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Honesty from the Sports Media


Unfortunately for me, much of my weekend has been spent dealing with Pete Thamel’s article in the New York Times concerning Eric Bledsoe’s high school transcripts and coach association. When I first read the story on Friday night, I thought it was likely to be overblown by media folks (and it has) and seemed to contain very little mean in its chargrilled packaging. As the weekend has progressed, the last conclusion seems to have been confirmed as every reporter I have spoken with, both local and national, devalued the importance of the article, and most questioned the decision by the Times and Thamel to publish the story. Those most sympathetic to Pete simply said that there “wasn’t really that much there” and those that were a bit more critical anonymously made statements such as “people think the Times’ stories have more credibility because it is the Times. But that story was junk.” Then there is CBS’s Gregg Doyel who has used Twitter to blast the Times and Thamel and has pointed out (in a very Doyelesque way) that they either needed to prove Bledsoe cheated “or just shaddup.” It remains to be seen if the story is much ado about nothing, but what is clear is that Thamel’s Friday night of Memorial Day Weekend Dump did not have the sizzle he might have hoped.

But as the weekend progressed, the question kept entering my mind, how do stories like this begin and more importantly, why isnt the same light shone on the media that it does to coaches? The saga of the Eric Bledsoe story did not begin on Friday night. In fact, this is the culmination of nine months of detective work by a number of media sources, all of which led to the scant information produced in the Times article. It began in October, when sources have told me that Pat Forde of spent time “investigating and knocking on doors in Alabama, looking for dirt on Cousins and Bledsoe” while attending the SEC Media Day in Birmingham. Sources tell me that Forde contacted members of Cousins’ family and attempted to look into the academic records of both players. Around that time, I was told that such an investigation and had taken place and that Forde was likely to produce a story for Sources tell me this weekend that soon after this “investigation”, pulled Pat Forde off of all Kentucky coverage and that the story then went nowhere. The New York Times picked up the investigation (and Pat Forde’s close friend Pete Thamel began investigating), but nothing was written by Forde on that, or any other subject, about Kentucky.

When the Times story did come out, one could almost see the glee coming from the Louisville branch. Pat Forde tweeted it out immediately, then later sent out the Dana O’Neil-Forde followup. The next day he went even farther, sending out (for the first time I can ever remember) a local columnist (in this case John Clay’s) article criticizing Calipari for the scandal (interestingly he didnt tweet out Clay’s backing off of his earlier assertions in Monday’s paper). It followed a general pattern that has become clear this year, if it is anti-Calipari, Pat Forde is either behind it or will promote it. For the first few months of after Calipari was hired, Forde reported and commented on Calipari on every news outlet, blasting the hiring and his reputation as a whole. During that same time, he continued to also report on Rick Pitino, a business associate with whom he had written a book, and was bizarrely the investigative reporter on the Karen Sypher issue…a conflict of interest so brazen and blatant that it boggles the mind. After complaints, he was pulled off of both beats and has rarely commented directly on either man, resorting to passive-aggressive tweets at any point that Calipari can be criticized for anything.

Now none of this is to say that Pat Forde doesnt have the right to be anti-Calipari. He does. Most columnists like some guys and like others, and that is ok. But in Forde’s case his dislike is strong, not acknowledged publically and hypocritical to the highest degree. We often hear Calipari critics like Forde bring up John’s past and thus suggest (as they did in the Times story) that his past implicates current guilt. But in so doing, why doesnt anyone critique the pasts of these writers? For instance, why cant Pat Forde be honest about these truths?:

(1): Why not be honest about the fact that you have a business relationship with Rick Pitino and that his success helps your financial status with book sales. Nevertheless you continued to cover the Sypher trial, often taking up for Rick as if you were his own personal Baghdad Bob.

(2) Why not be honest about the fact that your dislike of Calipari and your relationship with Pitino caused ESPN to pull you off of Kentucky stories since the fall? Why not be honest about the fact that whereas you used to come to 8-10 UK games a year, last year in the most important season UK has had in a decade, you only came to 1?

(3) Why not be honest about the fact that as you question the ethical decisions of Calipari, you have had ethical issues in your own career, causing what sources have told me are two suspensions from your old employer, the Courier Journal, one for a personal reason and one for turning over information to the NCAA about the Louisville Cardinals?

Oh you didnt know that one? Well Pat Forde, who maligns the ethics of coaches and athletes around the globe, has had a serious ethical violation in his journalist past, being suspended without pay for a month from the Courier and taken off his column for a number of months, after he gave the NCAA information about a Louisville program (this incident is why I have always believed Pat to be pro-Pitino, not pro-Louisville). The incident is never discussed publically, but after doing some digging, I found Pat’s response to it on this message board:

Over a period of years, the newspaper was investigating major NCAA violations within the University of Louisville basketball program. I had helped out in the investigation, which ended with the program going on probation. Then we got word of some additional violations and the story was handed off to our excellent investigative staff. They worked the heck out of it and produced some good stuff, but couldn’t nail down all the information. Some of that information was passed on directly to me. I, in turn, passed it along to our investigative folks — and when some of it could not be verified, I passed it along to an NCAA source I had known to see if it was true. Hoping that it would come back to us and we’d get the story. Instead, the NCAA presented it to the university and said it came from me, which the university then took to the paper.

So I violated a serious tenet about taking in-house information out of house. Got suspended for two weeks and did not write a column for a few months. Some co-workers thought the punishment too severe, some thought it not severe enough. I had no problem with the decision and thought I was dealt with fairly by the executive editor, Bennie Ivory. It was a difficult time, including receiving death threats on my kids, by name, in un-stamped envelopes in my home mailbox. But I learned from it and got through it with the help of very supportive peers and superiors at The C-J. In the 10 years on the job before and 10 years after I have never again had my ethics called into question.

I don’t know what “rumors” you’ve heard, but those are the facts.

Now that may be true. Maybe those are the “facts.” But it seems to this blogger, that Forde has been found guilty of a violation and says the rumors and innuendo about him are not true. That is interesting. Because when it comes to Calipari, who as of yet has not been found guilty of a violation, the rumors and innuendo are plenty persuasive to criticize the Coach and his character. Why the double-standard? Similarly, Mike Freeman of is one of Calipari’s harshest critics, recently calling him a “scumbag” on Twitter and saying he is “beyond sleazy.” So one would expect Freeman to be squeaky clean himself, right? Well except the fact that he was fired from the Indianapolis Star in the early 2000s for lying on his resume and saying he had a degree from a college that he didnt complete. But hey, your own ethical problems of the past have no effect on your “holier than thou” criticism of others, do they?

I dont have a great deal of problem with the fact that Pete Thamel wrote the Bledsoe article in the NY Times. I think it is was published prematurely in order to attempt to beat out a competitor, had virtually no substance and was only written to try and create a tenuous connection to Calipari for sizzle value. But, thats what reporters do and ultimately, they are judged on their reporting work (in Thamel’s case on this story, harshly). However when it comes to those who pontificate, why arent they held to the same standard of those they judge? Why have ESPN and Forde never commented on the decision to pull him off of two major beats, both of which are in his home state and that he has spent over 15 year covering? How is it that Forde, Freeman or the countless other reporters (and do research and you will find more), who opine on Calipari and other coaches/players never have the mirror put back on them for the faults in their past? Neither Forde nor Freeman’s transgressions necessarily make them bad people (and both are great writers), but doesnt it call into question their ability to render moral judgment on others?

All I want is honesty. I run a UK blog….I like UK…hope they win and root for the program. All of my writing should be read in that context. I consider myself objective, but am sure that my viewpoint is tailored through my individual bias. However at least I admit it. Most “opinion columnists” have similar bias and other character flaws, but simply choose to deny it. Instead, they sit in judgment on high, with unearned moral superiority and set standards for others that they could never meet. There was a time that those columnists and writers got a pass because there was no other outlet to point out their hypocrisy. That time has passed and hopefully it will generate some honesty, where previously there was none.

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. GoCats2010

    can I get a summarry?

    here we go, deep breath, and read

  2. fordesucksdonkeys


  3. Rocket20

    Thank you Matt for the examining the hypocrisy of Pat Forde. I knew that the Courier had suspended him regarding the UL situation. He and Thamel are “the pot calling the kettle black”.

  4. bnoe

    me gusta

  5. No! It's Mingue, MORON

    Any dirt on Clay Travis to stick in here? Granted he isn’t national media, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to say he bothers me more than Forde, Freeman, any of these Cal bashers combined. I know for some of them it’s petty and personal, but I almost feel like at times they want Cal to fall just so they could get the story out of it. Clay on the other hand comes off like he has some personal vendetta against the man, and if any one dares come to Cal’s defense, UK fan or not, he resorts to name calling and aggressive outbursts.

    I mean I seriously wonder, did Cal piss in that guy’s Corn Flakes or something? Because frankly, anyone who roots against a guy like Cal to fall and seems to take such personal delight in it has some problems. There are plenty of people in positions of power who are slime ball human beings that deserve the place they eventually end up in. I don’t see Cal as one of them.

  6. Wedding Planner

    Good piece Matt. I hope Forde, Thamel and Freeman would read & respond but they are cowards. It is one thing to dislike Calipari but it is another to stretch the truth to feed that bias.

  7. egs90

    Off topic but is “publically” another spelling for publicly? Honest question, never seen it spelled like that.

  8. cityoflights

    everyone email this post to

  9. 1IH

    #2 – What is that supposed to be? It AINT WORKIN….

    Matt – Thanks for the counter punch it is appreciated.

    All KSR – Anyone have a favor they can call in somewhere like say Foxnews to get this pushed to the big media?

    Matt – Did you make James write the last entry to attempt to quell the fire at him for his recent postings?

    James – I Kid, I Kid….Nice article

  10. cityoflights

    Matt, do you believe Pat Forde is involved in illegally obtaining Bledsoe’s transcript and circulating it?

  11. cawoodcorner

    Atta boy Matt. Give those hypocritical b*st*rds hell!

  12. TheWaitFor8

    This defintely deserves a “BOOM Roasted”

  13. bigbluedude

    good piece matt, im old now, and have been around for decades. i consider myself a pretty good judge of character. my instincts are usually right. i have ALWAYS felt ( since this story broke) that rick pitino, and forde were behind it and used billy donovan or rick jr. as the snitch. they ALL have something to gain if uk goes back to the pre-cal days.

  14. miamiboggs


    By the way, you should be tagging these posts so they come up better on searches. I’d love for this to be in the first few links people see when they search “Pat Forde”.

  15. JPScott


    Join the club. I’ve learned the hard way to be critical of the media for over two decades now with how they approach UK with their double-standards.

    One major problem, as I see it, is that while the media is more than happy to dig up dirt on others, they almost without fail refuse to criticize their own, even when some in the media clearly cross the lines of professionalism, ethics and good taste. They themselves aren’t held accountable for times when they make mistakes or even outright lie. Unfortunately, it’s these bad actors who are accelerating the death of modern journalism.

    I mentioned this earlier today but I think it bears repeating. If Eric Bledsoe had signed with Alabama State or even the University of Alabama, do you think the NCAA, or the New York Times or Pat Forde would give a whit about digging into his background ? Not likely.

    Also, why is the New York Times so interested in a kid from Alabama who attended Kentucky when trying to dig up dirt ? Why not look in their own backyard at Lance Stephenson ? Surely they could find something if they really tried. It begs the question of what exactly is motivating the New York Times, and the media in general ?


  16. Ares

    Well done don’t throw stones in glass houses.

  17. fordesucksdonkeys

    I cannot believe the worm Forde started this investigation.

  18. _Blackhawk_


  19. fordesucksdonkeys

    The most impressive piece/blog/whatever you want to call it Matt has ever written.BIG TIME MATT!!!!!

  20. GoCats2010

    At least Forde doesn’t have minions like MM

  21. Ken T. Ucky

    If he got the Cards in trouble he can’t be all bad, am I right? Seriously though, what a douche!!

    What goes around comes around, Forde. Keep digging that hole.

  22. CalifCatFan

    Outstanding, Matt. The BBN has got your back.

  23. mtman58

    It seems to me if the Bledsoe thing had legs we would all know about it by now from the NCAA. The NCAA went once to Ala in Feb. and have not made a return trip. It also seems that as far as the NCAA is concerned there is no issue with Bledsoe, they went to Ala and found nothing. If they did find something I would have to think it would be known by now.

  24. BlueBloodedGirl

    Matt, you have killed it this weekend with your analysis of Bledsoegate. Great job…keep stirring it up and setting the record straight.

  25. kyartist

    Excellent work Matt. What bothers me most is not the self-serving posturing by these opportunistic narcissists, but that they would use a young man, a kid really, and grind him like raw meat with no conscience whatsoever…….for their own ends. Disgusting.

  26. ukcatsfan2

    I promise to knock the kink out of FOrde’s nose when I meet him.

    Can I count on bigblue nation to help with the legal bills?

  27. Mitch McConnells Jowls

    Matt – assuming Forde is the one who obtained the transcripts, does Bledsoe have any recourse? Can he sue? Would it be a civil case for damages or could Forde possibly face criminal charges? Would you take the case?

    This clown needs to go down.

  28. BlueBloodedGirl

    I really, really hope Bledsoe sues the pants off Forde. Karma is a b****h.

  29. nassau65

    when you look up dickhead in the dictionary, there are two pictures accompanying the description, one is the picture abpve, the other is tipton.

  30. GoCats2010

    wowowow, he never said that Forde is the one who gave over the transcript. DO NOT run with that assumption. No one knows

  31. tncatrn

    Matt best work you have Ever done…great job.

    5. I dont really have a problem with Clay Travis calling our coach a “slimeball and a cheater”. Doesnt matter who we had for a coach. He would hate’em. My problem is this. When you start calling out a fanbase. And their hometowns. And their upbringing. And most of all their way of life. That makes him a b**ch. He consistently calls us uneducated and stupid and ignorant. His tirade about how he is coming up here to buy all of our mortgages that we have defaulted on because we couldnt pay our housepayments for going to the SEC tournament, I tried for an hour to get on his show and tell him off about that…cant stand that d’bag. oh and Blane is an idiot.

  32. emanresu

    You cannot possibly believe what you wrote. I feel like you should have your head wrapped in tin foil as well. You went to Duke. You have to be one of the dumbest smart persons around.

  33. Zagnut

    Forde can’t be sued for possessing transcripts. Only the persons who controls(the school) the transcripts. Besides nobody said Forde passed on any transcripts to anyone. Forde is still working for ESpn and as far as I can tell will be at ESPN for quite some time.

  34. matty32

    awesome post Matt! keep pointing out the hypocrisy of these so called “journalists”

  35. 101blue

    Would it be wrong to have my 6 year old grandson to accidentally spill his soda on Forde or Tipton’s laptop at next UK basketball game they attend?

    I’m sure it will only cost me a twist cone, unless he rats me out to my daughter.

    Go Cats!!!

  36. david8577

    Bledsoe, please sue this d-bag.

  37. bigbluejon03

    any dirt on tipton…you know, other than being the spawn of satan?

  38. Headband Halo

    Eman…care to elaborate? I mean, what exactly did you have a problem with?

  39. UKgrad


  40. thefakeppat

    Freeman is getting his Twitter flooded. That d-bag deserves it. BBN reppin’

  41. fordesucksdonkeys

    PITINO is the master mind behind all of this using FORDE to do the investigation to bring us down. Pitino,Forde,Thamel,Donovan,Pitino Jr. have all conspired to do this investigation.

  42. UKcat29

    Awesome post Matt. Hoepfully the national media get ahold of this post. Forde is a bottom feeder who cant get out of Pitino’s bed.

  43. JPhill

    A coward and an apologist. Well, I’ll be interested to see where this goes. Go get ’em Matt.

  44. duhville cat

    OH….ITS ON! ITS ON! This should be sent to every sports outlet in the country. Go get em Matt! and 26 hell yeah we’ll help with your legal bills.

  45. GoCats2010

    45. I love that no one mentions that HE WAS AT A DIFFERENT SCHOOL. Not all schools are created equal. Some schools are just easier than others. I went to Manual, it was harder than most of my time at UK. I’m not saying he initially went to the best school in the area, but there are some major differences across schools

  46. GoCats2010

    40. It seems like the BBN would have learned from Mark Hamilton, don’t go to war on Twitter, it makes us ALL look dumb

  47. Culver

    Forde belongs in the Obama Administration!

  48. No! It's Mingue, MORON

    Twitter is fantastic right now. Mike Freeman called Matt a coward, then blocked him on Twitter when Matt offered to give him a stage to debate the claims. Your national media, ladies and gentlemen.

  49. GoCats2010

    Maggard gave Jones props, BBN unites

  50. JPhill

    45. If you replace some really bad grades, get a couple of A’s and do decent in your last year it’s not that crazy. This is a high school in Alabama we are talking about. In reality that is one the same level as some in Kentucky since the education levels are close to the same. I went to a decent high school in KY and got a decent education. I went to college with quite a few that didn’t from our state. Some of those schools you may have to remember don’t have as high of an education level as others might. It isn’t so unbelievable a kid who tried could raise his GPA .6 points in one year.

  51. fordesucksdonkeys

    Night school in Birmingham is probably about as hard as Welcome Back Carter..sure he could get an A.

  52. GoCats2010

    49. Freeman has 2,800 followers, puny

  53. Kru

    Great piece, Jones. May I suggest pinning this article to the top of the page for future reference.

  54. Ukloyal

    Well done Matt. Thanks for pointing out that cheap shot artistry is not journalism. And you are right, when it comes to ethics, the sports media has a terrible record because hey, it’s only sports right?

  55. GoCats2010

    50. you ever taken an online course? I believe anyone can get an A on an online course. AND there is no way to prove any wrong doing on that

  56. Dave C

    What can you expect from a man with a penis growing above his pie hole.

  57. Dragonophile

    Matt, very thoughtful and insightful article. Can we summarize it by saying people in glass houses…

  58. ukwildcatwildfan

    Dan Wolken tweet:

    @michaelman1 It’s not that hard to get a hold of a transcript. I have seen lots of transcripts without permission.

  59. No! It's Mingue, MORON

    54 – Amount of followers reflects the quality of his work.

  60. No! It's Mingue, MORON

    51 – ahaha, you know someone has stepped in it when Maggard comes to back Matt and KSR. Freeman and Forde may as well have lit a bomb.

  61. bluebiscuit

    Is the word “mean” really supposed to be “meat” in the fourth line down (“…very little mean in its chargrilled package”)? Because there actually was a lot of mean in Thamel’s story.

  62. bperellis

    I have a couple of comments on this post:
    1) Although I agree that Pat Forde has a personal bias against Calipari, the story here is not Pat Forde, the New York Times, or Dana O’Neil. The story is the the circumstances that Calipari has left UMASS and Memphis have opened him up to this type of scrutiny, and it will remain with him for the rest of his career. UK knew that when they hired him and that they would be subject to these types of investigations.
    2) Knowing full well the scrutiny they would be under, UK decided to recruit and sign a prospect with what even the most die-hard UK fan would admit were questionable circumstances surrounding their academic record. It’s a decision that was made and UK needs to own it. Will it lead to NCAA violations, who knows, but to cry that it is because the national media is out for you, is a joke. What college team got more positive national exposure than UK this year?
    3) The fact that Calipari has never been found of wrongdoing with the NCAA issues at UMASS and Memphis is practically irrelevant at this point, I mean O.J. was found innocent too right? The national perception of Calipari is shaped by the end of his tenures at Memphis and UMASS and he is no longer afforded the benefit of the doubt. To not acknowledge that or to think he is getting a raw deal is what irritates non-UK fans; everyone else has the view that UK made its bed and now it has to lie in it.

  63. fordesucksdonkeys

    Is Pitino in on this?

  64. JPhill

    From marcmaggard:
    Every now and then when Matt Jones isn’t being an a-hole, he hits one out of the park. He blasts Forde pretty good….
    15 minutes ago via TweetDeck

  65. bballjoker

    65) judging from your twitter account profile picture, you’re obviously a UofL fan. What are you even doing on here? Lord knows I don’t go around writing responses on Louisville fan base message boards. weird.

  66. BigBlueBrock

    GREAT read, Matt. I’ve tried to plaster this as many places as possible, but the administration over at TCP is as fascist as usual. Did you sleep with Matt May’s mom? I just can’t figure out why they’re so insistent on removing all references to you. They say its because KSR is a “competitive” website, but that’s a lark.

    I’ll keep reading, Jones. Keep doing what you do!

  67. Cawood2Cal

    No honesty from espn4d. He’s a UK hater that weaseled his way somehow into a good position to spread his anti-UK bias.

  68. uksbiggestfan

    Matt, once again, a very well done piece. You admit to being biased towards UK, yes everyone would know even if you didn’t, but that is what seperates people like you from the national media. I for one am very glad that you have put this on here, b/c whether they like to admit it or not, many big “journalists” read this site quite often. Thanks again Matt! Hey, maybe they were just being #wrongonpurpose haha

  69. 1IH

    #65 you sir are a TOOL

  70. bperellis

    68) Care to comment on what I wrote or would you prefer to just research my twitter account?

  71. rackemup

    “Instead, they sit in judgment on high, with unearned moral superiority and set standards for others that they could never meet. There was a time that those columnists and writers got a pass because there was no other outlet to point out their hypocrisy. That time has passed and hopefully it will generate some honesty, where previously there was none.”

    Wow! This is the best description of the progressive mainstream media that I’ve ever seen. Thank heavens for alternative news sources!

  72. john333

    Timeline of Matt Jones/Forde Drama:

    1. Pat Forde writes derogatory articles about Calipari, stands on the sideline for Pitino drama, and for the first time finds himself speechless.
    Jones mentions these actions many times.

    2. Matt Jones writes derogatory article on CBS Sportsline about Pitino, without mentioning the fact he writes for a UK homer site and has a non existent professional writing portfolio. Forde doesn’t mention said facts.

    3. Matt Jones writes long winded article about lack of transparency in articles written by Forde about Calipari.

    Interesting development.

  73. KentuckyHouse

    Holy crap, Matt. I can’t believe Maggard is actually complimenting you!

    “You gotta know if I’m recommending you read Jones after all the BS that he’s started…. well, it must be a good read. Pass this article on…..


    Nice article and you’re completely right. Keep up the good work!

  74. kjgouk

    A) I’m feeling no pain.
    B) Matt-I agree 99%
    C) The other one percent I have no control over.
    D0 Go CATS!!!!

  75. tonygreendoesthestankylegg

    I admit, im new to Twitter, but did i just read this correctly?? Bob Knight praised Matt and slammed Freeman??? feel free to correct me if i read something wrong

  76. GoCats2010

    78. its not really Bob Knight, he’s not on twitter

  77. beaverlipp

    Whats the Over /Under on Freeman playing the race card?

    I say before midnight.

  78. GoCats2010

    80. Already did, saying we sent racial slurs via direct messages, but offers no proof

  79. duhville cat

    I’m ready to drink some whiskey and bitchslap some filthy tards! again!

  80. fordesucksdonkeys

    Bledsoe is now confirmed to be suing anyone with transcripts. I hope Forde had his hands on them.

  81. david8577

    bperellis – No one is commenting on the actual content of your post because it isn’t creative or original. When people say the same thing thousands of times, it is just plain boring at this point.

  82. JPhill

    84. link?

  83. fordesucksdonkeys

    86 MM twitter

  84. stethmj

    Great piece, Matt. I think you’re asking way too much from guys like that though.

  85. duhville cat

    bperellis. go away troll. if justin coleman goes thru the same academic scrutiny that eb has u pigeons will be deep fried.

  86. tonygreendoesthestankylegg

    actually someone did just call him a Spook… way to make us look like a bunch of introllerant dipshits

  87. 1IH

    Uh…….someone did call names and damn what a fool.

  88. titadab05

    Just got an e-mail from TBK, and Maggard is recommending this story to all his followers and telling them to repost. Will this finally be the extension of the olive branch?

  89. 1IH

    Dude, not only did he call him name but this dude is a straight hater….called Forde and Thayer some bs stuff too…Cmon Man!

  90. Ken T. Ucky

    Seems the media can dish it out, but they sure can’t take it!

  91. UKAndrew

    90. The guy’s twitter name is TAT1221. Call’s himself Todd Tackett. Don’t know if that is his real name or not or if he is just pretending to be the former UK player but he is a total moron.

  92. fordesucksdonkeys

    Is the guy that said something a UK fan?

  93. UKRealist

    For you youngsters out there that do not remember when Forde wrote for the C-J. Here’s a summary of his history. Not only did he not write a positive article about Kentucky basketball he never failed to take cheap shots at the program even when writing about other schools and other sports. The guy has had a hard-on for UK for as long as I can remember. As long as he is at ESPN and they rely on Tipton for local spin we are not going to get any positive press from this network. I suggest everyone get their UK news through KSR or Yahoo…forget ESPN !

  94. bigblueswami

    Well, the first jab has been landed… how long do you give it before the screencapture picks of Matt talking negative about Cal pre-UK to resurface. Wiser to pick the battles then to start a war.

  95. UKRealist

    No one has mentioned this but could UK get the same break Duke got with Maggette, he admitted to taking money in AAU but NCAA said the school couldn’t have known? UK was not recruiting Bledsoe when this went down and everyone did their due-dilligence, how could we have known?

  96. 1IH

    #97 – Already have 🙂

  97. casualnonsense

    #90, Same guy that has been going at it with Doyle and Goodman on twitter. All he does is spew filth, hate and profanity. Almost has to be a troll trying his everything to reflect poorly on the fanbase. Nothing new.

  98. GoCats2010

    101. yeah, everyone report that guy as spam, read his page and you will understand. That is not a UK fan

  99. UKAndrew

    Does Bledsoe know who gave the Time’s his transcript or is he going to just sue everyone involved?

  100. duhville cat

    102 dont believe it. just tard bs.

  101. UKAndrew

    102. What site? A UL site right? It’s funny how when they’re recruiting a kid, he’s great and does things the right way, but when he picks another school then Holy Crap he’s a no good cheater looking for a payout.

  102. 1IH

    #102 – The only thing Pitino is handing over is Piles of Cash to his PR team for the coming trial!

  103. Wildcat_Forever

    I bet this guy is just a U of L fan trying to make UK fans look bad by sending this racial crap… I wish we didn’t even play the filty Tards. We have nothing to gain; just doing “little brother” a big favor.

  104. duhville cat

    106 they’re still upset that they got teague bagged.

  105. UKgrad

    102— ummm… Last I checked his older son was in the NBA. That really sounds like a family who’s willing to risk tarnishing his younger son’s name for a little extra cash.

  106. gay jlazer

    I wish these media had the decency to state that none of these issues are recruiting related. Player takes money during his junior year of college and gets caught. Why does that make Cal a cheater. He got no benefit from that.
    Then they say he ups and runs when the shit hits the fan. Both times the moves have huge promotions. UMass to the NBA for 15m, no brainier. Memphis to UK no brainier.

  107. holdmeclosertinydanson

    This is the cycle of 24 hour sports and cable ‘news’ channels. ESPN, MSNBC, and FOX News all promote opinions disguised as facts. Except when it is during their so-called ‘news’ hours.

    I think MSNBC’s is after Scarborough and before Olberman, Fox News is supposed to be after Fox and Friends and before Glen Beck, and ESPN has the little ticker at the bottom of the screen.

    They want to be sensational so they can keep people watching their channel. Not reading online articles where facts can be disputed by a quick google search. Unfortunately, ESPN is trying to capitalize on that with their ‘local columnists’ that are only hired to make opinionated pieces that get them hits. That is why they are called ‘columnists’ instead of ‘journalists’. They aren’t held by the same standards as, oh I don’t know…maybe, a newspaper employee.

    Newspaper employees know they are part of an obsolete product and are trying to make a reason to keep buying them. So go after the biggest names out there. They caught enough big name steroid users, time to catch someone else who is accomplishing things never seen in modern sports. I’m expecting Jose Canseco to accuse us of something, and a journalist to run with it.

    Long comment. I’ll stop now. Happy Memorial Day and God Bless our Veterans. We couldn’t ramble on about minor things without them.

  108. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    Matt Jones at his best. Excellent. Best post on here since Matt’s summary of the Gillispie era.

    Journalism without integrity is worthless. Forde covering UK / U of L while having a business relationship with Pitino is not okay. By the same token, never had a real problem with Tipton until he fabricated the information about Patterson driving away in his new truck. He can be negative all he wants, but making ANYTHING up is unacceptable. The Herald-Leader should have punished him.

  109. ThatsWhatShe

    Quick thing about the Bledsoe grades. Anyone who has ever taken an online class knows that “online class” is pretty much code for “automatic A”. And I am talking about university online courses. If you turn in SOMETHING you will get an A. Now imagine Eric doing the same thing in a high school online class at a potentially less challenging academic school. Nothing is impossible. You don’t have to be a division one athlete to know which schools, which classes and which teachers are easiest. That is public knowledge for the most part in both high school and college and is openly discussed.

  110. VanCleve

    Matt, just want to compliment you on this post—one of the best, if not the best, you or anyone else has ever posted. Really appreciate the effort you put into this post—thanks for sharing.

  111. Blue_Lawlz

    One of the best posts you’ve made, Matt!

  112. kentuckyjoe

    one of your best Matt!! Someone said that Rahm Emanuel’s big brass balls just clanked together when he walked the halls of Congress. I have to believe that sound would be very similar to what is heard around the KSR compound.


    Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury,
    My client did not kill those people, the bulliet from his gun he was shooting did!
    Way to blame everyone, but the true culprit. You may need to work on those litigation skills, bro.

  114. Beatle Bum

    Did Forde really secretly go through Denny Crum’s office looking for information to turn over to the NCAA? I heard that rumor years ago.

  115. WhiskerBiscuit

    I told the New York Times (and other papers) about bledsoe transcripts.

  116. Clandestine

    BOLD! Best thing Jones has ever written. Go get ’em tiger!

  117. Big_Blue_Iris

    Get ’em lawdogg! Nice work Matt, don’t let anybody start nothin with my hero, King Cal and our wildcats! I love it, Matt gettin sh*t right, once again. There are few faces more punchworthy than forde’s man, I was just daydreamin about putting that giant nose into his brain, i F-n hate that guy.

  118. bigcat76

    AMEN !!!! Be sure and post any response

  119. Misanthrope

    Mr. Jones: When making your claim to objectivity, do you routinely disclose your previously-published opinions about Coach Calipari and explain the evolution of those opinions from condemnor to apologist? The ad hominem attacks that make up this article seem to call for that kind of disclosure from the writer.

  120. chris47601

    124. Matt has stated on here previously about his (and many of our) prior feelings regarding Cal. In fact there is at least one entire post dedicated to it. Stop being a douche. This post is spot on regarding the vendetta against Cal and UK. Many of us have been saying it for a looooooooooooooooooooon time, and some facts are starting to leak from the bow of this anti-UK battleship. Sink the b%%ch!

  121. duhville cat

    124) hey genius. can u read? Matt is a UK fan. i dont think he has ever claimed total objectivity. but Forde and his trolls are professional journalists. Forde has financial interest in Cals failure and Sticky Rickys success. thats just evil.

  122. Misanthrope

    Sorry, but when hypocrisy is the charge,the hypocrite making the charge has to be careful. And if Mr. Jones’ fanhood makes his opinion switch so dramatically, then he can’t really be relied on for anything, can he? It’s not just a matter of the kind of shading that colors any fan’s opinion – it’s a flat contradiction. A sleazy coach, running a dirty program, is suddenly innocent, just because he’s your guy now. That’s more than just the gloss of fanhood – that’s creating a new reality based on a coach hire.

  123. syrin23

    Misanthrope, you have serious problems with logic. How in the hell can you say, “then he can’t really be relied on for anything”? Here’s an idea genius, show us what is wrong with his FACTS or ANALYSIS. That leap is so ludicrous that it frankly needs to be mocked relentlessly.

    Can I play that same game? Let’s see. I used to hate raw carrots as a kid, and now enjoy them as an adult. Therefore I have surrendered the chance to ever comment on any foods ever, and just to administer some justice, my opinion on any issue from this point on is completely unreliable no matter what facts I bring with me.

    How about another? Lebron James lives and plays in Cleveland and is a Cleveland Indians fan but has been spotted numerous times wearing a Yankees hat. This means that Lebron can’t be relied upon at all for any opinion regarding any sport, and again, to be fair, his opinion on any topic is invalidated. If he says that the New Orleans saints won the SuperBowl last year, this is not to be believed and should be immediately discounted.

    Moron, go back to your freshman philosophy class and continue the mental masturbation there.

  124. Misanthrope

    or – Pat Forde lied before, so don’t believe him now?

  125. kingrex

    Misanthrope, this is a blog. No one here is trying to pretend this is more than it is. It’s a fan site driven by fans. If you refuse to accept a well made point when you read it, then you’re obviously being influenced by something as well. Jones isn’t writing about himself here. He’s writing about professional sportswriters, Forde in particular, who have an axe to grind and they do it while hiding behind a guise of “journalistic integrity.”

    Is it possible that there is more to Calipari than old headlines and the broad strokes that the media paints him with? It’s interesting that everyone from rival schools think they have all the facts on Coach Cal. Facts that apparently the NCAA doesn’t have. You refuse to look at the details of the past cases and just blather on about the NCAA violations, none of which implicate Coach Cal, but that again is lost on you. Sure we see Coach Cal differently now that he is at UK. Now we see him more personally and we’ve dug into the facts of his past.

    So, Misanthrope, where are your allegiances? I’m curious what made you so holy and capable of judging character. Or maybe you’re just like everyone else and skewed by your background and loyalties. That’s fine, and that’s the point of this article. Jones doesn’t work for ESPN or CBS or the New York Times — this is a blog and based on his opinion — what are the excuses for Forde, Freeman, the NYT, etc.?

  126. syrin23

    Misanthrope, your bias is so obvious it’s humorous. Again, show me the FACTS that Pat Forde has to back up his opinion. Whether he lied or not in the past is irrelevant to this ill willed effort to malign UK and a student. He’s being laughed at by OTHER members of the media for his attempts at creating a false story. He literally went door to door trying to stir up a story! That is not journalism! Can you grasp this simplistic concept? (Rhetorical, I know the answer). Again, show us facts, analysis, etc. The only facts listed are in the article by Mr. Jones. Try disputing ANY of those. You can’t so you resort to flawed reasoning and analysis. Lastly the one line quip, the sign of the defeated.

    Again, go back to phil 101.

  127. bbmaverick

    Wow. Check out the direct quotes from this post here:

    Kentucky Fans Fighting Back Against the Media for Going After John Calipari:

    Looks like someone is reading KSR…