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I Got Your Fans of the Day, Afternoon Notes, and Podcast Right Here

We get hundreds of UK fans of the day photos, but it’s not often that we get Stone Cold Willow fans of the day photos. That’s what makes today’s edition of the notes special. Time to smooth those backs out.

I got your afternoon notes right here!

— Guess who is ranked at the top of the polls this week!?! Yep. Kentucky. The Cats received all 31 first place votes in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches poll and the AP poll numbers are taking forever to come out. Louisville doesn’t exist in either poll, only on this guy’s back.

— Jarnell Stokes must’ve finally learned how to stretch because he was named SEC Player of the Week this week. Anthony Davis was named SEC Freshman of the Week after averaging 15.5 points, 10 rebounds and four blocks in wins over Georgia and at Florida. Stokes had very similar numbers with 14.5 points, 10.5 rebounds, three blocks and 1.5 steals in wins at LSU and over Vanderbilt.

— Hi, Mike Bianchi.

— Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News has a great interview with Coach Cal today. Beisner linked to it earlier but here’s a reminder in case you’re just joining us today. Check out what he said about a guy who may or may not be Daniel Orton:

In all the years, I think I’ve had one guy that stopped going to class the second term after the season ended. That kid had A’s and B’s. He chose to not go. I have no idea why. I really haven’t spent time with him anymore–don’t talk to him much–because, again, you owe it to the program now to finish your term.

Definitely Daniel Orton.

— Did anyone see Stuart Scott’s Def Jam poetry recap of the Kentucky game? We need video.

— Stevie Johnson just got paid! The former Cat just signed a new deal with Buffalo worth $36.25 million over five years, $19.5 million of it guaranteed. #CertifiedFlyGuyz

— Ally Tucker of says, “It has to be Cal, right?” for SEC Coach of the Year. Go check it out.

— The Red Cross is accepting $10 dollar donations for Kentucky’s tornado relief fund. Text “Red Cross” to 90999 for a $10 donation to Kentucky tornado relief or visit the Red Cross website.

The KSR Uncensored Podcast on the Top 50 Players since Probation is still online if you’re interested. We have been overwhelmed at how many of you have downloaded it and we have been blown away by the positive comments you all have given. We had no idea what to expect but you have exceeded our expectations. And you seem to enjoy it as well, meaning that we will do it again. But if you haven’t gotten it yet, do so at the link below and learn why “Brassow”, “Travis Ford’s jersey”, and “Mickie Demoss” will never mean the same to you again.

Jay Bilas and Andy Katz were on this morning’s radio show. You really have no reason to not listen to it…

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

33 responses to “I Got Your Fans of the Day, Afternoon Notes, and Podcast Right Here”

  1. Azubuike's Bicep

    The funny thing is that the tattoo is exactly what I would expect on that frail pasty back. You know there is a flat billed hat and line beard on the other side of that pic. Possible a nipple piercing as well. Only one though, because it hurt way too bad to get the other done.

  2. BBN 4 LIFE

    I saw Stuart Scott’s “whatever you call that” last night. Would love to have video to show my boss that missed it. It was…different, but still pretty cool.

  3. UKfan FREAKINGOUTthatCal'sAboutToLeaveUs or NotJerryTipton

    “I have MAYBE the best job in basketball” … it wasn’t that long ago this quote was “I have the best job in basketball!” why is Cal OPENLY talking about leaving UK ????? This does not bode well for the Wildcats !

  4. Jerry Tipton

    Why didn’t I get the Cal interview ?

  5. Tyrannosaur

    Son: “Dad, what would it take for you to disown me?”
    Father: “Son you know that could never happen in a million years!! I mean, unless of course you got a tattoo of a bird with teeth on your back, but there is no one stupid enough to do that!!” (laughing hysterically)
    Son: *quickly putting thick hoodie on*

  6. William

    Who…the…hell…is…Stone Cold Willow? And why should we care? The SCW references are as funny as a chapped ass.

  7. Rixter

    Why is there a condom-covered phallus directly over the cardinal bird?

  8. BBN 4 LIFE

    Check out Doron Lamb’s Twitter…someone made a snowman of him…even has the 3 goggles. Definitely needs to be put on KSR.

  9. TK
  10. catsfann00001
  11. Rayland Givens

    That tatoo F’n sucks!

  12. pioneer

    Looks like this idiot took L1C4 literally,or at least thought he was…

  13. Kidnut

    That Card with teeth is going to take a bite out of that back.

  14. Concerned about our future

    Highest IQ
    1. Stone Cold Willow
    2. Kige
    3. Crazy Legs (dancing guy for those PCers)
    4. Alex Legion’s mom

  15. Eric K

    Tat looks like shit, can’t anyone take some pictures of some beautiful women to send in!! DAMN!! Coach Cal is not going anywhere!! GO CATS!!

  16. viichamps


  17. Stanley Roberts

    Museum Plaza would really mess things up. And the fact that some of these buildings are curved is really cool.

  18. kywildcat

    Amazing footage of tornado in west liberty

  19. LeaveItOut

    All of this SCW garbage is really low, dude’s got issues and he’s happy to be exploited because he’s got nothing else. I’ll bleed blue forever, but the guys who run the show here should know better. Idk what it is with you guys exploiting people with handicaps, but it’s really pathetic.

  20. Chris

    #8 it is on the KSR College site

  21. HeadBussa

    I officially am about to puke I’m so nervous about the upcoming post-season.

  22. tyson

    19. I go back and forth on the KSR Whackpack. It is exploitive, but the people in question seem to love it and they get positive attention from fans that they normally would not get.

  23. AJH

    the only way that picture could be cooler is if it was on his lower back

  24. twnky

    Is stone cold willow playin with a full deck of cards? I’m not trying to be mean just wondering.

  25. Doylerules27

    #23= hilarious, because it’s true. Good work.

  26. Nassau65

    i wonder if he got a line beard tatoo’d on as well.
    what a complete idiot.

  27. Rockfield,KY

    Is Stone Cold Willow like UK’s version of Soul Train that went to WKU? That guy ended up crashing athletes’ weddings with his dry erase board and generally freaking everyone out.

  28. NotFirst

    Wow, LOL @ Bianchi… doesn’t he have an editor? Wouldn’t an editor say “um, I know you love Florida, but this totally makes you sound like a douche, you sure you don’t want to make a few changes?” Seriously, I think the dude must have been crying tears of rage when he wrote that drivel… It almost sounded like he was advocating that UK should have let Florida win on senior day, and apparently Erving Walker deserved better than losing to UK. Personally, I think he deserved better than losing @ UGA and to UT twice, but then you’d have to question the heart of the Florida team, I guess…

  29. knightynight

    I just hope Stevie Johnson knows how to invest a little bit of that money so we don’t hear him compared to so many other athletes that blow it all and have to drag their careers out just to make it…

  30. Justin

    I’m about tired of this Stone Cold Willow reeeetard! Can we stop talking about this toothless wonder? Who is he? Is he even a student? and if so, how in the heck did he get into UK? He is NOT relevant to UK sports! Someone needs to buy him some dentures and send him on his way. I can’t believe he gets so many mentions on here. Move on!!!

  31. Robert.Bergeron

    Thanks for putting the Red Cross Plug! We appreciate the support. We should also note John and Ellen have donated $10,000 to the relief effort.

  32. sevenisnotenough


  33. John

    Matt jones I can’t listen to the podcast on my iPhone anymore. Please go back to the way before the widget.