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Hmmmm… Julius Randle wants to win a title next season and would like to play with Andrew Harrison

Julius Randle is out for the remainder of the high school regular season with a fractured right foot, so he had plenty of free time to talk to ESPN’s Dave Telep while his team played in the City of Palms Classic.  Randle still has three official visits to take before he makes a decision, but the interview with Telep makes it sound like Kentucky is the No. 1 option.

Randle said two things that Big Blue Nation will love to hear:

(1.) “My biggest thing going into next year is I want to win it all,” he said.

So, Kentucky.

(2.) Then Dave Telep asked Randle which high school player he’d like to play with the most in college.  His response?  Andrew Harrison.


Sign him up.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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60 responses to “Hmmmm… Julius Randle wants to win a title next season and would like to play with Andrew Harrison”

  1. BIG D

    Come on down Julius.

  2. BillyBBN

    I think we’ll get Randle, Wiggins, Gordon, Dakari Johnson and possibley even Jabari Parker. I’m not sold on Jabari to Duke yet, he seems like a kid that would change his mind. If they want to win it all, they will all come to UK. #BBN

  3. Rupp Arena

    Jul-Yus Ran-Del *clap clap clapclapclap*

  4. wildcat fan

    he already told you where he wants to play

  5. Tom Blevins

    Julius, I wish you a speedy and complete recovery. I would love to see you be a Kentucky Wildcat next season.

  6. Whammy

    Things can always change, but all the “in the know” type people are saying that Wiggins & Randle won’t be on the same team. We’ll see, I suppose, but I’ll take whichever wants to come and compete every day.

  7. Kujo

    Is it wrong that I have a chubby after hearing him make these statements?

  8. Badams

    2, you must be smokin crack if you think all those guys are coming here. There is no way in hell that happens. Johnson is a lock, maybe Wiggins, and or Randle or Gordon. Cal doesn’t want Parker. A 9 man recruiting class just isn’t gonna happen.

  9. Will S

    Randle and Wiggins will go to UK. There’s no way they choose Florida St or Texas… I mean, c’mon man!

  10. robbieh

    I would love to have all these players. No matter what we have the best coach in college basketball! In Cal we trust.

  11. Earache

    Oh please, oh please, oh please come to Kentucky!

  12. HOO

    Depends on how much Worldwide Wes can pay him

  13. Charleshurtme

    I think we get Randle and Johnson. Wiggins will be at FSU and Gordon to Arizona. Oh, we also win the title with this class.

  14. Mr. Obvious

    Oh HOO…apparently IU didn’t pay enough for a smarter head coach that would know not to take out their best player in the closing seconds against Butler.

  15. over the hills and far away

    Hey Hoo. If my memory serves me correct, you had a fine coach there not too long ago who liked to cheat as I recall. You remember Kelvin Sampson. Take your little boy toys and go back home and play with them

  16. fla, ou, ku, ut

    We are NOT thrilled after seeing this video. Damn you, Cal!!!

  17. Horton

    I hear you #12, I hear you. Now go back to Hooville

  18. Billy

    NO players that want to play one year and move on will come to any school where they will not be a starter. What profit would it be to be a partime player?

  19. blueblooded

    Done & Done!!!

  20. nassau65

    In Before GoGaytors says “no way he’ll be a Cat”. He knows everything, ya know…..if you don’t believe me, just ask him. What a dufus

  21. bluristhurr

    #18 It got Orton into the NBA and in the 1st rd

  22. Mgmoren

    Jabari Parker already committed yesterday. Don’t know why people are thinking he’s a possibility.

  23. H.A. Milton

    Could I at least get a hat tip, or maybe you wanna put me on staff…I posted on this in Ms. Tyler Thompsons ‘look ahead article’ Snootchies…

  24. Jim G.

    Johnson and either Randle or Gordon out of SanJose are it. Wiggins will play at his parents school. UK can’t and doesn’t want everyone

  25. UKCatsRedsColts

    Calipari told Julius Randle if he’s not able to play Bball again.He can come to Kentucky,Get his degree(on sholarship)and then become an assistant coach.Julius Randle said then that he believed Calipari wholeheartedly because Calipari genuinely cares about his players and their future

  26. jakegriffie

    2- We may get Wiggins.. And we may get EITHER Randle, Gordon, or Johnson… Parker is going to Duke.

  27. UKCatsRedsColts

    I’m gonna wait till the spring because predictions just don’t seem to be reliable.We all know Calipari is the best recruiter in NCAA basketball(circa 21st century)Let Him do his thang.All of BBN owes a great deal of gratitude to him(In Cal We Trust)Nuff Said

  28. BigBrother

    Wasn’t this recruiting clown from ESPN the same dude about a month ago said in his opinion Randle would not end up at UK?

  29. Hmmm

    Julius seems to be lacking in the eyebrow department

  30. bmt22033

    @28 – yes, indeed. Dave Telep said “I think it would be an upset if the three best players in Texas wind up at Kentucky.” Here’s the link:

  31. STEVE!

    Thye third thing I heard him say was that he loves the environment and the crazy fan support. Sorry, Gators and your 4,998 fans.

  32. jim tom

    interesting that the #2 shooting guard behind aaron harrison, keith frazier from dallas, still has UK on his list, per

  33. kentuckyjoe

    2 – let’s put Lebron and Kobe in the mix too. They would fit in well. Julius, come on down. Everyone is going to go pro after UK wins it all again this year so we could use a beast in the middle.

  34. Cats All Day

    I can’t really imagine Wiggins choosing where his parents went over where would be the obvious better basketball school. That kind of factor does not really mean anything when it comes to getting better and trying to come into the NBA the best you can. At UK he’ll have the best players in the nation to practice with and against every day and he’ll be heralded so much more.

    From this video, I am rather (pleasantly) surprised. I figured Randle would end up at Texas or Oklahoma, or maybe N.C. State. But now I’m sold that he will go to UK.

    And I hope we also land Dakari Johnson.

    Wiggins, Randle, Andrew Harrison, Aaron Harrison, James Young, Dakari Johnson, Marcus Lee, Derek Willis
    Returning Kyle Wiltjer, Ryan Harrow, Willie Cauley-Stein (I can’t imagine him going pro), Jarrod Polson, and Jon Hood… Championship, and possibly undefeated!! And Johnson, Lee, and Willis will not be 1-and-done players, and Wiltjer will also stay for his senior season.

  35. teebandit2

    hey i have a question… if this years team continues to be a flub and they end up dropping in the draft whats the chance that some of them want to stay another year at Kentucky?

  36. jim tom

    don’t forget aaron gordon. i think cal is recruiting him pretty hard. cal, payne and antigua were at the game last thurs watching him play against the harrison twins. gordon looked really good

  37. teebandit2

    I believe they will get Gordon.

  38. DGC

    I hope he comes to UK. He seems like a good kid.

  39. lakesidecatsfan

    This interview is pretty telling IMO where he wants to go. Unfortunately I dont think Wiggins will be a cat. (I PRAY I’M WRONG!)

  40. CATS

    Notice he said he’d bring Andrew Harrison as his point guard and not Kasey Hill.

  41. NotInsertNameHere

    Just because he would like to play with Andrew Harrison as his pick from high school doesn’t mean he wouldn’t rather play with one of the point guards already in college more.

  42. Smartass

    Hey #35 I have a question, do Louisville fans gradually get so trashy and backward or are they just born that way? Ill hang up and listen.

  43. James

    Randle is ours and so is wiggins! To go down as the best recurring class in history and bringing home number 9! Don’t know why everybody thinks wiggins is going to fl st. If cal can get the Harrison’s away from Maryland what makes you think he can’t get wiggins away from florida st! You people forget this is calipari were talking about here. He’s done it before and he will do it again!

  44. James


  45. CATS

    #41 – Anyone in particular?

  46. CATS

    #43 – I agree with Wiggins coming to UK. People just see that his parents went to FSU and think he is automatically going there. When players decide to go to school, it’s a business decision. Especially when it comes to the best player “since Lebron James” deciding where he wants to go to school. I think people overexaggerate the parent situation. Some players basically go where there parents want them to and some don’t. Shabazz went where his dad wanted him to, the Harrison’s didn’t. Wiggins doesn’t seem like the type of player dependent on where his parents want him to go. Nerlens is another example. His mom wanted Georgetown, he wanted UK. Had to convince his mom for UK. Might be same situation with Wiggins.

  47. IUwantsToBeUK

    #12, ignorance is believing that Cal has to pay players to come to UK. Actually, no…………..that’s JEALOUSY from a typical Hoosier fan.

  48. Dave / New Mexico

    I think Parker went to Duke because Coach K convinced him that next year would be his last year to coach the Blue Devils. Parker wants to be on Coach K’s last team and perhaps win his last championship. I hope Randle and Wiggins don’t jump on board also. Just a thought to ponder…

  49. Big Bear

    Wow! That’s the most encouraging thing I have heard from Randle in weeks. I think we will get two of the Wiggins, Randle, Gordon and Johnson. I think the only way we get 3 of them is if WCS goes pro. The question I have is this; Does Cal just take the first two commits and hold a spot for Wiggins. This recruiting game to me is much like high stakes poker.

  50. gog8ors

    Texas and Florida are ahead of Kentucky with Randle. No PG in the country will get him the ball more than Kasey Hill.

  51. bosshogg24

    Texas and Florida are not even in the race! Why would he go to Fla and play before 4900 instead of 24,000? No one would know him there, they would think he was a polo player!

  52. caytsmeow

    both randle and wiggins are locks to uk. 40-0 guaranteed

  53. CATS

    #50 – I’m sure that’s why he said he’d bring Kasey Hill with him to college. Oh wait he didn’t. He said Andrew Harrison.

  54. kramer

    Come on down Julius, we can never have too many great players, we need a couple from this yrs team to stay to blend in with the freshman though!

  55. nassau65

    50. ah,there it is. doofus. you never disappoint.

  56. teebandit2

    hey #42 actually that was a serious question and no not a louisville fan a Big Blue Fan thank you very much

  57. Bad Juju

    Randle sounds like his mind is made up, but if UK misses on Lebron, oh, I mean wiggins, this recruiting class will feel like a failure. Any combo of Randle, Gordon, and/or Dakari would temper the disapointment a little, but wiggins is the biggest get since . . . . since Davis, yes I said it! People forget that Davis is the only consesus #1 pick to live up to the hype

  58. gog8ors

    Randle is going to Texas. Kentucky isn’t in his top three. Kansas would be his second choice and Florida third only because Donovan is his favorite coach. He likes Donovan because of the experience he got with playing for him over the summer. Distance is what this one will come down to because he wants to play in front of family and friends. Texas it is folks, there you have it.

  59. nassau65

    58. oh, give it a rest, asswad.

  60. Bas Juju

    At the moment, it actually seems that we have a better chance at Randle than Wiggins, which is not a good thing, cause Wiggins is going to have a John Wall’esque impact on whatever school he commits. UNC has been getting extremely close to Wiggins as of late, as has KU. I believe there is something to the FSU rumors as any UK fan knows, ex-UK Joe Hall Asst Hamilton can recruit.

    But whomever gets Wiggins, bet on the NCAA to go over his reclassification and recruitment like nothing you have ever seen before! He has had a complex recruitment and HS Hoops history. Makes Shabaz’s history look like Jarod Polson!