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High School Refs involved in KY Basketball Scandal?


Something to keep an eye out on if you care about high school basketball in the state of Kentucky is a potential scandal Oscar Combs broke on Twitter Sunday.  Combs tweeted that several referees could potentially be tied up in a drug/gambling ring with some doctors in Eastern Kentucky.  Combs said 2 people have already been arrested, but does not mention whether those 2 are officials.  What is especially interesting is he describes the arrests as potentially just “the tip of the iceberg”.  Now some reporters are speculating potential game fixing in the Boys Sweet 16. 

Now, why is this interesting to me, a resident of Louisville for nearly 20 years.  Because the rumor always was in Louisville that referees in the Sweet 16 would do everything in their power to prevent a Louisville team from winning the state title.  Which seemed like one of those crazy rumors that people from Louisville created out of arrogance thinking our teams were always the best.  But, when you look at the state champions of the past decade, you do see an interesting trend:

2001: Lafayette defeated Louisville Male
2003: Mason County defeated Louisville Ballard
2006: Louisville J’Town defeated Apollo
2007: Scott County defeated Louisville Ballard
2009: Holmes defeated Louisville Central
2010: Shelby Valley defeated Louisville Ballard

Six times a Louisville team has made the final and 5 times they have been defeated.  And all I will say is in those 5 times the Louisville team lost, they lost to a team in the eastern half of the state, and the 1 time they won (2006), they played a team from the western half of the state.  That’s all I am saying.  Wink Wink Nudge Nudge.

Article written by Bryan the Intern

115 responses to “High School Refs involved in KY Basketball Scandal?”

  1. Thomas Beisner

    This is Brandon Bender’s fault.

  2. HackRichards

    1- No it’s George Bush’s fault..

  3. Seething

    I blame Jorts for turning Letcher Co. upside down with his Wendy’s appearance. Now they be ballaz.

  4. HackRichards

    1- No, It’s actually George Bush’s Fault….

  5. mindfreek

    Don’t take the blue pill BTI, trust me.

  6. PatPattersonISWalkingThruThatDoor

    Please rewrite that title, BTI. my heart stopped and i about shat my pants when i saw “KY basketball scandal”

  7. SexnNursinHomes

    6- hahahaha

    cheatin refs? no effin’ way. refs never cheat.ever

  8. WildcatbytheGraceofGOD

    Yeah, maybe it’s the refs way of getting back at all the Louisville football teams that win the state every year….just tryin to keep it equal ya know….LMAO

    Bottom line, the best basketball teams aren’t in Louisville….whether you’re talking high school or college!

  9. RichieF

    Sounds like a plot on an episode of Justified next season.

  10. thankfulCat

    Yes, idiots selling drugs equates to helping fix games. If they got caught selling drugs, they are too stupid to fix a game.

  11. Go Big Blue
  12. Mymainmanboogie

    I have no issue whatsoever with the trend, but as someone from central Kentucky, I have no idea how one could deem Holmes (Northern Kentucky), Scott County (Central Kentucky) or Lafayette (Central Kentucky) as in the “Eastern Half.” Come on now BTI. You have an argument with Mason and Shelby Valley, but the others are not eastern in any way. Interesting trend and story/statistics though.

  13. Kubl

    Holmes is not inthe “eastern” part of the state. Holmes is in Northern Kentucky and also had a very good team capable pof winning the championship…which they did. Best you use a map next time.

  14. knightynight

    12) was thinking the same thing about the geography BTI is throwing out there.

  15. bacon_and_grits

    NONE of this would’ve happened if Obama would just show us his birth certificate…

  16. BleedBlue32

    I know the two referees that were arrested and I know a lot of names in East KY involved in this scandal. I cover HS sports in the area and I know a lot of officials and coaches, and from what I’ve gathered this might be a huge blow to KY HS sports. Not only was this happening in East KY, it was a statewide connection and what BTI pointed out about the Louisville schools is actually a part of the situation. It’s bad, any way you look at it.

  17. BlueMoon

    Mason County isn’t in Eastern Kentucky, either. So now the conspiracy is limited to Shelby Valley and a guy they call Bullet…

  18. OldManYellsatCloud

    12&14- That’s what I was wondering. Apparently everything east of Frankfort is the eastern half of the state now.

  19. That Dude

    Basketball is the most fraudulent sport in the world. HS, NCAA, and the NBA are down right fake. Especially the NBA. What a joke

  20. Larry Vaughts Droid

    Getting word that Brandon Knight will stay in the NBA Draft. Terrence Jones still undecided…

  21. Ball Player

    Both of these guys were my coaches, guys who I looked up to and respected. I can’t really say that I’m surprised, but it sure is disappointing seeing these guys locked up after me being such a young kid looking up to both of them as mentors. It really pisses me off, feel kind of naive actually.

  22. Jburns

    Bti, you are an idiot. I am from mason county and we whooped ur ass. You are a sorry loser. Wink wink. Your teams suck in Louisville. I can not think of a better place for u to live.

  23. will never be a millionaire

    For high school tennis, all of the schools outside of Louisville always thought St.X rigged the seeding in the state tournament. Too bad the seeding was made by a committee.

  24. ScottCountyAlum

    I live in Georgetown, Scott County. It isn’t in the eastern part of the state at all, it’s farther west than Lexington, would you consider Lexington to be in the mountains of eastern Kentucky? Secondly, Scott County more than deserved to win the Sweet 16 (which I attended). They had an outstanding team, and an insane amount of followers in attendance being 25 minutes from Rupp Arena. The game was called evenly, maybe even more toward Ballard (could be my bias as I was a student at the time). Nobody is out to get the Louisville schools, they’re just not as good as they think they are in basketball. In football it’s a different story, they own the state every year.

  25. JBR

    Lexington and Covington are in Eastern Ky? Really?

  26. me_love_kate

    to BTI Louisville is the center of the state, so anything east of Lousiville is East and anything west of Lousiville is West!

  27. Go Deep

    Typical Louiville guy, anything east of Simpsonville is Eastern half.

  28. Tomas

    You realize that Mason County and Scott County had the best basketball players in the state at the time on their team. That is why they won. The only eastern KY team I see on that list is Shelby Valley.

  29. we knew it

    the year j-town did win the cheating was done in the final 4. vincent crutcher was carrying prp toward the championship game so they called 3 offensive fouls on him to get him out. you know they didnt want 2 louisville teams in there. karma is good the kids who work the hardest should be allowed to win no matter where they were born

  30. ukfaninohio nice didn’t know you had that in you!!

  31. Bco

    Just consider it payback for Louisvill raping us Eastern Kentuckians of our coal severance money. Screw Louisville.

  32. Mr Obvious

    Is BTI even from Kentucky? Wink Wink Nudge Nudge.

  33. JBR

    BTI, don’t get irritated because of your lack of geography and writing skills. Just splitting the state in half like that is a horrid comparison…use your regions, and if you are to allege that “Eastern Kentucky” is in on something, then mean the region that EVERYONE in the state is familiar with…by your criteria, then we should break down further exactly where the line is…you know, since we are just making stuff up.

  34. knightynight

    28 If you split the state in half volume-wise, i doubt Lexington would be on the right side. Just a guess though.

  35. knightynight

    just looked at a map…i was way wrong.h haha

  36. Bco

    And like everyone else said, the only east KY team of those is Shelby Valley. What a moron…

  37. Bco

    Go research how much of our money goes to your non-coal producing county. You’d be surprised…it’s a damn shame. I agree, you have plenty of other in-county forms of income, so it’d be nice if you keep your grubby friggin paws off our hard earned cash…

  38. Jburns

    I took up for you with the professors, but I take exception to this. We (mason county) should have won three in a row. The middle year we got second. Our second best player was kicked off for breaking curfew. Maybe the refs spotted him on fourth street and called it in. They didn’t want a dynasty.

  39. Wespipes

    Apollo Grad here. We got screwed!

  40. nashvillecatsfan

    So……. these drug dealers and game fixers only fixed games so that Louisville teams would not win? Does that really make any sense? I would think that they would fix games in order to win money, regardless of the teams playing. Most grown men with things going on in their lives are not that concerned with the outcome of high school sports games. Wink wink nudge nudge. OOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKK.

  41. The Real Hambone

    BTI… you are a PUTZ sir.

  42. Bco

    Theres a lot of stories about Bigfoot, aliens, and the Loch Ness monster, too…

  43. Ctheball, Btheball Danny

    And I always thought our whistle happy refs in the west caused our inability to win the Sweet 16…little did I know the fix was in….never trust a zebra…
    just ask Tony Delk vs Michigan…blown charging call cost us a banner.

  44. Se7ens

    BTI, i understand what youre saying but theres a difference between the eastern half of the state and Eastern Kentucky. This scandal is in EKY, aka the mountains. I agree with you refs from outside Louisville blow their whistle less in favor of Louisville teams, but thats not the same as fixing a game. You can bet Louisville refs do the same to Lexington teams. Bottomline is theres only a handful that are truly dirty and they really dont care where the team their screwing is from as long as they get paid.

  45. UKGrad83

    The geographic center of Kentucky is just west of Lebanon, so technically BTI is correct about the teams from the eastern half of the state. Just sayin’.

  46. JimGarrison

    I saw them refs on the grassy knoll.

  47. Jburns

    Sounds like you are making excuses. No matter where u are from, the refs are always against u. When’s the last time you heard someone leaving sayin,” man, the refs really took care of us”? Never. Maybe I need the tomlin’s to help me. I graduated with his brother. Go mavs!! Also, I agree with #?, when drugs is involved……follow the money above all else. You can’t have one without the other.

  48. Student

    I bet they refereed the Eastern and Christian County game . I was at the game and I bet Christian County paid the refs or the refs wanted CC to win. The refs were giving all of the calls to CC. No offense guys, all hs basketball teams suck in KY except the Louisville teams, especially Eastern. They should have won state but they couldn’t since the refs were poor in the CC vs Eastern game and favored CC

  49. Seneca

    actually 39, by the time you add in subsidies for coal companies, maintaining coal roads, and etc, the state of Kentucky actually loses tax revenue.

    And, “The economic and energy contexts for the coal industry are changing. Coal employment continues its long historic decline due to ongoing mechanization of the industry (see Figure 2). In 2008, coal mining accounted for only one percent of Kentucky employment. Even in the eastern Kentucky counties with the highest share of jobs in coal, mining jobs range from three to 23 percent of the employment base, although coal’s high wages make it a larger share of county income. These counties, however, face significant long-term unemployment and poverty rates as high as 37 percent.”


    So if coal is so damn good for the economy why are the poorest (and least educated) counties in Kentucky in Eastern Ky.?

  50. Matt

    When did Tim Donaghy ref in Kentucky hahaha

  51. Bruin

    As an ’07 Ballard alum it’d be interesting to know that we were cheated out of 3 State Championships, but I don’t really believe it. Shelby Valley had control of the game in 2010, in 2007 the game could have gone either way it was #1 vs. #2 as it had been all year, and in 2003 Mason absolutely owned that game the entire way as well. I didn’t watch the 2010 game and perhaps the refs could have “conspired” and called a lot of fouls because Ballard presses a lot, however there were no game-changing, blame-able, completely caused a loss calls in ’03 or ’07. Now in ’05 we were screwed royally in the quarterfinals (Spillman walked), however it was against another Louisville team (PRP).

  52. Bruin

    24) Quite false. I can think of a couple bad calls in the 4th quarter that swung the momentum SC’s way, leading to the turn around. Never have blamed the refs for that game by any means. But they certainly weren’t in our favor.

  53. Nkyroots

    Terrible post. Scandal okay, conspiracy against Louisville teams – Come on.

  54. TheWaitFor8

    Of course refs outside of Louisville try to make it hard for Louisville teams to advance when they play outside Louisville. It’s not even about east v west. Now those Louisville teams might not always be the better team but I saw and played in games where this happened routinely. I always thought this was just accepted common knowledge. The games might not be fixed but Louisville teams definitely have to deal with stuff that non Louisville teams don’t.

  55. hithere3387

    I went to both ballard and each of the championship games that ballard played in listed above. I’m not one to say that games are fixed, but in each of those instances, I left Rupp confused by the lopsidedness of the calls. Over the years, I’ve just assumed that high school referees are terrible at their jobs, and those games were ones in which it appeared that a large majority of the bad calls went against my team. Anyway, this makes me sad.

  56. invisibleink

    over under on comments on this thread 150 … but the good doctors in eastern ky say the money is on the under

  57. UK429

    Holmes is in Northern Kentucky. Why don’t you put the margins of victory up there too.

  58. nashvillecatsfan

    My high school would have been state champion if the refs didn’t cheat them out of every game they lost.

  59. UKFanInDeutschland

    Going back at least to 1995 when Breckinridge County beat a Louisville team (PRP) for the state title. They must have a preference for the good ‘ol boys.

  60. Jburns

    Props to the the guy who referenced the 03 game. It is just a damn shame chris lofton couldn’t have gone to uk. I watched every game he played, and tubby was there too sometimes. He wanted to go there, but it was not mutual. He was ice water.

  61. TrueBlue

    scott county can hardly be considered from the eastern part of the state

  62. bg

    If you look at the regular season rankings throughout the season Louisville teams are always ranked higher and most of the time better. The 7th region is THE toughest region in the state guaranteed, which is a Louisville region and a majority of the time the team that wins the 7th region is the best team in the state. And it obvious that refs make if very difficult for Louisville teams to win outside of Louisville. Louisville teams always get homered and there’s absolutely no way you can defend that.

  63. SueWylieCaller

    Those refs are probably the ones hiding OBL. I can’t know for sure unless I see their birth certificate. And, they are probably ahlegals.

  64. ummm

    anyone calling BTI dumb should hide in shame. He stated “the eastern half”. Look at a map before you decide someone is wrong.

  65. UKChillFan

    I say anytime a Jefferson County school gets screwed it’s okay with me. Most of the people in Jefferson County cannot tell you one thing about the state of Kentucky if it isn’t within the Jefferson County border.

  66. BillDozer

    I see on EKy team..people in the State LOVE seeing a Louisville school get knocked out. Everyone pulls for the County teams over the city ones.

  67. JNaismith

    ….Historical Kentucky boys high school champs from the western part of the state…..
    1921-23-25-31….Louisville Manual
    1926-35-58-62….Louisville St Xavier
    1945-70-71-75….Louisville Male
    1946………….Breckenridge Training
    1959………….North Marshall
    1960………….Louisville Flaget
    1963-64……..Louisville Seneca
    1965-95……….Breckenridge County
    1966-78……….Shelby County
    1969-74……….Louisville Central
    1973………….Louisville Shawnee
    1976………….Edmonson County
    1976-88……….Louisville Ballard
    1984………….Logan County
    1989………….Louisville Pleasure Ridge Park
    1990-91-94…….Louisville Fairdale
    1993………….Marion County
    1997………….Louisville Eastern
    1999………….Louisville Ballard
    …There you go 44 teams out of 93 tournament champs from west of Lexigton….what does this mean…..I dunno and don’t really care, but if we have a big trial that gathers national publicity, that will be great…..

  68. MikeInLexington

    Went to PRP in the 90s before I came to UK and stayed in Lexington. Went to sweet 16s from 1985 to 2000, needless to say a Louisville team has to be head and shoulders above or have a UK commit to win it all. Refs ruin basketball on all levels, this just shows what people in Louisville already suspect, which is a real shame. Wow 68, I hate Louisville as much as anyone, but your talking about high school kids getting cheated.

  69. 859

    Louisville has High Schools? I thought it was common practice for all parents in the Louisville-Metro to abort their children behind Porcino’s?

  70. Gato Salvaje

    67 / BTI – anyone who lives in the Kentucky and has actually left their home county and traveled around the state knows that trying to lump Central Kentucky, Northern Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky into one ‘region’ has no basis in political, economic or historical terms. Trying to tie some potentially crooked refs from any part of Kentucky (it appears that these happen to be from Letcher County) into a conspiracy theory to explain why Louisville teams often lose in the final is ridiculous. Here’s my theory: a) Louisville has some really good HS basketball teams each year b) having great teams each year means that they often get a representative in the title game c) however, just because you lose in the finals 5 out of 6 years doesn’t mean there is a conspiracy against Louisville. Was there a conspiracy against the Buffalo Bills when they lost 4 straight super bowls? No. They happened to be the best team in the AFC for four years in a row, so they made it to the super bowl, but they weren’t good enough to win.

  71. Martin

    Dir Number 52, If the local and state governments decided to tax coal the way it was supposed to be taxed then Kentucky could afford better schools and better infrastructure but the coal companies have owned the politicians so long that it just doesn’t matter anymore it is sad and pathetic. How much do you think coal should be worth as we slowly transition to electric cars? Both the state and federal governments gain a lot of money from the taxes on gasoline. Kentucky and the other coal producing states should get together and make sure they benefit properly from coal. Governments can collude. Companies can’t.

  72. Gato Salvaje

    70 – great work. Now, if we could just get BTI to do his homework before posting conspiracy theories which are based on only 6 observations…

  73. Evan

    Went to Ballard from 07-10 and all I got to say is UKChillFan and 859 might have the dumbest posts on ksr of all time. UKChillFan, this post is about basketball and clearly every louisville high school team that comes out of the 7th region gets hosed in the sweet 16. This isn’t about who can tell you the most random shit about the state. 859, real funny man since Louisville has some of the best high schools in the state with schools like Manual, Ballard, Trinity, and St.X

  74. Ed has Tickets

    #9 nailed it!

  75. rc

    2001 and 2010 are the only 2 years where the Louisville team was the favorite going into the game, and 2010 wasn’t by that much. It took Holmes 2 ots to beat Central, even though they were pretty heavily favored. No fix there.

    If you look into some Mountain regions you might find more shady things though.

  76. OWL-CAT-00

    What is sad Hutton could have been a super basketball ref but he really was terrible.I am from the mountains and have watched him call ball games for years. The refs in the mountains think you have certain schools that are suppose to win and if they start getting beat by a smaller school that shouldn’t win even if the smaller school has a better team, refs like Hutton and several more made sure the big schools win…Been there and played in those games. The 13,14, and 15 regeions are always fixed….It is so bad I gave up watching HS games because of the terrible called games…..I just hope they get all the crooked bast@@d.

  77. WildcatFanEastKY

    Prob just overrated chokers like the college team from that city

  78. Neil

    This proves nothing.

  79. TheDudeAbides

    Please tell me you idiots dont think there is any magnitude in trying to say Louisville high schools get hosed in the sweet 16….The examples listed by “Bryan the shit for brains Intern” are pathetic representations to uphold an argument on. The better team won in every game except for 2001..and im not sure on this BUT i think upsets are a pretty common occurrence in the game of basketball. eat shit morons

  80. wow, nice article

    #65- Louisville teams are always ranked higher in the rankings because they all live inside their own bubble and only vote for other Louisville teams. No respect is given to any of the other teams because louisville (and lexington) teams are so stuck up. Its a crying shame that they never get out of their own county to see another team play. I couldn’t count the number of times on my fingers that when i was playing baseball in hs we went to louisville and lexington as an unranked team and kicked the asses of a top 20 team.

  81. Really?

    Bryantheintern, you clearly don’t understand what you are talking about. This smells like yellow journalism. To state “I said ‘eastern half of the state’. Split the state in half. Is Lexington in the eastern half? Yes. So shut up,” is hilariously ignorant. It’s not about drawing an arbitrary boundary and assigning Eastern and Western. What is important is considering which schools may have legitimate ties to Eastern KY physicians and/or which teams said physicians would e inticed to support. Scott County and Holmes have no such ties (as well as other schools listed). Eastern KY is a distinct culture, with its own distinct pride. Your “boundary” does nothing to determine this. Honestly, Shelby Valley is the only school with strong Eastern KY affiliations. Thus, your argument breaks down. It is just a chance for you to display a little cleverness. This is an embarassing piece of work. Did you consider sample size when reporting this? This is statistically irrelevent. Sad work.

  82. ckells

    Apollo was robbed!!! Gooooo Eagles!!!

  83. Go Deep

    BTW I actually grew up in Letcher County and know both of these guys. Neither has ever called a game beyond a District Tournament game. Small town guys doing small town crimes. Probly the reason they were even arrested is because there is a new Mayor/Sheriff/or something because everyone in the town have known about it for years. Nothing to do with State Championships, move on people.

  84. Bco

    52 all I’m saying is coal counties should keep our coal severance tax and not lose 70% to the general fund AKA Lexington and especially Louisville…we need that money a lot more than they do.

  85. Dumas Walker

    The staff at KSR has to be in therapy over the comments people right..Bless their hearts.

  86. LexDoc

    Come on, BTI. You’re giving WKU a bad name with the horrible geography!

  87. bg

    #83 ok. Since basketball rankings have nothing to do with baseball, i just dont see how you can compare the two rankings. Its more than just Louisville people who vote. Sorry that your teams one big game was versus a Louisville team. Its kinda like when teams in the SEC play Kentucky in basketball. They get pumped that uk is coming and play well and guess what? they even win sometimes. so congrats on coming to Louisville and winning a game

  88. Evan

    #82 bold statement saying that Ballard didn’t have a better team than Shelby valley in ’10. Ballard had better players at every position except pg. Justice was camped out at the free throw line all game. Louisville teams do in fact get hosed. Just look at this post saying. 6 out of the 7 games that are believed to b fixed involve Louisville teams losing so eat shit moron

  89. klaus

    bti, it seems everyone hates you. i wouldnt stand for it. i think its time for the blogger to become the investigative journalist! i always knew you had it in you, young grasshopper no more.

  90. jesco white

    All I know is Fairdale was bustin anyone and everyones ass all over the state for a while with back to back titles, and another in the 94. There is no way that they ever let two louisville schools play in the title game against each other. Freakin turds.

  91. Be Nice to BTI

    Don’t know why everyone is ripping on BTI. He’s reporting what’s going on, and despite the fact that e ky, nky, and lex all hate each other, they are all geographically in the eastern portion of the state. Saying that there’s a conspiracy against Louisville, specifically, may be a bit of a stretch, since this is probably all just a drug thing, although you really never know.
    And @86, while you may know the guys you’re wrong…According to the HL article Hutton has reffed 7 sweet 16s.

  92. DamianJJ33

    #86 – Not true. Hutton has refereed in 7 Sweet Sixteen tournaments, some of which I have seen in person.

  93. Attorney of record

    It appears that the KHSAA dropped the ball on this one. they have a rule that a convicter felon cannnot referee. One of these involved was convicted of manslaughter several years ago and was allowed to officiate 7 state tournments.the state charges officials a fee each year to do a criminal background check. If they have legal council they need to do better? his should cost tackett his job! they had another referee that got gaught stealing a car in bowling green and the assignor tried to cover it up and it got out. Looks like a policy change is in order?

  94. tim run

    And they wonder why I cannot go to Bowling Green and Marshall Co?

  95. KyGeography

    Yes, crooked eastern Kentucky officials made sure mountain teams like Covington Holmes, Scott Co, and Lexington Lafayette won the state tournament.

  96. mtman58

    As Mags said before the end “now here comes the hard part”

  97. KentuckyHouse

    BTI, there’s only one explanation for this: Louisville high schools, like their college team and their crappy town, SUCK!

  98. Convicted Felon

    #96…it may have been pled down to manslaughter, but he shot and killed an unarmed man who was hiding behind a refrigerator, after Hutton discovered the guy cheating with his wife back in the 70’s. I always wondered how he was allowed to ref all these years.

  99. Dill Doe

    BTI – I played for Lafayette in 2001. We won that game straight up through hard work, determination, ball control and superior shooting. We owned that game start to finish and Male never had a chance to win. They were certainly in the game, but they never did enough to make it a back and forth game.

  100. smarter than bryan

    Bryan the intern, apparently is as dumb as his picture indicates. hint, hint! nudge, nudge, nudge! Bryan did your big fancy school in louisville not have a state map for you to look upon and learn where the eastern, northern, southern and western portions of the state are actually??? Scott Co. is not located in the eastern portion of the state(psst: central part nimbwad!). Holmes is located in……Kenton Co.(A northern county Einstein!). Mason Co.= A Northeastern Co.(wink, wink!). Lafayette is from where, Bryan??? Any idea genius??? Of course you don’t, Genius Boy. Ive read your work before, knowledge was a class or two you surely skipped in school. Fayette Co.! Psst=Central Ky too. Geez! get your facts straight Mr. writer/journalist one-a-bee. to get facts straight requires toooo much effort for most journalists. Grade=F

  101. Sherman Combs

    Refs have been cheating in EKY for years. I can remember a game between Johnson Central and MC Napier in the Sweet 16 in 84, two mountain teams. JC had a double digit lead with less than 3 minutes to play pre-three point shot when the refs took over with the most ridiculous call being a double foul 70 feet away from the basket that resulted in MC Napier winning the game. The dominant ref in this game was from EKy.

  102. JWest21

    BTI, check the titles. Yes Louisville has more sweet 16 titles than Lexington, but it ain’t by much. Plus Louisvilles has way more teams. So who says their teams are the best in the state. They may have better athletes as a whole than the rest of the state combined, but their teams always lack the most important part of the game——-Shooting. If Louisville teams were that much better, than they would have dominated Lexington in state titles.

  103. Scott Baio

    I don’t know the full story, but this rumor has been around for years. Supposedly there is a bookie in Hazard that is supposed to be the ring leader of this. I’ve never heard he fixes the games just to make a Louisville school lose, just that he was fixing games. I’m from London, and we’ve been hearing this rumor for many years. It will be very interesting if it turns out to be true.

  104. BreckinridgeAlumni05

    1995- Breckinridge County 70
    PRP 63
    Best team defense ever.

  105. Tokyo Satchel

    Is this “Loose Change” KY style?

  106. A. Bartlett Giamatti

    WOW BTI..pitiful! Go buy yourself a map and learn a little geography. You’re way off base with this!

  107. symphonist

    12, 14, 18 – He said eastern “half” of the state. If you’d look at a map, then Lexington is also technically in the Eastern HALF of the state. Don’t confuse that with “Eastern Kentucky”. Anything to the right of Louisville & Bowling Green is in the easter HALF, to the left of those cities is the western HALF. Jeez, cut a guy some slack…

  108. ooo ain't we bad

    Can’t forget 1996 Breckenridge Co. over PRP!! It’s hot in here… It’s hot in here… There must be a Tiger in the atmosphere… Ooo ain’t we, ooo ain’t we, ooo ain’t we BAD!!!

  109. ooo ain't we bad

    oops… after reading other comments, guess it was ’95, not ’96…

  110. nashvillecatsfan

    Louisville teams have won the past 4 Class 6A football championships. Using BTI’s logic, the refs must be attempting to prevent teams outside of Louisville from winning the 6A state championship.

  111. The Real Jerry Tipton

    BTI sucks and so does loserville lets give them away to indiana

  112. DamianJJ33

    #104 – Sherman Combs…That’s great!!!