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Hot off the presses: The Karen Sypher Story

Sooo many things are awesome about this cover. Who is that child? Why is Karen holding her? Why is Karen wearing a corsage? Oh God, is that her holding her aborted child in heaven?!?!

Just in time for the biggest Kentucky/Louisville game in history comes Karen Sypher’s new tell-all book “Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The Karen Sypher Story.”** Here’s the description, from Amazon:

In 2009, Karen Cunagin Sypher was a part of one of the biggest scandals in Louisville, Kentucky history. It involved One-Time professional coach for the Boston Celtics, and the “winningest coach” in the University of Louisville history, Rick Pitino. Read “Karen Sypher’s” story and how the largest cover-up of rape led her from being a victim, to being convicted and sentenced to seven (7) years in prison. The Karen Cunagin Sypher cover-up is at the top of one of the most egregious revenge-plots in American Justice History.

The book retails for $14.99 on Amazon and if you splurge for overnight shipping, you can have it in your little hands tomorrow morning for some pregame reading. If you have a guilty conscience about buying it, it’s okay: part of the proceeds go to rape victims. Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:

If you go to Amazon, you can read the first four chapters for free: “Karen’s Life” (Chapters 1 & 2), “The If Factor” (Chapter 3), and “The Mafia Knight” (Chapter 4). The Mafia Knight! Oh, my. One last thing:

** I swear we didn’t make this up. It’s real.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

No, I will not make you a sandwich, but you can follow me on Twitter @MrsTylerKSR or email me.

114 responses to “Hot off the presses: The Karen Sypher Story”

  1. Jimi Garden of Eden

    Love the timing of this…

  2. SteveM

    Don’t worry Karen, the Cats will hose Pitino for you on Saturday.

  3. Kenny H

    I bet we won’t find Pitino at a book signing.

  4. schwing

    damn, she used to be bangin’.

  5. Yes

    Yes, you did not make it up. But someone else did, right? Didn’t the court rule on this? Isn’t she in prison?

    That guy she’s talking about hung a banner in Rupp (possibly two, really).

  6. shimsky


  7. UKChillfan

    Wow, wonder why it came out at this time?

  8. Jason

    5-Benedict Arnold also won a couple battles before he switched sides too.

  9. Blue Iris

    “if you splurge for overnight shipping” I thignk splurging is how this whole mess got started.

  10. Had a blast in Lex last weekend!

    YYESS!! I love it!!

    GO CATS!!

  11. GoCats2

    Definitely helps remind everyone that Pitino is not the angel the press is making him out to be this week. I was happy that Bomani reminded everyone on ESPN last night.

  12. nassau65

    i guess the tard fans will blame Cal for the timing of this like they do everything else negative that happens to UL.

  13. 101blue

    That kid has Ricky P’s eyebrows.

  14. Consider this

    I’m no Pitino fan, but can’t he sue like hell for slander if he in fact did not rape her? I guess he’d rather let sleeping dogs lie, but this doesn’t seem to be going away.

  15. Floyd The Barber

    I will probably only scan through this book in about 15 seconds……..

  16. Luck

    #46,562 in Books . It’s a top 50 thousand book guys


    i love how the price of the book is 14.99, 1 penny short of 15secs. Just rubbing it in pitino’s face!

  18. NKY CAT

    she is nutty as a shithouse rat

  19. average fan

    I don’t like Pitino but this is absurd and I don’t wish this BS on anybody.

  20. 98runt


  21. Jimi Garden of Eden

    14…it should not ever go away…great coach,lousy husband,father and human being…

  22. gmartinez

    shes hot.

  23. nassau65

    19, i agree

  24. shabazz

    Wow. Can you say libel?

  25. douchechill

    12 – Better make sure they don’t ship this book to you via UPS!

  26. Smokey

    I thought there was a law you couldn’t profit from a crime. He was convicted of extortion no?

  27. Yikes

    She is Nuttier than a squirrel turd

  28. capnmonkey

    This is simultaneously horrible and hilarious

  29. GBB

    Wow. Not ALL blondes are crazy, but enough are that, please, TT, stay brunette.

  30. BobKYCats

    God, even most Cats fans wish this woman would just go away. Don’t think that’s gonna happen.

  31. Cliver

    My favorite line: “Karen had never been raped before and had never been in that situation.” The way that reads you’d think such an experience is just a typical part of womanhood.

  32. true

    So let me get this straight…she is saying that he raped her? Rape? Is that correct? He raped her that night & not made love. It was rape…rape. he raped her? Is that the point she is making that it was rape? I’m a little unclear by her story. She’s pulling the rape card. I know girls like her, their called whores

  33. manbearpig

    Some jokes just write themselves….no pun intended

  34. SexnNursinHomes

    I’d hit it

  35. uktailg8er

    Why is she holding a black/mixed child?

  36. ajhank2

    Squirrel turd. That’s hilarious.

  37. knightynight

    32- they’re*

  38. Walter Sobchak

    dear god, this reads like it’s a high school portfolio piece. or maybe a lab report. either way, i can’t imagine making myself read any more of it than i just did

  39. chadman

    Her website would be a little better if official weren’t misspelled, but what do you expect for someone from Louisville?

  40. Matty Bangs

    Nothing about being PUNKED out by Clay Travis? Matt maybe your just jealous is wasn’t you getting it by Ricky P. Man crush anyone? Go Cayuts huhu!!!!!

  41. GoBlue!

    How do they figure Pitino is Louisville’s winningest coach? Crum was there for 30 years and won 695 games (according to wikipedia). Pitino’s not even close.

  42. Rod Von Hugenschlong

    RP made his bed, now he has to lie in it. She may be further digging herself into a hole but it sure is funny as hell to watch. Too many people are sympathetic to Pitino. He did this to himself. He screwed a crazy woman without a condom and now he has to face the consequences. This will likely never go away.

  43. GoBlue!

    *675 games

  44. doug hanes

    For $14.95, I may order two, give one to a friend.

  45. DT in DC

    And she said the FIRST time he raped her. Were there more encounters besides the one in the restaurant?

  46. Rod Von Hugenschlong

    If you have any friends or co-workers that are UL fans then buy this book for them! 🙂

  47. HeadBussa

    32 — She does not claim he raped her that night at Porkchini’s. She claims he raped her on another occasion at her house (I think) when they were talking about the abortion. She claims he forced himself on top of her when she didn’t even want to do anything.

  48. HeadBussa

    ^Well, at least that’s what the she was saying initially. Now I just read the passage above and it pretty much seems to state that she says he raped her at Porkchini’s.

  49. UK Fan

    Look at me, I’m a victim!! You can’t take responsibility for your actions if you’re the victim all the time.

  50. WTF

    ..didn’t have the strenght to scream…LOL..or the desire I would imagine….



    If Ricky P got ahold of her back in her Pepsi days it might have only taken 7.5 seconds.

  52. YourBoyBlue

    Wanna bet that KY is this books leader in terms of sales??

  53. Sammydog

    This type of trash should not be on here. I am no Pitino fan but this woman is a real piece of work. Reveling in something like this is way beneath decent people. I am a 45 yr Kentucky fan and this is way beneath us.

  54. WTF

    …I mean he has coached the 35 second rule for 20+ years…i know..

  55. lambinated

    So who plays pitino and sypher when lifetime picks up the book for a made for TV movie adaptation?

  56. WTF

    Lifetime cast:

    Ricky P – Ron Jeremy

    Sypon – Trailer trash sue

  57. Guck Foodman.

    This whole deal is just nasty.

  58. NBA league pass

    51) no doubt!

  59. Moving On

    I agree with #53…
    Rick restored KY basketball, made a mistake(s)…lets move on. I thought KSR was better than this.

  60. Ridge Runner

    59…the book just came out. KSR can’t move on if something like this is just off the press. Ya can’t move on, until AFTER it has happened.

  61. Bender

    Please for the love of Big Blue take this article down!

  62. Moving On

    60…you can move on…how long ago was the trial…2010? I think 2010 classifies as AFTER

  63. catfan68

    55 maybe Joe Pesci plays pitino? Sypher…one of the girls from Trixies?

  64. Fatneck

    Disappointed you guys posted anything regarding this book. I m a Pitino hater but this isn t funny. The woman obviously has issues and there s no reason to entertain her crazy story. You guys have always been my favorite site but this goes to far. PLEASE PULL IT. Its embarrassing to UK fans.

  65. Ridge Runner

    62…the BOOK just came out dude. Not the occurence which permitted the BOOK.

  66. DB11


  67. BravoBigBlue

    Poor Rick. Didn’t you read Rick Reilly’s article, how Rick is now a changed man? He’s humble. And he only lies HALF THE TIME! This prick deserves everything coming, including this shit from this crazy nutjob. Poor Rick.

  68. UKBlue

    BBN needs to go set up a stand & sell this out in front of the Superdome.

  69. Gooch

    Who Cares? Give it a rest. Go Cats!

  70. BigAbes4UK

    Wow she was smokin hawt before she was a slut!

  71. FormerUKemployee

    This is not the first time a situation like this has happened with Pitino. There was another girl at UK when he coached there…one of the biggest cover ups of all time.

  72. Pabloco

    That has to be a record for using the word “rape” in 2 paragraphs.

  73. Richie's Mustache

    How is Pitino the “winningest coach” in Louisville history? I’m pretty sure Denny Crum has more wins in 30 years as UofL coach than Pitino has in 11 years.


    You can also purchase an autographed copy of this soon to be “New York Times Best Seller” next to the fan outfitters trailer in New Orleans starting on Friday.

  75. Jessdogky

    71 – very interesting. have heard rumblings about that but would love more details.

  76. fourthininches

    is it wrong to spank it to that pepsi picture?

  77. jlove

    Wow. I thought the majority of the comments would be about how hot she was when she was younger. Maybe I’m the immature one…

  78. kfund

    It’s not a great buy. After you open the cover the book reaches its climax in 15 seconds.

  79. Real Cats Fan

    31, according to IU’s former coach, she should have just sat back and enjoyed it.

  80. cornbreadmafiacook

    Hell, buy one and have it overnighted to p.ricky in nola

  81. Ethan

    #41 #73-“Winningest” would refer to the winning percentage.

  82. Real Cats Fan

    Why is she holding OJ Simpson’s daughter on the cover?

  83. My Old Ky Home

    10 days after the intercourse she tests positive for pregnancy from a store bought test? Any doctors care to comment. I seem to recall reading that such tests were not valid for several weeks approaching a month post pregnancy. They measure hormones that take time to get high enough to register as positive.

  84. Oops

    Chapter 12, ‘The Three Way’

    “Rick really didn’t want to share me – but Tommy Turtleneck insisted. He told Rick that if I didn’t satisfy him, he would fire Rick. They both winked at each other and gave a nod, and Rick told me it was ok to make love to Tommy. Surprisingly, Tommy was quicker than Rick and it only lasted 12 seconds. My hesitation to their advances lasted longer than both sex acts, I couldn’t believe it.”

  85. bill

    Need fat-heads of the book cover distributed for the tourney game.

  86. JoAnn Pitino

    Damn you Karen, you just messed up another Final 4 appearance for me. This new hair and facelift were gonna be center stage, and now you’ve gone and done this. I can’t be seen now, after you’re book comes out. Look, everyone knows I don’t love Rick anymore – big deal. I’m just in it for the money. You can have his sorry ass, I’m done with him!

  87. Jax Teller

    “Still feeling guilty about not having the power to push him off that night…or scream” — well, damn it was only 15 seconds. I don’t know of a man alive who can make a woman scream in 15 seconds, of course she couldn’t scream.

  88. Blue28

    The timing of this is awesome! I wish someone would ask Pitino about it in a pre-game interview to watch him boil over. Maybe it will distract him a bit.
    Check out I went there looking for her book but it’s a pretty funny UK site instead, lol.

  89. Asterisks

    Why won’t anyone ask about us anymore?

  90. Porcini's

    I would love to see the reaction/response if someone bought the book and asked Pitino for an autograph…

  91. T_F_Licker

    This may be the most disturbing and at the same time, most hysterically amusing book cover I’ve ever seen in my life.

  92. RYNO

    How about we buy about 300 copies and send them to the UofL Hotel, care of Ricky P.

  93. Fred

    To 76: Spank away my man, spank away!!

  94. Conference Call

    I am still amazed by her middle name. And I hate to admit this, but if that really is her in the Pepsi ad, she was smoking hot. That said, she is still bat sh** crazy. And Rick didn’t knock up the smoking hot chic, he knocked up the crazy chic.

  95. BIGAL

    The kid on the cover does resemble little Richard Pitino!!

  96. bluebarnes

    Somebody should send one to New Orleans to his hotel.

  97. SavannahCatFan

    Love this review….”Karen Sypher is a cautionary tale for getting cautionary tail.”

  98. KC Kat

    Fantastic review:
    Karen Sypher is a cautionary tale for getting cautionary tail

    sounds like Matt Jones?

  99. RYNO

    Co-author: Giovani Rustino? Isn’t that Ricky P’s pen name?

  100. 3cats

    she looked mighty fine …. 15 sec hum………………….

  101. BigBear

    Really, I am kind of new to this. Is it customary to give the woman you “raped” your business card at the conclusion. Dr Seuss books makes more sense.

  102. Biglaw Dawgin'

    Disgusting. 101 – I agree. I’m not a fan of Pitino, but the allegations in this book don’t seem too believable. I guess my peers (i.e., a jury) agreed.

  103. DaveUK

    Someone trying to make a case for themselves should at least proof read the manuscript before it’s published. Junior Bridgeman played for the Milwaukee “Buds”? – really? Bet that’s news to him!

  104. Bluefins

    Someone needs to make a fathead of that book cover to take to the game. Hilarious! Right behind the goal would be awesome.

  105. 8 is gonna be great

    I always just thought Rick slaughtered babies but he is a rapeist to! I bet his family is proud!!!!!!!!!!! The Big Blue needs to kick this old washed up no good piece of shit coaches ass back to loserville! He should never of left UK and now of all times its our chance to prove it to him in a way he will never get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Coachsmithcats

    Looking at that Pepsi ad, I’d tap that ASS TOO!! ;P lol

  107. blitzedanddazed

    What the odds the book becomed a NYT best seller? 15 to 1

  108. CatsFan

    2138. That is the official Vegas over/under for number of times rape is used in the book.

  109. Bob

    Who wrote this? It’s very poorly written.

  110. Dane Brammage

    Baby girl looks bi-racial. God Bless her; she has some challenges what with her mum and her poor choices – and the hideous plethora of half-truths and falsehoods she’ll have to weed through as she removes the blinders of innocence with age.

  111. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    “The Karen Sypher story is a great tragedy, one that will be discussed in history books for years to come. The greatest injustice since Daughtry didn’t win American Idol!”

    Interesting analysis, reviewer.

  112. GeneralRobertMontgomeryKnight

    Damn…My ole WangDanger would even get up fer dat…

  113. FlaCatz

    Raped the 1st time….. Why in the hell does she allege she was even close enough to the “rapist” to be victimized a 2nd time…. I think this lovely young lady had her pilot light blown out a long time ago and is desperately trying to re-ignite it.

  114. Rob Lemon

    Free BJ with book purchase?