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I can’t tell you how badly I want to win this game

“If it will feed nothing else, it will feed my revenge.” – Shakespeare

I know I’m the last person on this site that you’d expect to quote Shakespeare, but this is some serious stuff right here (plus I just did a google search for “revenge quotes”).  I’m not going to lie to you, folks. What we’re about to talk about is going to be a little painful. It’s been a year since the Cats folded up and didn’t put up a fight on their trip down to Nashville and, dammit, I’m still steaming angry about it. I’m man enough to admit that I haven’t let it go and I’m petty enough to come out and say that anything short of a demoralizing ass-kicking putting the Vandy intramural program on the brink of a collapse will be a letdown for me. Why? Because that game last year at Memorial Gym was downright pathetic and it marks the first time in years that your normally very mild-mannered man Beisner was spewing F bombs and throwing things around the house.

I’ve stated this before, but this game was far worse than San Diego to me. More embarrassing than Gardner-Webb. More painful than Louisville. This, was the ultimate kick to the junk in a season that was dishing them out often – and I’m ready for Clyde and his gang to line up on the baseline tonight and dish out a sweet, steaming plate of revenge. A few of the lowpoints from last year:

– it was the worst SEC loss in school history
– we all thought that UK had turned the corner after putting together a 5-game win streak in conference heading into the game
– it was the first time I’ve seen a Kentucky team essentially fold up shop and just go through the motions after getting down
– it was the ultimate exercise in stubborn coaching as Gillispie refused to make subs as the team got smoked
– it was televised on ESPN
– Vandy had 11 (that’s right, 11!) players score
– Vandy’s Ross Neltner, a former Kentucky Mr. Basketball, outscored and outrebounded Patrick Patterson – and still finshed third and second on his team in those categories
– Kentucky never had a lead
– Kentucky had more fouls than made baskets
– Kentucky shot 32% from the field and 10% from three
– Kentucky had 5 assists
– Ashley Judd half-assed her fandom
– It was to freakin’ Vandy!!!!

So, what’s the point of this besides bringing up old, hard feelings?  Well, there isn’t really.  I want you to be mad.  I want you to be angry because…well….I’m still harboring ill-will for Vandy and I don’t want to be the only one that’s fired up about tonight’s game.  I know it’s Vandy but to me, this is a big game for Kentucky.  And, if you still aren’t fired up for the Cats and Commodores tonight, watch this:

Go Cats.  Spill some blood tonight in Nashville.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

44 responses to “I can’t tell you how badly I want to win this game”

  1. pdiggs

    beez is weak

  2. daddy43040

    Gonna be tough without patterson to blow them away ill settle for a 10 point victory

  3. 081305

    Vandy will play its best game of the year tonight (guaranteed)…Cats better be sitting on go…Meeks will see junk defense so other players need to pony up, especially if 2Pat is out

  4. ThetaChiUKfan

    Hopefully someone guards Ogilvy this year. I remember him simply owning Pat last year. Our defense is obviously better as a team this season. I don’t see the team coming into this game with the fire Beisner is looking for, we have too many new guys that weren’t there last year.

  5. IcemanG2

    That was one of those games where Gillispie’s stubborn approach of starting Coury for the first media timeout, regardless, killed them. Coury was getting WORKED. Everyone was, but Coury was flat-out embarrassing himself and the uniform.

    Question, had Jodie not been thrown into that game for no apparent reason other than to test out his injury, would he have qualified for a redshirt?

  6. drewky

    I just punched my calculator.

  7. wildcatfan81

    Looks like there is a baby girl Porter on the way.

    Per MySpace “Feb 13 2009 9:08 AM

    I am SUPER EXCITED about baby Porter being a girl!!! She is going to be so spoiled!! Love it! Love you guys! “

  8. wildcatmatt

    2) I’ll settle for a half-court heave at the buzzer win, as long as we get a W.

  9. votedmostlikelytokickurazz

    Galloway HAS to play tonight. Especially, without the presence of Patterson. KG’s spark and athleticism are desperately needed to ease the load on Meeks. Let’s just hope Harris and Porter don’t provide too many negative contributions (TO’s) tonight.

  10. The Ghost of Dick Fick

    CATS: 74
    dores: 67

  11. votedmostlikelytokickurazz

    Although, I will admit Porter has been playing significantly better the last few games. Harris on the other hand, not so much. Yes, he can rebound and play defense, but the offensive end is lacking (and always has been).

  12. The Ghost of Dick Fick

    We need Jorts to play a great game tonight!

  13. ukindianballer

    This is a game that Jorts could actually contribute with Ogilvy being a good match up for him

    I’ll take a W any way we get

  14. bige

    Vandy’s offensive motion was amazing that night and then they couldn’t miss. Same thing happened to Louisville at ND last week.

  15. dobby

    It baffles me that Porter is married already with a kid on the way. Enjoy your youth for cripes sake!!

  16. dobby

    That Vanderbilt gym pisses me off. Isn’t it a converted theatre or something?

  17. bleedingblu7

    I have Vandy season tickets(just so i can go to this game) and was in the lower level amongst tons of Vandy fans for this game last year. They are without
    question the worst fans in the SEC. They quit on their team when they aren’t winning, and are unbearable when they are.

    UK cannot win this game by enough as far as I’m concerned. I’m with Beisner–I’m still pissed.

  18. wildcatsforlife

    My prediction for tonight:

    UK 73
    VU 62
    BCG 69 with his halftime girlfriend

    Meeks 22
    Harrelson 15
    Harris 0
    Porter 5
    Miller 13
    Stevenson 9

  19. pji

    Sure am glad Porter is having a girl. There is very little she can con her way onto the UK team.

  20. PrinceFor3GOOOD

    Jodie going for over 40 again, quit being modest people! It’s his favorite one-two punch, ESPN & The Spotlight, no one is gonna contain him! Also I think Liggens might break the double digit scoring barrier tonight, I have a hunch.

  21. The Ghost of Dick Fick

    19) Tool

  22. pk715

    I just want a win. A win is a win. Whether by 20 or by 1 in triple OT, I’ll take it. This game marks the start of a very tough stretch. Winning the SEC east and getting a single digit seed will be revenge enough for me. Vandy will be dancing to the NIT or one of those other fake tournaments.

  23. PopandLock

    Any shot PP plays? Sorry if it’s already been posted.

  24. UKhoopshysteria

    Congrats to Porter! Having a child is one of the greatest blessing in the world. He will be a better dad than ball handler. Keep knocking down the open jumpers Mikey and you’ll be fine.

  25. ruppcrazy

    I’m f***in’ pissed!!! Let’s kick some Vandy ***!

  26. CAnTuckeeBoi

    18.) Hey wildman, your missing 9 or so points, Galloway wont play, Liggins will make sure he gets his 2, and I would say that stewart gets 3 and carter gets 6, wait a second thats cheeseburgers, sloan will have 6 then…..

  27. EricMJ26

    if you were throwing things around your house. imagine if you had been in the stands as i was! most humiliating moment in my life. hope the cats can win big tonight, but like (8) said “as long as we get the W” i’ll be happy.

  28. GimelsStache

    What does it say about UK’s athletic program if they continue to get beat in multiple sports by an “intramural” program. Vanderbilt beat UK at Commonwealth Stadium, has won more games than it’s lost to UK since 2004, owns UK in women’s basketball, has a better baseball program, etc. So does that make UK’s program something less than intramural? Like YMCA maybe?

  29. wildcatcorner

    “Ashley Judd half-assed her fandom”

    Seriously? She was scheduled to show up at halftime and despite the humiliation, still came for the second half. If you could only make the second half and knew about the beat down, would you still show up?

  30. pji

    21, you are cool.

  31. 46and2

    Vandy 76
    UK 64

    If Galloway doesn’t have 12 min then we lose.

    If he does :


  32. bigbcurry

    Congrats to Porter and his family. GO CATS!!!

  33. jezzy

    I have several friends who go to Vandy. Well, after last year I should say “had”. I haven’t spoken to them since, but a big win to night plus a bottle of jim would probably end in me calling them up for some prime shit talk.

  34. jezzy

    28- I stopped reading you comment once I got to womens basketball. Did you make any actual points after that, or just jabber on about more worthless bull ish?

  35. mattcat68

    If UK plays the defense they did at Arkansas, Vandy will have a hard time scoring. If UK leaves the perimeter open, and allows guys to drive the lane at will, it will be a long night. I don’t see a blow-out for either team, but I think like always in Nashville, fouls will play a critical role in the out come. UK-70 Vandy-64

  36. wildcatcorner

    31, I’m sure you keep similar schedules since you’re an actress and all…

  37. adaircam4

    I was at that game last year, and it was embarrassing..but was more embarrassing was the way the Vandy fans were acting. When I was leaving the game, some random dorky Vandy student runs up to me and yells “I guess you can call Vandy your daddy now, can’t ya” ! No kidding, that happened. I at least got a laugh out of it.

  38. GimelsStache

    35. The point is, if people want to refer to Vanderbilt’s teams as being “intramural programs,” then what does it say about UK when UK loses to an “intramural program”?

  39. Barbaro

    GimelsStache is always quick to defend the Commodorks. Methinks he might be one.

  40. TheEasternKentuckyHeartbreaker

    Drewky.. haha that made me spit Mt. Dew outta my nose Ha Ha!
    Beisner.. you “brangit” everytime!

  41. ZW

    39)Wow, you handled that better than I would’ve. The Commdork would’ve been pounded into oblivion had he said that to me.

  42. wildcatcorner

    38 – good point