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How much should Reid Travis play this week?

On Friday night, Kentucky will tip off the SEC quarterfinals against either Ole Miss or Alabama. We could sit here and debate, which team would we rather play and so on… to me, there is only one real question, how much should Reid Travis play this week?

Of course, the simple answer to this question is that if he is not ready to play, there is absolutely no reason to rush him back into playing. Sure, winning the SEC tournament is fun, but Travis is a lot more important to cut down the nets in his home city.

A caller into the radio show this past week made an excellent point, Kentucky can probably beat any team in the SEC without the graduate senior. The only two that would be in question, is LSU and of course Tennessee.

He said, that if Kentucky and Tennessee match up, and Travis plays, if the Cats win, should they hold him out of what will more than likely be a meaningless SEC Championship game?

If that situation comes to be, I am 100% on board with him playing limited minutes. Especially since this would be coming off a game against Tennessee that seems to be the equivalent of a Bengals-Steelers football game. The sheer physicality would take a lot out of player who has been playing all season long, let alone someone who is playing their first minutes in a few weeks.

Limiting his minutes against presumably LSU or Auburn could keep him fresh come next Thursday or Friday night when the games actually matter.

The follow-up question we could ask is should Travis play at all? On that note, I would say unless the medical staff gives him clearance that he can’t injure the knee more and he feels comfortable with playing, I would not play him.

Fans very well could start to gripe about this possibly being “another Jarred Vanderbilt” situation. Personally, other than them both having injuries, I don’t see much correlation. Vanderbilt’s main goal in coming to Kentucky was to play in the NBA. That is obviously Travis’ goal as well, but I truly do believe that the thought of winning a title in Minneapolis, his hometown, motivates him to play.

Simply put, the SEC tournament will probably decide whether Kentucky gets a 1 or a 2 seed. If you ask me, I’d take a healthy Reid and a 2 seed, over him having the chance of injuring the knee more and getting a 1 seed. Should the Cats roll the dice?

Article written by Sam Gormley

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54 responses to “How much should Reid Travis play this week?”

  1. 1IH

    This is an inside job article. The Dr’s will never tell him he can’t injure the knee more, period. Remember “word on the street that his parents put the kibosh on him playing anymore this season” was heard here 1st.

    1. 1IH

      For more X-Files inside scoop look at the photos from yesterday on senior day thread of Ellen next to Travis’s parents/family vs the one with the David’s. Awfully telling.

    2. jaws2

      Annnnnd what else does your Magic Eight Ball tell you?!

    3. makeitstop

      IH I wouldn’t read too much into this. Johnny David has been there 4 years – almost half Cal’s time there, they’ve spent holidays and trips and tourneys together and he never had any illusion about going to the NBA as anything other than coach or executive. Grad school is just where u go for a job and while, sure after 3 years of law school or 4 years in Med school u hv a “family” there, a year of grad work? It’s a stop on a business trip. Plus they’re from Minn. nice people but not overly familiar like us Southerners. If we’re reading tea leaves I wouldn’t put too much on that one.

    4. 1IH

      Makeitstop that makes sense. The David’s are Pittsburgh fans too so they have that in common. As I said yesterday it was a hit punch when I heard it, the source made it a gut punch from Robbie Lawler.

    5. KayutsBy90

      You’re grasping at straws here bud. I was at the game yesterday and Ellen greeted and stood with the David’s as well. I’m guessing KSR either just didn’t choose to use those photos or they didn’t turn our great (a lot of people’s eyes to be open at once haha)

  2. catsarerunnin

    Personally I wouldn’t play him this week even if he’s ready. Doing well in the SEC tourney NEVER helps Kentucky anyway. Save him for the Big Dance.

    1. 4everUKblue

      Totally agree!

    2. BigolBlue

      Disagree 100%. He needs reps and the team needs to play with him together as a whole. I can guarentee if they just throw him in come tourney time there could be serious chemistry issues.

    3. catsarerunnin

      And you care why Slater?

    4. 4everUKblue

      Remember that time last week you predicted we’d lose to Ole Miss and beat Florida and be the #3 2 seed in Virginias bracket WeneedBigolSlaterMedic?

    5. KatFan48

      NEVER question bigolblue aka lilolchicken. He must play or THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING

    6. Ridge Runner

      catsrrunnin.. agr.

  3. CatsandPats

    He’s gotta get game reps before the NCAA tournament or he won’t be any use to us and only play limited minutes. He’s gotta go this week it will have been 3 and a half weeks. The kid is fine. Stop milking a mild knee sprain.

    1. makeitstop

      I’m with u all the way to the last sentence. Can’t imagine he’s milking it, but the fact is u pull fluid off, it hurts, u play. That’s what happens at the next level, and this is a job interview, will u and can u do for 82+games what Cal asks u to do for 40? If not, nice to meet u, thanks for coming, u will make a great GM one day when ur career in Europe is over. Honestly I hate to say that but it’s life. To an NBA GM they’re widgets.

    2. catsarerunnin

      Lol thinking this is being “milked” is ridiculous.

    3. syrin23

      No he doesn’t need game reps. He’s a four year veteran who will be back just fine, and the first week of the tourney won’t be tough competition. He get it in there and be ready to go for the Sweet Sixteen

    4. Luether

      What CatsandPats said…

  4. VirginiaCat

    This is beginning to feel like the Vanderbilt fiasco when Cal misrepresented the facts in order to preserve his NBA options. Hope I am wrong and we get Reid back, but the vagueness surrounding the situation is disquieting.

    1. 4everUKblue

      You’ve got a pretty good at being wrong so far so…

    2. catsarerunnin

      Wrong most of the time because he’s a whiner.

    3. DelrayCat

      Yeah, but that Vanderbilt crap went on for the whole season practically. We all know Reid is a warrior and will play when he is ready.

    4. syrin23

      Reid isn’t going to get drafted so he isn’t protecting his draft stock.

  5. CatfaninCinci

    I’m worried about rust if we simply hold him a full month. I’d rather get him some limited action, than sit him a full month.

    And whoever said the MDs telling him he can’t hurt it anymore is right. They’d never say that.

    1. Bluebloodtoo

      Travis is a veteran. He’s been playing college ball for 4+ years. He’s not going to be rusty.

    2. DelrayCat

      Reid is not a finesse player. We need him to be fresh to bang down low, rebound, play defense, and make some layups and free ones. I doubt he will be that rusty. He has over 100 college games under his belt and is practicing with the team now.

  6. jim tom

    Not happening

  7. davis2319

    I would play him if he thinks he is truly 110% ready. Otherwise no play

    1. Rixter

      How about if he’s 105% ??

    2. Luether

      How about if he’s “only” 100%?

  8. LouisaCatFan

    If this was Varsity Blue give him a shot and make him play.

  9. Matt10

    If he intends to play in the NCAA’s, the last thing you want to do is throw him back in the rotation at the first game. The team needs a little game time to integrate him. I would almost rather him get some limited minutes in the first game or two of the SEC tourny and hold him out of the more intense final.

    1. makeitstop

      I agree – No way he could just jump right back in even if he’s been doing cardio. One of the things he does best is going to set a hard screen the shooter breaks off of, another is execute the pick and roll, and that’s all timing, and it takes a minute to get back. I’d love to see 10-12 minutes Friday, 15-20 Saturday and Sunday, if we survive UT. Then another week of practice and a first round game behind him and he should be up to speed.

    2. catsarerunnin

      I think he’ll be fine. It’s not like he will suddenly forget how to play.

    3. Matt10

      It’s not about forgetting how to play. It’s about game fitness and team chemistry.

    4. catsarerunnin

      Cal said he’s killing it in workouts and they played like 25 games with him plus endless practices. They won’t miss a beat when he returns.

    5. syrin23

      Yes, you can throw him in right away in the tourney. Dude is a four year vet who plays the post. The 16/15 seed will be a practice game, and the 9/8 seed won’t be much different. That;s when he should get into the game

  10. Bluebloodtoo

    Travis should play when he’s healthy. Period. Nothing else matters more than that.

  11. KyZoneBlitz

    If he is able to play, he needs some PT to help shake the rust of missing the last 5, but definitely doesnt need a full load, is say 10-15 minutes or so…. let him get back in the groove of things….

  12. jr

    He should play at least a half Friday, then depending on how he feels, play him 25-28 mins sat.

  13. shelby

    I will be surprised if he plays at all

  14. weneedpitino

    Well heck he should have been ready to go a week ago, what a wimp. Go cats!!

  15. Aar

    If doctors tell him he has no greater risk of reinjury than a first injury and it were my decision, I’d play him a maximum of 16 very specific minutes per game this week. The first 4 minutes of each half and, if needed, the last 4. Those are the times when he’s most important to the team. Not only does he need to get “game sharp” again, his teammates need to get back in sync with him. Further, the team benefits more by giving two other players the remaining 24 minutes per game.

    I really don’t think this team needs him to play until the Sweet 16. Next week is about a trophy and not the big one. So, he has about three more weeks to rehab his knee to full health. At least, in my book – for what little that’s worth.

  16. Big johnson

    If doesn’t play in the sec tournament he might as well not play at all. He needs it to get back in game shape. Now que all the whiney cal bitches to call me a troll.

    1. friendsofcoal

      I agree with you!

    2. weneedpitino

      You are right big johnson, I agree with you 100%, as most should, but this here comment section has a lot of delusional people in it. Go cats, and I like big johnson.

    3. BigolBlue

      Agree bj. Catsrunnin4everbananastillbpjdub is a baby

  17. friendsofcoal

    I can hear Cal now after a second round loss, “I don’t know what happened guys. Maybe I should’ve got Reid back in during the SEC-T.”

  18. sharpshooter81

    Simple for me. If the doctor says he is healthy and gives clearance, then play him. If not, don’t play him.

  19. Luether

    “Kentucky can probably beat any team in the SEC without the graduate senior”

    Uh NO…

  20. Swizzle

    What’s he saving that knee for insurance sales. Let’s go dude

  21. CahillsCrossingNT

    If he is available, work him up gradually. Some fitness has to have been lost no matter what he’s done in rehab.

  22. wildcatlove4life

    Cal told the guys to take two days off , go home and visit your families, and Reid told Cal he wanted to stay here and train to get his knee better…I think that’s a great sign!! GO CATS

  23. Righteous1

    Big Johnson I could not have said it better myself. The whiney Cal bitches will que up until they don’t make the Final Four and then they will troll like the Fat Lady that sings!