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Demarcus Cousins Has an Opinion on Coach of the Year


If there is a better interview and personality in major college basketball than Boogie, I dont know who it is. Today he gave his opinion on Kevin Stallings as Coach of the Year and said that when he heard Stallings was Coach of the Year, he didnt even know who he was and thought he was the coach at Georgia. Great interview where Cousins takes up for his Coach, gives some insight into Patrick Patterson’s game and talks about where he gets his news.

Oh and congrats to the big man for his SEC Freshman of the Year award and ALL-SEC First Team award:

Article written by Matt Jones

79 responses to “Demarcus Cousins Has an Opinion on Coach of the Year”

  1. green giant

    im gonna miss boogie when he leaves

  2. Paul Crewes Bookie

    I still say Stallings looks more like Bill Dautrieve from King of the Hill…

    And besides, Kevin’s too cool to be compared to Stallings.

  3. WildcatLady4life

    KSR shout out by Boogie….gonna miss his personality next year!

  4. GoCats2

    Wow a KSR endorsement from Boogie! That is like gold. I know you missed out trying to get the Ashley endorsement but this is better.

  5. BillyBuckTooth

    Man he has the best media personality on the team. I love watching his interviews—-no homo

  6. danny

    God I hope Orton has been learning things from boogie this year. Those pivot moves under the rim are nasty

  7. Chris

    Demarcus Cousins = Best future podcast guest ever

  8. DMCkid


  9. DMCkid


  10. monkeybottoms

    Oh Boogie! We love you so!

  11. GoCats2

    #8 seriously? you shoot for 7th and you miss? I believe that is considered an Epic Fail.

  12. Weiner Snitzel

    hahahaha that picture is hilarious!

  13. danny

    “I got on KSR” The Herald Leader people love hearing that

  14. ted

    Most die hard UK fans probably know Kevin Stallings address and boogie doesn’t know his f’in name – god were all crazy

  15. UK-Believe


  16. bill

    he was talkin bout kentucky sports report

  17. OwensboroCatFan

    The players really do see the criticism from some of the fans on this site. It doesn’t feel like the players will see it, but when they tell media members directly where they look for UK related stuff(KSR), it makes me a little nervous about what they have read in the past. Some fans on here get out of control after adversity and spew garbage that these guys, with out a doubt, have seen.

  18. East KY

    Of course the UK players get their news from Kentucky Sports Radio, where else would they get it? Everywhere else is biased against UK basketball.

  19. Boogie's Headband

    The players don’t read readers’ posts too often. They know better because they’re living the dream…not commenting on it. I’m glad Boogie didn’t know who Kevin Stallings was. I wish I didn’t. Once Stallings leaves Vanderbilt and his 2-finger whistle plays don’t work elsewhere, NOONE will know who he is. Bank on that.

  20. Alex

    If we could talk Boogie and Ppat into staying another year it would be awesome.
    Wishful thinking.

  21. OwensboroCatFan

    Eric Bledsoe, Darius Miller, DeAndre Liggins, Darnell Dodson and any other player I am forgetting- I apologize in advance for anything negative you have read or will read in the future from some of our crazier fans here on KSR.

    Owensboro, CatFan

  22. Miller Time

    What a year so far and the party is just gettin started.

  23. NashvilleCAT

    Boogie may surprise us all and come back with his buddy Bledsoe…That would be GREAT!

  24. Pat 4Head is a Jagoff

    Maybe, if Boogie went with the no headband look, like he did at the end of the Florida game. The ref’s would have a harder time picking him out to watch for ANY contact he makes during the game. If you still want to wear the headband Boogie,it is fine with me, it is just an idea.

  25. The Commonwealth Realist

    26) no, cousins stole my girlfriend and i cant stand him

  26. JMBlue

    Boogie is the new “Shaq” when it comes to his play on the court and his interviews off. He will be gold for NBA beat writers. He is, quite simply, a gift to anyone looking for a quote.

  27. HoustonWildcat
  28. Bigbluecalizone

    Boogie is a beast. I know this to be true because Cal called him one.

  29. The Commonwealth Realist

    27) yesterdays news

  30. pharmer2

    “I saw it on KSR”….at least he knows what source to turn to

  31. pharmer2

    sorry misquoted him…”I looked on KSR and saw it”….I wonder if the Herald is hiring???

  32. JohnWallscrossover

    what does Matt have to give the best line away in the video? Just say he says some great stuff. Its like right before tearing open a present, your big brother says tells you its rollerskates.

  33. slappy

    I wonder if DeMarcus ever puts in a fake name and email and makes comments or starts nerd fights.

  34. BCO

    Boogie has the best personality of any player I can ever rememeber coming through here…and is also one of the best big men to ever put on a KY uniform. I agree…its gonna really, really suck to see him go…

  35. ukcatsfan11israw

    Turner 19.5
    Wall… 16.8

    Turner 9.4
    Wall… 4.0

    Turner 5.8
    Wall… 6.2

    A/T ratio
    Turner 1.47
    Wall… 1.56

    Turner 1.8
    Wall… 1.8

    Turner 0.9
    Wall… 0.5

    FG %
    Turner .538
    Wall… .458

    FT %
    Turner .730
    Wall… .782

    3-Point %
    Turner .286
    Wall… .330

    Based on the stats alone, who wins POY?

  36. e

    Anybody see that Jennifer Hudson is going to be doing One Shining Moment. Really NCAA? Do you really have to mess with something like that?

  37. 4UK's Sake

    25. I stole Cliff Hawkins girlfriend, he doesn’t hate me.

  38. StatFreak

    35 – If Turner plays in all six games missed due to injury, his totals would be lower. Just as an aside…

  39. catsfanincali

    Just from the stats, it’s a 50/50 toss up. But Turner is forced to put up those numbers because of the talent level of his team. John Wall puts up his stats with PPatt and Boogie and even Bledsoe! I know I’m a bit biased, but I would lean with John Wall. Even my Pac-10 co-workers here in San Bernardino all think Wall should win POY

  40. roggensak

    Big Cuz is the man on and off the court. It has been an honor and a pleasure watching this team play! I will remember it always! and I wish them the best as they enter the SEC tournament and the big dance. Good luck guys, and as always, I will be cheering from my couch as I always do! and my 4 year old daughter chanting, GO BIG BLUE! but, she likes John Wall… lol. But, If you (Big Cuz) go nuts on them in the tournaments, I will convince her to like you more Big Cuz!!! lol! GOOD LUCK GUYS! and thank you for choosing to play for the BIG BLUE! You will always be welcomed!

  41. Thoroughbred Ted

    I sincerely hope Boogie comes back for another year. Call me selfish but he is literally the KY version of Sir Charles. Boogie’s tears are the cure to cancer…too bad he never cries…(Thanks Chuck Norris

  42. Indiana Wildcat

    Is it fair to compare two different positions? Point guard stats will differ from guard/forward.

  43. sethicus59

    42 turner has been playing point for a good portion of the season

  44. e

    Interesting stats on Pomeroy: for % of possessions used Turner is 5th in the county and Wall is 174 (Cousins is actually 8th). Wall is much more of a pure pg, so stats reflect his value less than Turner. Either is a good POY, though.

  45. roggensak

    Question… What rank is Turner’s team? Isn’t this the same case for Downey at USC?. John Wall is better…

  46. Brittney Griner's fight coach

    I have been a UK fan since 1992. I was 8 years old then and began to understand what it was about. I have had favorites in the past but 5 guys stand out as my all time favorites. Mashburn, Hayes, Tay Tay, Padgett, and Mr.Boogie!! I will always be a fan of Boogie in the pros. I might become an NBA fan for once. I will miss Boogie in a non gay way. I just wanna say thanks to this years team and coaching staff for making me smile when I think about UK basketball. Go Big Blue!

  47. TulsaCat

    35, you forgot a huge stat: 29-2 vs 24-7

  48. blueblue

    Hey KSR,

    How about a post to give us some info on this years selection committee?? Who is the chairman?? Is CM involved in any way??

  49. OwensboroCatFan

    Coach Cal’s New Mustang is F*King Top Shelf! I just saw it for the first time on Wireman’s blog and was in Awe for a minute. That is an example of one of the Many Perks of being the CEO of UK Basketball.

  50. ukwildcatshooray

    the tv just said that Cougar Town’s Josh Hopkins will be on Jimmy Falon tonight. I bet he will say something about UK. I feel sick to my stomach that…
    1. I’m on the computer right now.
    2. I recognized that dude’s name.
    3. I am typing about it.
    4. I got excited about it.
    5. I’m prolly gonna watch it now.

    I am officially worthless.

  51. Dude Perfect

    I think Coach Cal is going after Cory Joseph some more….just tweeted that he is out west and said he talked to Lon Kruger

  52. OwensboroCatFan

    Cal tweeted that he is “out west recruiting”. And that he watched UNLV practice today. To me that means he is giving some face time trying to maybe get 2010 PG Cory Joesph.

  53. PennaCat
  54. ukwildcatshooray

    45. Turner has recently got his team into the top ten and OSU can potentially get a 1-seed if they win their tourney and couple of other teams lose.

    6. I responded to somebody
    7. I kinda stood up for Turner(but was really just stating a fact, one that I don’t like.
    8. I just defended myself
    9. I just made those posts

  55. OwensboroCatFan

    #52.) Well, This is awkward 🙂

  56. GoCats2

    54) I saw that. Making 7 grand a week on a 4 week contract. Should help out his 4 million dollar gambling debt.
    51)Cougar town is okay to watch if you are with your wife. Otherwise unacceptable.

  57. Nails

    Stallings for COY is a joke. It’s more of an anti-Calipari sentiment than anything. Someone, please walk me through Vanderbilt’s great wins this year.

    How many top 25 opponents did they beat? One? A win @ Tennessee and that’s enough? Apparently the losses to Cincy (17-14), Illinois (18-13) and Western (21-13) weren’t due to coaching. What a crock.

  58. CatFan2010

    #59.) Go put some Ice on Swopshire’s jaw. HAHAHA

  59. prov1

    I kind of think Stallings is cute in a weird cute way.

  60. Dude Perfect

    56) haha great reply

  61. blueblue

    I’m pretty sure you’re up past your bed time!!! Don’t you have school tommorrow??

  62. pizzinmeoff

    Boogie will be back to entertain us next year.

  63. OwensboroCatFan

    Aaron has an article that quotes Cory Joseph as saying something like: “Thanks but no thanks” in a non-smart ass kind of way.

  64. ted

    That ratard is gonna be pimpin next year as a millionaire while your nerd ass is on the KSR comment page

  65. OwensboroCatFan

    I have to comment to see the other comments

  66. me and john wall
  67. billy

    seriously 69, was it a coincidence that you are the 69th commenter? You really think their are a bunch of gays on KSR in the early morning hours. I mean, yeah, I come here to get those sexy pics of wall and cousins

  68. SamCat

    I love Boogie. Gonna miss seeing him on the floor when he decides to leave. That being said, I’m looking forward to a great weekend of nothing but basketball. Already warned my husband that I’ll likely be useless all weekend!

  69. Boogiesboxershorts

    Boogie – ONE MORE YEAR….what the heck…Wall and PPat…one more year…come back and go down as the greatest college basketball team ever

  70. Orville Schnellenberger

    74, What an amazing year that would be!

  71. me

    That video 70 posted makes me think how I could not handle all of the attention that these kids get. I certainly am not patient enough.

  72. Cat since '73

    Demarcus, you are the BEST! Love everything about ya, brother! Give’em hell in the SEC and NCAA’s.

  73. UKstud

    Hey, 7-3 if your husband doesn’t understand your need for a UK basketball fix – you can watch the game with me… you got any pictures?

    i kid, i kid

  74. Boogiesboxershorts

    74 – you can run but you can’t hide…come outta that closet Mr. G…

  75. Captain D-bag

    #76 & #74 – We’re having a DOUCHE BAG reunion, just wanted to officially invite you tow fellas. There should be punch and cake. Also, our key-note speaker this year is non-other than Mr. Jerry Tipton.

  76. UKcat29

    #77 that was classic…shout out to Boogie and good luck this weekend!

  77. juice7

    Boogie is the MAN

  78. juice7

    Jerry Tipton sounds like Pat Forde’s long lost brother

  79. D. COUSINS 15