and immature but every time ESPN pictures Luke’s family I can’t help but shout ODOULE RULES!!!

  9. gobigblue32

    #3 — I like it.

  10. lexslamman

    Luke Harangody was a stand-in double for Sean Astin in gay porn.

  11. wildcatmatt

    Another awkward old school type player…..Erik Daniels

    Very similiar style except Daniels lacked the outside shot and wasn’t as……fat.

  12. jacobk


  13. WildcatDJ

    I busted out laughing at the title of this.

  14. BravoBigBlue

    If the Cats had Luke (or someone like him), the fans would love him.
    But wait, he would never get off the bench, cause he’s “not tough enough”.
    He’ll probably hang 28 on us and Patterson will foul out at the 8-minute
    mark tonight.

  15. tyson

    i refuse to comment on this blog entry because it did not in any way comment on our coaching change. how am i supposed to vent my anger at the current coach, the last coach, the ad and president and most importantly matt jones if nothing is mentioned about bcg getting fired?ireed

  16. WildcatDJ

    FWIW, Cliff Lee is my Harangody.

    I can’t stand that guy.

  17. BillyGillispiesBeerCan

    You guys can rag on Harangody all you want but he’s a great player and he brings 100% tenacity and intensity to every practice and every game, much like Patterson. Forget Ogilvy and Chism etc, tonight you will see the best matchup of the year when Patterson and Harangody square off. My predicition is:

    UK: 68
    Notre Dame: 63

  18. tyson

    16, fired?ireed should be fired you freaking idiot!

    ok, now i feel a little better…

  19. board@work

    I wish I could be in South Bend tonight to relive what
    was one of my greatest ever personal memories from Rupp Areana.
    As a Notre Dame player stepped to the line in the second half during a game my freshman
    year, an odd quiet came over the Big Blue faithful.
    At this moment a fellow student found the perfect words to break the silence:
    “I’m gonna eat your face!”
    I don’t really know what that means or why he said it, but tonight, Harangody,
    I hope the Wildcats dine on you with fava beans and a nice cianti.

  20. drmarc

    11, you should know…

  21. UKhoopshysteria

    Beisner that was CLASSIC. Kuddos. I was laughing my arse off at the YMCA descriptions. Vivid imagination but surprisingly accurate.

  22. TheManInTheBrownSuit

    The Irish and Harangody, if they’re stupid, won’t double down on Patrick because they think Frankenugly can guard him…problem is, PPat has the same supposed ‘motor’ as Harangody and is more athletic. I hope PPat eats his fat Irish lunch.

  23. wildcatfandave

    And this, folks, is why I’m still on the Beisner Bus and Bandwagon Tour. Best KSR blogger by far! Who else is with me?

  24. ukcats07

    Beisner I thought the dicky do reference was hilarious. I’m pretty sure on the YMCA sign ups that’s a question. If you don’t check “yes – I have a dicky do” you’re not allowed to join the league.

  25. rbdono2

    Matt Walsh anybody? I hated that guy!

    “Walsh is GAY!!!! clap, clap, clapclapclap, Walsh is Gay!”

  26. catinlvl


    COLLEGE STATION — In a new twist on an old slogan, Texas A&M fans are saying there ought to have been a Law – as in Acie

    Not according to coach Billy Gillispie.

    The first-year boss shocked Aggie followers by pulling the star
    guard just two minutes into last week’s game against Texas Tech and
    not reinserting him until the second half.

    Law had averaged almost 17 points in his previous eight games
    and was pivotal in the Aggies’ big win over then-number ten Texas.

    But he didn’t score in the 70-to-56 loss to the Red Raiders.

    Gillispie today said Law didn’t do anything wrong — he just
    wasn’t playing to the level that the coach wanted.

    Gillispie would not say whether Law would play Wednesday when
    Texas A-and-M takes on Number Oklahoma.

    That, my friends, is research.

  27. ThetaChiUKfan

    #17 – WildcatDJ
    Cliff Lee, the Indians pitcher? If so, what do you have against him?

  28. ThetaChiUKfan

    #27 – catinlvl
    I don’t understand the poor bastard sometimes, but you gotta trust him.

  29. ukcats07

    29, why should we trust him? he’s never even been past the sweet 16.

  30. Billyclyde-superglide

    I hate Notre Dame. It drums up those 70’s days with Dicker Phelps and Kelly Tripuka, they were the Evil Empire. THey must die tonight at 7:00pm.

  31. RuppsRingFinger

    Good work.

  32. ThetaChiUKfan

    #30 – ukcats07
    Because he is our coach right now.

  33. bigblueswami

    Okay, whose dropping the ball in this crackerjack establishment? Its under 7 hours to tipoff and I still don’t know thy enemy.

  34. catinlvl

    29 – just posting what I found, thought it interesting. I have trusted, all the way up to just recently. Getting harder to give the benefit of the doubt, that’s all.

  35. wildcatfandave

    31) I remember watching Notre Dame in Rupp when Troy Murphy was playing for them. He picked up his 4th foul with about 11:25 left in the 2nd half, and didn’t foul out! We were yelling for Tubby to send somebody in there to draw contact, and it never happened. Ahhh!

  36. ThetaChiUKfan

    Tubby had never been past the Sweet 16 before, and he was a solid coach here. Imagine if Tubby had the desire to go out and recruit like Billy G does.

    Sorry to put the names Tubby and Billy G in the same sentence, not trying to start up a debate.

  37. ukcats07

    33, I understand he’s our coach. And I’m not one of these UK “fans” that turns on our own. But I don’t understand the logic of just blind trust. If he came out and said, “this is why I’m doing it….” Then ok, fine, I’ll let you prove your point. But we all grew up on basketball and this state has lived and breathed basketball for 100+ years. I don’t buy the “trust this guy” argument when he’s never even been to the elite 8.

  38. ThetaChiUKfan

    #38 – ukcats07
    Coaches like Mark Few and Jamie Dixon have been thrown around and neither one of them have been past the Sweet 16

  39. mgcat

    If his eyes were any closer together, he’d be a cyclops!

  40. ibleedblueforUK

    Seth Curry is transfering from Liberty, brother of Stephon Curry. I’d like to see any Curry in a Wildcat uni

  41. ukcats07

    39, You’re talking about two different things. I didn’t say anything about firing Gillispie, get a new coach, etc. You said trust him. All I’m saying is, in order for us to trust him, he needs to explain himself. I don’t think BCG realizes how important basketball is to this state. We get made fun of, etc. for our passion but like it or hate it, it exists. He can’t do unorthodox things and not explain them if he’s not getting results. Our fan base has watched too much basketball for us to just trust that it’ll work out.

  42. lexslamman


    Mark ‘The Flurry’ Coury to the rescue!

  43. ibleedblueforUK

    43) hahahaha

  44. BigBlueFan

    I’m more concerned about tonight’s more than I was about Monday’s game. I saw the hurtin’ ND put on the Cards. Be afraid, very afraid. We need our A++ game tonight. Meeks needs to channel the ghost of 1/13/2009.

  45. ThetaChiUKfan

    #42 – ukcats07
    Yeah, I understand what you are saying. But I also look at it as, “why would he blatanly try to hurt the program?” It is his job to lead us to the Final Four and to win championships. Trust me, I don’t get half the shit he does either, but I know he is trying to lead us in teh right direction. Even Rick Pitino has stated that you can’t yell at kids these days because they are so fragile, but Billy G is trying to build them into men, and I think it will pay off someday very soon.

  46. Beatle Bum

    I love Hair ‘N Goatee!!! The guy keeps my jaw on the floor, putting the ball in the hole about a zillion different ways. I would love for him to be a Cat.

  47. ukcats07

    46, I don’t think he is blatantly trying to hurt the program. That obviously wouldn’t make sense. I’m just afraid he can’t adjust his style to his new role. If you compare it to “the real world.” If you go from being a low level employee to CEO you are obivously talented and people think you will succeed. But what you did as an entry level employee may not work as the CEO. You have to make adjustments. If BCG wants to continue coaching the way he is, fine. I don’t give a damn if we play zxone, if porter starts every game, if we don’t gaurd the 3. What I care about is, explain why you do the things you are. Then we’ll sit back and see if they work or not.

  48. BigBlueFan

    I wonder how the Cats will do tonight.

  49. blueblooded

    “make the panties drop” It’s this kind of quality journalism that you just don’t see on the LHL or CJ articles. Beisner, it’s for this type of attention to detail that I may nominate you for 2009 KY Sportswriter of the Year. Thanks for all you do!

  50. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    Biesner, this is top shelf. Now take your anger at his “making awkward functional” and Nancy Kerigan his ass before the game so BCG wins and Barnhart looks like an even bigger buffoon.

    Anything to get rid of Barnhart. To restore UK basketball as the only reason I wear a UK hat in the eyes of the world.

  51. mattlipe

    Notre Dame is a lot like us this year. They can win big one night and not show
    up the next. They have struggled the last two games with New Mexico and whoever they played 1st.

    UK 68
    ND 57

    Perry and Razor both with double/doubles and miller to score 15.

  52. wickedgood

    what part of the usa were you incubated from mr. metrosexual beisner esquire that you can give a liberal idiotic observation about someones appearance.put up a photo of yourself big man.

  53. NashvilleCats

    I must say the thing I hate about Harangody the most is the way he never follows his shot. He does his ridiculous one-handed push shot and then takes off down the floor like he’s 100% sure it’s going in. I really enjoy it when he does that and misses.

  54. TheUniversityOfJodieMeeks

    #53 – wickedgood – Do you look like Quasimodo too?

  55. bluebleeder12

    17, Cliff Lee is a bad ass.

  56. jaxcat07

    I used to give dorks in middle school “harangody’s”. they will never bare children.